One site Package Tracking

Tired of using several sites to track your packages. Here is one simple site to remember named Pkge dot net. Not only does it track your packages but there is no need to sign in.


Text Only Device

Blackberry lovers should now learn that a new text-only device is being created for users called Beepberry and even though it's in the prototype the Raspberry Pi module can possibly go live one day and at least you can be one of the first ones. 


Future Monitor Reality

I love how Spacetop AR laptops makes work better and I just love the privacy, focus and freedom. I am just concern on the open platform and it's current limitations. They do have an excellent idea it's just has to get to the next level for users who want to push the limits to take it further.


The New Generation of Fraud

Interesting information on how this women scammed JP Morgan using simple social media. We have now in a world that can easily be manipulated by what you can convince others to believe in. 

And sadly this is jut the beginning. 



Acer Ai Infused Electric Bike

Acer is exploring electric bikes like it never did before. These experimental AI bikes will learn rider preferences depending on the road condition. And you can add on extra perks like GPS tracking, battery life, and recommended routes.

I must say it will be interesting to see how these devices come to play going forward. 


Telsa Software Update Headache

It looks like the famous car manufacturer Telsa did another software update to some of their cars and it affected speed and battery capacity again. I guess the company did not learn from the last class action and now it's facing a new one. 

I guess when it will start affecting its profits the company will get the big picture. 


We Buy Ugly Houses Reality

It looks like this company is easily getting a bad reputation from homeowners who are in bad situations. Now sellers should be aware that even in desperate times you still have to have a good state of mind to get out of your bad situations. As for this company, I would advise you to be cautious. 


TikTok Ban

It looks like more trouble for the Social Media giant after the Montana ban. Although the ban will not go into effect until January 2024, it's the first state of many more to come.

Let's hope that they stay wise and sell the company to keep us entertained. 


AI Littering Cameras

Next time you litter you better hope that their is no AI camera's near you. This new application in UK is combating the ongoing littering problem and I will not be surprised when it heads down to the States.

I will love to see how users try to beat these tickets. 


Apple Watch Change with FB Messenger

It looks like Apple Watch is shutting down FB Messenger on it's devices following the same path as other applications like Slack, Twitter, Uber and Instagram.

If users need to get access they will just have to user their phone application instead.


Lyft Airport Pickup Feature

Lyft is creating a new pre-pickup feature in it's application to make traveling easier to do by pre-ordering rides as soon as you exit the airport. 

The new feature will match the user with a driver after exiting the airport instead of it's usual pickup scheduling process.

It's a move in the right direction to get users to their destination at ease, let's hope for the best.


AI Astronomical Discoveries

You will be surprise on how this technology is modernizing the field of astronomy. The new resource is added it's helping science make sense with tools only available to the naked eye.

Now with AI it can recognzie patterns of galaxies and it's only the begining. 


NASA Space to Ground Xfer

It looks like NASA just broke a record for fastest Space to Ground Data Transfer and I am just hoping that they can somehow take broadband data speeds and eventually mimic the same.

It's time for the U.S. to increase their internet data transfer speeds. 



Apple Mole

It looks like Apple has a mole stealing secrets with their autonomous car and this time it looks like they simply supplied it to China. 


Google Purge

Google will soon purge inactive accounts that have not been used in two years or more and now users can try again to get a new account with the intended name you always wished for.



Scary War Drones

Here are some scary War Drones that you should be aware of and that you hope you never get to see in your near future. These planes are so advanced that the next generation of drones will even be scarier than the ones that are shown.


Office Pro 2021 Special

 If you are looking for a lifetime license and do not mind using an old version of Office 2021 you can easily pick it up for a limited time. 

It's a great deal if you used the Office suite occassionally and want it installed on your home computer. 



Gmail Free Upgrade

If you have a Gmail account get ready for a free upgrade that's going to change your email as you know it. The new feature is going to assist you in how you would like to reply and give you options to make your reply even shorter. Let's hope that their email service will improve as time goes on. 


Fairphone Repairable Headphones

If you are in the market for repairable headphones, take a look at these guys. It's a pretty interesting concept to keep your headset alive for years to come.



This AI application is here to help you organize your photos. It's an interesting application that once it gets access reviews all your photos and removes the photos that are not suitable for you. 


iOS Link


Flying Pies

Here is another company looking into drone delivery service for its pizza business. If they are able to make this work, let's just say the food delivery service will just change for the better.

