Defrag your computer automatically

This is a little tech tip to have your computer defragmented. Defragging your computer increases your computer search capabilities and gives your computer a tune up.
The best way to defrag a computer is to set it up automatically. By this we go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Schedule Tasks.
In the schedule tasks menu click on -> Add Schedule Task and once this box opens up click browse. In file name you need to type the following %systemroot%\system32\defrag.exe and click open. This will create the system a continuous defrag task that can be setup daily, weekly or monthly.


Open source laptop battery saver

This open source software will help you save at least 70% or your laptop battery life. It's an excellent app for users who need to have access to there laptop at all times.


Wifi Thefts at Airports

It's been known for a while and now it looks like more Wifi thieves are stealing valuable data information from frequent flyers.
For now, be cautious until these security issues are resolved.


Vista Hardware Compatibility List

Running Windows Vista and thinking about adding additional hardware. Take a moment to view the windows compatibility list before you buy anything. Otherwise your taking a chance that there might not be a windows Vista update for that hardware anytime soon.


Sell your computer memory

Have some memory and want to sell it so that you can buy additional memory. Here's a good store to check out. You can just sell your memory and get a check in return. Regardless what the buyout price is, at least you got rid of the memory you never plan to use again.

Note: Although this is a great place to get cash for your memory, this site is quite unreasonable when it comes to getting market value for your memory. Your best bet is to try ebay and get a better deal.


Sell your used computer or laptop computer

Done and office upgrade and now you need to get rid of your old equipment. Stop and look at this site and maybe your old hardware can bring you in some extra cash.
It's not for everyone.


Inflight USB power unit

If your constantly travel, this device is a must have item. You plug the device via phone jack on your airline seat and the device becomes a USB charging unit for all of your portable devices. Now you can charge your cellular phone, pda, smart phone, laptop, iPod and so on. I just hope more of these items show up every where.


Windows Updates Stop Working

If your windows updates all of a sudden stopped working. Here is a helpful forum site to help your resolve your windows update issue.


Free iPhone Ring Tones

If you have an iPhone and use iTunes, this could be a big buck saver for you on ring tones. You'll have to go to the Mac forums to figure out on how to do this. But it's so simple that you wished you did it yourself.


Proof that iPhone Sim Free Unlocks the Phone

Do not believe everything that the cellular carriers tell you. You can unlock any phone to work with your wireless network. It just might not operate effectively.


APC Notebook Battery 70

Looking for more juice for your notebook when your on the road. You might want to consider the APC Notebook Battery 70. It adds another 1.8 pounds to your laptop. But with extra power to last up to six hours.


Disable Vista Annoying Permission

Although I highly recommend not to do this. Here is the tweak.
Go to Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts -> all you do then is look for the Turn User Account Control on or off. And disable it.


Widget Callwave SMS

Need to send a text message via cellular phone. No need to do that anymore. Send it via your desktop using the SMS widget.


Widget Magic Folder

Need to file folders onto your computer. Now be able to do it at ease with the magic folder widget. All you do is download and install the program and drop and drag files into your file folder. Simple and easy.
Still need help, then use the tutorial video Link


Printer Forums

Have a problem with your printer and vendor website is not helpful. This is where the forums come in. All you do is type in your printer make and model number and hope that someone has resolved that problem.


Flexible OTFT Film

Get ready for a new type of film that when bent still displays a picture. If everything goes as planned. This new technology will change future photography for film, pdf and e-books.


Microsoft Vista SP 1 Beta View

If you have Windows Vista and want to know what's required in Microsoft Service Pak 1.
Here is the beta view.


Metro PCS to buy Leap Wireless

If your unfamiliar with Metro PCS it's simple. It's an south eastern cellular phone carrier that offers unlimited calls with long distance for under $50- a month. No commitment and you pay what you pay for. It's basically the best inexpensive cellular solution when you just need to be connected, on the cheap.
If this purchase goes through, let's just say now Metro PCS will be able to expand into other big cities and its service and reliability should eventually get better within time.
Even though the service is spotty. I must admit it's an offer most can't refuse.
Metro PCS Plans Link
Leap Wireless information Link


Working Hard Drive

If your ever asked what a hard drive looks like. Here is a great video that shows you what a hard drive looks like and how it works.


Music to your blog

If you have a blog and want to add music to your blog. Here's the site to do this.
Just copy the html code and paste it onto your blog and presto your blog will have the latest video playing your favorite song.



Here's another personal software inspector. It just reassures that the software your downloading is coming directly from the site it should be coming from. Now you don't have to worry if your downloading spyware or adware.


Walk Score

Next time you move or ready to buy a house, you might want to try out walk score. This site will tells you whats near in your neighborhood and how far everything is. Like where is the nearest restaurant, grocery store, park, coffee shops, bars, drug store, clothing store, library and book store. Walk Score is your answer to what's around in your area before you rent or buy.


Community Walk

Need a map of your neighborhood for locations of supermakets, restaurants or landmarks. This is where community walk comes in. These maps are made by people in their communities mapping out locations.



Need direction on the go. Take a look at hopstop, where you find bus and transportation routes on the go. More like a portable map for your cellular phone.


Update Checker

I've used in the past these update checker programs. Although I am not a great fan of doing software updates, it's sure solve the problem of doing updates manually.



Enjoy television when you want to watch television. If Joost becomes successful, computer PC tuner cards will be history. It's has simple has choosing the channel and browsing what your interested in.



This is a new dollar saver search engine tool that you download to your computer and when you see a target price online. You enter it in Yapta and setup an alert and waits until the alert is reached. Great for finding price drops in airline fares, or electronic must have gadgets.



Ever tried mind mapping online. Well this is a first. It some what like the Visio in Microsoft, only you instead organize your thoughts with others online.


Hello Blinkx

The next time you want to find a video of your great artist or band. Take a look at Blinkx. It will take you directly to what your looking for by searching the web for all different types of videos out there.



Looking for a unique photo hosting site to upload your favorite memorable photo's. Check out Zooomr. What's great about this site is that it has the capability to upload all your photo's from your hard drive into the hosting site in one batch file. Plus you have the capabilities to organize, share tools and captionize photos.