PC Decrapifier

Have a computer with unwanted programs and trial offers. Here comes PC Decrapifier. This program is great because it searches your computer, gives you a list of programs that it has found and tells you which ones you want to eliminate.


Sell, Donate, Trade, or Recycle

If your concern for the environment and wish to go green with your old laptop and computer. Here are a few sites that you should be interested on to sell, donate, trade or recycle your computers.

Dell4 Me


Asus Eee PC

The $200 notebook is here. It's a Linux based PC with 2 gig and 16 gig models.
Contents include built in 3 megapixel webcam and microphone, SD/MMC Card reader, 802.11 b/g, 10/100 ethernet port, 3 USB ports with a 3 hour cell battery life.
Great for the ideal student on the move, who just at times need to connect.



If your into internet radio you should take a look at Pandora. It's internet radio done quite differently. Also if you have a mobile cell phone, now you should be able to subscribe to this service for only $2.99 per month and go mobile. It's only time, before are mobile phones become our portable jukebox.


iPhone Remote Desktop

If you have an iPhone and wish to connect remotely with your desktop. Take a look at this remote software. It's a java app that saves data as a jpg format. Every time the jpg format changes, the server updates the information into your desktop and reloads them securely. Taking your iPhone adventures to another level.


Magic in the Air

This logitech MX Air mouse transforms motion into cursor controls. Now mouse movements become reality, taking multimedia to a greater level.


How to Clean your LCD Screen

There a many usual tips online to clean your LCD screens. But the best is to use distilled water and a micro fiber cloth.


Find All the IP's on your Network

1. Launch Notepad and type the following commands:

@Echo off
date /t > IPList.txt
time /t >> IPList.txt
echo =========== >> IPList.txt
For /L %%f in (1,1,100) Do Ping.exe -n 2 192.168.1.%%f | Find
"Request timed out." && echo 192.168.1.%%f Timed Out >>
IPList.txt && echo off
Echo Finished!
@Echo on
Notepad.exe IPList.txt

2. Save the file as IPTracker.bat and close Notepad.
then run this bat file in the run command.

Another command that can be done is copying the following link into DOS:

For /L %f in (1,1,100) Do Ping.exe -n 2 192.168.1.%f


Google Maps Street View

Although it will be a while before Google gets most of it's street view maps online. The concept is simple. Make driving directions so clear that it gives you a realistic view of where you need to be.



Many computers today have a several different types of power states.
Computers are left in standby mode for remote access or as a file server.
These different types are power states are identified below.

1- SO which means slightly powered
2- S1 which means virtually off
3- S3 which means standby or fully off
4- S4 which means hibernate

Unless your into IT and always working. I don't see the sense on leaving your computer on daily using up 400 watts of power which can cost you at least $35.00 a month on your electric bill.
This is where these power states play in a major role to save energy and save money in your pocket. Using a least a minimum of 2 watts of energy.

To enable S3 all you have to do is activate it in the control panel or system Bios.
Once this is on you can easily tweak your settings for your computer to awaken from standby mode.

Good Advice
The best solution on having an efficient computer is to power it completely off and power it on when your ready to use it. That way in case you have a power surge, power failure or any disastrous mishap. Your assured that your computer was operating efficiently and effectively the last time it was used.


PC Benchmark

Want to measure your PC performance overall. These are a few sites of the many online to test the strength of your computers performance.



Measure Wireless Throughput

Need to check your network performance for your hard wired computers as well as your wireless computers. This great utility will help you out in correcting your networks performance.
You have to install the software on a hard wired network computer and a wireless network computer to get good results.
You install the program and choose Local Host from the menu Endpoint 1. Type in the other IP addrss in the field for Endpoint 2. Check the TCP button on the protocol side and throughput for the utility side. And then pick the maximum test and run.


XP System Restore

Here is a great tip to free us some of your hard drive space that's been in use for some time. It's not recommended for all user's but it's a great tweak.

The XP System Restore is a great utility. If you mess up something on your computer. You just flip the switch and go back to an earlier time. Occasionally I use it to free up hard drive space and well as a solution to clean up a virus infested PC.
By clearing up your hard drive space your computer has more space for storage and system backup now will run more efficiently.
There are time when the XP System Restore utility is infected with a virus and the only way to fully remove the virus from your PC is to use the Symantec or McAfee website to show you how. But once the virus is removed, it can easily return because of your automatic System Restore utility. All you need to do is after a virus is removed, disable the System Restore utility and run a system check for the virus again.

To Disable XP System Restore.
First go to my computer to see how much hard drive space you have left on your c drive. Note it.
Then go to Start -> Control Panel -> System -> click on the System Restore tab and check turn off System Restore and click ok. Go to my computer and if everything work, your c drive should be free of hard drive space. Now go back to the Control Panel -> System -> System Restore tab and uncheck the turn off System Restore button and now everything goes back to normal. You system will now continue to backup as usual with more hard drive space.


Automatic Thumb Drive Backup

If your using your thumb drive to constantly copy documents back and forth. Your life now could be real simple by simply using Google Sync. Just download the software and plug in your thumb drive. Now you can sync all your documents and folder that's on your thumb drive to any folder on the hard drive. It so easy, that you wish you would have done this sooner.


