Amazon blocks YouTube

Looks like Amazon is not playing games with Google when it comes to blocking Amazon video content and the fight might just be the beginning. So if your having problems watching content on your player, you might want to read this article.



Google Drive Update

Looks like Google will be doing some chances in the next few months and for many user's it will be good as for other's it might be a little confusing at first, but let's just say that they are updated their software and with this it brings new changes. Check it out and get ready.



iPhone Secrets

If you looking for extra's from the iPhone, here is some hidden features and it's always good to know just in case some day you need to put it to use.


Undersea Cable Done

Looks like Facebook and Microsoft's undersea cable installation has finished and it's the beginning of something amazing to come next year when it goes live. The cable will be the first technological cable to connect both companies to other parts of the world. I can only imagine what in store for these two companies next year.



Remo for Windows

Looks like Remo for Windows is a great efficient way to recover lost files and is worth giving it a try if your lost data is important on recovering. Although it's a little pricey, it sure makes recovery steps simple to use.



Powershell Offline Workstation

Here is a great way to put a workstation out of service using powershell, so that a user can do maintenance or upgrade on the device. It's a time saver and helps to keep off user's from an unstable workstation.




IKEA staff was pretty excited this holiday season to get their hand on virtual reality components. These new gadgets are going to help staff to guide customers to decorate their homes.
It's the new generation of home decorating, made possible by IKEA. It will be very interesting to see what this new evolution will bring to home furnishing.



Hyper V and VM ware backup

Let's just say that this company is taking big steps to minimizing our backup strategy especially for the virtual environment. And it's outstanding and amazing on the way they do things. You will be up and running in minutes.



Security Bulb

I must admit it that security products are getting very creative and prices are dropping. Get ready for a new advance generation with cameras everywhere you go.



Wireless Charging Pad

A new generation of wireless charging pads are coming our way, it doesn't mean you need to upgrade. It just means that you just have to get your device to catch up with the technology.



World's Smallest Night Vision

Here is a real great small night vision camera and you can't beat the price. Let's just say if you need to beef up security at your home or work place. This camera does comes handy.



Digital Signage

Here is a great way to create a digital signage for your home,s school or office. It's a great way to share information across other networks and getting your information distributed to other users. It's a great way to keep everyone connected.




Need to clone an old HDD to SSD no problem with the help of this software called HDD Raw Copy Tool. Now most hard drive transfer utility can do some of the job but fail to close the HFS+ files. And your best bet it to get the job done right from the start.



Google Video Quality Report

Here is a great website to verify the video quality report of your internet. It's a great way to verify if the quality your viewing it's at it's peak performance.
I though it was very interesting to see what other providers in your area have in video quality service.



Find Cell phone Online

Here are some great ways to find a cell phone online. It's not a guarantee that you'll get that individuals cell phone online, but it's a great start to completing your goal.



Router Trace

Here's a great router trace to check your router's trace route and see if it's performing efficiently and effectively. The software give you full information to get close to the source to fix you everyday problems. Great way to keep your router running efficiently.




Looks like ultrasonic beacons are monitoring your internet of things devices and it's not the first and the last we will see of these devices. Not only are they quietly collecting user information on our daily activities, but gathering information for the next generation of advertising or who knows what. So far these beacon's remain quiet and silent, but that doesn't mean that they are not still active. So for whatever use they are intended for, be cautious on the type of applications that your installing and  pay in mind that big brother is watching.



Flow Charts

Create easy to use flow charts and then save them on your computer when done.It's a simple online software that you just login to and start creating your network charts. It's a great idea for user's who need to layout the system's network. Check it out.



Speed up your Website

Have a lot of images on your website and want to speed up the loading process, this is where Kraken comes in. The program shrinks images without loosing quality. It's a great python script and it sure does the job well enough to live up to it's name.



AI for job interviews

Looks like the artificial intelligence has been modified to screen applicants that now brokerage firms are moving forward with this technology.
The software analyzes facial expressions of individuals when asked to answer specific questions. AI goal it to narrow down the hiring processes and choose ideal candidates for the position. It's an awkward way of doing things but they are convinced that it works and it so, it will mean that more companies will tag along to do the same. Get ready.



Webpage Speak

Here is a chrome add on to be able to read to you what's on the webpage. It's a great add on from Chrome to make your life easier. Give it a try.

Alt Link

Here are similar speak it links below

Similar Links


Compromised Email

Has your email be compromised, the chances are seldom for some users. But for the average online user, this can happen at anytime.
This is where this website comes handy and hopefully finds your breach in security.



Win Logview

Need to know who's logging on to your computer, but want an easier way to review the activity. Here is a handy software to install and make things simple.




Don't have a Linkedln profile, lets just say you should and here is the reason why. If your job hunting or if you want others to see what you do and want to be considered by other employers. Posting your profile in Linkedln will show off your skills and should an employer want to hire you. Let's just say they can easily contact you. Also it's a great way to send resume online for job opportunities.

Linkedln is similar to Indeed, Dice, Monster, Careerbuilder, Beyond, etc. and sending your resume takes just a few clicks. Check it out and give it a try. The easiest way to network online.



