Amazon Prime Ads

If you have a Prime subscription please note that next year if do not plan on paying the additional surcharge for video you can see more ads added to your viewing. 

It's still unclear how consumers will react to this new change and how Prime will try to compete alongside Netflix but let's stay tuned to see how it all plays out. 


Win 11 Faster Recovery

The new Windows 11 software will soon have a new option to recover or reinstall the OS when things go wrong.
It's destined to come out in the upcoming updates and hopefully, it will resolve hiccups in the system. 


Malicious Chrome VPN

It looks like this malicious VPN extension from the Chrome web store infected over a million users before it was removed by Google.

This is why Chrome keeps on being proactive to make its browser safer and it will not be the last but as time goes on, malicious software as we know it will in time be hard to install on Chrome users. 


MS Legacy Chat Update

If you are using an old version of Teams take note that Microsoft will soon end support for the old application. Users will be forced to upgrade because of the new infrastructure. 

I guess this is Microsoft's way of saying out with the old and in with the new. 


Chrome ends tracking

It looks like Chrome is now preparing its browser to start ending cookie tracking next year and it will be interesting to see what advertisers do in response to disabling this feature.

Let's just say it's the beginning of tracking protection for consumers. 


Espresso Display

Here is the thinnest portable monitor that you can easily take it anywhere with you and easily set it up. The display is so thin and portable that you will just be surprised at how great it displays. 

Although quite pricey it's definitely going to supercharge your applications. 


Win 11 Hack to Restart

If you have Windows 11 installed and want to restart your computer using the keyboard just do a FN+ALT+F4 and this should give the command to Windows to restart the computer.


MS Copilot Music Making

Looks like Microsoft Copilot can now create music, it's still not there but as time goes on it will definitely make music magical. Imagine you have copilot create a song and now you can easily share it with others. 



ChatGPT & Bard bad at Math

It's kind of funny to think how this state-of-the-art technology using AI is still bad at math. The only thing that I could think of is that the AI technology is mistaking these items for something else. 

Once programmers figure this out hopefully the math calculations will get better. I think it's time we teach them a thing or two about math. 


Google Password Manager

If you have not noticed Google for a while was saving some of your passwords and if you are concerned about what passwords are being saved, then from time to time you should review the passwords and confirm if you still want Google to continue saving them. 



Win 11 Shortcuts

Windows 11 is getting acceptance by many companies and users should start getting ready for the new shortcuts that the new OS has built in.

It's time again to learn the life saving keys that hopefully will make things easier to do. 


Chrome Tweak

Tired of always having to open files you downloaded in Chrome, this little tweak can automatically be set up to open your files automatically every time you finish downloading.
Although it is a handy feature, you should always be careful about what files you download when using your browsers. As Chrome continues securing itself, hopefully, this will be a thing of the past. 


Cybertruck Info

If you are deciding on purchasing a Cybertruck buyers should be aware of the actual cost of the truck. From what the listed price is shown it looks like the final receipt is coming down to paying more than some users anticipated and then there are accessories. 

You also have to take into account the long waiting period which now is 18 months and it's going to be longer depending on the list of orders that are placed.

So you might rethink 18 months from now if you really want to be driving. 


Lenovo AI ThinkPad

This is definitely going to be a game changer for laptop users once AI is incorporated into the device. 
It's going to change the things we already are used to and it might just revolutionize laptops as we currently know it. 

I am just going to sit by the sideline now and watch to see what happens next. 


Dropbox Shares Files

If you have Dropbox you might want to review your files and opt out to have your personal files shared with OpenAI servers.

Still, this is a major concern for users especially since they did not opt in for these features.


Art Investing

Here is a pretty ordinary way to invest in art, they select the artist and purchase the art and then you just invest in the masterpiece, get proceeds for 3 to 10 years and you can sell your shares before they sell the art. 
Unsure of what's going to happen to those users who are unable to sell their shares before the sale but it hopefully makes you passive income. 


Telsa Repair Problem

If you are thinking of buying a Tesla I would think again until they resolve this ongoing suspension and steering problem. The company has long been aware of this and they still feel like it's not their responsibility to make this right with consumers. 

It's kind of ridiculous and they should be ashamed, this can be a costly repair for many consumers and the manufacturer should take full responsibility. I am hoping more consumers fight back. 


Elon Gamble

For a few years, Elon Musk has been on a hot streak and now it looks like the tides are changing and his luck may be just running out.
Now it will be interesting to see what the future holds for most of his companies and if the cash still keeps coming in. Because all that we are seeing lately is a lot of cash just burning up.

Stay tuned and do not be surprised when reality hits Telsa. 


Google Location Data

Users may want to think again when it comes to Google privacy concerns. Let's just say that law enforcement can now use this information against you when it comes to prosecution. 

I might re-think the opt-in option feature moving forward. 



MS Team Changes

It looks like Microsoft is replacing file apps in Teams without having users make much effort by linking it with the OneDrive app. The new management is going to make it easy to save and get access to these files going forward. I just want to see how all this is going to connect in the future along with their AI features. 


E3 Expo is Over

It looks like increased competition and withdrawal from large publishing partners have put an end to the Expo and all we can hope is that somehow in the future this can be integrated once again. 


iOS 17.2 Update Info

Apple users who love journals will be excited with this new update, not only does it come with improvements but a new Journal application.

If you love to capture live moments and preserve memories then this is definitely going to be a plus for you. Check out the link below on what you can do with the new application.



Costco Selling Starlink

It looks like Costco is quietly selling Starlink to users and we are hoping that in the future cardholders will get a better discount during signup. Right now the cost seems to be similar to when purchasing directly from the company. And I believe as time goes on hopefully other services will be available at better prices. 


iOS Stolen Device Protect

Apple is now moving forward with its device protection software to deter iPhone-increasing thefts. It's going to definitely be a game changer for thieves moving forward as long as the user features are enabled. 