Let's hope that my pizza now gets to me before it gets cold. 


Terrible Design of Streaming

It's odd that some people would think that the design of streaming is ruining TV, when it could just be
that no one has sat down and figured out how to add more features.

Hopefully someone will soon figure out what the audience needs and change the way we stream. 


3D Sunglasses creation

Pretty cool designs and materials with cool 3D technology. I could not belive how cool this sunglasses look, I just hope I can connect with someone to create me a state of the art sunglasses. 


Eye Dropper

This handy device is great for imagery and capturing colors so that you can match or repurpose them later. For the price, it's still worth the cost when you compare how long it will take you to track down the 100,000 paint colors that it has easily available. 


Rocketbook Reusable Stickie Notes

This cloud service not only is eco-friendly it's now finding alternate ways to keep track of notes and you will be amazed at what this new generation's sticky notes do. 



AI Cloned Voices

AI is here and now with new threats, one being cloning voices from bank accounts. This may not sound alarming at first but when you read this article and start thinking about it, it opens up doors to lots of security concerns for many users. 


Udemy Info

Pretty interesting information regarding Udemy Courses and you will be surprised by what works and what does not work to get good deals on courses from instructors.

It's always wise to be a bargain shopper when it comes to education. 


Metaverse Banking

Big changes are taking place and you will be surprised at how AI-based technology is going to change finance for the better.

It's like having a virtual assistant monitor your finance along with support for financial planning. 


Kingdom of Bhutan

You should keep an eye on this site, because if Crypto does become the new currency this Kingdom can blow up alongside other popular mining countries.

It's interesting on how a tiny kingdom stores so much power to mine. 


Teams Optional

Microsoft Team is becoming optional so that it conforms with the competition. Doing this puts them away from future litigations, but regardless it's a tool that in time everyone is going to easily adapt to. 

But let the competition believe that not bundling the software it's going to make a difference. 


Swap Ford for Tesla

Interesting article on how a user swapped his Ford for a Tesla and the results will amaze you. It looks like Telsa is not quite making the cars the way they should be and quality assurance is being missed by the big giant before there vehicles are released. 



Play Store App not avail

If you use the Google Play Store and can no longer download content because the flagged application has malicious or deceptive you can download an application such as F-Droid and APKMirror to continue using the application.




Old version of Websites

Trying to go back in time and see what the website looks like years ago, you might want to check out the list of sites available to go back in time. Sites like Wayback Machine, Archive.today, OldWeb.today, Library of Congress, Search Engines Cache Pages, Web Cache Viewer, UK Web Archive and Memento Time Travel are here to help. 

See the link below for more information. 


More Channels with Google Tv

It looks like Google TV lets you browse more than 800 free tv channels across multiple providers in one easy guide. It's only going to be a matter of time before other providers do the same thing to keep their subscribers. Thanks for the great idea Google. 



ChatGPT Tutorial

Want to check out ChatGPT and want to see what it can and cannot do, take the tutorial course so that you can see what information you can obtain by playing around with ai on the web. 

You will be amazed on the responses that you will get and what more information you can obtain. 


Chrome Browser Tips

Need to organize your browser with Chrome then get used to these helpful tips that will make your browsing experience easier to do.

You will be amazed on how quickly you can make them work. 


Apple Savings Account

It looks like Goldman Sachs Bank is now trying to minimize its Apple credit card exposure to risk by offering users a new savings wallet application available only to Apple Card holders.

The plan makes sense and users can get the current annual yield on interest. 



Apple ID & Password Bug

Apple users have been reporting a new bug with its devices in which it keeps on asking for the user id and password and when the user enters the password it fails.

Hopefully, Apple will fix this password problem soon in its new update. 


Apple Fake Products

The markets of full of Apple fake products and here is a good example of why people should stay away from Apple Fake products. 

You have to admire that they can get really close to replicating its products, but it's never going to be what you really paid for. 

If you got extra cash to burn and want to see the hype then it's worth checking out. 


Rise of RISC-V

Here is a new program language that is going to simplify how we use technology and if it all goes as planned we can save money and use our devices longer. 

It's going to make it easier for everyone to get more on their devices as long as the manufacturer adoption process continues. 



Solar Panel Robots

Solar Panel has taken a new launch with its autonomous robot installers. This simplifies and improves the future installation of solar panels and it's a complete game changer. Now there will be no shortfall in the labor force and it can make future rollouts easier to do than ever. 


