Activate Remote Desktop

Allow users to connect remotely

My Computer -> Properties and click the remote tab.
Make sure that Allow users to connect remotely to this computer box is checked.

Start -> All Programs ->Accessories -> Communications -> Remote Desktop Connection


Put More Widgets on to your Website

Feedzilla is letting anyone post free News widgets onto their website with their unique scripts. All you have to do is pick the news site and copy and paste the code onto your website.
This is a popular way to easily get hits and keep others from wanting to come back.


Turn an RSS Feed to a Widget

With widgetbox all you do is enter a list of RSS feeds and create a custom widget script to use for your web page to be followed by everyone. That simple and that easy. The only thing that I don't like is the monthly fee.



Solar Trash Cans

Looks like Solar trash compactors are coming to Philadelphia real soon. The new plan stores more trash and will save the city millions in the years to come. Now my question is when will solar advertising be available.


Install Pad

Need to install all your applications at once. This software will save you time and make things simple. Just add on to the list and it downloads and installs the program for you one after the other. Not all applications work great with this software. For a list of working applications view the link below.

List of working Apps


Trackle Alerts

This new alert center will alert you of almost everything that's going around in your neighborhood.

severe weather
real estate value
apartments for rent


Cell Phone Tethering

Tethering is the term for using a cell phone broadband on your laptop with a data plan. You connect your cell phone via usb cable and use your laptop to connect to the web through the cell phone's data plan. It works great with smart phones and with Window Mobile phones. If your in constant need of a broadband connection this is an in expensive way to go.

Using the software almost saves you half of the time
Pda Net
Pda Net Blackberry

For Nokia Phones use this


Google Latitude

Google latitude will keep track of your pals. It let's your smart phone and laptop keep track of your location via GPS. And when you need to contact them you can do so by either IM them or emailing them. Their are some privacy concerns but it's worth looking into.



Need to organize all your travel plans into one. This program is your personal assistant that puts all your travel information into one.



Google better be prepared because if this new search engine starts getting smarter, this could be the new Google on the block.

You can give this new search engine mathematical problems and it will solve them.
ex. b log(x)
what is the meaning of life


Make iTunes work with any MP3 Player

This software works with iTunes and most MP3 players. Once the software is installed you just add the MP3 player and sync your music exactly the way you did with your current iPod. You no longer have to add additional software to sync your music into your MP3 player.


Disk Digger

This software is so advanced that it can even found VMWare's virtual machine trashed drives. I am impressed.


Free Drive Image

Need a Drive Image copy of your hard drive just in case one day your operating system crashes. Drive Image XML will do the job for free.


Outlook Tips

Outlook Tips

1-While Outlook is open hit the second key on the mouse to open Outlook in a New Window

2-Display Multiple Dates in the Outlook Calendar by clicking on a date and holding the Ctrl key and clicking additional dates. This will show you in the Outlook Calendar side by side.

3-If your using the flag in Outlook, you can also categorize it using different colors. Just right click on the flag and change the flag color.

4-To add email user's to your Outlook contacts account open message and on message right click on email address to add contacts to Outlook


Notifu via Sims

Need to send text messages to a group on multiple platforms and also need to verify if they received them. This application even works for international numbers.



Great resource for anyone looking for summarization, multimedia and help in literature, poetry and American history.


Rapid Share Plus

Automate the Rapid Share free limited account without waiting. The program saves you time on downloading, changing file names, start and stopping downloads and shut down your computer after files have been downloaded.

Download Rapid Share Plus


Use OpenDNS

Since the recent attached on DNS servers from criminals your best bet today is to use OpenDNS.
To do this do the following:
Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet and click Network Sharing Center
Under task listed on the left click Manage Network Connections. In Manage Network Connections right click the icon representing your network card -> click properties and in the properties list click Internet Protocol Version 4. Click Properties button in the ensuing screen and select Use the following DNS server address button. Type in a primary address of in the secondary address type and click Ok.


