Bad Rabbit Ransom

Ransomware is on the rise and I hope user's have their computer virus and malware software updated so that they don't get infected. If your curious how the ransom works, here is the details.



Enable Win 10 Exploit

Here is a great way to enable Windows 10 Exploit protection and how keep your computer protected daily. Windows Exploit Guard hopefully is here to stay.



Ransome MAC attack

Here are some steps to take if your MAC one day gets a ransomeware attack and what to do after you get a lock screen. The next steps you take are unfortunate, but you can still get help. Worse scenario you can emial Macworld for help at mac911@macworld.com with screen captures. Good luck.



Windows Latest Update

Looks like Windows recent update not only gave you the latest version of Windows but swallowed up at least 30 gigs of hard drive space. Now if you have enough hard drive space, then no need to worry about it because in 10 days the rollback software will automatically delete.
But if you in need of drive space, I would recommend on just waiting a little longer if you can to make sure Windows is stable enough before you delete. You decide.



Best Cellphone Battery Life

Want to know the best phones to buy that has the best battery life. No need to look further with these top five phones that give you the most in battery life.
So the next time your cell phone shopping, make sure to remember these brands.



Linkedin Learning

Looks like Linkedin is expanding it's career skills to eLearing so that user's have the right equipment and tools when they go into the workforce. It's an excellent move for them to keep career minding individuals in the market place so that they can be marketable.



High Spooler CPU usage

This usage reads a high level of CPU usage because of a problem with Windows printing systems that can be full of several tasks or printers that are not configured correctly. If you keep on getting this alert. Here is the fix.



Most Likely Animal

Looks like these animals are the most likely victims that cause human death. It is good to be aware of what animal in your state is a high risk item. Pretty amazing and I must admit it sort of surprised me on the type of state animal causing these deaths.



PDF Converter

Here is a cool software for those user's looking for a PDF converter to simplify their lives. It's as easy as just clicking a few links and effortless. Give the trial version a shot.




Here is a cool add on for Outlook to save your from getting the Ransome infection. In today's world any kind of prevention is a good way to stay Ransome free.



ADT with Alexa

Looks like Amazon Alexa works pretty nice with ADT equipment. Just don't like the option were I have to tell Alexa the password to disarm the alarm. That should be build in and stored on the Alexa application and there should be a special code for that. But that option should be revised and changed.
Regardless it's still a great buy.



Fax Machine Farewell

Are you one of those individuals who still use's a fax machine? Although many companies still have these devices around, it's already near to extinction.
Faxes were a great tool years ago,and now with technological advancements in smart phones and emails it's difficult to still want to use a fax machine. For the time it takes you to send a fax, this can easily be received and sent via smart phone or email.
The more excuses one makes for wanting a fax machine, there is already another device taking it's place and doing things much faster that what a fax can do. So move forward and say goodbye to the old fax.



Circle with Disney

Disney has this new internet add on device that filters the internet to the settings that you want controlled for your children's internet devices. It's an easy setup to filter unwanted sites for your young one's with the capability to shut off their WiFi at certain times. It's an ideal product for the concerned parent.



Apps outside of Windows Store

Here is the fix to install application outside of the Windows store. It's good to know how to do this just in case in the future you need to allow a program that's not from the Windows store to install software onto your computer.




Looks like the MTA in New York City is looking on ways to upgrade their metro cards and if so, let's just say the new technology via smart phone will pay the way for your train fares via MTA and Metro rail.





Home Robot

This home security robot is so unique that it not only patrols your home, but it's pet friendly, people friendly and works with Alexa. So there is no telling what else this home security robot can do. This kickstarter project it's in it's premature stage.



China changing the Internet

Looks like China is moving is big directions on changing how they use the internet. For others it's the future of Internet. But being in China, this is their way of life. Will it be ours as well?



Remove Hiss with Audacity

If your using the Audacity software you will be amazed and the great features the software uses to get your music sounding so crisp and clear. One such feature is the audio hiss in which with a few adjustments it's just a click away.
I enjoy Audacity and it's cool features to take my music to another level.



Firefox Updates

Looks like Firefox recently did some updates that some user's may want to install to get the best out of their browser. These new add on's will definitely make Firefox exceptionally different from others. Check them out.


Send Tabs

Auto Fill


Server Evolution

The server has evolved drastically for users and companies in the last few years. The technology has expanded and has become more practical for the everyday user. Now the next generation of servers is preparing for the cloud and taking technology were it's never been before.




Now a touch screen laptop is as simple as adding an a ruler band to your computer so that any user can easily enjoy that touch screen experience.



Laptop Power Plug

This information has been going back and forth for sometime and now here is information to put all of those myths away. What you need to know regarding if you should keep your laptop power cord always on.



Own your MAC

Everyone now and then you see certain people customize their MAC in ways you could only imagine. It's not for everyone, but for those user's who want to customize their MAC, here it is.



Win Thumb files

Here is some great information on Windows thumb files and what they are and do. Just because they are on your computer and try to make your life easier, doesn't always mean that you really need them. So if you like them or dislike them, just make sure you understand why they are there.



Reset WiFi Plug

This WiFi plug just has one simple job, which is to reset the Wireless internet connection should it notice a degrade wireless connection. It's a great tool for user's who always want their wireless working at top notch daily.



Comcast Net Increase

Looks like Comcast has already new plans for the year for performance internet service subscriber. Le't just say new year new price. So get ready for the increase.



iPhone Tricks

Here are some cool apple iPhone tricks that you should be aware of that your phone can do for you and it's always good to get to know what the iPhone can do for you.



Mac Touchbar

Looks like the Macbook Pro touch bar can give you more direct access to things that you can do, but will user's ready?



Google Calendar Addon's

These calendar addon's will definitely change what you do daily and take you to another level on scheduling your daily events.



Your Own Cell Network

Looks like these two students decided on doing something that many people will stay away from which is building their own cell phone network.
It took a lot of trial and error of course but with the right equipment the DYI project worked and it's a great way to understand the current technology current providers use.
I admire them for getting it done and showing other's that with hard work and understanding anything can be possible.



Elementary OS

Looks like this new software is changing the way we do things. As Microsoft get's older, other companies are still trying to take it's place and sooner or later someone will succeed until then it's still worth check out and see if it's for you.