Now hopefully it will give thieves a second thought about wanting to steal these pricey devices. 


Largest BTC Holders

If you are wondering who is the largest Bitcoin holder, think again but I find it interesting how we have so many regulations for Bitcoin in the US, and still, the US Government is piling up on this so-called useless token.


Seminole Tribe Betting App

Florida is quietly but surely exploding with mobile betting and it will be very interesting to see how far they are willing to go.

It some how looks like the begining of a mini Las Vegas south of the border. 


Meta Stops Cross Messaging

I guess is was always too good to be true and without any reason. But I can figure that they are not happy with user attendance now that you can contact users with both platforms.


Ancestry Data Hack

It looks like Ancestry data was hacked and now a list of user profiles are out there and you can bet on it that it's going to be used against them when it comes to identity theft. 


Ring Doorbell Treat

If you have a Ring Doorbell you can now add some cheer to your guests when they use the device. It's a pretty neat feature and not all models are supported but it will add something different for the holidays. 

How to set up Quick Replies
In the Ring app:
  1. Tap the menu (≡) on the top left of the Dashboard.
Tap Devices.
  • Select the doorbell you want to set up.
  1. Tap the Smart Responses tile below the doorbell image.
Tap Quick Replies.
  • Toggle on Quick Replies switch to blue.
  1. Set Response Time for right away or between 2-20 seconds.
Choose Quick Reply Message.
Scroll down the list and select a year round message or seasonal greeting.
  • You’ll hear a recording of the message.
  • Tap Save in the top right corner.


OKTA Breach Update

It's worse than we thought it was and even though it affected only 134 customers it was able to get some users names and email addressess. So there are definite going to be targets of phishing campaigns. 
Hopefully these organizations have MFA set up to help protect their customers. 


Flight Delay

Interesting site to check out to see when you fly the next time as a passenger what you are entitled to if your baggage is lost or your flight is delayed.

These are the things that the airlines refuse to answer, but you as a consumer are entitled to. 


Reset Win 11 Network

If you are curious about how to reset your Windows 11 network settings, then these instructions will help you get reconnected again. At times restarting the computer usually gets it done, but if you want to avoid the restart, then doing this works as well. 


Picture Search

Trying to find someone with a picture then check out these useful search sites to narrow down your search. You can at least see how far you can get by searching these sites. 


Google Deleting unused Accounts

If you have not used your Google account recently, I suggest you do it soon because if you don't on Dec 1, Google will begin deleting inactive accounts.

If you are curious on what you can do, then follow these simple directions below to keep your account active. 


Google Drive Lost Data

It looks like Google Drive has lost some users data and I am just curious on what's really going on and causing this problem. 
Oddly this is a major concern especially with so many users now relying on the cloud to save their files.

Let's see what the outcome is for these users as Google continue's it's investigation. 


Pi for iPhone

iPhone users have a bunch of AI tools that they can use and the Pi app is definitely one of them. Just think of it as a personal assistant that you can vent, learn something new, brainstorm, practice conversations for school or work, give your relationship advice, make a career plan, weigh the pros and cons of your decision, work through a problem, help you relax, discover books, movies, motivate you, help you write a text or email and give advice and this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

It's worth checking out just give it a try. 


Decluttering Help

If you need help getting rid of stuff around your house, here are some great sites to help you get the most out of your money.

Hopefully, this will get rid of your items easily. 


Dos Time Machine

This is what an old DOS computer used to look like back in the days before the computer technology boom took off.  

It's amazing how far we have come to date. 



Nvidia Mistake

Here is a  foolish mistake made by a developer who shared some source code from a former employer during a Microsoft Teams call. 

Long story short some of the team members where able to take a screenshot of the source code before the user was alerted by the error. After that let's just say it was a nice lawsuit.

I guess this user is never going to make that mistake again. 



Macbook Connectivity Return

A few years ago Apple was exploring 3G theory connectivity to its Macbook but abandoned the plans because of space and processing chip. Their thinking was just too advanced for the technology but if they could integrate a wireless modem into chips the laptops would have better connectivity.

Fast forward to today and this theory could soon become a reality using the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Now let's see if their dreams can be accomplished. 


Spotify secret Google Deal

Spotify looks like it made a secret deal with Google to get four percent deal instead of the common fifteen percent fee everyone else pays. But with Google's antitrust fight this had to be disclosed.

Now the question is was this a fair deal and does this open the door to other future lawsuits.


Google Doc's Smart chip

If you are a Google Document users you probably noticed when creating documents that their is a feature in insert called smart chips and it's Google's way of easy adding content to user documents via the smart chip application.

Now adding additional content to your documents can easily done with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Mac Update

It looks like consumers are recent either making a change with Macbooks or are just keeping their Macbook longer because the demand for them has dropped dramatically.

Or maybe it's just leveling off after reaching high levels pre Covid, whatever the reason this maybe a good sign for users to upgrade now.


Black Friday Tips

Black Friday is coming soon and if you are looking to see what's discounts retailers are doing this year here are some great sites to check out to narrow down your search.

Just make sure your read vendor reviews before making any big purchase. 



AI Gift Finder

This holiday let google SGE AI search help you find the best deals for you online. It's a simple way to use AI via google to find the deals that your are looking for.

Even though it's still in search labs, it's a great opportunity to see what AI can do for you. 



Take a look at this AI-enhanced Notebook, imagine everything that you write will easily be digitalized and updated in the cloud immediately. This is just the beginning. The more you write the more information that the application highlights for you to review at a later time. 

It's a must-have item if you are a serious note-taker. 


YouTube Revenue exclusions

It looks like YouTube is now allowing users to post certain nursing videos along with sensual dancing for ad revenue. I guess maybe they figured out that it might be just too strict with users posting content and they want to cap in on lost revenue. 


