Manage Paid Subscriptions

Have a lot of paid subscriptions and wish it can be managed better. Take a look at these cools sites that keep you informed when prices changes, due dates are coming up, bill negotiation and subscription cancellation. 

In this day an age you have to alway be on top of your bills so that your service is not cancelled and you do not become deliquent. 



CyberTruck Flaw

It looks like Telsa's new Cybertruck has a flaw and it's becoming very popular among most of it's current owners. It looks like the truck outer body is causing stains on the vehicle.

It's definitely not a good sign for the EV car manufacture and if the company does not resolve this quickly I am almost certain that consumers will look elsewhere when it's time to purchasing a new EV.

Let's see how the stains play out as more adopters get a hold of their new delivery vehicles. 



Should I Shutdown

My answer will always be yes, unless you a savvy technician who always feels the need to always be connected and continue where they left off every hour of the day.

So if you are not on the computer on every hour of the day, then I would suggest you just shut it down to save power and prevent mishaps. It's pointless leaving the device on if you tend not to use it daily. 


Norway EV adoption

I believe that we have it all wrong when it comes to EV adoption and Norway is good proof of this. Ever since the early 90's this country has been doing almost everything possible to start EV adoption like offerring no taxes on zero emission vehicles, free parking, use of bus lanes and no tolls. 

Besides users buying more EVs, gas pumps and parking meters are being upgraded by chargers. It's the ultimate auto revolution occurring quickly in this country and if anyone want's to make a difference creating incentives is the key to adoption. 

I strongly believe Norway will achieve it's goal and be a major role model for other countries to follow. 


iOS iMessage Update

It looks like Apple is doing a massive security update to it's messaging software with advanced security. This is definitely going to secure all users messages moving forward and it's going to be harder to decrypt messages if they get into the wrong hands.

I wonder if the federal government is happy about this new update? 

For those that do not know, the feds just a few years ago were pleading with Apple to give them access to their software and Apple refused. 


At&t Outage

At&t recent outage was not a cyberattack but as they say a technical error but an application and execution of an incorrect process.

It was definitely like a scene of a movie when this outage occurred.  



Here is a great site to go to for creating an simple and easy AI text to video's. It's a very powerful site that can do all sorts of things like training, information and presentations.

This site is just the begining to create endless text to video's with the help of AI. 



Canada Bans Flipper

It was only a matter of time before the Flipper would be banned and I can see this powerful tool definitely causing security problems where ever you go, but this is still a remidial device compared to other devices that consumers should be concerned with. 

Instead Canada should enforced their car manufactures to safe guard consumer goods. 


X Fake Online Traffic

Recently X aka Twitter reported that it's users post and video's were rising, and after review from a third party it looks like it was fake. 

Information like this is no surprise from a company that's still sinking and user use is jumping ship. But it's nothing new in the world of Elon Musk.

I would guess now would be a good time to rehire the thousands of employee's that he laid off. 


MS Publisher Support End Date

It looks like Microsoft if pulling the plug for support to Publisher in 2026 and plans on integrating the software to it's other office applications. 

Microsoft is definitley slimlining it's software and in the future you are going to see more of this happening to it's other main products as well. It makes sense, saves space and will be easier to use.


Key on it's Own

Do you have a problem with your computer keyboard typing on it's own. Now if you are constantly seeing this on your computer, it's worth checking out the device and see why is it currently doing this.

Here are a list of things to check to see what can be causing the keyboard to be performing such actions and not if you have a laptop, check to see if you added any new self adhesive items to the webcam that can be enabling the device to type when the device is closed and you are using an external monitor. 


Win 11 24H2 Update

Windows 11 update will be coming soon and here is what users can expect to see after the new update. Let's just say it's a big overhaul on the OS with more AI functions.

The closer we get the more information that will come out, but here is what you already can expect. 


Google Drive Replacement

Here is another story on how users are trying to cut costs by using third party platform to store the content and if you do not mind your stuff being all around the web it's not such a bad idea at all.

I must admit it is a clear way to store your items and cut costs. 



Microsoft was thought by many that it would be released this year a new OS running Windows 12 but this looks like it's not the case and instead they are just going to do a major big overhaul in the Windows 11 24H2 update with more AI functions. 