Ccleaner Update

If your a CCleaner user, you need to read this article because it's looks like the software giant was hacked and they did some tweaks to the software that can get you in trouble. So hurry up and do the update, if you haven't.



Uber Updates

Looks like Uber has already updated it's application for the Holidays. Not only will it be easier for a driver to find you when you call a car, but you will get live status updates until the car picks you up. And for the send a guest ride for user's who need a ride to your home, it's just so simple and easy to use. I just hope all goes good for Uber rider's during these Holidays.



Equifax Pity

It's sad to hear that Equifax recently was hacked. It just confirms that your data is not even safe in the hands of the credit bureau. And to add insult to injury by adding account freezes to combat identity theft and slapped again in the face for using outdated security features that anyone can still hack in matter of seconds. That's already two strikes for Equifax and now I am wondering if the company really has it together or they are just playing the blaming game.
They are the only one's that can really fix their internal problem and for consumers for now. They just have to wait and monitor their credit report daily, weekly or monthly.



Problem Steps Recorder

Here is a great useful program to help user's over the phone on how to do things with their computer. Sometimes telling user's what to do can be very frustrating.
This is were the Problem Steps Recorder comes in to help you save time.



D-Link Vulnerability

Looks like this D-Link vulnerability will never be patched and this is a good lesson that consumers should be aware when purchasing D-Link products.
Looks like the vendor refuses to even do the patch updates to fix these holes for this old product and are just telling user's that it's time to replace the unit.
It's so sad that they took that approach and moving forward I am staying away from purchasing any of their future products. It just shows the company poor support on software support.

D-Link Router



Traffic Cams

If your going to Florida on a weekend getaway, you might want to keep this website on hand to check out the traffic so that you can estimate how long it's going to take you to get to your destination.



Apple Security Flaw

Looks like Apple these days are having a lot of flaws in their software and this time user's are warned not to update their OS (macOS High Sierra 10.13.1) without them fixing their password glitch.

Just comes to show you how sloppy Apple programmers and getting when doing patch updates. Did everyone forget what Apple did with iOS11.

These programmers are quick to deploy the software without testing and  quality control. All too similar what Microsoft did back in the days did when they roll out updates.

My suggesting to Apple is to wake up and smell the coffee.



Printer Tracker

It's an amazing story how the NSA was able to pin point who leaked out confidential information. I am just amazed on the stories with new technology and hidden secrets that enable user tracking. We reached an age of technology were everything has a signature.



Taxify Coming Soon

Looks like Uber better be ready for competition. This new taxi service is coming from Europe and it might just take down Uber once and for all. It's structured similar to Uber but cheaper and with delivery pickups radius near the area you live.
I just hope Uber concepts stays alive and may the best company win.



Rent The Runway

Pretty neat way to keep always up to date with fashion by subscribing to this company and you will never have to worry about style anymore. It's the easy way to stay in fashion and always look great. It's an ideal subscription for the everyday salesperson.



Reset Win 10 Admin & Local Acct

Here are the steps to easily reset a Windows workstation using an Administrator and Local account.
There are several ways to do this but your best bet is try purchase the premium software of PcUnlocker so that you can be up and running in not time. Good luck.



Metric System Adaptation

Looks like America is way behind the metric system and their foolishness is causing problems. It not until something devastating occurs that everyone will understand that maybe it's time to upgrade. This should have been done years ago, but no one pushed for it and this is why we still have this problem today.



2k DOS Games

Love the old DOS games and wish you could still play them now. Here is a way you can enjoy the beautiful world of DOS and why some gamers still love these sites. It's a great time machine experience for the new generation to understand how gaming came to be what it is today.


Microsoft subscription worth

Can't decide if purchasing a Microsoft subscription is worth the cost. Well we have done some research and you will be surprised on the outcome.


New iPhone Wireless Charging

Looks like the new iPhone will have wireless charging and even though current wireless charging takes a while to charge. The new generation of charging that is included in the new iPhone should be even better, but we will have to wait and see if this is true.



Boarding Pass Security

Boarding Passes are taking for granted by many individuals and you should be cautious what your posting online. Not only does this open doors for others to steal your identity but gives the opportunities for criminal acts to take place. You should always review thoroughly before you post.



Menu Editor

Want to edit the Win + X menu and add your custom links so they can easily be accessible later on. Here is a great software to get you started and simplify things in life.



Run Dialog Tips

Use the Run command prompt to get to resources quicker and faster. Most commands shortcuts will save you time in the long run. It just takes practice on remembering them.

