Wine in soda cans

Get ready for portable wine via soda cans. This could be a new generation for wine lovers to go portable worldwide.



There is a new security threat for DNS servers and if you don't patch it soon, your domain name can be hijacked. Emails could be redirected and websites could be spoofed. Everything will be a risk. Right now there is no fix for this but a work-around to fix the entire Net. So IT consultants beware because this problem is not going anywhere.


ATEN KVM Switches

Take a look at the new generation of KVM switches that ATEN has currently available. It will make your live much easier, monitoring various computers.


Temperature Alert

Need to monitor your server constantly and want to make sure that it's environment is constantly cool so that your server is always operating efficiently. This device although limited will do just that.


Learn who your neighbors are?

Sometimes you rather not want to know who your neighbor's are. But for those of you who really want to know, this website makes it clear what type of people live next to you.


Sell Your Photo's

Have rare photo's and want to see if they are worth anything. Load them up and just wait for your royalty check to do the talking.


Pod Pillow

Let's just say it's a nice beach accessory for the everyday beach goer. Who would not want to have one.

Make Your Own Business Cards

Want to make a unique personalize business card. Moo will show you the way. It's simple has attaching the picture and customizing your card.


Solar Power Keyboard

For a keyboard this product is a little pricey but if you have time and love solar power then this gadget is for you.


Pin's hacked from ATM

It looks like Citibank's ATM's at 7 Eleven's pin's are being hacked and the bank refuses to put a stop to it and continues using them.


Maxtor fail safe Hard drive

Maxtor has developed a fail safe hard drive that is flame resistant and waterproof. Making data storage more reliable when you need it in a disaster.


Keyboard iPhone on it's way

Yes Apple has made a keyboard iPhone similar to our current version of the Blackberry. It's still not final but the iPhone is getting there.


101 Ways to Save Money on Gas

As per cheapstingybargains.com this is the best way to save gas at least for now.


101 Ways to Save Money on Gas
Never has the saying “every little bit helps” rung more true than in the quest to save cash when filling up your vehicle.

What follows are 101 ways you can save money on gas, including tips on gas buying, driving and car maintenance, as well as advice on how to stay out of the car altogether. While you probably won’t be able to use all of the suggestions, trying a few of them together could make a big difference in your gas bill.

Gas Buying Tips

1. Compare gas prices; do this in your head as you drive by service stations and other gas sellers or from home using online resources like GasBuddy.com, GasPriceWatch.com or MapQuest Gas Prices.

2. Use widgets such as Gas for Macs and GasWatch for PCs to check current gas prices.

3. Sign up for text messages from gas price tracking companies like GasBuddy.com and MobGas.com.

4. Use self-service instead of full-service.

5. Remember that higher traffic areas usually mean higher gas prices.

6. Buy fuel with a credit card that offers gas savings or even cash back.

7. Sign up for a credit card from a gas company that offers discounts for filling up at its stations.

8. Join a loyalty club of a warehouse or store that gives membership rebates on gas purchases.

9. Find out if any local gas stations offer discounts for paying in cash.

10. Don’t top off your gas tank as that extra fuel will probably only spill out anyway; once you hear that first click, stop filling.

11. Buy gas during the early morning or late evening; gas is densest at those times, ensuring more fuel and less vapor for your money.

12. Don’t use high octane if your car doesn’t need it.

13. In order to be sure that your car still gets the octane level it needs without spending too much for the high level, or causing damage to your vehicle with a level too low, consider mixing octanes you find at good prices.

14. Wait until your tank is a quarter empty to fill up; no need to carry extra weight around in your car (more weight makes your car work harder, using more gas) and waiting until the tank is empty isn’t good for your fuel injection system.

15. Buy gas in the middle of the week as it is usually cheaper than on the weekends.

16. Fill up well before holidays as prices tend to rise.

17. Compare gas brands to determine which gives you the best quality for your money.

Driving Tips

18. Go the speed limit. Aside from being a safe choice, you’ll also get up to 21% better gas mileage at 55 mph than at 70 mph. As traffic lights are time-controlled, you’re also more likely to hit green lights and avoid wasting gas on frequent stops and restarts.