Discord shuts AI Chatbot

If you are a Discord user be prepared no longer to see the AI Chatbot Clyde. It's unknown why all of a sudden they are deciding to stop the limited testing or it could just be a premium feature for users to use in the future. 



VPN by Google One

It looks like Google soon will offer a VPN service for $1.99 along with its Google One service. Unfortunately, it is restricted from any foreign servers. But at least your identity will be restricted when using free internet services. 



AI bots fill in Job Apps

It looks like someone created a cool AI bot to help you conquer filling out all these job applications with just one click. Lazyapply not only simplified things but also helped find jobs that were sometimes skipped. What's the worst that can happen when it's just saving you time.


Starlink Account Bug

Users are getting frustrated with the new Starlink account bug that resets their accounts. This is apparently just affecting new user accounts. Good luck with getting support from that point on.

I guess it's the beginning of the end for me if I was a new user trying to get service from this company. 
If support is limited during the signup, why would I want to even go further?


Google Inactive Account Removal

It's no secret that companies are doing whatever it takes to become more profitable this year and with this Google is introducing a new policy for inactive accounts this year.
Starting next month if your Google account has been inactive for two years, it's taking action to begin deleting unused accounts. This will not only scale down the costs of data that's unused but save the company money from users who have inactive accounts.

Get ready for the cleanup. 


Human AI Pin

 This new AI Pin might be the next new futuristic device to take computing to a new level. Imagine a device that can call, take photos, send texts, and project a visual interface onto a person's palm. 

It's a little pricey but if consumers can easily adapt, this definitely can be the future of unlimited calling



Google Shopping Deals

This holiday gives Google a shot to get you the best deals on shopping. There are currently other sites that do the same but it will be interesting to see the results that Google gives me this holiday season.
It's still in beta and you have to join the waitlist, but sign up so you can be ahead of the croud. 

Since deals are always hard to find, then why not give it a try, to see if it can save you some money.



 New AI assistance is helping you easily keep on top of your meetings with summaries and follow-up emails. It keeps track of your meeting objectives and helps you minimize the follow-up process.

Take a look and give it a shot it may just make changes for the better. 



Win11 23H2 Features

Windows 11 is set to do some great updates to your computer with a new version of features like AI standalone of Copilot, and image app tweaks.

Let's just say moving forward AI is going to be a big step with Microsoft OS, go get ready.  



Azure Overhaul

Ever since the recent Solarwinds hack, Microsoft is overhauling Azure to make sure this does not happen again and it's planning on using AI to identify vulnerabilities and security flaws.

If all goes well it's going to be follow the leader for other firms to follow the same security concept.



Here is a new AI companion to learn and have a conversational chat with. It's like a make believe friend in the Artificial Intelligence world.
The more your interact with it the more it teaches you and encourages you on achieving your goals. It's sort of like a mentor to keep your hopes up when you need a little pick me up. 

It sounds out of this world, and I would definitely give it a try. 


AI Lawsuit

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this lawsuit with AI hitting all aspects of everything that we do. This is going to be a tough case and it's the beginning of more other lawsuits to follow.


Log off Win11 users

Need help logging off Windows 11 users, well the new OS will be a challenge to those not-so-tech-friendly users and if they need some help then here are some quick tips to get them to log off. 


Study Fetch

Here is another AI software to help you study better, it's an AI software that helps you make study materials to be used for your test. It promises not to get you a failing mark on your test again.

Give it a try it's free now. 


Halloween Stories

This year Google Brooks brings kids spooky Halloween stories and you can read them free of charge
All that you need to do is add them to your library and read them when you are ready. 

The coolest thing about it is that it's all free, so take the opportunity and check them out. 


Win 11 Passkey Support

Microsoft is rolling out passkey support for Win 11 and we are hoping that with this new feature cross-platform sign-in with be a thing of the past. 

Let's hope that users easily adapt and make things less complicated. 



AI Experimenting

If you are experimenting with AI in your organization I just want to tell you that it's a great move in the right direction. But here is the downside of it because it's still sort of the Wild West when it comes to privacy and security.

This is where this security platform comes into play so that you can see who is using what.


S3 Ransomware

It looks like Ransomware is taking a new height when it comes to infecting cloud backups since cloud adoption has increased significantly over the past few years. 

Now in order to stay protective users are advised to follow the best protection practices.

Although nothing is guaranteed, it's still better to be safe than sorry. 



Easy ways to open Explorer

Ever wonder how many ways you can open File Explorer in Windows. This site will show you several ways that you can access Explorer from Windows making accessibility easier to do. 



Extend Pro

If you looking for an ultra-portable laptop with an additional 3 monitors you might consider the Extend Pro. It's a pretty impressive setup having 4 monitors available to you for your computing needs.

You can also check out their alternate monitor setup as well if it fits your budget. 


Bios PW Help

Have a computer or server locked with a bios password and you cannot get into the device to configure, make changes or reset. This handy website comes to the rescue with commonly used manufacture password to simplify your recovery. 

Make it useful the right way and let's hope that we can make recovery easier to do.



Phone Warranty Realism

Great article on the real facts regarding phone warranties. It reality it really depends on the user and if you calculate the deductible and out of pocket expenses it's not really worth it once you past the one year mark.  So figure out what type of user you are and then make a switch for the better.




Monitor your Portfolio with GSheets

If  you are looking to monitor your portfolio with Google Sheets you will be surprised on what you can find online that's free and what's available to some with a small fee.

Investment tracking can be easy to do as long as you are willing to put a little effort on getting it started.

Check it out and monitor your portfolio results daily. 


Slimca Tracker

This kickstarter is a sweet deal, talk about tracking your personal belongings and how easily it hides like a credit and can simply be trackable. An ideal solution if your wallet every gets lost or stolen. 


Amazon & Microsoft 1 Billion Deal

Amazon will soon sign a Billion-dollar deal with Microsoft to supply the e-commerce giant with office software. Now this has been long awaited since Microsoft is gradually gaining cloud acceptance. Hopefully, now AWS can stay competitive with its rival cloud partner. 

