Turn your Laptop to a Wifi

Now why would anyone want to do this. Well let's just say it your laptop will now act like a wireless router, you can now share your broadband speed with other computers. The only catch is that it looks like it now just works with Windows 7, but hopefully in the future that will change.


Get Ready for 67 Gig Blue Ray Disk

It's already developed by Panasonic and Sony, they just have to finalize it. And the best part about it is that it will not require you to get a new Blue Ray player if you already have one.


Finger Charging

Need to charge your batteries, check out this new finger charging concept. All you do is use your finger to charge your battery. Now this shouldn't take long.


Why would anyone want to unlock a cell phone

This is a great article advising cell phone user's the pro's and con's of unlocking a cell phone. Unlocking a cell phone is not for everyone, so you should read this article just in case in the future you do decide to purchase an unlock cell phone.


Excel 2007 Shortcuts

Here are some great tips for Excel user's in version 2007

Alt+Shift+F1 — inserts a new worksheet
F6 — switches between the worksheet, Ribbon, task pane and Zoom controls
Ctrl+F6 — switches to the next workbook window when multiple workbook windows are open
Ctrl+’ — alternates between displaying the value of a cell and the formula
Ctrl+shift+: — enters the current time into selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+$ — enters the currency format to selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+# — enters the date format using day, month, and year
Ctrl+; — enters the current date into selected cells
Ctrl+D — applies the fill down command to selected cells
Ctrl+R — applies the fill right command to selected cells


Weirdest College Scholarship

Here it goes. If you have ever been turned down for a scholarship. Don't worry because you might be able to qualify for these special Scholarship awards.


Black Ink Cost

Here's a weird graph showing the price of black ink when compared to human blood. It's funny on how black ink is more costly than other types of liquids.


Mobile Card Reader

I don't see this going any where soon. But it's a good idea for secure online transactions.


24 Port USB

Now is this still not enough ports for you. I can't see why you would need 24 ports. But it's not a bad idea to have them readily available.


Mixxx Digital DJ

Looking for a Mix Digital DJ software for free. No problem and very simple to use. Now you can create your own mixes.


Christal Disk Info

If your in search for a freeware to tell you your hard drive disk life. This utility is a must have. Gives you health status and SMART monitoring information.
There is also a portable version just in case your rather not install the software onto your computer.


Kingston Security Flaw

If you have anyone of these Kingston data traveler flash get ready for a security flaw. Your best bet is to return it to Kingston for your money back. If this is too complicated then just ask for the current security fix. But at this point it's probably useless.


Map our World of Languages

Ever wonder what countries around the world have the most languages that were produced. It makes sense to keep track to update history books and confirm how the new language was developed.


Can my car remote open another car

Let's just put it like this. If it happens it's like winning Lotto. But the odds are well against you. Here's why?


MLB in 3D

Get ready for the next televised 3D broadcast of baseball. This is the start of 3D programing and I wouldn't be surprised that sports stay broadcasting in 3D forever.


Icon Organizer

Have several icons on your desktop and always get confused on which one to open. This great software will make you job easier by making a transparent folder onto your desktop in which you can see all of your icons and distinguish which folder's to use. It's a useful idea for eliminating the clutter of having so many icon's on your desktop.


Google Voice Invites for Students

If you are a current student and have an .EDU email address, Google Voice is giving out free invites for it's free phone service.
I've been already using the service for almost a year and I must admit, it's impressive. It's like having a dispatcher forwarding all your calls, wherever you go.
Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.


12 Key Blackberry Apps

Looking for some great Blackberry applications to help you do your job better. These handy applications will help you get focused.


Full Body Scanner's

With the recent terror plots that continue to occur throughout the United States. Everyone wonders what's next and with this comes the new full body scanner coming to an airport near you. They say it's for our protection, but I just know it's going to be another privacy issue to violate.


Gulf Oil Spill via Google Maps

It's just amazing on how much damaged this Gulf Oil Spill did to our environment and it's going to take years for recovery. With the hurricane season on it's way next month, who knows what other disasters lie ahead.


Test Drive Windows 7

Want to see what's new in Windows 7, better yet test drive it before you buy the product. This link helps you test drive Windows 7 with any browser. It's a virtual machine of Windows 7. At least now you can decide if Windows 7 is really for you.

Microsoft Direct Link


Ax & Dunkin Donuts

Great offer from American Express and Dunkin Donuts. Let's just say it's an offer you can't beat if your always craving for their breakfast specials.


CD / DVD Repair

This software is made available to help those user's in need of repairing their computers that do not recognize their CD or DVD drives. There's no guarantee that it can fix it, but at least someone created a fix for the annoying missing drive.


System Explorer

Here's a handy utility to help you trouble shoot problem computers. It's like a task manager with extras.


US Debt Clock

It's very interesting to see the US Debt Clock. You'll be amazed on what items are increasing as we speak.


UFC targets online Piracy

This has been going on for a while and I just don't understand why some people just don't let just things be. Even if you stream the event, you still have it's down falls on seeing the event as if you payed it via pay per view.
Instead of fighting it, they should be promoting it and making money on it via advertisements.


What is Cloud Computing

For all those individuals who still don't know what Cloud Computing is, here is your answer. So do your homework.


XCopy Tool

Need to copy files from one folder to another. Or better yet need to copy files from one hard drive to another. This handy software simplifies your life by copying files fast and easy. Don't waste time make file copying a thing of the past.

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

Here is some great information on Cell Phone Reverse Number Lookup. Bottom line is that it's not free and it's going to cost you. But that doesn't mean you can't find the information that your looking for.


Office 2010

Looking for Microsoft Office 2010. Here's is the link so you can try it before you buy it. It's on a stable platform with new features that you just can't wait to enjoy.

Download Link


Google TV

Get ready for Sony to launch Google TV in May. With Youtube's new movie feature. It would look like Google is trying to be the new Netflix online. Stay tuned.


McAfee free subscription

In order to compensate for the virus update bug that affect many Windows XP machines. McAfee is offering free two year extended subscriptions. Who know's if this will compensate for damages that were already done.