19. Don’t travel at fast rates in low gears as it can use up to 45% more fuel than necessary; shift into high gear as soon as possible.

20. Stay at a steady speed as speeding up and slowing down uses more fuel.

21. On that note, if you have cruise control and you’re in light traffic, use it.

22. Avoid weaving in and out of traffic as you’ll use more gas.

23. When starting out, accelerate slowly; you’ll use less gas and also be kinder to your carburetor.

24. Don’t tailgate. Not only is it dangerous, it also can waste fuel if you need to make a sudden slowdown or stop.

25. When approaching a hill, speed up before you get to it, keep steady on the incline and coast down the other side.

26. Travel well-known, well-paved roads as much as possible; not only do you lessen your chances of getting lost and wasting gas, you’ll also save gas by avoiding dirt or gravel roads, which can drop gas mileage up to 30%.

27. Travel in a straight line whenever possible.

28. Don’t idle. If you’re going to sit still for more than 30 seconds, it is probably better for gas mileage to turn off and then restart the car.

29. If you don’t stop and restart, at least put your automatic car in neutral to allow the transmission to cool down.

30. Avoid driving during peak traffic periods like holiday weekends and rush hour.

31. When possible, coast to stops rather than braking hard.

32. Don’t rev your engine.

33. Roll up the windows when traveling at high speeds; the extra resistance can cost you about 10% of your gas mileage.

34. When passing another car, commit and do it quickly and safely.

35. Use overdrive gears, which keep RPM down.

36. Don’t rest your foot on the brake. Any extra pressure can cause drag that reduces your gas mileage.

37. If you have four-wheel drive and can turn it off, do so until you actually need it.

38. Keep your eyes open for what other drivers are doing as well as for upcoming traffic jams, etc.

Car Maintenance Tips

39. Have your car serviced at regular intervals, preferably those recommended in your owner’s manual.

40. Use steel-belted radial tires, which can increase gas mileage up to 10%.

41. Fill tires to the maximum suggested limit in order to reduce contact area between your car and the road; this reduces friction, which increases gas mileage.

42. Be sure your brakes are in good working order; if they’re dragging, they’re creating more resistance for your car to handle, making it use more gas.

43. Be sure the suspension, tires and chassis parts are aligned properly as anything bent or broken will create engine drag.

44. Make sure your air and fuel filters are in good working order.

45. Change your oil every 5,000 miles or every 3,000 miles if you live in a warm climate.

46. Be sure you’re using the correct grade motor oil for your car; this information should be in your owner’s manual. The wrong grade can increase engine friction and use more gas.

47. Use a fuel injection cleaner when you change the oil to ensure your fuel injection system is working properly.

48. Take off vinyl tops and luggage or ski racks to reduce drag.

49. Clean out your car as carrying around extra, unnecessary items can adversely affect your gas mileage. Keep that spare tire though!

50. Make sure your gas cap fits properly. Every year in the United States, 147 million gallons of fuel are lost to evaporation.

Warm Weather Tips

51. Consider tinting your windows, particularly if you live in a warm climate.

52. To reduce air-conditioning usage, install solar-powered window fans that pull cooler air into the car.

53. If you use snow tires and chains in the winter, be sure to remove them for warmer weather; snow tires have deeper treads that increase friction with the road and cause your car to use more gas.

54. Use your air conditioning sparingly as it can reduce your fuel economy up to 20%; roll down your windows or use the ventilation system instead. Remember tip #33, though, and be sure those windows are up at higher speeds.

55. Choose a car with light colored exterior and interior to reflect rather than absorb light and heat, especially in warm climates.