I just hope that AWS can stay a step ahead and somehow develop some leverage against Microsoft so that they do not lose their cloud dominance. 



Next Generation Warfare

The military is taking a big interest in robotics strapped with Rocket Launchers and this is definitely opening up a new market for the user of robotics in the Warzone.

Although these are just test subjects using robotic goats this is going to be a big game changer during wartime. 


Netflix Price Hike

After resolving the password-sharing problem just a few months ago and killing the grandfathered basic plan, the streaming company is now staying competitive by now increasing prices.

In the long run it's still a great service with a lot of add-ons when compared to others.


Secret Cleaner

Yes this super cleaner is what many retail stores use to clear the fingerprint marks on their screen and there are probably a bunch of other products in the market that can do even better, but at least we know now what some stores are using.


Ghost Guns Update

It looks like the Supreme Court is now forcing gun manufacturers to comply with federal gun rules for individuals who are making homemade ghost guns with 3D printers. 

It was going to happen sooner or later and now it will be interesting to see how homemade gun makers improvise. 


Proton Email

Free email is not always what it seems to be and if you are wondering what steps to take to secure your information, then sometimes it will pay off to pay for a premium email service.

This site does things a little differently and it is very unique. 


Next Gen Apple Vision Update

It looks Apple Vision headset will likely drop to save on cost. This is not yet confirmed but there is good information that they are trying to make the devices easily affordable so that they can easily be adopted by many. It's going to be interesting to see what META and others do in return. 


Lock Chromebook

I have so many users that for one reason or another forget to lock their Chromebooks after use. If you are one of those users then you should review these simple steps to take to lock down your computer when you are not around.
It's always a good idea to lock the device down, just in case for some reason you lose the device or the device gets into the wrong hands.


AI Constitutions

It looks like some companies are trying to keep AI toxic-free by filtering some content and I could only imagine how that's going to work out since it's still in its first stages. 

I guess this would be a move in the right direction, but I wonder who would be curious enough to let some AI bots continue what they currently doing today. 



Passkey Default

Google has now made the move away from passwords by using passkeys. This could be the future for users to be able to access their accounts. For now, it's a wait-and-see game to see how others adapt. 


Ubuntu 23.10

Ubuntu has been doing some great work keeping the software trimmed down and moving faster. If you have not tested out the OS I suggest you download a copy and see the new improvements. You will be amazed by the new improvements. It's not sluggish anymore. 



MFA Weakness

MFA is still a great tool for securing high privilege account, but unfortunately it does have some weaknessess that some overlook and you should be aware of this if you commonly use this process of authentication. 


Saving Voicemails

If you have an iPhone or Android device there will be times that you wish you can save you voicemails for memories or just for legal purposes.

This is how you do it.


    * Click the Phone icon and then go to Voicemail at the bottom right.

    * Tap the voicemail you want to save and click the box with the arrow on it and it should open a menu          to either share the voicemail or save it elsewhere like Dropbox or Google Drive.


    * Open the voicemail application and go to the voicemail selection in your phone application.

    * Tap and hold the message you want to save.

    * In the menu that appears, look for options like Save, Export, or Archive.

    * Select where you like the message to be saved on your phone and to OK and Save. 


QR Code Scanning

Here is another article regarding QR code scanning and why many users should be cautious when scanning the barcodes.

In the long run, they are a new generation of easily getting information and I hope more companies will adopt the new technology to make QR Code Readers safer to read. 


Permission Slip

Want to take control of your privacy then sign up for a Permission Slip from Consumer Reports. The application helps to take back control of your online privacy with the companies that you signed up for. In most cases, you can advise them not to share your information and if that does not work then you can decide to advise them to delete your account.

It's the right move to help control your online privacy concerns. 


Cool Tire Hack

Have a tire that keeps on deflating or getting flats, here is a cool hack to keep that tire inflated for the life of the tire. It would definitely add additional years to the life of the tire and why not, you may never have to have it replaced unless the rubber runs out.


Ongoing Store Theft

It looks like one of the retail giants is using technology to stop ongoing store theft and if it does make a difference the other chains will hopefully follow soon. 
Consumers may not enjoy the new changes but it's the only way that the retail giant can provide services to users and be profitable. 
AI is just getting started and you can see more functions start showing up in a store near you. 


iPhone AI

Open AI is in plans to build an iPhone AI and let's just say if this happens this can take Apple to another level when it comes to dominating the mobile phone industry. 

This is going to be interesting to see on what they can accomplish. 



Twitter Death

It looks like Twitter is going down and so fast that I can only imagine what the company is worth now. Everything that the new owner has done, has not gone smooth.

Now the question is what's next and what the new future of X will be, stay tuned because if this company does go down it's going to be another record blunder for Musk. 


Meta Smart Glasses

These glasses are not only cool but they can livestream your daily life. The battery life is only four to six hours but from the sound of it, it looks like they can be worn anywhere and it will be great for traveling. Imagine instead of taking photos or videotaping events while on your camera. You can now show the world what you are already seeing live. 

I must say this will definitely be interesting to see. 


Block & Allow Websites

Windows Firewall and PowerShell are a great combination to use when it comes to network traffic. You can easily learn how to block a website, IP address, and port using the firewall, and if you are curious on how it's done, this is a great start. 


MS Word Pad Ends

It looks like Microsoft Word Pad is ending the software and there no longer will be updates and any installation on its future OS.  I guess it was good while it lasted. 


Ransomware Simulation

I wanted to share a video with everyone on ransomware attacks and how easily anyone can be a victim. I caution users when getting emails not to open anything that does not look right.

Most of these ransom attacks can be halted if users get more proper education on how to open suspicious emails.

Also if you do become a victim reach out to Lockard Security since they were so nice to simulate an attack for us and educate us. 