ISO Image Help

Downloaded an ISO image from the web or from a friend. And now you your having problems installing or using the program. What you need is Ghost or Drive Image. But if you don't have the software handy your alternate choice is Daemon tools. Just install the program and copy the program to a CD / DVD for successful installations.


Unboud Medicine

If your in the medical field and are planning to purchase an iPhone. This site is going to be of great interest to you. With Unbound medicine a user has the capability to quickly consult online information as soon as it becomes available. Now medical literature will be easily accessed any time.


Ephpod 2

Have an iPod playlist but hate to use iTunes. Next time use Ephpod and never worry about syncing your iPod with iTunes.



Want to keep a tag on all your friends web activities. Tabber is the way to do it. Once your create your group and contacts. Everytime your friends updates there pages you'll be the first one to know. It's more like an RSS for friends


iPhone Accessory

If your looking for a car charger for your iPhone. Here it is. Changes DC voltage to AC voltage by the use of a USB adapter. Now you can charge your iPhone and ease and use the USB charger to charge other USB devices.


iPhone Battery Headache

If you purchased an iPhone and later on have problems with it's battery. Here is the headache. Make sure your doing your daily backups using iTunes otherwise you can forget about all your contacts, email accounts and other contents on your iPhone. The replacement battery is also not cheap and will set you back another $80- + shipping costs. I just hope iPhone wises up and makes an online backup suite for it's iPhone soon.


iPhone News

If you just bought an iPhone and want to know all the good news about it. Well here is a great sight to get you started. From current plans available to tutorials to make your iPhone experience pleasant.


Veoh Web TV beta

Want a chance to try out a beta version of Web TV so that you can record and watch programs over and over again.
Here is your chance.
Sign up and wait for a beta evalution.


Car MD

If you have car problems and constantly paying a fortune for repairs. You should take a look at Car MD new doctor's diagnosis kit. It helps to narrow down your vehicle electrical problems and tells you whats wrong, so that you can then shop around for a mechanic to fix those repairs. Never get ripped off by a mechanic again.


Find a Word Document on your computer

Here is a great tip to find a missing word documents on your computer.
Go to Start -> Search in the all or search document field type *.doc to find all you Microsoft Word documents on your computer. This will show you every Word document on your in any folder that you haven't yet checked.
Need later on to find an Excel file as well. Guess what it's the same command but instead of *.doc you use *.xls
In the future try to understand that the * signifies all options


Surface Computing

If you seen the movie The Island you might had have a glimpse on what people call now surface computing.
It's a new computing technology out there and what it does is that it elimates the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Everything is a touch screen and you move the screens around similar to the way one would shuffle and play with a deck of cards. Everything is so user friendly.
Right now it's prices are steep. But within time this might just be what an ideal computer user will use to view files, surf and read documents.
The future is now and surface computing is reality.


Apple iPhone Rate

If you long awaited for the iPhone.
Here are the current plan rates.
I wouldn't hurry up and purchase an iPhone yet, when there bound to be bug and defects for the first batch of phones to be sold.
I would wait until newer models clear up all the defects and they offer iPhones with bluetooth and technology that our current phones already have now.


Cell Phone Links

Here are some great Cell Phone links :

Airset :Link
Callwave :Link
Cellfire :Link
Domo Homepage :Link
eDealFinder :Link
Feedreader :Link
Flury :Link
Garmin Mobile :Link
Gavitech :Link
GPS Shopper :Link
Jott :Link
Mobile Payment Forum :Link
Nearbynow :Link
Netinformer :Link
NetVibes :Link
Nfc Forum :Link
Nuace :Link
Nutsie :Link
Ontela :Link
Opera Mini :Link
Pickle :Link
Qipit :Link
Seven :Link
Sharpcast :Link
Skookumobile :Link
Slifter :Link
Spinvox :Link
Spongecell :Link
Tivo :Link
Unwired Buyer :Link
VoiceSignal :Link
Winksite :Link
Zaptext :Link


Laptop fixes

Have a laptop and having problems technical problems with it.
Here are some useful tips that will get you laptop performing back to normal.
a- overheating = clean all the air vents and update your laptop bios.
b- program slow downs = do a disk defragment by clicking on start-all programs-acessories-system tools-disk defragment.
c- battery will die constantly = get a new battery at Laptop Battery
d- slow performance when using applications = get more memory at Crucial
e- clicking sound when computer gets data from hard drive = sure example that your hard drive is about to fail or will fail soon. Make sure to backup all your data as soon as possible or you as online backup software company to save all your back like Mozy
f- laptop will not boot = get an external enclosure, put the laptop hard drive in it and do a checkdisk. ex. in Dos prompt type chkdsk /f. Hopefully this will fix your laptop hard drive for failures.
g- distorted video = download the latest driver for the video card you have on your laptop.


Email for your phone

If you have a cell phone and want the free premium service of PDA's and blackberry email service. You might want to take a look at consilient.
It gives you a free service of getting emails through your cell phone. At least now you can have free email service with your cell phone.


All Sport GPS for your cell phone

Need a personal trainer when you go out. For a small premium this personal trainer app works with your cell phone. The GPS technology tracks your time, pace and trail. You now can keep track of calories burned, laps and exact maps with notes and images to share with others. Your workouts now will be worth while.