2023 Best Foldable Phones

If you are looking for the best foldable phone here is the list again and it looks like Samsung is still on top for now. I just cannot figure out why it's taking so long for their competitors to get this simple technology figured out. At this rate, they will soon be making super computers more advanced that we can imagine. 


Old or Discontinued Software

Looking for old versions of software or software that have been discontinued. Here are some great sites that can help you install the old version of the software so that you can remove a corrupt program, or just use the program. 


Microsoft Copilot

I am so excited about this program and let's just say when it goes rollout it's going to be a game changer altogether. Not only it's going to make our life easier but you can incorporate this with your work, daily life, etc. There is so much that it can do it's endless.



Win System Restore Info

It's amazing that someone created this user-friendly video of system restoration in a comical way. Maybe we should be explaining things to others this way. 


Marketing Solicitation Tactics

I recently was reading this article on how users can easily have their consumer rights violated by just going to websites and just filling out a form and not submitting it. 

Once the form is created let's just say everything goes out the door regarding your consumer privacy and any information collected after that is bits of information that they can use to continue in contacting you.



Save Mobile VM

Mobile phones have an interesting way of saving voicemails and users can easily save their messages by following these tips. 

If you have some voicemails on your phone that you want to preserve it case something happens to your device, this is the best way to save them. 


Telsa Wireless Charger

It looks like Telsa was able to create a wireless charger that is not only pricey but can be the ideal charger for other products to maintain a charge. It's kind of like a charger on steroids and I would not be surprised if manufacturers adapt to the technology and start creating fast-charging devices.

Let's see hope this technology evolves.


Amazon Sidewalk

It looks like Amazon how been gathering resources together to pool the internet bandwidth from users of their devices so that it can create an internet blanket to connect all devices.

Successfully it now covers 90% of the U.S. population and it's open now to developers. This is great for vendors on future products and it is limitless on what they can do once the dots are connected. 

Stay tuned for what can come next, since it's not too far off from reaching their goals. 


Unlimited Hosting Defined

If you have a website you should be aware of what unlimited hosting is and the benefits that it provides for you and your company. Not every site offers the same features and how picking the right plan can save you money in the long run. 



NHL AI Predictions

You will see soon how companies will use AI to predict game scores and how it can benefit the team to change the odds of playing games. It may sound crazy but it's already being used. 



Still do not know what ChatGPT is all about, well this site will give you the details of what it is and why some people and excited or unexcited on how useful it will become in the years to come. 


ChatGPT Money Games

It might sound crazy but is it really, now that ChatGPT is out here are some great ways to make money online.

You just need to be creative, think out of the box, and make the money before someone else reaps your potential rewards. 


Car Cleaning Tips

Every once in a while I find websites that are very resourceful and if you are a car buff and love keeping your car tidy here are some top cleaning products that the experts use.

Now you keeping your car clean should not be that difficult to do.


Airplane Mode

Ever wonder why they always tell you when you fly to put your phone on airplane mode, here is the real reason why and you cannot blame them, because like any other company they do have a business to run. 


Amazon Book Depository

It looks like Amazon is shutting down its online bookstore. You would think that they would still maintain this golden token that help build this empire together. 

It's only a matter of time before they begin to slim-line other nonprofitable areas. 



Pinduoduo malware

Pretty scary application to have on your mobile phone. Let's just say if you have already installed the application, good luck on trying to remove it. 


Telsa resale value

Some Telsa users will have a reality check with their vehicles coming next year if they plan to resell their cars. Their long-range battery value will be down by almost 50% because of price cuts for new models.

Telsa's steep depreciation value is massive when compared to other new EV vehicles. So if you are looking to keep your model car value, you might just want to take a look into other EVs that keep their car value when it's time to trade in your vehicle.  




It looks like TikTok will soon have another social media application to go against META. I must admit it's an Instagram copycat but with a nicer layout and easier-to-search catalog. 

It's worth checking out since they seem to be adapting quicking than it's rivalries.


Autonomous Weapons

With recent excitement with new AI programs gaining popularity on the web,  some users are focusing on making AI fantasy a reality. 

Imagine a soldier calling for reinforcements and instead of getting another soldier to help him out, he gets several drones to attack his enemies individually. It's definitely going to make a difference and soon there is nothing that's going to stop this revolution from happening.