Fix TPM Error

This is the most annoying thing to get from Windows and I wish they would fix this problem and not have us try to do so many things to fix the annoying error.


Download Win10 Enterprise ISO

Windows 10 Enterprise has another two years before Microsoft eventually pulls the end-of-life plug on the OS, but in the meantime, if you want to evaluate the software and see what else you have access to as an administrator, it's a great OS when all of the features are exposed. 


Uber Eats Delivery Bot Update

People have been wondering since its recent deployment if these Bots will open up more surveillance tools for the police to monitor.
Now this is already being used in other parts of the world, so this is nothing new. But citizens should be concerned that at least they are being proactive against crime. 


Win10 22H2 for IT Pros

This is the reason why you would want to install this download and yes if you manage a large amount of devices these applications are a lifesaver. It gives you the benefits of Windows with a little extra. 


Norton Secure Browser

I am no longer a fan of Norton but if you still believe in the software and the company it's not a bad idea to use the software to secure your Windows and Mac browsers.

Just note doing this can lock you out of some websites that the program claims are malicious.


Enterprise Copilot coming Nov 1

It looks like Copilot is heading to Enterprise license owners on November 1 and like I said earlier, this is going to be a big game changer for companies on how they do their daily work.

It's like having an AI assistant with caffine to assist you with your everyday duties. 


Win Going Wrong

It looks like Windows 11 is going wrong again, well sort of. In Windows 10 Microsoft did away with some of user's favorite options and continued to do it again with Windows 11. 

I just do not understand why they just do not follow what users still want. 

I guess it's back to consumers to decide if they want to upgrade or not and for Microsoft to learn another valuable lesson when it comes to sales. Stay tuned. 


Bard Integration

Google Bard now can easily connect to Google's applications and this is the start of more things to occur with AI in the future.

Imagine how easy it's going to be to set up vacation plans or driving tips by using AI. This is just the beginning so stay tuned on what's going to happen next. 


Upgrading iPhone 1st Steps

If you are planning to upgrade your iPhone, then here are some great steps to take before transferring your device.

Following these steps will hopefully ensure that everything goes smoothly during your phone migration. 


Cyberattack Management Options

Management should always have a plan when it comes to cyberattacks. Most companies are still not prepared for these intrusions and users should be educated the sooner the better so that if an event does happen, they know the proper steps to take. 

Here are some helpful tips to put on your checklist. 


MGM BlackCat Cyber Attack

Interesting how MGM Resorts was attacked by ransomware using BlackCat. The ransom uses a malware-infected email or website to bait its victims. It just took ten minutes and let's just say in my opinion everything went down. I hope that had a good reliable backup system.



A lot of browsers are now copying with other browsers are doing and Shift is one of them. If you prefer to install the software instead of using these browsers then installing Shift makes sense.
I must admit having these simple tools on the side to easily connect to does simplify having easy access to the application with just a few simple clicks.


Cable Splicing

Ethernet cables have come a long way and just a few years ago I recall splicing these cables to set up network connections throughout the office.

If you like a DIY project and want to customize your cable experience in the office or at home, here is some great resourceful information on how to splice your cables.

Tools are optional but they sure will make your work easier to do. 


Zoom with AI

Zoom is planning to embed ChatGPT into its video conferencing to boost productivity. It's going to be interesting on how they incorporate the software with their program and how users react.

Let's wait to see how it all plays out with Zoom. 



New Cars Privacy Nightmare

Having a new car feels great to have all of these advanced technologies alerting you to potential hazards and warnings. You will be surprised at how this technology is sacrificing your privacy, but this is just the beginning of more to come from these auto manufacturers. 


MS Azure Breach

You would think that a company this big would make it difficult for malicious hackers to get in using simple tactics. But it looks like negligence played a key role in this breach.

I think it's time for their security measures to be updated if they plan on being a key player in the cloud. 


Chrome Privacy Ad Block

Chrome recently added a Privacy Ad Block and if you want to enable it you can just go to the url listed below and tweak the settings in the browser to limit their online ads.

Most users who are tired of the constant ads might want to just turn the feature off altogether. 



JSD Charging Desk Mat

This is definitely wireless charging next-generation, not only can you charge your cell phone and wireless Apple Air pods but you can also charge your keyboard and mouse. 

It's a must-have to look at and it can probably be the answer to your desktop wireless solution.


AI Auditing

It looks like the IRS is using AI to crack down on potential tax violations from wealthy people. In the past they would use manual tricks and tips, now they are hoping that AI will detect these actions automatically and easily point out tax cheating individuals. 



How to enable Co-PilotThis

This is how you now can enable Microsoft Copilot and get early access to the software. If we have the resources I will definitely give it a test drive and see how it works. 

Eventually, the software will be added to E5 and E3 plans. 


Microsoft Co-Pilot Intro

If you have not heard yet Microsoft Co-pilot is coming and let's just say it's going to change how we do things. I am excited to see what happens in the long run, but if all goes well we can definitely see this incorporated where ever we go. Just think of it as AI in the workforce. 

Here is a layout of the annaul work trend.


MSI Caution

Users who have an MSI motherboard should hold off on upgrading to Windows 11. There looks like there is a major bug with BSOD after updating to the latest OS.

My advice to users is to hold off until KB5029351 if fixed. 


Save Youtube Videos on your Phone

There are several ways to save YouTube videos and here is a great way to do so using your mobile phone offline so that you can still play your video endlessly. 

Now you no longer have to struggle for a good network connection while playing a video. 



Chrome Sidebar ChatGPT

It looks like now you can add a sidebar to Chrome using ChatGPT. This feature is a great add on to use while you browse online. 

Here are the instructions on how to enable it to take browsing to a new level. 



MS Google Alternative

Microsoft is doing a lot of new tricks to get users to switch to Bing, but it's just getting awkward and tiring for many users. 

