What is the value of your home?

This site gives you just that. A good estimate of what your property is worth.
Be on top and know your value now.


Locate Anyone

Need to find someone to settle a debt, divorce, tenant, property search.
You might consider this site instead of paying a lawyer or third party who will charge you high fees.


Gmail POP3 eMail Setup

If you have email and wanted to setup POP3 email using outlook or outlook express.
These links will help you on setting your POP3 emails.
Link 1
Link 2
Setup is simple and if you follow the two links you should be sending email in minutes. Make sure to activate POP3 emails in Gmail before you begin setup so that you Gmail account can send and receive emails.



Sync your online calendar with your phone.
This is just one of the many free things that you can do.


Swap A Gift

Have a Gift card for the Holidays from a department store you dislike.
Check this site out. For a small fee you can swap your gift card for your favorite gift card from your departments store you like.
You can even buy a Gift card at a discount price in some cases.
Make your special gift go an extra mile.


STD Site

This site is really out there.
If you ever caught a STD disease and don't know how to tell someone that you recently had sex that they may be infected. This is an interesting site to tell them the bad news. Nobody said it was going to be easy.
I must say this site is very out there.


For Dell PC users

Are you a Dell PC user?
If you are here is a nice link to keep all of your software's up to date.
Works similar to Windows updates and you never have to worry about searching other websites to get the latest download patch.


Email Accounts Paid Services vs. Free Emails

I've been telling people in the past about this for such a long time and at least someone was able to write it down and confirm my belief.
This is the reason why I advise for people not to use their paid service provider like AOL, MSN or Earthlink emails.
If you ever cancel the service. Guess what? You loose the email address.
This is why it's so important to use a separate email service for your email.
To easily send mail and to be able to keep that email service regardless of how you get onto the internet.


Space the Final Frontier

This is an interesting site for the space frontier in you.
You can view space news, download wallpapers, learn about the most current technology and my favorite the night sky.
If your interested in space this is a great site to visit.
Enjoy and I'll see you in the next galaxy.


LCD vs Plasma

The debate goes on and off and it's easier for you to decide than to keep on debating. But if you wanted to know the differences.
Here it is.



I must admit this pen does what you can't believe it could do and more.
What ever you write FLYPEN brings it to life.
Why not have the worlds first computer pen.
This computer uses software to help you do math, translate words to other languages, play music and much more. There's is just no end to what you can do.


Motorola Rokr

Motorola is giving it's cell phone users the ideal phone everyone wants.
A mobile phone and iTune player all in one.
If Motorola wins convincing customers to ditch there portable players for an all in one phone. Be ready to see more phones like this popping up everywhere.

WiFi Security Software

There is now better protection for Wifi Security.
As Wifi systems are being deployed nationwide, AirDefense hopefully will do it's job and keep ahead of the game by promising and securing Wifi access.


DirecTv Perks

If you haven't heard yet.
Directv has XM satellite radio programming in most of it's sets.
Depending on what package deal you have, you can now enjoy the free broadcast of XM satellite radio via directv.
So why bother to pay for satellite radio when you can get it for free.
Stay tuned.


Sell Your Textbooks

School books are just a big scandal.
You buy these expensive books never really to recoup the actual cost you spent when you resell them. The best site that I found lately is Amazon.
You have to open an account with them and your choices are either direct debit to your checking account or credit card, etc.
All you have to do is wait until someone buys your book at the price you think is reasonable. If they buy it you ship and get your money. That simple.
It's better than getting only $35- for a book that you already spent $150- for.
Try it and get your moneys worth.
Don't settle for what the bookstore value are.
Stay ahead of the game and sell your books using this link.


