DvD Ripper

Here's a great DvD ripper to clone your favorite dvd's where ever you go. Burn those favorite DvD's so that you can enjoy them for a lifetime.



Win 10 File Default

For those user's who are having file default problems in Windows 10, here is the fix going forward to correct the file format problem. All other versions of Windows was quite simple going to the file folder. Now with Windows 10 and it's current apps. This is a little different.


Dvd Repair

This bug keeps on coming and going for some user's and if you sit down and analyze it, you will realize that it's a Window and Manufacture software error bug. Microsoft will never admit it and the manufactures will deny it. But both parties are to blame for selling you a product that works when it wants to work. The reason for this is because either side don't sit down together to get work out the problem. It's easier to pass the buck and blame each other.
With this comes this great utility that hopefully will fix your problem for the time being until another major software update. Good luck.



At&t Cord Cutter Service

The future of cable is here and before a number of subscribers bail out, At&t is jumping on top of it's game to come out with cord cutter plans for streamers. The prices are still quite high but still cheaper than overall cable service so many have been paying for years. If your a cord cutter, or soon to be I would definitely consider this move to easily move off of cable.



Refurbished Review

Some companies lately are advertising computer items at unbelievable low prices and here is the real scoop on that. Although some user's think refurbished items are a steal for consumers. Here is the reality of what your really getting.
I am not a fan of refurbished items and unless your willing to risk the investment cost. If that's worth the risk then I suggest you go for it and take a chance.



Negative Review Lawsuit

Looks like a Texas student sure got a lesson in law when she hired a lawyer for an accident that she had and became upset with the outcome. In response she left a negative review and the firm went after her.
It's very interesting to see the power of social media when it comes to negative reviews.



Easy Steal

This device is making it very easy to steal your car. It's been out for a while for car thieves and it's getting a lot of attention. I just hope the authorities and manufacture re-establish control.



Speed Chrome

Tired of Chrome running to slow. This software tidy's Chrome to what it should be and make sure it's running with less usage.



USB Stick Toolkit

Having a USB emergency toolkit is always a good idea to have around. You never know when your going to use it and it might just get you out of a jam.

Malware Blaster



Easy manage mobile devices on your computer so that everything is backup and easy transfer files from one device to another. It's a great management tool to keep everything running smoothly.



Mobile Unlimited Data Plans

It's good to know before you buy or switch to a new plan what your new service provider is willing to do for you when you sign-up with them. Unlimited Data plans are changing rapidly and before you go all out, these are the things that you need to know.



Mobile Phone Tools

These great phone software's will help you solve your everyday problems, from backup, to restore, to unlocking your phone and data transfer. Use it wisely.



Remove Samsung Screen Lock

Forgot your Samsung Galaxy Screen lock and need to get a hold of your data on your phone. This useful program will get you backup and running so that you will not lose your data and you can be on the way. It happens.



Survey Creator

Here's another free survey creator for user's looking to get feedback from their customers. It's a great way to build a better customer service department so that your business can grow effectively.



Replace Xp with Linux

Yes it's a great idea and even though the OS will be slightly different, Linux is more stable and securer that outed XP.
It's a great idea to extend the life of your computer for years to come.



Things that will Mess your PC

Here are somethings to be aware of that will eventually mess up your computer if you don't take action now.
Let's just say it's just a disaster waiting to happen.



Seize Prepaid Cards

Now new technology is helping authorities seize and freeze prepaid cards. This is just the beginning of what authorities are doing to fight back against identity theft. But this new technique has it's down falls and I guess time will tell whether or not it's going to really slow down identity theft.



Auto Repair Windows

Here are good helpful tips to have Windows automatically repair itself when something is wrong. Not all the times this utility is going to help you. But when your down and out, it's a great start to try and doing things yourself first, before you get hired help.



Wise Care 365

This holidays are full of surprises, here is is the great computer utility that cleans and tune's up your computer so that it's always running efficiently. It's a 12 month license, but it's always a great time to enjoy something for nothing.



MAC Touch Bar

Deciding on getting a new MAC Touch Bar this holiday. We'll if your one of the DYI technician's you might want to review this teardown for future repairs. It looks like everything is glued and soldered to the board. So if it get's damaged your going to have to send it to an Apple repair technician. My theory is that Apple and other manufactures are making it harder for anyone to fix their products so that they can reap on future wear and tear maintenance. Good luck.