This is nothing new for Microsoft and they should first keep on focusing on making their browser number one again before trying to convince users to switch over to Bing. 


Apple Maps

 It looks like Apple Maps palette is causing a lot of attention and it looks like Google Maps is showing similarities. 

Let's hope the new colors do not confuse some users, since it does take some time to get use to, especially if your a Google Maps user. 



Chrome AI Summaries

Chrome will soon offer AI-generated text summaries of articles and this is certainly going to be interesting to see when you browse. I am hoping that it will simplify my everyday reading habbits. 


Ford Sync 3 Problem

Ford owners who use Sync 3 should immediately turn off Wi-Fi. The software has a vulnerability and the manufacturer is currently developing a patch for the problem. 

So be patient and hopefully, the fix will come out soon. 


Syncing Intune Devices

Here are some simple ways to sync your intune devices into intune and I must say it's very easy to do and I must admit that this site should be on your to do list. 



Framework Laptop

This is a special laptop that's upgradeable and you can easily change the ports to your liking. It's definitely something to look at and it makes it very simple to upgrade with QR codes to easily replace parts. 
Everything on this laptop is upgradeable and it's amazing on how simple you can upgrade the device.


Viral Theft

Two companies are being sued for failing to install engine immobilizers in their vehicles. The hack was shown viral on social media and has led to a whole sorts of lawsuits.

It's unclear why the manufacturers chose not to address the problem that still exists today. Do they believe this is just going to go away. 



Firefox Chrome Import

Firefox is now allowing imports from Chrome extensions and has plans to open it up for others as well. It's a great move so that you can easily have access when migrating or using other browsers.

Let's hope other browsers continue this model moving forward for their users. 


PS Plus Hike

It looks like gamers should prepare themselves for the PlayStation Plus subscription hike and this hike is a pretty big jump when compared to its competitors.

I guess inflation is catching up with Sony and it's passing it on to it's consumers. 



Temp Number by Hushed

Here is a smart way to give out a temp number when subleasing an apartment, condo, or house. You can also use this for other things so that you can always keep your phone private.  It's a great way to have a number available when you need it and then make it go away when all is done. 


RDP Copy & Paste Fix

If you are having problems with the Remote Desktop not copying and pasting, then you should make sure that these options are checked on the application and for the remote workstation.

Sometimes the fix can easily be resolved and this site shows you on how to fix it.


McDonald's Ice Cream Machine

This repair company wants to fix all of McDonald's ice cream machines and if the Parent company was smart they would take up on their offer and see if they can be more productive.

Come on McDonald's get this thing fixed and make your customers happy. 


Beeper Chats

Tired of having to go to too many places to chat, this is where Beeper comes in and puts all your chats in one place. Now you no longer have to worry about talking to other users in different chat channels. 


Disney Password Sharing Ends

You could have seen this coming right after Netflix made a major change. Password sharing online future is ending and consumers should not get upset that they can no longer share their accounts with family and friends. 


Google Cams

I have been a Nest customer for some years and find it upsetting to finally have to say goodbye to the product because Google could not get their act together. 
After years of back and forth, they finally got the product to work as it should and now trying to replace it with something less inexpensive and pointless.

Maybe if they had stayed focused when they acquired Nest, it could have been something amazing. It's a few years too late and they should just call it quits for good. The competition already has an advantage.


Google Code Points SOS

It looks like Android is following Apple's trend to create a free SOS emergency service similar to Apple's emergency SOS. 
It's about time and I am excited to see a quick adaptation to a service that can save anyone in case of an emergency. 


Find Date Someone Joined FB

If you are still a Facebook user and are curious about the user's recent account, here is some resourceful information on how to find out when they joined Facebook.
Now there are times when users get spam on their account and at times it could be your friends list, so this is a great way to vefiy their information. 


Gmail Mail Merge

If you are looking for Mail Merge in Gmail, note that this feature is available only to subscribers. With a limit of 2,000 outgoing mails. 

I must admit it does seem's easier to use than other platforms. 


AI Image to Video

Here is an exciting AI image to video site that brings back life to your style. This site turns images to videos and it's not for everyone but for those user's who want something different.

Check it out and try it you might just like this feature and open the door to other ideas.


AD Good vs Bad

Amazing information on how long Active Directory is still around and the good and the bad when it comes to managing resources.

This application is a must for network administrators and it's going to be interesting for the future outlook on how other applications are going to easily integrate with it. 


Intel Bug

This is not good that a new bug found in intel steals data and other sensitive information. And users of the intel processors that are affected should upgrade to the latest firmware. 


FBI Ransomware Investigation

Hackers should be aware that now the Feds are investigating the ransomware attack that shut down emergency rooms in several states and let's just say that little game they're playing might just catch up with them because now they are crossing the lines when it comes to public safety.

I always say, karma always comes back and you might just not like it when the tables are turned. 


Apple Moving Hang up Icon

It looks like Apple is planning to move the hang-up button on the iPhone to a different location and it sort of make sense because the button can easily hang up your call while holding the phone.

So ironically it makes sense that they move this button in the upcoming iOS version 17.


IRS Paperless

Get ready for the last year of doing paper taxes, the IRS is preparing itself to go paperless by next season, and you can say goodbye to pay stubs, receipts, and government forms moving forward.

It's all going to be digitized and paperless, so get ready for the new changes. 



Chrome New Download Bar

If you have not seen it yet, Chrome has changed the download bar for it's browser and it's now similar to Edge or other alternate browsers. 
Hopefully moving foward it's going to make it much easier for users to click the Chrome download button.


Printer Discarding

If you are discarding a printer it's a good idea to manually wipe the WiFi settings for your printer so that users do not get access to your network.
It's a simple thing to do and it's so easy for hackers to get valuable information from you by not being careful. So before you throw it out, confirm that it's not in any way tied to you. 


