Product Chart

Comparing electronics is going to get easier to do now that this website made comparing products easier to do. All you have to do is choose the device and pick from a number of items available that you want in that device and the website does the rest to narrow down the products that are available to you.



Windows Cloud Recovery

Microsoft is working on Windows 10 Cloud download recovery and if all goes well you can easily install a fresh copy of Windows in the cloud. It's a great way to always have access to the latest release of Windows in the cloud.



Deals on Donations

Here are a few sites to help you with donations. From donation-pickup, moving services, and free shipping labels. These sites make donating simple to do.

Salvation Army offers free pickup service and accepts clothes, household items, book furniture, and cars.
Restores offers to remove furniture as well as building materials such as lumber and bricks.
Give Back Box offers you to place your items in any shippable box and send it via UPS or Postal.

Salvation Army
Give Back Box


Work From Home

It looks like a new trend is quietly taking place and it's funny on how not so many people are noticing it in our daily lives. This work at the home trend is not for everyone and with it comes challenges that people have yet to understand until they work remotely. Are you ready for the new challenge?



Mac User Gudie

Need a user guide for your Macbook. Here is a great way to get the information for free without paying for the extra perks. It's free for all to enjoy.




Google Password Checker

Google just launched its password check and it will help the users create passwords that have not been compromised. Hopefully, it will crack down on recently exposed hacks.



Google Fi Unlimited

Looks like Google Fi just became unlimited and even though it's still not in my area, it's interesting how they grouped all so many free international calls into the plan. Worth looking into if you make a lot of international calls.
It's still not in my area, but I will keep on hoping soon.



Facebook TV Portal

Looks like Facebook just launched it's Portal TV and it would be very interesting to see people signing up for this service and take social media to your living room.

It's like hanging out with people you care about and watch the programming together.



Libra in Jeopardy

After Paypal pulling out Facebook Libra's cryptocurrency future looks dim. It looks like other companies are thinking of bailing out as well because of interest from regulators and lawmakers.

Even if the Libra is able to move above these regulations, Libra has much more to prove to be the way of payment for the future.



Airport USB Chargers

It looks like these devices are not safe and users should be aware and cautious when charging your devices in a public place. Great informative video.



Google Voice Box

Google Voice now has a box that users can use for a home phone. If you have not looked into Google Voice you should look into it. The service is free and it's another alternative to get rid of your home phone service.



New House Buying

House buying and selling is going to take a turn for better. Let's just say that it's going to soon be easier to buy and sell a house similar to buying stocks. If all goes well, do not be surprised to see this go live and in realtime.

Will be pretty nice to tell your grandkids that you once had a beachfront house for 30 days.



Pc Building Simulator

This software helps you put together a computer and see how it looks and decide the final product with real-world components. Not only is it helpful but make your business profitable.



Software Inventory

Want to get an inventory of all your software on your computer. Just use the PowerShell script below to help you get that information for the reinstallation of your computer.


Get-ItemProperty HKLM:\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\*| select-Object DisplayName, DisplayVersion, Publisher, InstallDate |Format-Table -AutoSize > c:\software.txt


Apple Field Test

Here is a nice way to get into the Apple iPhone field test menu. This is where you will figure out the signal strength of your phone.

Dial on your phone                   Press *3001#12345#*

Rx AGCO signal strength
>-70 = Excellent
  -70 to -85 = Good
  -86 to -100 = Fair
  < -100 = Poor

Intel Chip
looking for rsrp0 mode

>-90 = Excellent
  -90 to -105 = Good
  -106 to -120 = Fair
 < -120 = Poor
 -125 = No Signal


NAS Data Leak

Lenovo confirms a faulty NAS exposed 36TB of sensitive data. Now, this highlights new security threats on how hardware can easily pose holes into your companies security structure.



Device Drivers

Tired of searching for Windows 10 device drivers, then here is a list of sites that you can use to get the latest device drivers for your computer.



Rappers Delight

I was pretty amazed at how they got these digital assistants to sing a classic. Just comes to show you that AI is here to stay.



iPhone 11 without 5G

Looks like the iPhone 11 or 12 might not come with 5G after all and users will have to wait a little longer to get that service while 5G expands it's service nationwide.
I guess Apple is not going to invest in the service unless it works right out of the box.



Facebook & Instagram after life

If you have a Facebook and Instagram account, you might want to review the account status afterlife so that the account can go on, or just end the way you did. It's worth considering if you are concerned with your social profile.



What is WiFi 6

WiFi 6 is soon to roll out and everyone should understand what it is and how important it's going to change our lives with technology improving daily.
Let's just say better connection and reliability we have long been waiting for.



Chrome apps phasing out

Looks like Chrome apps are phasing out for Windows and Mac OS users that Google for once an all. Don't worry Chrome user's this is just stand-alone apps for Windows and Mac OS.
I guess only a small percentage is really using the applications and there is no need to keep them alive since no one really uses them.



Google Killed Products

Ever wonder what happened to certain Google products. Here is an update on what happened to them and when they were shut down by Google.
I guess user activity how they use the product is the number one reason why certain products get shut down.



Win 7 Life Extended

Looks like Windows 7 life has been extended for another year. I guess Microsoft is learning that user's do not want to upgrade and they may have to find other ways to profit in the software industry. Makes you want to think all this hype the company goes through to tell you it's a great idea to upgrade.



John's Background Switcher

Looking for beautiful full-screen photos and stunning montages for your desktop. Look no more and give John a try to see if it works.




Do you want to get inspired and see what other builders are doing when creating new computers? Here is a great site to see what everyone is up to and keep informed on inspiring builds.



Raspberry PI 4

The new Raspberry PI 4 has more exciting features and it's even more powerful than it's previous versions. You can even now see it's like having a mini-computer.



Negotiating Services

Here are two services that will help you do the negotiations for you claiming to save you at least 30 to 40 % savings. That's a pretty penny while going against your cable company, internet, and phone service. It's worth to look into if you are in the business to cut down costs.



Open JAR file

If your having problems installing JAR files in Windows, then what you are going to need to open the file is Java Framework. 

Just follow the instructions from the link given and you should be good to go.


New Cable Hack

I guess the new hacking device is a charging cable. Now, this should be some concerns for user's who are security conscious of their phones.