control system.cpl
control desk.cpl
control admintools
control desktop

Here are more links to this useful tools Link

   Control panel tool             Command
   Accessibility Options          control access.cpl
   Add New Hardware               control sysdm.cpl add new hardware
   Add/Remove Programs            control appwiz.cpl
   Date/Time Properties           control timedate.cpl
   Display Properties             control desk.cpl
   FindFast                       control findfast.cpl
   Fonts Folder                   control fonts
   Internet Properties            control inetcpl.cpl
   Joystick Properties            control joy.cpl
   Keyboard Properties            control main.cpl keyboard
   Microsoft Exchange             control mlcfg32.cpl
      (or Windows Messaging)
   Microsoft Mail Post Office     control wgpocpl.cpl
   Modem Properties               control modem.cpl
   Mouse Properties               control main.cpl
   Multimedia Properties          control mmsys.cpl
   Network Properties             control netcpl.cpl
                                  NOTE: In Windows NT 4.0, Network
                                  properties is Ncpa.cpl, not Netcpl.cpl
   Password Properties            control password.cpl
   PC Card                        control main.cpl pc card (PCMCIA)
   Power Management (Windows 95)  control main.cpl power
   Power Management (Windows 98)  control powercfg.cpl
   Printers Folder                control printers
   Regional Settings              control intl.cpl
   Scanners and Cameras           control sticpl.cpl
   Sound Properties               control mmsys.cpl sounds
   System Properties              control sysdm.cpl


Flawless Widescreen

Tired of messing with your monitor resolution, here is a great software to fix any resolution problem you having. It's said to make widescreen gaming the way it should be. Check it out.



OneDrive Uninstaller

One this with Microsoft that I learned a long time ago is that you never can trust a company that likes to control what they install on your computer. OneDrive is a great example of that and for those user's who don't use OneDrive and have no use for Microsoft's online folder. Here are the instructions on how to remove. But there is no telling if Microsoft will again try to re-install it's bundled software in future updates.



Blackblaze Personal Preview

Looks like Blackblaze has come a long way to make backup and recovery a thing of the past and now better than ever you have options to restore your backup. Now backing up and restoring can be a thing of the past. You decide if Blackblaze is for you.



Crash Plan No Home Plans

Looks like Crash Plan is getting out of the home business and consumers now are forced to look else where to find a replacement.
Like any backup company, I would not worry to much but keep your eye's open until your plan expires for companies that will make it worth while for a switch.



Hide Files in G Suite

Here is a great way to hide a file on G suite for security or to keep prying eye's out of your business. It's a great idea and could have lots of uses.



IT Certifications for College Credit

Looks like some colleges are letting students use their IT Certifications for college credits and although it will not work for all colleges it does help reduce the required credits needed for a student to graduate. It's worth taking a look into.



Kapersky Alert

This is a very touchy subject and even after the report, I am still uncertain. It could just be government boycott of the product but from what I see more information should be made available for user's to make a final decision. Don't just go by what they want you to do. You decide.




Looks like there will be a new problem for 32 bit computers in the year 2038 and it's basically a computation problem. Doesn't mean that your computer will stop working, just that it's calculations will be off when counting.
Like Y2K, there is plenty of time to fix the problem and for someone to make an update fix. But
just comes to show you that within time, technology always needs to be upgraded.



Computer Crashes

Here are several reasons why computers crash, but necessary the main reason why your computers is crashing. It's a good start to troubleshooting your computer problems.




This cool startup wants to help you cash in on all of your financial aide dollars and I am excited and happy that someone was able to figure out the crazy paperwork and simplify it for students seeking to better themselves. I wish the best for this startup and for more companies to simplify our lives. Education is a plus to moving up in the real world.



HD Life Expectancy

Pretty interesting information on hard drive expectancy and a reality check on why I do daily backups. There are a lot of companies that backup your hard drives and the reality is that your hard drive will not last forever. So be wise and backup daily before it's too late.



Fix One Drive CPU

Looks like One drive is pulling a lot of memory on some computer's CPU's and here is the fix for it if your currently having having CPU problems.



FBI Surveillance Van

This looks like a flashback to the days when the FBI would do counter surveillance on individuals, it would have been nice if they included a certified letter stating that this vehicle was used to catch a notorious mob gangster and then I could see the value going up. But a great novelty for collectors.



AWS future

Looks like AWS is a great key element in technology and as a key element on making Amazon profitable. AWS has yet to evolve and yet the figures can no longer be ignored.



Amazon Portability

Looks like someone took the Amazon dot portable and you will be surprised on how it made driving so simple to do with this amazing virtual assistant.



Win 10 Preview

Looks like Windows 10 Preview you can now send webpages from an iPhone to a personal computer.
That's just the beginning of Microsoft expanding it's resources through other devices.



Fix Win Files

Getting Windows system and file error, then this is your solution to fix the problem. It's going to take a while to fix, but at least you can prevent future system crashes by running this file repair utility.



iPhone Data Recovery

Looking to recover your iPhone files, here is a great software to have on hand when your files are in risk of being deleted. Hopefully you'll get to retrieve them in time and save them in a safe place.



Nap in Self Driving Cars

It's amazing how these developers are just saying now that napping in self driving cars is just two years away. What that tells me is that reality is here and it's only a matter of time before some puts a program together to make it happen.



Make Batteries Last

Interesting information on how to keep your batteries to last longer. Most of this information makes sense and if you take care of your battery, it will last longer.



Cord Cutting Help

Cutting the cord on cable and need help trying to figure out what subscription plan if any would be good for you. This is where it gets complicated depending on what you willing to give up. Cable cutting is not for everyone, but if you can adjust. Then the savings will add up monthly.



