Need Fax Cover Sheets

Need fax cover sheets for your daily work. No need to make one up, when you can easily download them onto your computer and put them to use immediately. Save time download one today.



Ready to deploy software across a network. Take a glance at WPKG and see if it's deploying methods are satisfactory too you. Profile can be created easily with the option of adding or removing programs.

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Ford Texting

Looks like Ford motors is responding to consumer's requests on texting while driving. Now Ford has developed a method where a user can hear their text messages while driving with a few simple commands. The technology has been there for a while on older models and it was just recently available with a software upgrade. Go Ford.


Qustodio Parental Control

Now there's a parental control program for Windows 7. Not only does it monitor your child's social access, but it also monitor's tampering, net access and social network behavior. Start now, before it's too late.


Verizon Wireless Privacy

With all the new privacy concerns, it's pretty difficult to understand what companies are doing to protect your privacy. Take Verizon Wireless for example. They now have the ability to monitor your phone's web activity, location, app interest, and demographics that is shared among their advertisers and partners. Is this what you wanted? If not, I hope you can follow the instructions above to opt out.
It's a shame what these companies are doing and I hope that  consumers put an end to this.



What is a Rootkit? Easiest way to put it is that it's almost the same thing like getting a virus or malware on your computer.The reason why is mostly because in the end they all affect on how your computer performs and they all do they samething. That is to mess up your computer from working normally.
What are your solutions from fixing this problem. Usually it all depends on how bad and infected the computer is. My best advice to you is to backup everything and re-format the computer all together. Because no matter how many times your remove these rootkit's. Your computer will never run the same. Good luck.

Some Rootkit Help
Rootkit Detectors
Microsoft Rootkit

Rootkit Removers
Trend Micro


Easy way to Save Links

There are several ways to save links and the reason why you want to do this is to save your bookmarks from being lost forever. It took you a while already to find your favorite links. Now make sure you keep them forever.



Scrapi Image Downloader

Need to download images with a few clicks. This great software takes the pain out of right clicking and saving pictures one by one. Now all you do is install Scrapi and all your pictures will be downloaded instantly.


Active Directory Telephone Book

Looking for an easier way to view find people on your network. Install the Active Directory Telephone book and match employee's to other people. 


Verify if your Gmail Account has been hacked

Want to verify if your Gmail Account has been hacked. Gmail is already setup to do this, all you need to do is to know what looking for. It's real easy and simple. Now lets just hope you're account will be secure.


Digital Business Card

Need to go beyond networking, try digital business cards and take a leap into the new world of digital business cards. Now passing out business cards is total electronic. 


Remove Empty Folders

Tired of seeing empty folders. Here's a great software to remove empty left over folders left by programs in your computer that were recently deleted. The great thing about this software is that you preview before you delete.


iOnRaod Augmented

If you have an Android there is new software that you should be installing to have a third eye on the road. The current software is still in BETA but will eventually dominate the market in the upcoming years. Not only does it navigate your driving conditions but other vehicles ahead of you and caution when your vehicle gets to close. It's a great alert system to prevent future real time collisions. It's a must try application.


Cheap Voice Over IP

Making calls local and international are getting cheaper and cheaper. Yearly prices are so affordable that you'll be amazed on what your going to pay. It's these small Voice Over IP companies that the phone companies don't want you to know for personal and business.

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Want to capture almost everything that means the most to you. Take a look at this site and keep notes on hand where ever you go. 


Geo Tracking

This has been out for a while and I would suggest that you all remove Geo Tracking device. It can be dangerous for you and your loved one's. So be safe than sorry.

check out how to disable Geo Tracking here


Destroy Twitter

Here's a site for all those Twitter hatter's who don't want to follow everyone, everyday. It suppose to free up your time to reduce the number of Tweets you get the entire day. You can also filter users who you don't want to follow. At least now you can control your Tweets. 


Small Business Web Hosting

Here's what you need to know about Small Business Web Hosting. I suggest if your a beginner to start with the best well known hosting providers like Godaddy.com and Mywebsite.1and1.com and then latter on when you familiarize yourself on what you want to do, you can then choose where you want to go. Good luck.


Creepy Halloween

Halloween is coming soon and this year you want to top other Halloween costumes. Well this company specially is going to challenge many new comers. How about cloning your face for Halloween? If your interested then check out this site below.

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Hard Drives in Yrs

Here's a look at hard drives through the years. It's amazing on how we've come a long way.


JPG mini

Here's the easiest way to shrink pictures online. All you do is upload your pictures and shrink them. Now you can scale down any picture size so that it can easily be imported to your favorite websites.



Here's a great way to bring web applications to your desktop. All you have to do is download and install the program and easily customize the programs that you always want access to.


Chrome Remote

Get ready for Chrome remote, now there is no excuse to remotely control any computer while using the Chrome browser. Even though it's in BETA it's a long due plus for Chrome.

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Need to recover a lost password, operaviewpass can give you a hand when your in need of a quick recovery. Recovering a password is a simple and copy and pasting the password to the password recover utility. 



If you ever wanted to search a USB drive or DropBox while on your computer, you were in luck if you found anything because Windows Search is basically useless. This is where Dropout comes in and saves the day.
The software easily scan's your USB drives and DropBox account so that it's easily searchable.  


Social Media Don'ts

I seen this so many times and it's just getting ridiculous on how social media is getting out of hand. It's my advice that if your going to tweet or post anything, keep your work life out of it,or better yet, just don't Tweet.

TeamViewer for Chrome

If you enjoy Chrome, your going to love the new TeamViewer extension for remote computers. Now there should be no reason for you not to monitor a remote computer. 


Remote Desktop for Windows

If your in need of the remote software for Windows, here's the link to install the software. All you need to understand is that with this software you can login to your work computer at home.
Please note you still need to ask permission from management and your system administrator to do this. 


Install Plugin's easily

Want to install plug-in's easily. Ninite is a great solution for plug-in's when you need them. Now there is no need to search online, or go to the manufacture website to download the plug-in's. It's as easy and click and install. 



Want to skip the wait when you go to those file sharing download sites. This software automatically begins downloads without the wait. 


USB write protect

If you have an old flash drive, you'll be surprised that they come with write protection. But the new flash drives lack this feature. The easiest way to install it is by using this handy software utility.