Extract License Keys

Worried that you'll loose your license keys if your computer gets a malware or virus. Here is a great software to have on hand to save your license keys. Don't wait for the last minute until disaster occurs. Save your keys now.



Stop a Text Message

It's an insane trick but if your quick enough to do it, it might just save you some great embarrassment later on.



Power Down Your Network

I have heard these questions on and off for a while when it comes to powering down networks when not and in use and this is a good answer to the ongoing computer problems that most users have when they are online.



Defender gets Smarter

Windows Defender is getting better and smarter with today's current computer infections. It's highly recommended to do constant offline scans so that your computer is always running smoothly.



Stop Spotify

Looks like a famous company is moving up the charts quickly in competition with Apple Music. And growing so fast is not necessary good news when it comes for an application to have software bugs. This bug if not updated quickly can do some wear and tear into your hard drive. So if you have Spotify, it's recommended to do the update quickly.




Using your computer around the clock. Then it would be a great idea to install this sleep pattern software on your so that your sleep patterns are in sync while your computing.



Dropbox Secrets

Here are a few Dropbox secrets that many user's are unaware of. Maybe if you know that you can do this things you would want to use dropbox even more.



New Router Buying Tips

Are you in the market for a new router, well if your getting ready to buy one. You should read this first so that you can get a quality router that meets your needs.



AOL You Got Mail Guy

Remember American Online and the helpful guy always reminding you that you have mail. We'll look no further because if your using Uber lately. Chances are that you can one day meet up with him.
It's nice to link up to the past to something that changed the world on how we send and receive emails today.



Fake Store Apps

Looks like hackers are already starting their shopping season early this year. Not only were they able to create a fake store apps, but confuse many individuals on thinking that it's for real.
So the next time you decide to click on one of those pop up ads, think again.



iPhone will not turn on

Having problems with your iPhone not turning on. Here's what to do to get your phone up and running. Some of the instructions sound foolish, but when your out of communication from other's it's worth to go back to the basics to make sure your phone is up and running.



Free Meter

Want to monitor your broadband usage and compare it to other days of the week. Here is a great software to keep you always connected.



Amazon Breach

Looks like because of the recent Yahoo break, some Amazon user's are getting emails to change their passwords. I advise anyone who owns an Amazon account to setup 2 step authentication for an extra defense of security.



Photo's Last

Ever wonder how long your photo's will last? We'll if you have photo's on a CD or DvD, you should now be taking proper measure's to make sure that they last you another fifty years. Now that technology is changing and CD's and DvD's are soon to be obsolete and you  should insure that these images that you have been collecting for such a long time can be enjoyed for years to come.
Here is some good information on what you should do with them before it's too late.




I must admit this is a nice sweet laptop and I would just love to get my hands on one. It's just too pricey for me. The multi-touch bar is a gamble, but time will tell. Get ready.



Wireless Carrier Termination Fee's

Want to get out of your Wireless plan but need to figure out the termination fee's to see if it pays. No problem with the help of this online calculator to calculate your fee's.



Chrome OS

Have an old computer that's still good but the OS is old and wish you can use it every day. We'll if it's a computer from 2008 and above, here is a handy idea to upgrade the OS and use it daily. By installing Chrome OS you not only extend the life of your computer but push the way have been using your computer in a different way.
If you can adapt to a Chrome way of life, your life will be easier accessing all your information online. It's not for everyone, but it a move in the right direction.
The OS builds have been updated since April 2013, but it still works and hopefully it will recognize all of your drivers.

OS Download

Latest Update

Get API Keys

Then Join group

Create Project and Join 


Christmas Wish List

Here is a great place to make up a list for the things you most want this holiday from others. Especially for those individuals who you always have a hard time getting them a gift.



Dorm Hacks

It's great that your away from home, but being in a dorm with a tight budget requires you to enhance your technical skills so that you can show other's that the impossible can be done.



EMS Phone Charging

Your in a state of emergency and need to charge your phone. Here are the key elements that you will need to get your phone charging so that you can make that call for help or just to contact a loved one.


Other Link


Google Results

Ever wanted to know what each state google's the most on. Very interesting to see what most user's on googling on Google.