56. Park in the shade.

57. When parked, have the windows rolled down a bit for air circulation (assuming that is safe to do in the area).

58. If you’re using air conditioning, turn it off five minutes before your estimated arrival.

Cold Weather Tips

59. No need for a long warm-up of the engine in the morning; thirty to 45 seconds will do the trick.

60. Don’t let icicles accumulate on the frame of your car as they can cause drag.

61. Pay special attention to tire pressure in cold weather.

62. Use snow tires and chains as little as possible as they make your car use more gas.

Other Tips

63. Ask yourself whether the trip is truly necessary before hopping in the car and driving off without thinking.

64. Put down those car keys and use your legs instead; walking or biking helps save on gas and keeps you in shape.

65. Or, rollerblade!

66. Get a motorcycle or scooter instead of a car, even just to travel shorter distances when you won’t need storage space.

67. Use public transportation (buses, subways, etc.) whenever possible.

68. If public transportation doesn’t serve your entire route, use “park and ride” services where offered.

69. Carpool with coworkers or others going in the same direction and split the cost of gas.

70. If you don’t have anyone to carpool with, try ridesharing.

71. Instead of owning a vehicle, car share through a group that rents cars for as little as an hour at a time.

72. If you have a job you can do from home, see if your employer will agree to let you telecommute.

73. Another option to explore with your employer is flex-time that may let you avoid traveling during peak traffic times.

74. Four ten-hour day work weeks are also something you might propose to your employer to help you drive less and avoid rush hours.

75. Move closer to your job (assuming you’re looking for a new place to live anyway, of course).

76. Make a list of errands and combine them into as few trips as possible.

77. Try to do only one big grocery shopping trip a week; if you need to do more runs per week and are close enough to walk or bike, leave the car at home.

78. If errand stops are relatively close together, walk between them instead of parking and re-parking your car.

79. Speaking of parking, pull into the first spot you find and get on with your errands; you’re wasting gas going around and around the parking lot only to save yourself a few steps.

80. Park forward-facing when possible; reversing takes more gas.

81. If your children are old enough, send them on the errands—on foot or bicycle.

82. Don’t have children? Pay a local kid and encourage her entrepreneurial spirit as well.

83. If your neighborhood allows for it, have your children walk or bike to school.

84. Consider a train for your next trip instead of taking your car.

85. Get GPS if you make frequent trips to new places.

86. If you can’t afford GPS or don’t want to invest in it, use online or old-fashioned maps to plan out routes before leaving the house.

87. If a merchant offers delivery, it just may save you money to have them bring merchandise to you than for you to pick it up.

88. Plan trips in advance and leave plenty of time to get to your destination; this can help avoid wrong turns (and wasted gas) as well as speeding, which we’ve already said uses more gas than going the speed limit.

89. If you have more than one car in your household, use the one that gets better gas mileage whenever possible.

90. Keep a track of gas purchases and mileage; this can help you track ebbs and flows in gas prices at certain stations, alert you to possible fuel-related problems in your car and come in useful during tax time if you can deduct any travel expenses.

91. Listen to radio traffic reports so you can steer clear of traffic jams and other problems on the road.

92. Look for shopping bargains from home by using flyers, newspaper advertisements, online resources and your telephone.

93. Get a hybrid car or have yours converted to one; while it costs money up front, you’ll soon see the savings.

94. Get an electric car.

95. Get a diesel car, which can actually get better gas mileage than a hybrid.

96. Explore other fuel sources like ethanol, flex-fuel or biodiesel.

97. If you don’t truly need an SUV or truck, go for a smaller vehicle, which weighs less than a large vehicle and, in turn, gets better gas mileage.

98. Following the same principle, if you’re renting a car, go for the smallest for your needs.

99. If your car is old and gets horrible gas mileage, consider buying a new one. Again, this will cost you up front but save in the long run.

100. Skip the drive-thru and just park and go inside the restaurant instead; remember what we said about idling in #27?

Now, last but certainly not least . . .

101. Share this list with fellow gas-buying friends and see what ideas they can add to it. You can never have too many weapons in your arsenal of money-saving gas tips, so why not have a brainstorming session with others also looking to save money on gas?

Just remember to carpool to get to the meeting!

By Michelle Fabio




Want to get the cheapest gas prices in you area. Sign up for Mobgas and get text messages for gas in your area.