The AI revolution is coming and hopefully, we will figure out a solution to keep peace within other nations. 



iPhone Do Not Disturb Options

Here is a great way to add specific users to your iPhone Do Not Disturb feature. Apple has made some adjustments and now you can add specific user's on this list so that when the feature is enabled you still can get calls from priority users. 



macOS Ventura Battery Life

Several users have been complaining for a while that macOS Ventura battery life is draining very quickly and if you are one of those victims take a look at the link below to resolve the problem.

Now do not expect an update anytime soon, I mean Apple has been notorious for doing this with the iPhones and I would not expect any special consideration for their other products. 


WhatsApp Messages to You

You can send messages to yourself in WhatsApp it is sort of like a reminder to get things done. And if you enjoy that you will also like the feature where you can send it to other devices as well. 



Google Maps offline

Have problems with Google Maps when driving and you just get lost because of your mobile connection. You might want to use Google Maps offline on your phone, it's a simple adjustment to your settings to add maps offline. Once you have done that the map will download on your phone and it will refresh once every two weeks to include the latest data. 



Need to stop annoying spam and emails, check out this site to help you fight spammers. Let's make a difference and stop these companies in their tracks and take control back of your phone. 



Job Scams

It's unfortunate that we now live in a world where identity theft keeps on increasing. Most of the time these scammers go to extreme lengths to get information from you that would surprise many.

If you are offered a high-paying job with little training or effort this should be your signal to be on alert.
I am not saying that this is a scam but do your homework before personal information is given to the user.

Here are some great tips to follow using the link below. 


Can TikTok Be Blocked

Concern over the TikTok mobile application has got some attention from the government. The government feels that the data the application is obtaining can fall hands of the Chinese government. 

Now In my opinion users should have the choice if they want to use the application or not and I do not know what the big deal is about that data when all social media companies are doing the same thing. Did anyone just forget a few years what was revealed about what Facebook was doing with its data? So it's nothing new and as long as users are advised that we should be able to use it as we wish. 


Block iPhone Spam Messages

Here is the simplest way to block spam messages from your iPhone. It's unfortunate but this is right now the only best solution to stop these junk messages from getting to you. 



Robot Mop Review

Many users have been wondering if the new robot mops are worth the cost. And it can all be summed up with a yes since they are becoming useful when cleaning. So not only is your robot cleaning the dust around the house, but it's also now mopping. 

Technology is definitely changing rapidly for these cleaning devices and they are a great lifesaver when it comes to helping around the house. If you are in need of a housekeeper, I will give them a try first to see if it meets your needs. 


Flip phone comeback

It's about time and it's not only trendy it makes sense. I just do not understand how portable phones went from small to big. 

At least now we can still have the big screen but with better portability. 



Don't Let Google Manage Password

Here is an interesting article on why not to have Google Manage your Passwords. Unfortunately keeping everything in one place is nice but not the best secure solution when it comes to passwords.

Your best bet is to check out some Password managing software if you decide that you want to simplify things. It's your choice. 


MS Share Button

The new share button in Microsoft allows you to show people what Bing AI is saying. It's more like Microsoft showing others what Bing can do for you so that people can check out Bing AI.

It's pretty impressive and I cannot wait to see what others do. 


Zippyshare Quites

 The file-hosting company made it easy for users to upload files without using a web browser apparently costs too much to maintain.

Let's just say it was good while it lasted. 



Waze EV Update

If you are an EV user you are going to be excited to hear about Waze's new feature. All you need to do is enter your vehicle model and plug type and the app will find you charging stations. So now when you travel you can easily find a charging station for your vehicle. 


Laptops for Seniors

I get this question asked for me from time to time and even though everyone's comptuer expertise is different you always have a class a users who is always looking for a user friendly laptop.

Here are the list of computers they recommend but I would still google the model number and read the reviews to see what others people are saying about the computer. 


iPhone, iPad & Pc Transfer Files

Here is some great information on file transforming from iPhone, iPad, and Pc and vice versa. Itunes is your best bet for Windows and for your other devices let's just say the cloud comes handy for transporting. For more information see the link below. 



Macbook Pro vs Air differ

Ever wonder what's the difference between a Macbook Pro and vs Air well if you take a look at the chart the only real difference is the webcam, graphics, ports, battery life, weight, dimension, and price. Everything hardware-wise is the same. 