Free Movies via Vudu

The battle of streaming is now going on and with this many providers are trying to gain new customer loyalty. With this new tactic going on, companies like Vudu want your business and in order to compete with other providers and content they need to offer freebies. This is now your turn to get some great freebies.




Every once in a while I find some great software online and today is catered to MAC user's who are simply looking for a quick scanning editing software. A sweet program with a lot of power.




Network Administrators wanted an easy solution to maintain their networks have a easier way to monitor all their infrastructure from one place. It's the start to taking control of security throughout your environment.



Webcam Hacks

Here is the solid information that everyone has been talking about for a while regarding webcam hacks. It is possible, yes and what are your options.



Retrieve iCloud Backup

Here is the simple steps to retrieve your files from an iCloud Backup. Just remember just because you deleted the file on your phone, doesn't necessary mean that you deleted the file from the cloud.



Troubleshoot Win 10

Here's a great way for IT Administrators to troubleshoot Windows 10 problems. It's a great guide line to get to the bottom of your system errors.




If your looking to upgrade an old computer to do just browsing, this software is a good replacement. It's just bare bones open source software, but good enough to get you online and keep browsing for free.



Google Searches

User beware on Google searches, you don't want to someday be taken to court to show others what you have been searching for online with your computer. Because just in case you don't know, Google history can be used as evidence in court.



Verizon Rip-Off

Looks like the phone giant is using sneaky tactics to over charge customers for data usage. Some of this usage cannot even be explained, now what that information intact. It will be very interesting to see after FCC investigation what they conclude.



New Online Scams

Yes it's unfortunate that people are still scamming user's online and I just hope that you read the article below and learn about the new scams out and be alert when your onine.



Computer Threat Protection

If you want to protect yourself from computer threats, here are some simple tips to keep you safe online. This does not guarantee that you'll be threat free, but at least your in the right track.



New York Times Premium Free

In order to celebrate the New President of the United States, the New York Times premium subscription will be free for the next few days. It's worth to check out to see if this is something that's worth paying for. Regardless it's nice to see what premium user's get for a fee.


Election Watch

Want to watch the results of the upcoming election, no problem with the help of this link telling you which sites will be live and have minute to minute updates.



Verizon Flag to Yahoo

Looks like the takeover deal for Yahoo valve could end soon if Verizon can prove that Yahoo was careless was material. This can either be a discount for the big giant or a dead deal.
Let's see what happens next.



Rescue CD

Ever now and then I keep by my side when fixing computers daily, a rescue disk. It's a great utility to always have available just in case you need help recovering a computer back to life. This is a great resource to help you get back on your feet in a hurry.




Looking for free Data Recovery software, look no more with the help of this site giving away free file recovery software but with a 1 gig catch. Not a bad idea to use, if you data meets the requirements.



Patent Lock Screen

Looks like Microsoft is taking a strategic position in securing all future computers by Patent and you better believe that they are going to use this advantage against OS that are trying to manipulate their current OS to meet new user standards. The future is yet to see how this plays but interesting to watch how it plays out against other vendors.
I guess their not going away too soon without a good fight.




Here is a simple software for backing up remote file storage. Ideal device to use with Dropbox, Amazon AWS, Google Drive, ext.



DvD Drive Help

This is an ongoing headache for most user's in which their Dvd drive all of a sudden disappears. Here is sweet software to help you get your drive up and running.



Webcan App

Tired of putting sticking notes or tape on your webcam. Here is a great software to monitor your webcam in case if you ever get hacked, you can be aware what's happening.
I suggest to install this handy software if your one of those individuals who fear webcam hacks.



World Airport Wi-Fi Passwords

The next time your traveling check out the Airport Wi-Fi Password map to get you connected before your flight departs. It's a handy site to always keep you connected.




Here is a great way to organize and save your browser bookmarks. Not only will they be in order but easily accessible. It's a great way to take your bookmarks where ever you go.



Windows Diagnostic's

Want to make sure your using the best diagnostic tools for Windows. Here are a list of software you should have in your tool bag to daily fix your computer problems.



Hide Win Files

Hide Windows Files on the OS, this is for user's who want to make sure their files are secure from preying eye's. It's a great way to keep files locally.



Samsung Problems

This doesn't look good for an electronic company. You might want to do some research before you buy your next electronic device whether it be for home or portable.