Lockout Vista's unwanted Guest

If privacy is a must for your shared computer you should do the following. Prevent unwanted guest from guessing your admin password by allowing outsiders unlimited guesses at the admin password. You do this by clicking start -> Local Security Policy -> Choose Account Lockout Threshold and at the prompt enter the number of invalid log-ins you'll accept. This will close out your outsiders unlimited guesses window.


Find Vista's double Firewall

Have a program that is being block by the Windows firewall but can't seem to still get net access. Check out Vista's double Firewall to see if that program has access. But this will be difficult to find because it's not in the Windows Firewall setting. Your best bet is to go to Windows search and type the following wf.msc and press ENTER. This will open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
You then scroll down to Outbound Rules and then New Rule in the upper right corner. Then you select the program path for the application you require access to. For each program you want internet access you have to allow the connection and create a new rule for every app otherwise you will not get net acess.


Never Loose Anything Again

This new GPS tracking device is excellent on locating your luggage, pets and people. Just hookup to pets collar, suitcase, keychain and then logon to the website to find where it is within thirty feet away. You can even track how fast the item is going, just in case someone was driving. I am just a little upset on it's battery life which is just seven days.


Black Bar over Text in Adobe

Now that everyone is going paperless all these scan documents are now lying on your computer or storage hard drive open for access. If your concern on security for these documents you can black out the text for these .PDF files but it will require third party software. The only downside about this is that the document will be altered from it's original state and you'll probably lose it's search ability.


Cell Phone Data Eraser

We already know about the news what happened when in the 2009 campaign staffers sold there Blackberrys and left valuable information on their phones. Now will Cell Phone Data Eraser your worries are no longer needed.


Speed Up Shutdown, Logoff & Restart

If you have XP, Vista or Windows 7 this new utility will help you shutdown, Logoff and Restart your computer faster than you normally would. I just don't understand why Windows has to rely on another program to do this.

System Booster


Delete Backup Hotfix Folder

If you have a Windows Server, at times the C drive will contain hidden Hotfix folders that are maintain in the Server and taking away valuable space. These files usually start with $ character. In order to delete the files create in Notepad a file named DeleteHotFixBackups and copy and paste the script below to later change the file extension to .bat
Please note that deleting HotFixes is risky if your trying to uninstall a particular HotFix. Also you can accidentally delete backup folders because some backup folder do begin with $.


Del kb*.log
For /F "usebackq delims=" %%W in ('dir/d/b/ah $*.*') Do RD %%W /S /Q


Panda Internet Security 2009 free for 3 months

Another freebie but you have to act fast. These freebies go by so quickly. Once they're up it's only a matter of time before they shut them down because of the high demand.

Here is a list of Panda's Key Security Features

Anti-Malware Engine
Personal Firewall
Advanced Proactive Protection
Anti-Phishing Filter
Anti-Rootkit Technology
Anti-Banking Trojan Engine
Anti-Spam Filter
Web Filter
Parental Control
Backup & Restore
Personal Information Filter


I Heart Music

It's a new music site that takes recordings from unknown artists. So if your into the music industry and have yet to be seen. This is an excellent site to send your demo for feedback. It today's market, you never know.
Beside's that the website also has a links for i heart radio with 750 stations. Not bad for a music site. I wish MTV would of hopped on to this plan a long time ago.



Want to always erase your browser history so that others don't see what you don't want them to see. This software can help you hide your tracks by over writing the browser cache over and over.

Other Link


Another Excel

EditGrid is another alternate online spread sheet that you might want to look at if your done using Microsoft Excel. It specializes in financial data that gives you more of what regular Excel should do for you.
There are some diadvantages but it does take Excel to the next level.


Excel without the Math

Looking for an Excel spread sheet without the Math. LogiXML VizLytics can make things very simple by slicing and dicing data in many different ways.


Convert Youtube Videos to MP3

Again here is another link to convert your favorite YouTube videos to MP3. Hopefully this link will not go away like the privious ones that I posted in the past.


You can also use the Firefox add on extension to make your life simple.

You Tube MP 3