Gmail Notifier

No need to keep Gmail open when new mail arrives. The Gmail notifier will let you know when you have new mail and also give you a snippet of your message.


Sumatra PDF

Here's a simple PDF reader that does more than just read PDF files. It also reads .xps, .cbr and .cbz files as well. Save drive space with one application that does all.



Protect your computer and files from anything out of the ordinary. It's the new spyware and malware protector for your computer. You now can surf the web and open emails with ease.

Bypass the Captcha Authorization

Hate captcha authorization and wished you could bypass it. Well it can be done if your using Chrome. All you have to do is install the extension and wait 5 seconds and the words will automatically fill in for you.




Want to make sure your CPU's cores temperature are running at maximum clock speeds. Just run this simple utility for 1 hour and if you detect large sags, then you could have thermal issues.



Want to control the volume of your computer with your mouse. This simple software makes it happen using your wheel on your mouse.



If your having trouble sleeping at night because you were recently stared at your computer before you went to sleep. Try this monitor application that matches the color of your screen with your room temperature. At least now it will be easier to fall sleep.



Deleted a file by mistake. Don't fear because their is still hope. Just add restoration and recover your lost files in no time.


Migty Text

Send mobile text phone calls to your browser. Sounds interesting, well now there is no excuse to be without your cell phone where ever you go.


Future of Mobile Phones

Let's just put it like this, the mobile phone eventually is going to take over the world. Whether it's going to be the next debit card it's still to hard to know. But the future of mobile phone's is certain that it's going to be a vital asset in our society.



http://www.mikogo.com/downloads/mikogo-portable.exeRegular Download Looking for free remote access, Mikogo is a great freeware to do your personal or commercial remote access on the go. There's even a portable version to get you on remotely where ever you go.

Regular Download



Looking for a PDF file splitter. This tiny software does the trick and you be the judge should you split the PDF file or not.


Screwless Fans

Here are the new screwless rubber fans. All you have to do is attached them to the metal case and boost up your current fan ventilation.


Create a Win 7 Restore Point

Here's the manual way to create a restore point for all of those user's that refuse to make a shortcut. It's real simple and easy to do. Just always remember to easily identify all of your restore points.


Create a System Restore Link in Vista

Here's is an easy way to create a System Restore Link in Vista so that you can always have a good copy of your operating system before you do a Windows Update or new software install. You don't know when your ever going to revert back.

Here's the manual .vbs script

If WScript.Arguments.Count = 0 Then

Set objShell = CreateObject(“Shell.Application”)

objShell.ShellExecute “wscript.exe”, WScript.ScriptFullName & ” Run”, , “runas”, 1


GetObject(“winmgmts:\\.\root\default:Systemrestore”).CreateRestorePoint “description”, 0, 100

End If


Roadkil Unstoppable Copier

Need to copy a CDs with bad sectors or errors. This software should hopefully do the trick so that you can have a good copy always available.


Learn how to Troubleshoot Windows

Ever wanted to know how to troubleshoot Windows like the professionals. Well here are some secrets that many professionals use and it doesn't hurt to save some money and do it yourself. Remember wisdom is knowledge.


Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 3.20

Microsoft Malicious Software Remover Tool is a great start to get your Windows operating system back to what it used to be. It's Microsoft fight against the world of viruses. Give it a try if you already know your computer is infected.

For more info see Tech Republic


Starbuck App

Starbucks now is bringing mobile payments to Android user's. Not only would you be able to pay for purchases but find the nearest Starbucks near you.


Any Drive Format

Looking for a USB drive formater that overrides the portable drive error. Any Drive Format does a great job  and it's free.


Online File Search

Need to find an audio or video file online but don't know how or which search engine to use. This search engine is a great performer. You can even specify the file type online. It's even a plus if you subscribe to a premium file hosting site. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.


Online Coupons

Looking for coupons online to help you save money on a recent purchase you want to make. Help is here with these great online links.

Amazon Coupons
BestBuy Coupons
Ebay Coupons
Coupon Code


Who's Watching

Ever wonder if someone is watching you online. Well your not alone and don't be surprised on what information people can get from you by just browsing online. Knowledge is power.


Free Music

Looking for free music online, well don't be afraid because it's not legal. Here is a legal link to keep your music library up to date. Enjoy.


Portable PC Tech

Have already a portable PC Repair shop making money. Now before you loose money on careless and busy technicians make sure you get the right billing software in order so that your clients are billed in a timely manner.
Here are some great portable software's that make billing easier.

Shop Manager


Clean a Dirty Keyboard

Ever wanted to know if you can clean out a keyboard. Brace yourself, because it can be done. But I guess it would just be easier on spending a few bucks and buying a new one.



Looking for mutliple virtual desktops in which you can customize your applications so that each desktop is different from the other. Dexpot is a great alternative taking the desktop to a virtual level.


Secure your Email

Here are great tips to secure your email so that no one gets into your emails. In todays world almost anything is hackable. Take precautions and in the long run you'll always be ahead.



Dropbox has a new competitor and it's SugarSync. It does a better job that Dropbox when it comes to finding your favorite files online everywhere you go. This is a great way to take you music library everywhere you go.


Disposable Emails

Once in a while your going to come across a website that you want to sign up with but risk being subscribed to spam. In situations like this, it's best to use a disposable email address. It not only secures your current email address, but protects you from getting future spam mail. Feel free to choose any of the disposable email addresses below:

10 Minute Mail

Guerrilla Mail


Watch Your Webcam

It's unfortunate that people are using webcams to our disadvantage. Make sure you read this article and remember not all repair technicians are bad. There's always going to be one bad seed every now and then.


Win 7 Password Reset

This is a great way to easily reset your Windows 7 password using a USB flash drive. Hopefully you'll never need to do this step. But it's better to be safe than sorry.