Renting Clothes

Luxury fashion can be expensive so why buy your clothes when you can just easily rent them. This path lets you get designer clothes and it does not stop there.

It is ideal, cost-effective, and always keeps you in style for less. 


Outlook 11

Microsoft is adding handwritten notes and sketches to your email that it's going to now support touch-enabled tablets along with other devices. 

It's just Outlook making it easier for a user to collaborate when going portable. 



I am almost sure that these glasses are going to be easily affordable for everyone to easily adapt to.
Even though it's still in BETA it's definitely something to keep in mind until it comes out. 


AI Jobs

 Artificial Intelligence jobs are exploding and get ready because more is to come like this. Take for instance Netflix offering a product manager $300K to $900K.

As this new technology picks up so will the demand to hire new technicians for this role.



Apple 999 Calls

It looks like the Apple Watch has a flaw that you can accidentally activate to sound an alarm and call emergency services.
I guess Apple did not test the new update carefully and they should be held liable for flaws like this so that they can get their act together. 


When Branding Goes Wrong

Twitter or X recent name change is a good a example of when branding goes wrong. The last minute changes, the confusing webpages and the reference to search Twitter when a name change took place just looks awful and this is the reason why when companies change their names, there is a process and procedure that many individauls need to abide by so that everything reflects the new name.

Not doing so, is exactly what the disaster new X aka Twitter site looks like.


Amazon Surveillance

It's no surprise to see Amazon employees posting videos taken from their in-van surveillance cameras. The company has for years violated a lot of privacy policies. 

I believe the only way the company is going to adhere to employee rights is to unionize and have some representation for all those employees who still work with the company and feel violated.

Big companies do not have to behave this way in order to be profitable.


Copilot Ouch

If Microsoft thinks that paying $30- per user extra a month for Copilot will be an easy adoption, think again. This could definitely delay early adopters for sure and regardless that it's going to be a game changer, it's a hefty price for big business.


GitHub Copilot Chat AI now in BETA

The long-awaited software from Microsoft is now in BETA and I am going to enjoy seeing how this turns out in the long for users, businesses, etc.
Copilot is not only going to change how we do things but it's going to revolutionize all aspects of our lives. 


Amazon Fire TV Remote Fix

If you are an Amazon Fire TV user here is some great helpful information to help you resolve your Tv remote for the device.

As cable cutters keep on increasing yearly, Amazon Fire Tv is an excellent replacement for newbies. So if you do not have one wait until the holidays come up and grab yourself an affordable Amazon Fire Tv stick.



Enroll Team Rooms in Intune

Microsoft has a feature where you can manage Teams through compliance policies used in Intune. It simplifies adding out-of-the-box devices to your network so that rooms can be configured via profiles. 


Useless Car Tech

It looks like a lot of users are no longer using their car's native controls and continue using their smartphones as mirroring devices. It makes sense since smartphone technology keeps on advancing with new features that make it easier for users to connect and control what they want to do when traveling.
This could be a new game changer for automakers if users keep on adapting to this method. 


Telsa One-Time Transfer

If you have a Telsa and already purchased a self-driving package you can now transfer the package to a new vehicle but you still have to do it before the deadline and new car delivery date.
I guess it's their way of resolving the ongoing conflict among their customers with the Full Self Driving software costs. 


Win 11 Reinstall Simplicity

It looks like Microsoft now has a repair fix for Windows 11 and now when things go wrong with your OS  you will not have to reinstall the entire OS again.
It's still in the testing stage but if all goes well this could be a quick fix for non-computer literate users.


iPhone Concept

It looks like Apple is testing out some new concept rollable phone and they are taking extreme measures to make sure it's patented correctly.

If all goes well foldable phones will evolve to the next generation of mobile devices.  


WiFi Diagnostic View

Here is a great software to use to monitor WiFi connection problems. It will tell you what devices connect to the WiFi and what problems occurred to the device trying to connect. 

Sometimes the simplest things can be fixed so easily but if you are troubleshooting this is a great start.


Laptop Airport Problem

Here is some information on why it's not a good idea to take your laptop when traveling. I know it's always nice to stay connected but these devices do pose a security risk.


Google AI

Google recently added AI to its arsenal to combat cyber attacks and this could be the future for many more companies at risk to reduce threats. AI not only monitors user habits and activities but hopefully will prevent devices to be compromised. 

Let's hope that this new security defense line works in there favor. 


MS Data Cannot be Pasted Here

If you ever get this error from your Organization what it means is that your company can be using Microsoft Intune and they enabled the digital security of copy and pasting of materials on their mobile devices also known as DLP. 
In situations like this, users will have to reach out to an administrator and advise them why they need to get permission to enable copy and paste. 

Data protection has never been so easy to do with Intune. 


Top Dashcams

Interested in getting a good dashcam for your vehicle, here are the top dashcams that are close to perfect in providing you useful information for accident reporting, or for documenting the road.


High Maintenance EV's

If you are in the market to purchase an affordable EV, you should definitely review these cars and the maintenance costs. Just because there its electric does not necessarily mean that you are going to save money in the long run. 


Discord with Netflix

Now watching a movie with friends is as simple as going live and sharing your screen. This is nothing new and a great way to watch the movie with friends and share the experience. 


NYPD Car AirTags

It looks like the NYPD is asking people to put AirTags in their cars so that they can combat increasing car thefts. The chances of getting your car back with an AirTag are greater than not having one at all. 

It looks like AirTags are the new LoJacks of car thefts. 


Office New Font

It looks like Microsoft is saying goodbye to Calibri and introducing a new font for its office applications. I am hoping that the new font which is Bierstandt is going to work better with the new display resolutions. 


Best Time for Instagram

Very interesting information for Instagram users on what time is the best time to post. I guess if you are trying to get content out there doing it at the right time makes a big difference so that your ratings can increase depending on the time zone. 

So learn it, study it, and make it a habit and hopefully your ratings will go up. 