Firefox 3.0 is Here

It's here and it's going to revolutionize the way we browse the internet. So if your getting kicked out of other sites trying to download Mozilla Firefox 3.0, give this link a try.


Adobe 9

Adobe just released it's new version 9 with new improvements to it's reader. Upgrading is mostly a user preference, but I still see any reason going to version 9 if you don't use acrobat that often.


Metro PCS bring other carriers

If you have a cell phone and want to switch over to MetroPCS here is great news for you. In some cases you can still use your regular cell phone, when joining up with the MetroPCS service. The new service is an open door for other cell phone carriers to do the same.


Get 42 Gig on a DVD

The concept and idea is here it's just a matter of time before they figure out how a dvd and blue ray player can read these special formated DVD's.


Solar TV

If you are thinking green this year you might be interested to know that solar television has now arrived. The launch date is years to come, but it is nice to know that someone is thinking solar energy.



This is a new concept in car rentals in which you need not to rent a car for a day. With Zipcar you rent the vechicle per hour instead of per day. That way if you only need a car for a specific number of hours, your money doesn't go to waste. Give it a try if renting a car per hour is for you.


My Gallons

Here is a new website to help you save money on gas. Most fuel companies give you rebates and other perks for gasoline purchases. This company let's you prepay gasoline at today's current gas price to be used at a later date. You then use their prepaid debit card at their 200,000 gasoline locations and fill up your gas tank. When your debit card runs out of cash you refill it again. It's that simple.


Magic Jelly Bean key finder

This software usually comes up as spyware or a virus because Microsoft doesn't want you to have this great utility that can save you money. If you have a license and want to say the key. This software will help you to do this.


Glass Keyboard

If your in the market for a new keyboard, then you need to look at this new glass design keyboard. Just be careful you don't break it.


iPhone 3G cost only $100 to Manufacture

Apple has made major improvements to it's iPhone 3G and it costs half of what the first generation iPhone was valued at. I just hope that Apple will get reasonable to lower it's price.


10000 Free Legal Albums

It looks like the record industry is giving in and changing their ways of doing business. Right now as it's illegal to download music unless the record labels makes it free and legal. For now everyone has to just wait until that day comes. Enjoy your free downloads.


Real Clear Politics

Here is another political website for those user's who love politics.


Change the Product key in XP

As it appears in TechRepulic.com

For most Microsoft Windows XP installs, you’ll never need to worry about the validity of the product key assigned to your copy of the OS. However, software does tend to get installed without authorization, even in the most carefully managed shops, and so from time to time you may need to reset the Windows XP product key.

For example, perhaps a user installed a pirated copy of XP but now wants to go legal. Maybe you’ve been hired by an organization that installed 100 pirated copies of XP but now has a legitimate volume-licensing key (VLK). Perhaps an end user purchased an additional retail license for XP but needs to use his original CD to install the software. When situations like these arise, changing XP’s product key is often the most practical-or only-solution.

Determining if you have a valid product IDHopefully you already know if you’re dealing with a pirated copy of XP. But if you’re unsure, a quick way to tell is to install Service Pack 1. Shortly after releasing Windows XP, Microsoft realized that most pirated XP installations were using two specific VLKs, the most popular of which begins with “FCKGW.” These VLKs produce product IDs that match either XXXXX-640-0000356-23XXX or XXXXX-640-2001765-23XXX, where X is any number.

If you try to install SP1 and get the following error message:

The Product Key used to install Windows is invalid. Please contact your system administrator or retailer immediately to obtain a valid Product Key…”

You are dealing with a pirated copy of Windows. For more information about obtaining a valid product key, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 326904.

You can also directly check the operating system’s product ID by right-clicking on My Computer, clicking Properties, and selecting the General tab. The machine’s product ID will be located under the Registered To section. If the ID matches either of the two models commonly associated with VLK fraud, you’ll need to obtain a valid XP product key before proceeding. None of the procedures described below will work without a legitimate product key.

Two methods of changing Windows XP’s product keyYou can change a Windows XP installation’s product key either by editing the registry or by using one of two Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) scripts. The registry editing method is outlined in Knowledge Base articles 321636 and 328874 and works on Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, and Windows XP Corporate Edition.

