Hackers Breach

It's pretty scary to know how a few hackers were able to breach a big financial giant and get away with a lot of cash in just a few hours. Now can you imagine what they could do in a month's time.



Win 8 Bloatware

Today most manufactures when you purchase a new Windows 8 computer have trial software that are attached in one way or another to your system boot files. Although it's a great opportunity for user's to get a trial version of the software before purchase. It creates headaches for some because not every user's will  pay for the full version software once the trial version expires.
With this comes Microsoft new Signature program. Microsoft guarantee's bloatware removal, but it's going to cost you an extra $99- to remove it. You decide?


Help for Lost Facebook Passwords

Facebook recently did a different type of 2 step verification if your account for one reason or another was hacked and the current information was changed. It's different from other companies current verifications. But how many people are really going to use this service. In the past if I had an account and lost the password. I would easily just open another account. Do you really think social media needs a 2 step verification? I don't know but it's easier just to open a new account then to hype all this security on social networking. You decide?



Post Blog on Facebook

This changes from time to time and it's a little tricky depending on the recent Facebook upgrades. Facebook doesn't make it very user friendly to post feeds on your account because they rather you personalize all your feeds. But if you act fast this is the information on how to do it below.



Updates affect Win 7

Recently did Windows Updates and now your getting the BSOD. Chances are that Microsoft is to blame for your problems. The only fix for this problem is to use the Windows 7 recovery disks.



Rootkit Rescue

Noticed that your computer is acting out of it's ordinary and now you need a reliable Rootkit software to narrow down the problem. Here are a few scanners to look at during you search.

Malwarebytes Rootkit
Oshi Unhooker



Excel 2013

Excel 2013 is definitely different with it's new flash feature. Not only does it flash fill fields, it auto formats so each cell is exactly like the first. The entire program is made to recognize and auto complete.
Now I wonder whose going to kink out all those unresponsive flash website errors to be able to use excel effectively.




Love websites but hate that now certain sites limit you on copy certain images, objects, references, etc. Well with Websniffer your copying will be done much easier. All you do is install the software and grab all those files into a folder and from their you have your hard to get copies. 


Google Hangout Upgrade

Support Desktop just got easier via Google. Not only does it easy connect to other computers so that you can help friends and family. But you now can incorporate video chat. So remote support with video help should get you up and running in no time.



Better Way to View Windows

Need a better way to view Windows. Here's a great solution to help you view your applications going virtual. It's opening up Windows applications that don't overlap with each other. Hopefully this new design will save you time and money.

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Wifi Installer

Here's another free Wifi Analyzer software that works with Java and no installation is required. All you have to do is accept the Java software and accept don't block. A great way to have a great utility software free.

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Fix IE Crashes

Here is a great tip to fix that annoying IE crash or freeze. It might not work for everyone but it's a great relief to users who can resolve that ongoing problem.

The trick is to disable the following and see if the problem goes away.

Disable Preview Panel
Disable Thumbnails
Disable UAC
Disable DEP



Stunning Websites

Looking to make a stunning website. Check out Strikingly and take your website to a new level. Everything is pretty basic all you have to do is sign up and get started.



McAfee Rootkit Remover

Looking for a rookit remover to remove from an infected computer. McAfee is here to the rescue and hopefully it will help you restore your computer back to normal.



Free Backup & Restore

Looking for a free backup an restore software so that you can easily recover your files if a disaster occurs with your computer. This is a must have for user's who currently lack any backup software.

Current Download


Google Account Activity

This service has been out from Google for a while and somehow was over looked because it was a minimal service that Google put together. It looks like now it's taking a better security form to see how your account and profile is being used on the web. If you want to monitor your Google activity. This is a great start to begin. Don't forget to signup at the link below.



Pc Monitor

Need to monitor at least 5 computers or applications where ever you go. This handy application makes you life easier when your on the go and it keeps track on when a computer goes offline, computer battery is low, memory is low, running out of space and if an event log was created. It has so many features that it's just hard not to like this software.
The application is available for non commercial use but it's a great application monitor for the have to be on users.



Dictionary Software

Looking for a reliable dictionary software so that you can easily write those perfect letters to others. This dictionary software is the only one you'll ever need and hopefully will be the last.



Smart Power

Want an easier way to shut down a computer when a specific application has finished. Or better yet have the  computer wake-up so that you can easily use it on the hours you need it the most. It's a handy application with the tools necessary to save you power and money when not in use.



Quickbooks Replacement

Tired of Quickbook and want something different and new. Although Quickbook's has made a tremendous leap in the business world it's competitors are ready to take the lead if you give them a chance.

Check out
Account Edge ($299- Pro/$99- Basic)

Working Point ($9/month - $19/month)

CS Ledger ( Free )

JMoney ( Free )

Account Manager ( Free )


Todo Backup Free

Here's a free backup software for user's who are looking to backup their files for an emergency. It's a great replacement software for user's who currently rely on Windows to do their backup. If your in need of a backup solution. Todo Backup Free is a great start.



Sound Gecko

Now subscribing to a blog will be easier to do knowing that someone is reading to you what's happening. That's what this new service call Sound Gecko is revolutionizing feeds so that instead of reading, you know just have to listen.



Free Accounting Software

Looking for a free accounting software for business or personal use. Gnucash is what your looking for and it comes along with a portable application so that you can take it where ever you go. It's a straight forward finance software with perks.



Tweets Backup

Ready to backup your Tweets well TwDocs comes handy and lets you backup your tweets in multiple formats. Now anyone can easily backup their Tweets and import them to other sites where ever you go.



Driver Magician Portable

Tired of looking for software drivers. This time you can use the Driver Magician Portable software to find those hard to find drivers with a click of a box.



Nooly Weather

Want to know the exact weather were your at? Try this new application named Nooly Weather and get precise weather in the area that you in within .4 square miles. It's a must have device for individuals who are always on the road.



How to Copy of Find My Doc's

Want to know how to copy the My Documents file on any computer, but can't figure out which folder it's in to copy. Or just want to know where the My Documents files lies on the c drive.

 "c:\users\yourname\my documents"



Want to Sync files on multiple computers without trying to figure out what files are missing. Syncbackfree keeps your files available where ever you go.



Tonido Everywhere

Want to have your files, videos, letters, picture and music where ever you go. Check out Tonido and see why installing the handy application you can take your files anywhere without any limits.



Fax thru Gmail

Pretty easy way to fax through Gmail using RingCentral. They are other providers that do that same and I suggest you try them out before you decide to purchase them so that you can choose which provider works with you the best.



Consumer Online Convenience

Consumers are now evolving to the new portable mobile technology. What that means for home computer users is that your current technology is being replaced by the new portable mobile technology. Smart phones and tablets are taking consumers mobile and as time goes by more new mobile devices will take its place making the stay at home personal computer obsolete.
So if your a consumer who has not yet taken the plunge. Start moving into the mobile direction before you are left behind.