Repair Domain Trust

If your an IT Administrator, you have seen this error to many times on repairing the domain trust relationship on a computer.
So quick tips and steps to repair the problem would repair power shell and reading the link below. But most of the times things are not that simple and your best bet is to login to safe mode and remove the domain and add the computer back to the domain. This should fix the problem and good luck.



Capture Screen's Remotely

Here are some cool ways to capture screen websites remotely and the best part about it is that you have choices.



Facebook Subscriptions

Looks like Facebook will be soon offering subscription service for those user's who love to read content on Facebook. Don't know how this is going to workout for them but I guess it's time to find another interesting site to read for free.



Win 7 Pswd Recovery

Have a Windows 7 computer and recently forgot the password and need to reset it. Here is a great tool to help you create a rescue disk. If that doesn't work you can also try to reset your password with the recovery software.



Apple Tv setup

Need to setup Apple Tv, help is on the way with these easy setup instructions. It's simple and easy to do. The only problem you may have now and then is remote or no video output. And in most cases, just rebooting the device get's everything up and going as usual.



Terminator is Alive

This is so scary after seeing a movie of terminator and knowing that one day this can be possible. It's only a matter of time before we are all terminated.



Google new Feature

Looks like Google Maps is getting up grated to something more better than most of us can think of. Besides showing us what man has done through evolution. It now can give you map elevations of the area. It's going to get many more user's to use their maps, where ever they go.



Highest State with Malware

Looks like where you live will have an affect on the amount of malware you get. I guess maybe one should be concern if you live in that state.



Google Parking

Here is Google Maps parking app information and it looks like the android application has more functions than iOS. But it's only a matter of time before they both make parking easier for individuals.



China Life Boat

China has recently launched a robotic life boat with drones to save lives. Looks like they are moving in a positive direction to make the world a better place.
Besides these robot's could now work around the clock without a lunch break and handling more than one distress call at a time.



Win 10 No longer Supported

Anyone who recently got this message that Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC should not be upset moving forward.
This is Microsoft's way of telling you that your hardware is no longer supported and this is the end for free software upgrades.
Your choices now is to use the computer until the end, or buy a new computer to enjoy the new OS.



DYI Car Backup Cam

Here is a DYI project of an individual doing a backup camera for his vehicle. I must admit that it's very cleaver and a great project if you don't mind customizing your vehicle.
A very smart and clever idea for less than ten minutes.



Google Project Loon

Will be pretty amazing if this project works for Puerto Rico during it's current crisis. Because it's going to later be the emergency deployment tool for repairing damaged infrastructures.



Download Google Data

Want to know what data Google has on you. You might need to download this and see what vital information is online for everyone to see. The internet is not private and you should take precautions to safe guard your privacy.



Fix Network Cable

I can begin to tell you how many network cables I have thrown out in the past because the cable snag broke or fell off and it's just easier to replace the cable then wait for another disaster to occur. Well with this comes a great fix and if your a network administrator I would recommend for you to have these on hand, because you never know when  you can use them.



Anti Encryption Law

Looks like a new law is going to challenge companies like Facebook and Google when it comes to privacy concerns. This law challenges your security rights online and basically would force them to hand over any information you did online, regardless of the circumstances. And you better bet that this information will be used against you.



Online Loan Applications

Caution to users who do online loan applications. Looks like companies that are offering you loans are also selling your information to anyone who basically wants to pay them. Sad but true, so much for securing your identity.



Microsoft Visual Studio

Want a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio for free, here is a link to get a free non commercial copy so that you can make your own programs for fee.



Virtual Help

Does Amazon's virtual assistant have a 911 call command. Well for starters, Amazon has this feature disabled. But I can't say for much from these unlucky couple.



Umbrella Startup Gone Wrong

Looks like a Chinese company tried to make a similar Citi-bike company using umbrella's and what turned out to be a good idea. Winded up with customers keeping their product. So much for ruling out all business opportunities.



Leveno Thinkpad X1

I recently got my hands on the Leveno Thinkpad X1 and must say that it's very light and easy to carry with one hand. You will feel like your not carry a laptop at all. The laptop construction is tough and it should with stand every day laptop use. Although the price is steep, you'll be rewarded with it's sleek performance. Leveno is getting it right one step at a time.



To Live without

Funny story on how someone ruined their relationship because they didn't have air conditioning. We live in a society were everyone is spoiled.  It makes people arrogant and entitled.
For those individuals who do not follow these trends I am proud to know them, because in time when disaster strikes, they will be the most fortunate ones to be able to survive catastrophe.



End of Mobile Batteries

Could this be the end to the mobile batteries as we know it, look like some researchers have figured out a way to make a cell phone mobile without batteries.
It's quite unique I must say and the future may just be around the corner if they can just figure out how to expand the network reach to more than fifty feet.



Android Malware Alert

There is a malware on the loose for Android phones, and user's are caution to do all their application updates so that they don't get infected.



Play Arcade Games

It's time to go back into time and play this back in the days popular arcade games. This is what made gaming what it is today.



Language Apps

Taking a trip to another country or wanting to learn a new language. Here are several language applications to use that will help you achieve your new goals on learning a new language.