YouTube Balloon

I just cannot understand why they think that people will pay a higher premium than their competitors.  I guess some companies have to learn the hard way before they realize their mistakes.

So if you think price increases in this day and age is going to keep subscribers with the current high cost of goods, think again. 


Telsa New Charger

This is great news for everyone in the past, the charger was only for Tesla now it's open to all vehicles to supercharge their cars. It's an open-door policy now to simply charge your electric vehicle without limitations. I just hope more companies continue to do the same and eventually there will be super chargers everyone similar to gasoline stations. 


Car renting changes

If you are renting a car you should be aware that a lot of things have changed recently. Like more vehicles, and more cars with options, you can now get a car that's luxury or electric with easy pick up and drop off functions. 

Hoping that it just keeps on improving, so that we can continue to rent cars with ease. 


Mac for Outlook Free

It looks like Microsoft has a game plan now for Mac users to lure everyone into their platform. Try Outlook now for free. Let's just say it's an offer no one can refuse from a premium product.

There is definitely a catch coming in the next few years but for now, I would just enjoy the freebie.



Bing 100 Million Daily

Bing looks like it surpasses 100 million daily active users thanks to new chat features. It's pretty impressive and all because of AI. It's just more news to show how popular AI is becoming to everyone. 

Just wait and see a year from now to see how it changes for Bing and other AI users. 


Smallest Cell Phone

Looking for a smaller cell phone that you can purchase, then take a look at these nine devices that can make a difference in your life. Not everything needs to be so complicated when you need to be connected. 

Somehow when the first Motorolla flip phone came out, we went from big to small to now small to big. 


Fix AirPod Pro Sound

If you are noticing recently that your AirPods sound is having problems here are some tips to get these devices back up and running.

Most of the time it's an easy fix and will not require you to do much. 


Ring Features Changing

If you have a Ring device you should be aware that things are changing for current users. Most of the features on its devices will only be available for subscribers with Home and Away modes. 

So long story short you now have to pay for premium services that were already available when you purchase the product.


Computer Networks

Confused are the different types of computer networks. Here is a good site to get an understanding of the different networks that computers offer. Hopefully, now you will be able to tell the difference the next time you connect. 


Daylight Savings Time Update

I clearly understand why they enacted it during times of concern but it's beyond me why it has lasted so long and they just do not abolish the time change moving forward. 

Times have changed and so have people and technology. What was good years ago may not necessary be good today. 

In my opinion I see this time changing pointless, year after year everyone changes their time and everyone thinks that they are saving energy, but where the proof. Where is the data supporting that this is saving us energy. I want to know on how much power changing my clock to one hour back and forward has made us saved. Let us see that information and let that information be easily available to everyone so that we can end this debate. 



PimEyes Search

Want to keep track of every website that has a picture of you. This site not only keeps you informed but keeps your identity secured so thieves do not try to impersinate you or get a hold of your identity.

It's an interesting AI sight that searches the internet to find any of your pictures online.

It's definitely out of this world. 


GPT for Sheets

This is pretty cool to add GPT to your google sheets. It's only the beginning of the things that you can do with GPT when using Google Sheets and Docs.

This would be a great time to check out youtube what others have to by adding ChatGPT to Google sheets.



Dish systems

It's pretty sad to hear Dish system outages but it's not surprising. Maybe now they will take priority in securing their networks. 

In the long run it's going to be situations like this that is going to have companies learn from their mistakes. 


Teams Upgrade

Microsoft is upgrading Teams with higher performance and less resources. Let's just say it's going to be a game changer and I cannot wait to see how it performs in the long run.

Teams is the future and as time goes on, it's going to be hard not to want to use the program. 


Netflix Slash Prices

It looks like Netflix is trying to negotiate with it's customers so that they can keep on using it's platform. Now it's going to slash costs over three dozen countries worldwide.

We hope that they will eventually gain grown once users understand that it's still a great platform when compared to others. 

Let's see what going to happen next. 


Starlink New Price Plan

Just when you were getting comfortable with Starlink a price increases pop up out of no where. Yes, it's going up and it's basically only for limited capacity areas. 

So I am almost certain many customers did not see that coming so quickly. 


Tesla Recall Problem

The recent Tesla Full Driving software feautre has a fix that requires an over the air software update but it explaining this to owners and others gets very interesting as per the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. 

