I can see these earbuds definitely making a connection with iPhone users. Not only is it easy mountable to your iPhone but it makes carrying these devices easy to do. 

Apple should have thought of this idea long ago. 


Tesla Mining Rig

Its amazing on what lengths people will take to make passive income. In the long run this owner will continue to reap profits beyond the cars total value, so in some cases it's worth the expense.

I feel that todays mining rigs still consume to much power and hopefully someone sooner or later will put all the pieces to the puzzle together to create an energy efficient mining rig. Kudos to this owner. 


Taco Subscription

This can definitely change the food industry if this subscription service succeeds. Not only will you be able to eat a taco a day but add it to your daily meals. 

Can you imagine applying for a McDonald's monthly food subscription, that will be worth looking into it? 



Popcorn is Dead

It looks like this pirate site that was popular with many users has shut down and this time it may be for good. Since things are changing rapidly for cord-cutters the interest is no longer there and since there are other ways to get content the site became obsolete. 

It was good while it lasted and it paved the way for other services to offer free content. 


Blackberry Ends Support

The long-lived smartphone support has ended and the user now has no choice but to upgrade so that they can go forward with 5G wireless technology. 

This was long overdue, but I guess sometimes great technologies are hard to let go of.



PDF Tools

If you are always looking for free PDF tools, then this is a site to bookmark and remember. It contains most of the applications that premium PDF software comes with. It's ideal when you just need to use it for a few minutes to get your job done right. 



Understand Code

Now coding does not have to be complicated anymore. All you need to do is copy and paste the code you want to be translated and the site tells you what the code is doing.
So Denigma Alpha is the way to go if you just want the code to be explained in English instead of the programers language. 


Dell Concept Luna

 Dell has recently came up with a concept called Luna and it could change how laptops are designed in the future. Making it easily repairable and environment friendly. 

Now lets see if other manufactures follow the concept. 



Find Hidden AirTags

Apple has release an application to that enables users to determine whether someone may be tracking them using an AirTag or similar trackers from other companies. 
Now users should read all the reviews before they decide to install the application. 




Now buying and selling a home can be done at ease with this new site that gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to shop and buy properties. They even go as far as helping you get you a property manager to help you manage your property easily.


WhatsApp Crypto Payment

It looks like the famous chatting site now wants to move towards cryptocurrency payments and if all goes well this could be a new revenue source for the chatting service. And you better believe that other companies may follow along doing the same. 


Connect World Gone Wrong

It just comes to show you how connected everyone is to the internet. The more technology improves the more likely consumers are able to add these devices to their daily lives. 

Now when there are network outages like the recent AWS outage in December, this is just a taste of some of the services that were disrupted. 



Apple Device Help Thieves

It's unlikely that Apple's new AirTag is now being used for all sorts of illegal activity. These smart designs are making it easier for thieves to steal your high-end vehicles. 

This is a story of something good going bad and I hope Apple can quickly put a stop to this and save this ideal device. 


Grinch Bots

Lawmakers are now considering banning shopping bots that buy up online products and then resell them for higher prices on third party sites like eBay and Amazon. 
It's bots like these that fool e-commerce site verification systems and buy up discounted inventory in special buying seasons.

Let's see what will happen next. 


Twitter Photo Ban Sharing

It looks like Twitter is cracking down on user's who share other user's photos without their consent and it might just change social media as we know it. And with privacy concerns, I can see other social media magnets doing the same in order to keep everyone content. 


Zoom Attendance Tool

It looks like Zoom recently did some upgrades and now it will alert the host in the attendance status tool. And the host now will be able to see if the user accepted or declined the meeting invite. So get ready for Zoom's new features. 



What's up with Edge

Edge was coming strong as a Google alternative, now the browser looks like going in a different direction. Now it looks like Microsoft is going back to it's old habits and the browsers future is now in question. 


FB Money Messenger

It looks like Facebook will soon open up Messenger to it's payment platform and it's going to change social media as we know it today. 
The concept is not old but an opportunity for FB to become a payment service similar to Paypal and Venmo.


IRS Crypto Wallet Help

It looks like the IRS is seeking help to get a hold of owners with cryptocurrency wallets and this could be the beginning of more regulations to come.
This is just going to get more interesting in the future when these accounts are hacked.


Microsoft New Updates

It looks like Microsoft now is changing its update rules and soon updates will be done once a year. This will be a great solution for system administrators who need to constantly keep Windows updated. 

And I guess this will give them a good reason to want to upgrade to the new version to get the latest features. 


New Phone & Tablet rules

 It looks like Phone and Tablet makers are being forced to update their devices. The new law will only protect Europe but if passed it could change policies around the world forcing manufactures to allow the devices to get updates for up to seven years. 

So hopefully when you then go out and buy an outdated product, the manufacture will have to continue updating the device for seven years. 

Let's hope that everything passes and consumers get their money's worth. 



Canon Scanning Problem

Canon is being sued because it stops scanning when the ink cartridge is empty. The company has no right in blocking the scanning and faxing features on its printer. And I do not blame its customers for filing a class-action suit. 


Chrome OS update

The new Chrome OS update now turns Chromebooks into scanners so that the webcam can now scan documents with both cameras. So now your documents can now be easily scanned. 

It's great news and hope to see new more improvements with Chromebook. 


iPhone 14 Design

It looks like the iPhone 14 design is going to change everyone's lives. Not only is it small and portable but the battery life has increased. Let's hope to see this new design change phones as we know it.


FCC broadband map Help

This cool company named LightBox could be the FCC solution to resolve America's gaps in getting nationwide internet coverage. But will the local government stay with their outdated maps or improvise.

Stay tuned to what happens next. 



Enable RDP

Need to enable RDP on a Windows computer, then here are the steps on what to do to re-enable the service on your computer. 


Reset Dell to factory defaults

 Here is the simplest way to reset your Dell computer to factory defaults. 

It's a good idea to reset your computer every now and then to get the computer to run efficiently. If your computer is acting up and your tired of the performance. Resetting the computer to factory defaults does make a difference. 



Fix Outlook crashes when sending Mail

There will be times when Outlook starts misbehaving and for some reason, Outlook now decides to crash when sending emails. 

If you tried several things you might want to check the link for more troubleshooting tips.