Take Ownership

Have a folder that you simple having difficulties do anything because of user rights. No problem with this great utility to fix folder ownership. Just unzip and say ok.



Move Programs

Want to move installed applications to another location. We'll this program will makes things easier to do and make more room for drive space.


Best Internet State

Wondering which state has the best internet. You'll be surprised that these states top the best internet nationwide.



To do Updates

If your computer hasn't been doing updates for a while, here is the reason why you should change your habits and continue on doing updates.
In time user's will have no option but to always keep on top of updates. Not doing so, will be costly and will cause you a lot of down time when disaster strikes.
Updates are not always good, but a reminder that you need to be current.



Electric Car Boom

Looks like the new electric cars are getting the attention that they have been wanting for a long time. And if manufacture's keep on getting things right and make it better the car of the future will be here and the what is now known as a gasoline station, will be gone for good.



Network Usage Viewer

Yes it's always a good idea to monitor your network to see what's going on, just in case someone is doing something that's unusual.



Bandwidth Monitor

Here is another Beta bandwidth monitor called NetMeter and from the looks of it, it's similar to most of the bandwidth monitor's I have used in the past. If your in need for one, this should work just fine.



Wayk Now

Here is a cool remote support software tool for those user's who just want simple access to other user's computer's and workstations. It has it's limitations, but it's still a cool utility to use.



Acrylic WiFi

Now analyzing your WiFi congestion can be easily understood with this elite WiFi software. No more guessing what's your maximum speed and best channel for your system.



Plex Remote

Here's the easiest way to setup remote access for anyone without the worry of security patches not being deployed. Now remote access can be always secure, when your on the web.




Need a public IP address so that you can easily login. This site make it fast and simple to do, but just make sure you take additional steps for security.



Network Benchmark

Want to benchmark your network, here are fantastic tools that you can use to see if your network is up for performance and range. It's the best technique for tuning up your network.

Internet Speed Test
Lan Speed Test


Will not Print

Very interesting error that requires user intervention because printer will not print. And it looks like the bug yet has not been fixed. But if you run into this error, here is how to fix it.



Two Login Keys on Win 8.1

Why are there two keys when logging on to Windows 8.1. The answer is very simple and it's because you added a Microsoft account to that computer and you also created a local account.
And the reason for the two keys is a precaution used by Microsoft for hackers not to get it and install software on your computer.

More Info


Security Smarts

Want to learn the non technical IT Security tips for awareness. If you have a gmail account then you can sign up. But you'll get every week over a hundred technical tips for user's on security.



Lyca Mobile

Need to make international calls on your cell phone. Take a look at Lycra mobile with it's great plans for different countries. You will be surprised on the savings.



Goodwill Donations

Here is what happens when you donate a Goodwill item and the process it goes through. Although many times the items get re-used. Not all items make the cut.



Fake Gadgets

In a world where everyone copy's everything, it's hard to tell if certain items are original or fake. Here are some sign's to help you distinguish one from the other.



Android to Apple

Moving from Android phone to Apple phone, no problem with Apple new transfer software. Now you can easily export your old phone information from one device to another in no time.


Banks Vemno

Looks like banks have created their own Veno with the approval of banks called Zelle. Even though Zelle still does not have it own application, it's a tool to send money. And user's get their money within minutes. Get ready for the world of payments.



Scarey Malware

This malware is one of a kind and looks like the new generation of malware's to come. It not only hides very well that user's can't even notice anything out of the ordinary.



Rename a PC

Here is some great information from the TechRepublic on how to change a computer name.

Rename a computer

When you set up Windows 10 on a new PC as a clean install, Windows automatically creates a random computer name for you using the word DESKTOP, followed by a hyphen and seven random letters and numbers.

If you never use a local network, you can safely ignore that name. But if you share files with other computers, it helps to use descriptive names that make it clear which device you're connecting to.

To change the computer name in Windows 10, Click on Windows Icon go to Settings > System > About. The current computer name is near the top of that page, with a large rename this PC button below it. Click that button and enter a descriptive name using any combination of letters, numbers, and hyphens. (no special characters or spaces allowed.) The maximum length is 15 characters.Then click next to finish the renaming process and then restart your PC.

In Windows 7, the process is similar, but it uses the Computer Name tab on the System Properties dialog box instead. For a shortcut, click Start and then type systempropertiescomputername (with no spaces) in the search box. Click the search result, click Change to enter a new name, and then restart.


Music Download

Here's a cool music site to check out and pay once and user forever. I love the idea and the effort that the site is making for legally downloading music. If you love your tunes, it's a must see site with over 200,000 music.



Apple's new iMac

I guess Apple is now giving way for user's to do what ever the choose to do with their iMac so that it can be customized to their means.
A great move for consumers to customize their iMacs. Let see how long this last.



World Outlets

Traveling to another country and bringing your electronic devices with you. Well it's best to know what type of electrical outlet's they have over there, because your devices might not work well.



Drone Relief

Don't know why drone deliveries is still being delayed when it could change the way we get things delivered daily today.
I understand that there must be a lot of red tape for this entire new technology to get started but using these drones as a disaster relief program will definitely push the wave for a new affordable delivery system that can work with the right plan in affect.
Can you imagine someone stranded and hungry with no food and water, being rescued not by man but with a drone. Nothing to loose and plenty to gain.



