Cleanup after Win 7 SP1

Already installed Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 and noticed that the installation diminished your drive space. Here is how to uninstall the Service Pack 1 backup files that you don't need any more. I just don't understand why Microsoft doesn't cleanup this up automatically. It's already installed, so why take up more of my drive space.


Virus Cleaner

Here is a great repair shop Virus Cleaner that from time to time always saves my life. It's recommended to be used with your other virus scanning software's.


Control Any Folder

Tired of not having ownership to your own computer folders. This software will help you modify access to your computer folders.


Disposable Email

Looking for a temporary email so that you can either check out a website or download stuff online. Mailnator does a good job of it and password free. All you then have to do is remember the email address and from time to time, check your mail at Mailnator. It's that easy.


Motherboard Beep Codes

Have a motherboard and want to know what those beeping codes mean. This is the utility to use to help you decode those difficult motherboard codes.


Having Internet Connection Problems

This software should repair your Internet repair problems should your computer one day stop responding. Although this is not a guarantee that it will fix the problem. It sure does a great job on getting your computer back online.


Use Magic Jack with Android

As per the recent hack, you can easily make calls from your Android phone using Magic Jack. Here is the how to information. Whether it works or not, I am not sure but it's worth to try.

Magic Jack Utility


PayPal for Android

If your in search of the PayPal application for Android. Many Android user's could be out of luck because of the new update. So here instead is the manually link for the application.


Google Earth for Android

Now Google Earth can go where ever you go with your Android phone. Now there is no reason not to follow anyone including yourself using Google Earth.


Bypass Win 7 Login

Want to bypass the entire Windows 7 Login screen. This is how you do it. What sounds difficult, is very easy to do with these small little steps.


Disable Chrome PDF Viewer

Using Chrome but want to disable it's PDF Viewer. Well this is how you do it so that you can decide later on how you want to view your PDF's.

A - Open the Google Chrome Brower.
B - Go to the address bar and type in about:plugins.
C - Press Enter on your keyboard.
D - Locate Chrome PDF Viewer in the list of of installed plug-ins.
E - Click the associated Disable link.


Tablet Review Sheet

Looking for a Tablet to do your computing. Here's the recent Tablet Review Sheet to help you purchase the best Tablet for your money.

Tablet Sheet



Take spying to a new level with FlexiSpy. It takes just minutes and the software installs on the fly. You can basically do almost anything with the Pro X version. You can listen to calls, control phones SMS, see phone call history, track phone, and intercept calls. I guess you can excuse the lost money, if it gets you results.



Ready for mobile payments where ever you go. Take a look a Square. It comes with no monthly and transaction fees & with a free credit card reader. Now you have no excuses for getting paid.



Looking for a cheap way of getting cables without paying premium prices. This link will save you a lot of money, but your best bet is always shop around before you buy.



New company funded by PayPal to help you pay your bills when they are due as long as you pay them in thirty days. Great alternative to credit cards.


emPower Glasses

Want to take reading to a new level. Take a look at these super charged reading glasses. These glasses are two in one, in which they can switch back and forth for reading. Great idea and this could be a new generation for user's with several glasses.


Logmein for Android

The long waited application from Logmein for Android is here. It now has support for Android phones and tablets. So if you enjoy Logmein Ignition, download the application and take control of you computers where ever you go.



Want to discover what current songs are playing on the radio, share music with friends or just buy the current song your hearing. Shazam completes all of these tasks to keep your music library up to date.
I posted this site a while back, but now you can take it with you where ever you go. 



The paperless household may just be minutes away, if Doxo has it's way. You'll still have to download your paper e-documents online. But they now can be stored and viewed online. 

More Info



Looking for a calendar to remind you and others via network. This software is a great add on with Outlook and it keeps everyone up to date.


Multiple Boot App

Looking for a portable Multiple Boot Application to run any live OS. xBoot is a great utility that converts an ISO to a Live operating system. All you have to do is add the files install Net framework and presto you have a Live USB OS.



Want to take your social network to a new level. Check out Voxox and take video, chatting, and calls to a new virtual level that always keeps you in touch with your friends.


All Off

Here is the easiest way to schedule a shutdown on your computer, when it's not in use. The program alerts you before it activates. You just either postpone it, or let the software do it's work. Which is to shut down the entire computer after ten minutes. It can even be scheduled to shutdown at a specific time your choice.


FavIcon from a Picture

If you love FavIcon's your going to love this new extension from Chrome that helps you change a FavIcon to a picture. Now having a personalize website goes even future with this neat software. 

Multiple Cooling Fan Fix

Running multiple cooling fans in your computer and have a problem with fan power wires. This little gadget will save you time and headache's.


Plug Hub

Tired of seeing those computer cables just hanging around and wish that there was a simple way to just hide them. Take a look at the Plug Hub. It does a great job on hiding those long cables that are difficult to hide.


The new Comic Book Reader

Let's take comics to the new HTML5 Reader. You'll be in for a new way of reading comics over the internet. The future of comic books has already arrived.


Electricity to Light up your day

The technology is already there it's just a matter or when and where. In the end you'll see cereal boxes talking to you and juice and milk cartons telling you how much is left.


Tax Aside

Never forget again to pay your quarterly taxes. This is a premium service but the way I see it is that if it reminds you to pay then the service is worth the future penalties.


DHCP Backup & Restore

Ever wanted to know how to backup and restore your domain name on a server. Here's the trick. But I would first do a full backup of the server, just in case.