The script method is outlined in article 328874 and is designed to work on Corporate Edition installations that use a VLK and do not require activation. It may work on a Home or Professional installation, but I have not tested this scenario.

The script method is the practical solution for changing the product keys on a large number of machines. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure to backup important data before changing a product ID, since an unexpected problem could render the machine unbootable and necessitate a complete reinstallation of Windows.


The following instructions involve editing your system registry. Using the Windows Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that require the reinstallation of your operating system and possible loss of data. TechRepublic does not support problems that arise from editing your registry. Use the Registry Editor and the following directions at your own risk.


Editing the registryBegin by opening the Registry Editor and navigating to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrent VersionWPAEventsIn the right pane, right-click the ODBETimer binary value and select Modify. Change at least one character of this value to either a number from 0 to 9 or to a letter from A to F, then click OK and close the Registry Editor. This renders the current product key invalid and deactivates Windows.

Now, it’s time to reactivate Windows using your new product key. Click Start | Run and enter the command:

%systemroot%system32oobemsoobe /awhere %systemroot% is your Windows directory. In many cases, this command will look like:

C:windowssystem32oobemsoobe.exe /aAt this point, Windows will launch the Product Activation Wizard.

Figure A

Product Activation Wizard
Select the option to telephone a Microsoft customer service representative to activate Windows, as shown in Figure A, and click Next. Now, select the Change Product Key option and enter your new product key as shown in Figure B. Finally, click Update and close the window. If Windows returns you to the previous screen, just select the Remind Me Later option. When the wizard is finished, reboot the system.

Figure B

Enter new product key
When Windows reboots, your next step will depend on which Windows XP version you are using. If you have XP Home or Professional, you’ll be prompted to reactivate your copy of Windows through the normal activation process. If you have XP Corporate, no activation is required and your machine should have a valid product ID. You can verify this by running the %systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a command again. When the wizard loads this time, you should see a message indicating that your copy of Windows has already been activated.

Using a WMI scriptAlthough the registry editing process is effective, it can be tedious and impractical if you need to change the product key on more than a few machines. So Microsoft provides two WMI scripts, one for XP machines with SP1 and one for XP machines without SP1.

View the code for the WMI script, ChangeVLKey2600.vbs, designed for use on XP machines without SP1.
View the code for the WMI script, ChangeVLKeySP1.vbs, for XP machines with SP1 already installed.
Copy the appropriate script’s code into a text file and save it as either ChangeVLKey2600.vbs or ChangeVLKeySP1.vbs. The scripts can act in conjunction with a valid product key as part of a login script to change the product ID on multiple machines. You can also execute the script from the command line to change the key on a single computer.

For example, if you wanted to change the product key on an XP machine without SP1 and had already saved the script to root directory on the C: drive, you would click Start | Run and enter the following command:

C:changevlkey2600.vbs xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxOf course, xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx in this scenario is a valid product key.

The script should take only a few seconds to run and won’t prompt you for further action unless there’s a problem, such as an invalid product key. As with the registry editing method, you can verify that Windows is now using a valid product key by running the command:

%systemroot%system32oobemsoobe.exe /aThe Product Activation Wizard will load and should tell you that your copy of Windows has already been activated.


Clock Watch

Here is a neat Clock Sync software for your computer when you need to have your time in constant sync. This will save you time from constantly resetting your computer or server to keep the accurate time daily.


How to install programs in Vista without UAC

I am one of many user's who hate that annoying UAC prompt to install a program in Vista. The idea is good, but there should be a better way on installing updates with programs that you already have on your computer.
Try This little hack to keep UAC from popping up when doing updates.


Wireless Router Upgrade

If you have an old router, here's a great upgrade to boost it's signal, if your willing to risk it all.
Yes, the manufacture will void this upgrade. But if you do it correctly, then your router will gain more on what it currently has now.


Block Cell Phone Spam

It's just going to get worse when it comes to cell phone spam. In the meantime if the spam is coming from an email account, here is how you can stop it for now.