Twitter ChanChing

It looks like now Twitter is finally paying its users who are subscribed to Blue but here is the catch. Users must prove they have at least five million impressions on posts in the last three months.

Let's see what his competitors are going to do next to keep the competition going. 


iPhone Cool Down Tips

If you have an iPhone and got a temperature warning telling you that it needs to cool down there is no need to worry but you can follow these simple tricks to get the phone back up and running quickly.

And do not worry this will not damage your phone it's just your phone trying to normalize it's temperature. 


Disable Read Receipts on Instagram

Want to stay hidden from messages you receive from Instagram. Here is a neat way to read messages and not alert the sender that you have read them. 

It's not permanent but a great workaround to make your life simple. 


Download YouTube Shorts

If you are enjoying YouTube shorts you might also like this site to download your favorite short videos. It's a quick simple way to use ShortsNoob to save your favorite videos from Youtube.


ChatGPT for Trading

Very interesting video on how to use ChatGPT to make your own trading strategy. I was surprised at how simple anyone can do this even without program skills.

It's definitely a game changer and you should try it out with other sites as well to see how simple coding with ChatGPT can be. 


Shell Station of the Future

The future has arrived for Shell with its new EV chargers for those who need a recharge. This has been long awaited and the new stations are going to be a great eye soar for many new EV car owners, so get ready because the future is now. 


Telsa Summer Driving Job

If you are looking for a summer job this year, Telsa has a program to let drivers drive their EV and pay anywhere from $18- to $48- dollars an hour. 
It's not a bad deal but you will have to have a good driving record and live in these designated areas.


EV Battery Life

Interesting information on how EV batteries last and why you should be concerned with this. The more you understand the more you are going to be able to learn why taking care of your electric car is going to benefit you in the long run. 


Google Version History

Want to remove Google version history, here are the simple way that you can do it just make sure you have the right right copy of the document you are going to save before removing the history. Once the history is done there is no going back.


Customize iOS CarPlay

If you have an iOS device and use CarPlay you now can customize the application to show your favorite apps. It's pretty nice being able to have your apps easily available while your commuting. 

You got this one right Apple now just keep it up. 


New Canadian Law

It looks like Google will be blocking links to Canadian news articles for people using search engines so that they do not have to pay publishers for content.

I guess the Canadians are going to have to figure things out themselves when it's time to follow the news.


Real-time Security

Get ready for a new world of real-time security backed up by SpaceX. It's definitely going to be odd seeing drones do flybys and monitoring perimeters.
And you can bet that in the next few years, these devices are going to revolutionalize security to another new level never seen before. 


Twit Limits

It looks like Twitter's users will soon be tweeting out, the social media company is now limiting the number of posts users can view per day.
Now I do not know whose bright idea was this but this is definitely the beginning of the end of Twitter as we know it.

In a time of rising interest rates, inflation, and job loss, people are having difficulties staying afloat, how can you even consider paying a price to post when other other social platforms are free. This is a no-brainer for Twitter users to jump ship and I am not alone on this theory. 


Deploy Apps using intune

Microsoft is going a long way with Intune and I must admit that as time goes by the application just keeps on getting better and better.

If you have not looked into Intune, you should start looking into it because overall it's going to make sense going forward in the future. 

Here is a great find from a technician who enjoys teaching others. 


LG to Bring Hotel AirPlay

Television manufactures are now supporting Apple AirPlay for hotel room TVs. Not only will it integrate your iPhone to your hotel room TV but you will be able to easily play content from their phones securely to the TV easily. It will definitely make it easier for guest to watch there Netflix or paid program from their phones to their room TVs.


Apple Vision Pro Failure

Even though it's a great device here are some reasons why they believe this device may fail. Unfortunately, unless they can resolve some of the ongoing problems that they now have, it's going to be a while before consumers even entertain the idea of purchasing this device.

I am excited that Apple took this approach but I am hoping other manufacturers put their minds together and figure out a solution to make the fantasy a reality. 


Using Win Gadgets instead of Widgets

Here is some great information on using desktop gadgets instead of Widgets for Windows 10 & 11. The great thing is that the gadgets can show up anywhere on your desktop even outside of the taskbar. 

Check it out and see if it's for you. 



Convert Word to Google Docs

Trying to convert a Word Document to Google Docs. Here are the simple instructions on how to easily do this and easily be able to edit the document and then download it again back to Word if you still need the document in .docx format.

Google has made it so user friendly almost anyone can do this. 



WSUS Pros & Cons

 Having WSUS in your organization has its pros and cons and here is some good information on using the service. Unlike other programs it's not cheap and in you have to do the math to narrow down if the subscription service is beneficial to your company.



CarPlay iOS 17

It's not a big deal but it has some cool applications like SharePlay which gives passengers the option to be the car DJ when they are driving.

Pretty cool and exciting feature and I can see other users enjoying this new feature.


iOS SOS Saves Hiker

iPhone new SOS feature on iPhone 14 is definitely a keeper. A hiker recently suffered an accident and put it to great use and it was able to save their lives. 

This is definitely going to take notice and a game changer for mobile phones going forward. 



Youtube is in the development stage of creating a new gaming service that users can play via mobile and on their desktop.

It's going to be interesting on how this plays out and how users eventually use the new gaming services. 


Best Doorbell Cameras

Here is the verdict for this year's best doorbell cameras and I must admit they are getting better as time goes by. Now users can simply get a glance whose at their doorstep before they answer the door. 


Year of Dashlane for $20

Looking to try out a password manager, hurry up because the clock is ticking for you to take advantage of Dashlane Premium Password Manager.

It's a sweet deal to try out the software to see if it meets your expectations. 


Telsa Hack

Not surprising to find an Elon Mode in the Telsa software. Back doors in software have always been there and it's there for a reason, so users can easily get access to them.

I would caution a user to activate this feature unless they are ready to accept the consequences.