Map One Drive

Here is the easiest way to map one drive to your computer. You'll be amazed on on simple things can become accessible once one drive is mapped to your computer.



OS 11 WiFi Trick

OS 11 is changing the way we connect to WiFi with it's new network password transfer utility. All you have to do is request the WiFi password from an already connected phone on the WiFi and the user from that phone approves to share it's WiFi password to the new user who wants to connect. That easy and simple to do.



Court Ruling on Cartridge Sale

Looks like the courts got involved for this one and made it very clear to manufactures that once they sell their products to consumers. All patents rights are over. Making it easier for consumers to do whatever they wish to do later on with their products.

Now user's can purchase re-manufactured cartridges, etc.



History Gifts for Investors

Can't find a gift for a special someone. We'll if they deep investors, they might just enjoy something from this site. You can definitely find some rare items here.



Stock & Bond Value's

Have some investment stock and bonds and don't know if they have any value. Here is a great place to find out if they are worth anything or not.



Home Pc Vulnerability

Hacker's were recently surprised how far WannaCry infection rates sky rocketed that they are now preparing new outbreaks to combat security flaws. It's known for sometime that this could one day happen and the day has come in witch patching must be an every day procedure. Get ready for the new infections to come moving forward.



Web Browser Info

Looks like information is always leaking from your computer when you open a web browser and visit a site online. Now what information that these browser give out should be a concern to you as a consumer. You always want to make sure your in control on what information is always going out.
If your concern about privacy issues, you need to read the info link below.



Tired of Windows

Are you sick and tired of Windows and ready to try something new. Here are a list of several OS that have still have yet to reach the world by surprise.
The easiest way to try out the OS is by using a virtual machine to see if the OS satisfy's your daily needs.



Microsoft Facts

Here is some interesting facts about Microsoft and Bill Gates for those individuals who still wanted to know more about the famous billionaire.



Pay Less for Power

Want to know if your home qualify for No Cost Solar program. Well from some homeowners who don't have to put up front cash this may be a great solution to go green. It's worth finding out.



Gun Owners Exposed

Looks like Florida Department of Agriculture has been hacked. Concealed weapons owners names can be accessed. I don't know what this is basically going to do to people besides make it clear that they just own a gun. So what's the purpose of this hack, it's still unknown.



Hacker Tuneup

Tired of hackers messing up your computer systems. Then it's time to tune up your computer so that hackers will not have the opportunity to mess it up.



WiFi Pictures

Want to see inside your home, here is new information on how WiFi can now take a picture inside your home. WiFi radiation is everywhere and it's just a matter of time before someone make a hologram of your home.



WannaCry Victims

Sad to say that Window user's still don't learn when it's comes to updates. It looks like the most recent hit with WannyCry was Windows 7 users.
This comes at a time where IT Professionals need to be proactive and keep all of their OS systems updated daily. And this is sure proof that these user's are looking away and not doing their job. This outbreak couldn't have been prevented, but it wasn't. And it will be like this for a while until doing updates becomes mandatory.




Looking for a new suitcase. Look no longer and this company not only is selling a great suitcase, but making millions just by adding a battery backpack to it's devices. Amazing.



Remove Microsoft To Do

Looks like Microsoft To Do account is annoying many user's that someone placed a post on hot to disable it. Microsoft still has a long way to go if they want to please everyone.



Prevent Spies

Good article on how user's should protect themselves with internet based devices. It's not everyday that the government is going to spy after you, but it's good practice to know what security measures you should be taking when surfing the web, using internet cafes, etc.
Keeping things secure, will hopefully keep other's out of your business.



Backup Library Software

Looking for backup software for your computer. Well if you want the best then Acronis is what you should be looking at. But for other user's who think the software is too pricey here are your alternatives.



Typing Tutor

Looking to improve your typing skills so that you can catch up with supply and demand so that you can be a ideal candidate for employers. Well it's never to late to learn new things and this typing website is the start of speeding up your typing skills.



Youtube Power Tips

Use Youtube a lot, then  you should take into consideration these youtube tips that will make you a master of your domain. Not only will other's admire you, but enjoy that you have new tricks for them to use.



What is the Internet from '94

The year is 1994 and here is a nice interpretation of what was the internet. It took a few years after this that the internet what we know of it as today took off. Back then this was just gibberish.



Motherbox Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is coming to every cell phone near you. So what can user's do in the meantime for old cell phones that don't support this feature. Simple get Motherbox and convert your old phones to wireless charging phones. The device is still in beta and not yet in production, but it will be very interesting to know if it really stands up to it's tests.



Dell Deal

Looks like Dell is coming back to compete with Chromebooks and it's almost there besides that the new cheap Dell book has a flimsy screen. Besides that it's a great deal for $200-



Drive Space

Looking to clean up your drive space, then all you have to do is run the following program to restore back missing drive space that has been used up for various of reason's. As long as your computer is running normally. There is no use for this drive space and it's alright to delete these files.