Watch Videos on your iPod for Free

As per the January 2006 Popular Science article it's as easy as 1..2...3

For Window users:
Download a file called PASV Video 9
Click setup -> in settings tab choose SP/320x240/29.97fps.768kbs stereo/128kbs
On wide screen movies you'll have to pick 320x176
Click Convert -> one-click transcode and select your file

For Mac users:
Download a file called ffmpegX
Choose the PSP preset as the target format
Click the video tab and change video size to 320x176
On wide screen movies you'll have to pick 320x240
Drag you file over the program window and click Encode

You final step after you converted you file is to drag the files to iTunes software
Click videos and drag it to your iPod
On iPod navigate to Video -> Movies and your done


Gloves for your Feet

Vibram definitely wants you to enjoy walking that it has created a five finger feet glove for your feet. The silly critters take the form of your feet and act like shoes but without the weight.
A good solution for all those times that you just want to walk freely.


Cell Phone Junk Yard

Here is another interesting Cell Phone Junk Yard for your old and used phones that you have no use for.


Noise cancellation Bluetooth Headset

Nxzen is taking bluetooth to the next level by offering noise cancellation with mp3 integration. Now you can hear music and answer your phone calls all in one.
But the most important is the wireless noise cancellation headphones that will make taking to someone easier.


Winter Head Gear * Fun *

Looking for some wacky head gear this winter to beat the cold.
This item might just do you right for the holidays.


Windows Live Local

It's exactly like google maps. But with perks and improvements.
They took whatever google maps had and added more stuff to the site.
It works great if your looking for a business location. The same as the yellow pages.
It's worth a look if you love google maps.


Interested In VOIP

Make sure you check out this link.
It will give you a good idea on what you should be looking for in service and rates.
It also gives you a list of service available providers in your area.
Even though VOIP is still in it's early stages. If your looking for an affordable phone service and want all the perks without having to pay for it. It's worth to try.
But VOIP is not for everyone.


Flash Animation 101

Interested in doing flash animations.
Check this link and teach yourself some flash animation.


CD & DVD Drive Disappearing from Computer

This is a good start to have your computer try to find your CD & DVD drive that all of a sudden disappeared.
I highly Do Not recommend anyone to do this.
But if you asked and wanted to know. Then this will be hopefully the fix to correct the missing problem. In most cases this tip works. In other cases it's a little more complicated.
Remember to back up your current windows registry settings before you begin and if anything goes wrong make sure you have a nearest technician to go to.
The down side about messing up and editing your windows registry is that you will have to re-format your computer again and loose whatever information you had on it.
If you have windows XP try system restore before doing the registry edit.


Home Commuting with XP

Want to know how to share your network folders with other users on your home or office network.
These few tips should put you on the right track to share and privatized files.


Microsoft Anti Piracy Program

If you think you probably have an illegal version of windows find out what your alternatives are to update to SP2 and other Windows updates.


Lojack for Your Laptop

This software is worth having if your a laptop owner who hates people stealing other people's portable devices.
The software is activated when you report your laptop stolen.
Before someone is able to reformat your hard drive, it sends out a message to it's central station via net or dialup. The central station in turn notifies the police and the police follow the ISP to the original user where the laptop sent it's last information from. The crooks get nabbed and hopefully you get your laptop back.
So laptop thieves beware, this software is out there to get you.
Subscription fees are reasonable but worth the cost of loosing your valuable laptop.


Who Reads Your Blog

Want to know who links to your blog?
Want to know what people are saying about your blogs or what you write?
Take a look at Talkdigger.
It's great for bloggers who want to know what the world is saying.


Book Publishing

Writing a book.
What to know where you can post it online and publish it.
This site will show you how and help you out.
Nice way to do things online


Firefox Ver 1.5

Firefox just came out with version 1.5 and it seems to be more stable than standard versions. It upgrades your old extensions to the new version. About time. And it upgrades your old browser. So no need to uninstall or reinstall like other versions.

New Extension:
I love the new infoRSS extension. It gives you an RSS feed at the bottom of the browser.

If your tired of windows updates. Go Firefox. I promise that the change will change the way you browse online. Keep on going Firefox.