Google Doc's Alternative

Dislike Google Doc's we'll here are alternatives to the office suite that's changing the world we live in. It's not the only free office utility online that is available to you. Check out these other great ones.



Ransom is Extortion

If your in California and you install ransomware on someone's computer. Let's just say that now it's going to be a criminal offense.
I am glad to see someone taking a fight on this ongoing serious problem that no one wants to touch.



Fix Permissions

Having problems with Windows permissions. Usually it's a botched attempt or the unthinkable that's stopped you from getting the correct permissions. But when in doubt, these useful programs come to the rescue.

DBC Studio
Microsoft Troubleshooter


Best Times to use Credit

Here's a list of places that your better off on using your credit card instead of just paying the bill from your bank card.


Ransomeware Help

Ransomware is a serious problem, in situations like this it's best to contact a qualified technician to help you recover your system back to normal.

For the do it yourself, your at your own risk.

Ransomware verification software to see that it was removed.



Repair Infected Computer

So your computer had been recently infected and now how do you fix most of it's problems after the infection. To correct your computer settings after an infection feel free to use the software's listed below. Good Luck.

Net Adapter Repair All in One
Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool


Win 10 Guest Account

Using Windows 10 but want others to use your computer as a Guest. No problem but your going to have to enable the Guest account that Microsoft automatically disables on Windows 10.  First goto the command prompt (admin) then type the following:

$ net user Visitor /add /active:yes
$ net user Visitor *

 Press Enter twice when prompted to add a password so that it stays blank and then type

$ net localgroup users Visitor /delete
$ net localgroup guests Visitor /add

the first cmd removes the visitor account and the second line add guest to the group

Thanks to the help of PC Magazine for the info


Router Facts

Have a router, then here are good facts regarding your wireless device. You'll be surprised on these cool facts about routers.



Gadget Insurance & Warranties

Here is the real facts on getting insurance and warranties for your electronic gadgets. Buyer should be aware of that things are not all what they seem when your dealing with insurance from these companies. In the long run it all depends on the user and chances they are willing to take for them to buy insurance or warranty on their products.



Trash your Fax

Are you ready to trash your fax machine. Besides your already using old technology, now anyone can go faxless with a free or premium service. It's your choice, but the fax machine is doomed.




Created an application and what to know how it looks like on other devices. This site is a must to make sure your customer or employee devices see exactly what you want them to see. 


Image vs Clone

Very good question on what each one is when your backing up. Not understanding this carefully can cost you on loosing your hard drive information, should you current drive fail one day.

In non computer terms:
In easier terms an Image is an exact copy of your hard drive when a clone is just a copy of the data of information on that computer.
If you just need the data on your computer then a Clone is what you need. If you want to backup all of your computer software, etc then it's a good idea to make an Image of that hard drive.



Cool Home Printers

Looking for a great home printer for your computer. Check out these printers and see if they fit your printing needs.



Malware Analysis Platform

Want to see what malware does, you can study it using these cool software's below so that you can understand their goal.

Cuckoo Sandbox



Want to see what the registry had before you installed the program and what it changed. Check out this cool software to compare the before and after Registry snapshots of your system.



One Drive Tips

Using Microsoft One Drive, then here are some helpful tips to get more out of this service. You will be surprised on what more options you can get by using One Drive with other accessories.



Exit Safe Mode

User's who are stuck in Safe Mode and can't get out, here is your Windows fix. I hope Microsoft will fix this bug and hopefully you'll get back to your system normal state.



Change Win 10 email address

For user's who want to change their Windows 10 user account, here is how to do it. It's a little tricky and it's in addition to another post I made a few months back.



Network & Webmaster Tools

Monitoring a Network or Website, here are some great tools to have on hand to make your job easier. It's easy and simple to use and all for free. Check it out.




Here's a blog for all of Google blogs. Now you don't have to worry about following all of Google blogs because you just need one blog to following everything that Google is doing.



Win 10 Sticky Notes

Using Windows 10 sticky notes, now here is a cool way to use Cortana reminders with them. This eliminates the need to post them on a wall. Instead you'll just get reminders.



Unknown Email Behavior

Tired of getting viruses or malware through your mail, maybe it's time for you to add some premium service to your email so that you don't infect others in your company. Here are some great mail checking tools. What's great about these tools is that you can preview the email before downloading.