I guess we are just going to have to wait another year to hear what they will be ready to roll out Windows 12. 



Send Cmd to Text File

If you a running a list of commands in the command prompt and want a record of these files to review later or as a backup then this is what you need to do.

ping google.com > C:\Users\userName\OneDrive\Desktop\CommandOutput.txt


OpenAI Video Generator Sora

It looks like OpenAI has a new video generator named Sora and it's causing a lot of buzz among some reasearchers. Not only does it create complex scenese but it's stands out but realistic.

It's still in testing and and in small numbers but as it becomes more popular it will reach broader public. 


TPM Alternate Fix

TPM errors are now very common for Administrators and if you cannot clear the TPM in the BIOS then here is an alternate way to reset the TPM using the TPM Management Console.

But just note that still doing this does require a bios update and hopefully this will resolve your fix. 


Open InDesign Easily

Recently downloaded an Indesign file to your computer and now have problems opening it up because you lack having the premium software installed on your computer.

There are a few things that you can do to get access to the .INDD files and it's either you find a free INDD viewer online to install on your computer or find a file convertor online to convert the file to another format.


Pc Buying Tips

Ready to purchase a new computer here are some great tips on what you should be looking for when purchasing a new device. 

For some it's could be difficult but you have choices and with those choices that you decide to make it will narrow down the type of computer you should be looking for.  


Vision Pro Returns

After all the hype on Apple Vision Pro, owners are now returning back their devices and waiting for their refunds. It looks like though even some users were impressed with the device, they are not still comfortable wanting to keep them that long to justify their current costs.

It looks like it's going to maybe take several generations of upgrades for the devices to justify their net worth. I guess it's still not a bad outcome for the development of this new technology. 


Foldable Phone Designs

It looks like the foldable phone's are definitely headed for a new rise. It's slowly getting their but in time you will see how creative manufactures will be making everyday devices easy to carry around.

It's definitely going to elove into our lives gradaully as time goes by. 


Bunkers Bonkers

It sounds like a fairy tale but in fears of the apocalypse many one percenters are prepping their bunkers to the extreme preparing for the unknown.
From state of the art operating rooms, big basements, flight simulators, safe rooms, to underground shooting range, massive fireplace and a shark tank. These bunkers have just about everything you can think of with additional added defenses for security.
You may thing that they may be taking this over the limit, but can you blame them with all the current kaos going around in the world.


Vision Pro & Telsa

Stupid warning for new Apple Vision Pro users who own Tesla's are told not to drive wearing their devices when in a Tesla and using Tesla autopilot. It's a liability clause so that both companies do not get sued.

And if you watch the video you understand why they are doing this. 



The Line

This new project in Saudi Arabia is unthinkable and it's going to cost a bundle, but if they are able to succeed, it's going to prove once and for all that the impossible can be possible.

This is a dream come true to create a self made city across the desert. 



Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter it's been quite a disaster for the so called X aka Twitter. I doubt the company will ever recover and he will be lucky if he can some capital out of the company before it goes under.

Now Bluesky has a big shot on competing with X and shifting it's users from one platform to another. They just need to show their users that's things are better on their end.

It's going to be interesting to see the final outcome of Bluesky and X. 


Cancel App Subscriptions

If you are trying to cut expenses this year it will be a good time to review your phone application subscription and if you are basically not using it, then it's best for you to cancel them.

This could be an ongoing battle for many people but the reality is if it's not being used then what's the point. 


Copilot on Mac

If you are already enjoying Copilot and want to install it on your Mac this guide will help get close enough to the program so that you can still enjoy the software.

It will be a while before Apple releases their own AI and catchup, so the software still can be of some use.


iCloud for Windows

If you are a Windows user and want access to Apple iCloud this is what you need to do to have all your files sync to iCloud. Unfortunately Windows and Apple and not going to be friendly on doing this but if you follow these simple directions you should be able to sync all you files to iCloud with ease. 


Win 11 Features

Curious on what new features Windows 11 has, well if  you checked features in preview you can try everything first hand before it's released to everyone else. 

Here are some cool new feature in Windows 11.