Manage Backups via Win 10

Backup your files to a flash drive automatically. It's secure and a life saver should your hard drive or computer ever go down.
Goto Start -> right click and choose Control Panel. In Control Panel choose File History and click Advance Settings. Here you change the frequency of backups, for most users an external drive will work great or a flash drive.
In here you might want to do a cleanup every few months, or so and even change the frequency of backup times. 


Apple Watch App Uses

Apple is soon going to kill the Apple watch if they don't come up with better uses for consumers. It's a great idea, it still needs to be pushed by Apple if they are ever going to go places.
Right now the go payments via the Apple watch is a great idea, but consumers need more.



Amazon Echo Show

I am proud of Amazon for taking technology to a new level. Not only is this going to open up the video chat world. But it's going to get better moving forward.

Now If they only could offer a VOIP service similar to Magic Jack?



Simplify Email

Need to simplify your email here are some tips to make sure you never miss that important email again.



Buy Digital Media

Digital media is taking a drastic turn for the better, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be better for the consumer who is in the process of purchasing digital media. Currently there is no good or bad way on deciding where to buy digital media. Within time, user's will decide if that want to keep that digital media forever.



USPS Mail Scam

Looks like scammers have another trick on their sleeves when it comes to identity theft. Not only are they able to change your address without you knowing about it, but they can even steal your mail. And from that point, well it's only a matter of time before identity theft kicks in.



Chrome Piggy

Looks like this application is making headlines, by automatically adding coupons to your orders. Only time will tell if this is true. So give it a try.



Google Doc Scam

Looks like a new phishing scam is going around with google docs and it's telling users to sign in and view the documents that were recently sent.
Now if you get a document from an unknown users, I would immediately delete it. If it comes from an known email address. I wouldn't download it so fast until you confirm with the user that they had sent you a google doc.


Microsoft Discounts

The best time to get a hold on these deals is the day the new OS comes out. Then all the old OS versions go on sale. But if you can't wait then your best bet is from the link below.




Here is a great pdf fillable software to make your life easier. It automatically makes a cell fillable by users filling in an excel database. It a must have for user's who need to get the job done right.




Pretty cool car mechanic software that will save you a bundle. Similar to the famous CarMD but cheaper and easier to use. A must have to user's who just hate paying high car repair bills.




Want to know what's the weather like outside, we'll this software will give you a neat widget to keep your eye's on the weather daily while your at work.



Tech Tool Store

Every now and then I run into to cool tech tools and when I get a chance, I do my best to get a hold of items that make my life easier every day. Here is another took kit for the technician on the go.
The software is free and sure you later on want more from your product, then it's going to cost you a few dollars. But in the long run it's still worth the expense.




Seen this application and I must say it's definitely new and different. But It still reminds me of social media going the wrong way. I guess time will tell.



Pc Stuck on Updates

Many user's keep on having this Windows update problem and I always tell them not to turn off their computer. Doing so would definitely mess up Windows and will not boot up again. So regardless if it takes 2 hours or 7 hours, just wait for the update to finish. The bad side of it, will mean that you'll just have to reinstall Windows all over again.



Car Google Maps

Here is an interesting way to send google maps to your car. This will only work if you recently have a new vehicle and it has onstar of course.



Florida Blue bug

Looks like Florida Blue subscribers have a problem. Not with medical but with their banks. A software glitch is behind wiping out some user's bank accounts. Don't know why, but you better bet that their customers are going to change their auto pay feature now.



Kaspersky Antivirus

Looking for a free antivirus software for your computer. Here is a great value for those user's in search of a freebie. Hurry up, not telling how long this will last.




Want to capture all of your computer's serial keys and store them in a safe place, just in case you ever need them in the future. No problem and no big deal as long as your using this utility.



Block Browser History

Tired of your browser history showing up and your just upset that later on in the future it can be easily accessible and sold to others. Here is how to stop it and how to take back control of your surfing habits. It's none of anyone's business where you browse as long as it's not on your work related computer.


Delete google History


Verizon $70 Gigabyte

Looks like Verizon is luring in new customers with their Gigabyte plans. But don't just say yes until you understand the rates for gigabyte. And yes there is the modem rental fee that is not included in the plan. When everything is done, you will still be paying $200-. Don't get fooled by the advertising gimmick.



New Car key Cloner

Looks like these thieves are getting high tech. Not only are they able to steal your car, but they can steal almost anything without you even noticing what's going on.



iOS Update

Looks like everyone should update their iOS device to 10.3.3 before it's too late. Apple recently release a new update to plug security flaws in it's iOS.



Best Cell Phone Plans

Looking to which provider has the best plans and service. Here is this years list on who is climbing up the ladder and getting to be noticed by everyone in the industry.



Block Bad Sites

With malware hitting user's on the rise, it's no wonder that many computer specialist are blocking bad websites so that user's will not get infected.



Finsix Dart C

Let's just say this pricey item is a life saver and worth every penny. Not only will it charge your laptop but other c type laptops as well. Check it out if your looking for a very portable laptop charger.