Pop Peeper



Commodore 64 After Life

Talk about primitive computing. Here's a great story from a small business owner who is still using after 25 years a Commodore 64. Yes they are still using it.

The Commodore 64 was a great product for many new modern computers to come. Who would figure that people will still be using it today.

I guess the theory is true, if it's not broken, why change it.



Google Doc Tips

Using Google Doc's daily, then you might want to check out these great tips to help you work better online.



Snapchat Spectacles

Let's just say that it will be pretty interesting what people do to share their moments with these spectacles.



Free Office Suite

Looking for an Office suite that's free and similar to Microsoft Office. This tiny software is powerful and fast with similar formats that anyone can use.



Roku Moves

Looks like cable met it's match, not only can you get free cable with Roku but the channel listings goes on. You just pay one price and add your channels to your device for free. It's an a la carte service. Buy one today and say goodbye to cable.



To Open Online

Many user's when there online seem to be to open on the things that they usually do and where security is concern, user's should be cautious.



Microsoft Golden Key Lost

It looks like there's another hole in Windows that unlocks every secure boot Windows device and install other operating systems. Hackers now are capable of installing malware in a computer where it can stay there forever. Even patching this hole with an update was proven to be unsuccessful and from the looks of it, it's going to be a while before they fix this problem.



Facebook Posting

I have warned other's about this in the past and again here is a great article talking about the good and the bad of posting while on Facebook.
The good is that you can share your moments with other's on about your recent trip, the bad let's just say that your valuable now are in trouble.



Safe Mode Exploit

This is not a good thing for Microsoft, because Safe Mode is suppose to be a stand alone utility. Now I hope everyone will be on the bandwagon to patch this exploit as soon as possible and for those user's who were breached. I give it time for the someone to create a safe mode immunization.



Refresh Cache

Here is a great way to refresh cache with just one click of the mouse. Some websites already do this for you but for the one's that don't, here is a solution to have information always updated.



Configure your Pc

Looks like Microsoft loves to confuse it's user's on every new update that it looks like they are secretly trying to have you do what they want you to do. Which is miss out on opting out of a security setting. Hopefully you can be a step ahead by tweaking these setting with the help of this software below.



Disable Updates on Win 10

Not everyone loves Windows 10 Anniversary Update and if you are one of those user's and want to disable the update using group policy, here's the instructions on how to do so.



Google Allo

Here's a new messaging application from Google that's going to change how we do things. It's similar to What's App but with more options. It's like a personal assistant help you get and do what you want which is to keep you and your friends connected.



Emsisoft AntiMalware

Trojan's are showing up every where and your best options it to use the latest Trojan's removal software's to disinfect your computer. No one said it was going to be easy.



Scammers Paypal Problem

Looks like scammers again are trying to hoax user's in getting their information from Paypal and if your not careful or watch for the key sign's, they can easily get you.
My advice to you is if you get an email from someone to go to a Paypal account. Before you do so login to Paypal first and then click on the email and see if it goes directly to Paypal since your already signed in. If it asks you again that you need to enter a user name and password. Immediately stop, because it could possibly be a scammer.



Car Rental Phone Sync

Here is the good and bad on syncing your phone to your temporary car rental. And if your concern on privacy and people monitoring your were about's here is an interesting article letting you know what other's are capable of getting.



Facetime via Windows

Officially there is no Facetime on Windows application, but there are alternative applications to use instead that office the same what Facetime offers. So do you homework and be careful on what software you download that know one knows about.



Samsung Recent Problems

I wouldn't anytime soon go out a get a Samsung product, until they correct the recent flaws in their products. Currently they are claiming it's just the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but in time it will also include other products that user's are currently buying. Stay tuned.

Exchange News


Ninja Shutdown

Now you can automatically shutdown, restart and log off your computer with the help of the suite software. It's an alternative method for user's who want to shut down their computer.



Malwarebytes Antimalware Business

We all knew that it was a matter of time before this company would start supporting the enterprise division and it's finally here to protect your corporate computers.
I strongly recommend that you consider using this software in the enterprise world and protect your investment before someone else breaches security.
This company has long been fighting malware before anyone got into the business and it's going to be a while before other competitor's catch on.