Let's just say this does leave the door open for a classic class action suit on the company that they have a feature called Full Self-Driving. You decide. 



iOS Major Update

It looks like Apple has a major problem with a zero-day flaw that hacks any device and users are advised to update them ASAP.

So if you have an iOS device don't wait get it done soon. 


Transfer WiFi Passwords

Transfererring to a new computer is never simple and easy to do, especially if you have many passwords. If that is the case then you can simply use Powershell for this. 



Lexmark Bug

It looks like Lexmark has a security bug that exploits the printer to attack, I recommend users update their software as soon as possible. There is no telling what can continue to occur if this patch is not updated soon.  


Yammer Gone

Microsoft recently killed Yammer and now decided to focus on Viva Engage. And let's just say Viva will inherit and adapt to the new user experiences.

It's a long-awaited change and hopefully, it will no longer confuse users. 


Snow Cover

It looks like our world is changing quickly, not only are getting drastic weather changes but our environment is quickly shifting. It's still unknown if history is repeating itself or if this is just natural event. But you should be you just be aware of what's going on globally. 



Bing AI

It looks like Microsoft Bing AI is moving in a world of it's own. As users continue to test the bot testers are noticing that it's definitely moving into another direction and it make you wonder if this is going in the same direction as in movie the Terminator

Oddly, in the movie Genisys was trying to take control of the world once it went online. This might be a coincidence or just my imagination. You decide. 


Netflix Plans

Since Netflix plan changes are taking effect this is what users can expect when upgrading their plan. So this is what you can expect to pay if you still plan on sharing your account with others. 


Tiny 11

Looking for an easier way to install Windows 11 on an old computer. Take a look at Tiny11 and you will be surprised on what it needs to install a small unofficial image of Windows 11.

I am excited to see project like this to simply expand the life of Windows computers. 




Home Depot Dating App

It's bizarre to me why this site is the best place to go to for dating. And it keeps on trending so I am convinced that the recent covid lock down contributed to this new sanctuary. 

I am lost for words why anyone would begin looking for love here.  


Spot Launch

These robotic dogs are quite amazing and it's slowly catching on with big business. Who cannot resist these pets with all the cool things that it can do. 

I just cannot wait to see on how they incorporate them in the work force. 


MS Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams has a premium edition and here are the additional features that are included. Some of these features are old and new but this is what you get in the premium edition. 

I am hoping to see more features added soon to this edition. 


Netflix Password Sharing Guide

It looks like Netflix accidentally posted password-sharing guidelines and how they plan to use this globally. The article is mainly for specific three countries but it just shows you the methods that they plan to take to combat password sharing. 

It's not going to be simple to share your password moving forward. 


AI to kill JobsSpot

Nothing new but the reality can be coming for some users if they do not update their technical skills. This will be the beginning and the end of many current jobs that are currently available in todays markets. 

So if you have not done so, you should be updating your job skills so that you are not left behind when AI becomes main stream.



Win10 Lockout

In recent weeks Microsoft has been getting sloppy with updates and bugs and one such bug is a broken Microsoft 365 trial offer.

On boot up, users get a full-screen offer for a trial version of Microsoft 365 and your choices are to just enter your credit card details to get access to their desktop. This is the only option they have to get things back to normal and you can just cancel afterward to prevent being charged.

In my opinion, the more you look at it the more it is really like a marketing sham. 


5G Reality

This new technology was supposed to change the world and give everyone what they long waiting for. In reality, equipment needs to be upgraded in order to get the full features of the technology. And it's going to take some time before its true potential is even noticed by consumers. 

All we can do for now is wait and hope that it becomes affordable for everyone. 



Amazon Grocery Fees

It looks like everyone is getting the new pinch of the economy and the big giant is now tacking new fees on its services with Prime membership when you do small orders. 

So do the math when it comes to shopping and see if the new fees are worth the overall cost of doing business with them.

Now online shopping comes with a cost. 


Remove Unwanted Netflix Access

The rules have changed for Netflix and if you were sharing your account, this is what you need to do to remove unwanted guests.

Now it's time to take control of unwanted guests before your account gets flagged. 


Telsa Driver Profiles

Here is how to create a Telsa driver profile and its main purpose and why you should create more than one if someone else is using your vehicle. 

Not only does it remember the user's driving settings but it also adjusts to the drivers daily routine. Now will all these different adjustments it's no wonder you would want your own car settings. 