Delete old Facebook Numbers

Looks like there is a flaw on Facebook security when it comes to resetting account passwords. If a user did not delete an old phone number from their Facebook account. Anyone with that number can easier reset the Facebook account and change the user password. Not good if your life revolves around social media.



iPhone 8 info

Looks like the iPhone 8 will be coming out a month or two late, but this could be an advertising gimmick for user's to pre-order the iPhone 8 before it comes out.
Regardless it's getting a lot of publicity and preparing users for the hefty price that's down ahead.



Fix Windows Update

Getting the Windows update error code lately and don't know what to do next. It's alright, I will give your the information needed to fix it.
It's an annoying fix and looks like it will be a while before Microsoft decides to fix it.



Webroot Alert

Looks like the Webroot system antivirus is flagging all Windows files as malware. Unfortunately the fix has to be manually done until Webroot can fix it's problem. Maybe it's time to find a new antivirus?



Find Hidden Cameras

I have talk about this a while ago and here I am making available software that can easily detect this hidden cameras. At least you can now know where it's safe.



Spying Headphones

This is something interesting, like finding out that your headphones that you own are not listening devices for others. This famous company not only is recording tons of information from you, but actually distributing to other companies with no limits. Spooky and scary.



Facebook 360

Looks like Facebook is working very hard to make 360 viewing possible. If it succeeds you better believe that it can change technology overnight. Not only will user's require less bandwidth to access these streams but change the products we use on a daily basis. The future is here, now will it be possible by Facebook.




This password manger is unlike other password keepers. This one has 2 step authentication and simple recovery options should you forget your main password. Another reason why it's not a bad idea to have a password vault online. 


nCrypted Cloud

Have a cloud account and wondering how secure your files are. Here is an add-on to your files should you be concern on securing your documents on the internet.
It's a great add-on utility for keeping your files secure while online.



WannaCry Outbreak Continues

Looks like the WannaCry outbreak found a new friend to infect. This time it's smart phones. So now millions of outdated software's are at risk of becoming a ransomware nightmare.



Discord App

Tired of Skype and other premium services when gaming because of you just can't get voip the way you want it. Check out this site and see why it's easily being accepted by many.



Arline Bump List

Here is the scoop on the recent United Airlines bump list. And for those user's who really think that a computer generated specific passengers at random, think again. It's not likely going to happen to a frequent flier or a high paying customer.



Google Hire

Here is a new job site from Google similar to Linkedin which employers can review your search history. I don't know if that yet is a good thing or bad thing. But I would be concerned. I knew sooner or later that Google will eventually use your searching information against you.
Now how is an individual suppose to find a job if there searches can be used against them.



EaseUS Data Recovery

This is a great recovery software for both Windows and Mac. If you in the market for one software that does both, the price makes sense. Plus they have that thirty day money back guarantee, it's worth a try for the price.



Real Technician's

Amazing story on how these fellow inmates were able to build a computer, bypass security and browse on the internet and create some more internet crimes all while serving their prison terms.
You sometimes have to admire that once an individual is focus on doing something, the impossible could always happen.



Win 10 Major Update

This update will take a while to be deployed. But once it's installed you can expect more out of Windows 10 to simplify your daily life.



Cable Cord Cutters

For those user's who already cutting the cord here is some additional information to stay free of cable bundles. There is a lot of stuff available now than there was before. Consumers have a new choice.
If you can sacrafice the new channel line ups and modern way of playing movies, then cord cutting is for you.



Chromecast App

For those user's who were trying to install the Chromecast application and can't seem no to find it anymore. We'll there is a great reason for that and that is that Google no longer supports the application and shut down the service.
Now for the good news, Google has incorporated casting into it's Chrome browser so all that you have to do is find the Cast application and double click it, to Cast.



Malwarebytes Bug

Looks like Malwarebytes has a bug with Windows Defender that now it's disabling the service. The software for a while was working nicely together. But with Microsoft new updates, it looks less likely that it will be fixed anytime soon. Hopefully Malwarebytes will get their game together and get things go back as they were.



Mile to Empty

Looks like car manufactures are not telling you the truth regarding how many miles left when your car gauge reads empty. It's sort of misrepresentation of what the gas gauge was meant for but car manufactures will give you a million reason's why their way is the right way.
So for those user's who really want to know, then here is the information.



Best Laptop 2017

Here is a list of best and worst laptop manufactures. There is no guarantee that your laptop is going to last forever, but it's go to know who is making an effort building a better product.



Free Music Tracks

Love music then you should see what music tracks are worth download from the link below. Sometimes the best things in life come in a musical way.



BeeLink Sea I

Looking for a DVR recorder to play your favorite movies and do whatever you want to do with them later on. This box is sure out there and give you a lot of options and storage capacity for the next generation of things you might want to do with an entertainment device.



Apple Pay Safe

How safe is Apple Pay, let's just say it's the same as using your credit card online. As for safety only time will tell how secure Apple Pay will be. It's very convenient and the new generation of paying on the go.
My advice is to setup alerts and monitor on a daily basis if you use it a lot.



Get Fiber

Want to know what it will cost you to get fiber in your area. It's not cheap, but if you can get connected, you can expect the speeds to be higher than your typical local carrier.
It will take a while for prices to go down, but keep your eye's open, this can just be around the corner.

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