Unlock iOS after Death

If you had a loved one who has an iOS device and you want to know how to unlock their devices then this resource will guide you on how to unlock their devices. 

It's definitely a great guy on what you need to do to get access. 


Netflix Ban

This has long been a problem with Netflix from the start and if they would have set their rules down when the problem started they would not be addressing this.

Since the company started it always tried to accommodate everyone and that was good but for a short time. Netflix never pulled the plug on sharing and consumers still feel entitled that they have the upper hand and that time is now up.

As Netflix begins addressing its problems subscriber rates will gradually increase and before you know it they will eventually become once again a supergiant.

So for all those users who have been sharing accounts for years, let's just say that it was a good ride while it lasted. 


Driverless cars and the unknown

Many avoid this topic, yet no one wants to bring it up because of the convenience that this technology will bring to many. Now how the environment is going to respond to these self-driving cars will be very interesting to see when it comes to emissions. 

Let's keep this in mind and hopefully, someone will figure out a solution before it becomes another problem.


Edge Split Screen

Edge will soon let you split the screen so you can compare two tabs side by side. Once it's enabled you will see it on the browser and have a split view of Edge.

I am pretty excited to see this feature and I hope other browsers follow up as well. 


Google Tracker

Google will soon release its GSpot and it's similar to Apple's Air Tag, and let's just say that they also want to cash in on devices that are making sense. I cannot wait to see what Apple will do next to remain on top. 


Microsoft Flex OLED

It looks like Microsoft is taking a different direction with foldable screens, it is still early to see what direction they will be going but they are definitely adapting and changing to meet consumer demands. It's a great approach and I just hope that they get this one right and keep consumers happy. 


Get WiFi in your Car

Here is the simplest way to get WiFi in your car. By doing this you get to bridge the other users in the car to be able to get service when you are on the road. It's a great work-a-round solution to be always connected. 


Change Telsa's Charge Limit

Here is a good reason why you would want to change your Telsa's charge limit. Doing this not only prolongs the car's battery life but in the long run will charge the car efficiently. 


AI Software

If you are looking for AI software to make your life easier here is a great site to start your search. You just pick the AI software you are looking for using FutureTools and it links to the site.

It's that easy and that simple to do. 


LassPass Update from Twit

I am so glad to hear someone is concerned about the LastPass breach and the show was so informative that if you think it was nothing, then you need to watch this episode in full.

I highly recommend you stay in touch with Twit and keep on watching their informative shows. 

Just shows the negligence the company still does not address. 



Alison Free Online Courses

Looking to take free online courses and get certifications and Diplomas, this site will keep you on track 
and it has a large library to prove it.

Give it a look and you might learn something too. 


Google Fonts

If you are in search of new fonts for your report or presentation, you can go to Google Fonts to download the fonts that you are looking for and install them on your computer for free.

Nothing beats having the right fonts for that special presentation. 




In search of a website to act as a timer when doing meetings or running special projects or events. This site will count down and keep you on track for your meetings. 


Online PDF Editor

If you are looking for a free Online PDF Editor then PDF Escape is the answer to your problem. It's a great alternative to using Adobe and you have the option of using the online or desktop version of the software. You decide. 


LG Invisible Speaker

LG is taking a new approach for speakers in vehicles and if all goes well, let's say this can change audio devices to what it currently is now.

The new system works by vibration and producing sounds. It's definitely a game-changer. 


Down for Everyone

Here is a great start to confirm if a website is down or if it's just you. The site checks the status of hundreds of websites and if there is an outage you will see a notification on the top showing the current site Outages that are happening at the moment. 

This definitely is a great time saver when you need to get things done ASAP. 



Looking for a background for a particular event so that you can customize it, then this site can give you a clean template so that you can customize and add images to your site. 

It's a great place to go to add items to your documents. 




If you have an old computer and want to confirm if your system can play a particular game on your computer, this site is a savior. It's a handy website to check your computer requirements before you go out and spend the money buying the game with a limited return policy. 




If you need an answer and you cannot get the answer from a textbook or the internet this site could hopefully help you resolve your problem.

Great place to get help in every subjects, especially for students. 


Uber Legal

If you are using Uber regularly you should be aware of this site and its legality when using their service.

You will be amazed by their policy and liability coverage, it's not always written in black and white.


Samsung Flex Hybrid

This screening device that recently showed up at the CES 2023 conference created a crowd of interested users. The tablet-like device opens and easily closes like a notebook that displays between 10 to 12 inches of screen size. It's a great concept and from the looks of it, users loved the design. 

Let's see if this is going to be the next table of the year. 


Belking AirPods Cleaning Kit

This affordable kit for your AirPods will not only restore your AirPods back to life but it's a must-have for Apple users who want their audio devices in tune with every beat.

The cleaning solution eliminates the daily buildup that accumulates on these devices as time goes by. If you have an AirPod this is a must-have. 



Samsung Self Repair App

Samsung will soon make a self-repair application so that users can fix their devices. It's a great idea and a move in the right direction for users who want to take ownership of fixing their own things.

Now, why can't other manufacturers do the same? 




An interesting device that lets you control items wearing a ring mouse on your hand. It works well when doing presentations and it has so many cool uses that it's just the beginning of more things to come in the future. 

You will be amazed at how many things this little device can accommodate. 



Mac Slow Charging

Trying to figure out why your old Macbook is slowly charging may not really be a problem after all. It's just your MacBook going through some changes. Solutions like buying a new charger, and upgrading the battery may temporarily fix the problem but with new applications and new video formats, the performance of the computer is going to change as time passes. 


Telegram Premium

This multi-platform app keeps on improving, and if you are looking for a premium service of the app, you get unlimited storage in the cloud, faster downloads, and access to large file downloads. 

If you love the app then premium service is a great option. 




This year cash holders are going to get good deals on homes and this is where this site comes in handy to find the right lender rates for your home.


Google Maps Merge

It looks like Google Maps will soon be merging with Waze so that both companies can become more productive and put resources where it's needed.

I hope this collaboration will make both companies stronger and give the user better traffic alerts. 



Instagram Hack Account Recovery

Has your Instagram account has been hacked, then here is the one-stop hub to recovery. It's not going to instantly recover your account but it's a good move in the right direction. 


Walmart EV Charging Cost

Retail stores are doing whatever it takes to bring in customers and with this super giants like Walmart are offering users EV charging while they shop.
It just takes 30 minutes to charge their EV and it's very reasonable to be able to shop and charge your EV for a decent price. 


Win10 BSOD

It looks like Windows 10 new updates are breaking machines. We'll not technically but when it comes to boot up it sure messes things up. 
The update KB5021233 is causing problems with a file called hidparse.sys and let's just say your computer will no longer boot after the update.

So if you are having booting problems with Windows 10 go to Troubleshoot to see if you can resolve the computer update problem. 



Want to hear live public safety audio streams from aircraft, rail, fire, police, and ems. This site keep you connected to 5,000 plus streams for free. 

It's a great way to keep tabs on the things going on in a specific area. 


Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases

Foldable phones are evolving slowly and what better accessories for these phones than having the right phone case for it. This is where it definitely gets interesting. 

Now there is a foldable case for foldable phones. I definitely can see this as a game-changer in the upcoming year. Stay tuned. 


Surface Docks

The Surface Pro is definitely changing user's opinions on its tablet uses. If you already have one and are considering buying a new dock, here are some great additions to add to your device. 


iCloud Data Protection

iOS now has Advanced Data Protection for your devices and if you are concerned about security, then this is how you enable the feature. It's the best way moving forward to protect your information should it ever get into the wrong hands. 

Make note that you need to make a recovery contact or a recovery key to access your account in case of disaster. Once you set this up make sure to keep this information in a safe place.  Not doing so will lose access to your iCloud data.


Win11 Shortcuts

If you love using the software, check out the cool shortcut that can save you time.

I love Windows and I cannot tell you how many times using these shortcuts has changed my life. 



Want to start the new year repairing circuit boards like Android and iPhones. Here is a site to begin your electronic career that hopefully will open doors for other areas.

Now I am still unsure why they have no videos posted after 2018 but it can be covid related. I am just hoping that this can guide users to a great career in repairing electronics. 

Other users can share the Repair Sharing link for trying to fix their own devices. 



An interesting site to transform your text instructions into Excel in seconds. It's AI-generated and it just costs a few dollars per month to give you what you need immediately instead of doing it manually. 

It's like having a tutor on hand when you need help creating an excel formula to give your results. 



Want to automate your work so that it reaches other sites with your posts. Then take a look a Zapier, it's premium software but it makes it easy for you to automate your tasks to other applications so that you can spend your time doing other things. 

It's definitely a way to go and keep content updated daily.