Uber Lost

Looks like the successful taxi service that Uber creating is generating a huge loss lately. It's no secret that the company is gambling on it's success by advertisements and collection of drivers and with this comes a great loss. But if the company is able to capitalize on it's future plans then it's only a matter of time before it generates a profit. Keep it up Uber we are all watching.



Online Schools

Here is a great link to get more information on the Online Academy. It's going to take a while for everyone to learn how to get use to it, but if you can pace yourself. Continuing education will be a thing of the past via the Online Academy.



Increase MAC drive

Want to increase your MAC book drive, here is a quick fix to add an additional 200gb of storage to your existing MAC book.
It's not for everyone, but it's a sweet deal instead of upgrading.



Sharpen Photo's

Ever take a blurry picture and wished that you can somehow fix it with just a few clicks. We'll here is the answer to that ongoing problem.
I just hope that other companies follow suit as well and make this a standard application fix.



Netflix hold back

Looks like Netflix is swallowing up all those user's who are cutting the cord to cable but still not adapting consumer app's. All that I can say is that if they don't start listening to what consumers want, the future for this big video giant can be it's end.



Win 10 Login

Want to Login to Windows 10 automatically after doing an update. It's easier than you think for those user's who have no use for passwords. It's not for everyone, but for those user's who are not concern with this security level. Here is your fix.



Is this Microsoft Last Console

From the sound of it, Microsoft is loosing the console battle to it's rival. And as the future for Microsoft as a competitor, we'll that yet has to be proven.
It could possibly be that Microsoft is out of good ideas to compete in the gaming world and they might just given in.



Kapersky Anti-Ransom

Want to protect your computer against Ransomeware. We'll Kapersky is here to help you protect your assets and keep your computer security tight.



Website Security

If you want to make sure your website is secure, it's best that you try this website security before someone finds any security flaws and hacks it. It's a excellent utility to use for website consultants.




Tired of giving your clients a low end business quote for bids on high end jobs. Here is your solution to keep you business looking professional until your ready to get something better.



SMBs Single Sign-on

Small Business are helping their employee's get connected now by using single sign on's. It's a great way to get where you going with just one click and be able to access the information your requiring when going mobile. Here are a list of single sign-on vendors that you should be inquiring on, if you looking for this time of solution for your organization.

AppId SSo


Microsoft Self Healing

Having problems with Microsoft software, then this self healing fix should solve your Windows problems. Just use the MS Tool to repair your problems and easily move on to better stuff.



Win 10 Anniversary Update

Don't want to wait any longer for the Windows 10 Anniversary update. We'll here's the link to get you going to the next level of Windows. User's should be aware also of the recent user feedback on Windows 10 Version 1607.



Chromebook vs MAC

Looks like people are starting to buy more Chromebooks than MAC and for the first time Chromebook is moving up the charts.
Price wise you can't complain and it's about time that consumer's are figuring it out that most of their work that they do daily can be done by just making a little switch.
As for the future of Chromebook is still uncertain, but at least it's not going to hurt your pocket.



Microsoft +60 Utilities

For a few years already Microsoft has these cool 60 + utilities that's been letting developers use them for free. There just some sweet programs that are just great to have. Check them out and pass them on.



Win 10 ISO's

Now that you have Windows 10 you should have always a handy copy nearby should you ever need to reinstall the OS back into your computer. Don't wait for disaster to happen. Make your copies now, before it's too late.



Win 10 Hotspot

Have Windows 10 and you should already know that it can be used as a WiFi hotspot by just configuring the setting in Windows to allow other user's to use your WiFi connection. It's a great way to share a mobile connection to other devices, when your portable.



Speed Win 10

Speed up Windows 10 by just doing these simple tweaks. You will be amazed on how quickly Windows will boot up, once these tweaks are removed.



Wireless Keyboard Alert

There is no secret that a while back I posted the threats on wireless keyboards leaking out your information. And still as of this date, hackers have not really bothered to venture in this direction. Not that you shouldn't be worried, but no major threat has yet to be reported.
So if your concern, sometimes the best option is just to be all wired.



Router Firmware Upgrade

Have a wireless router at home that you own, we'll if you haven't recently done a firmware upgrade in the last few years, you should check the router setting and do one soon.
Most router's make this an easy task to do, just either use the ip address below to sign-in to your wireless and upgrade the router firmware if available.
After a while when you notice that there are no firmware updates and your still continuing to have router problems, then only then would it be a good idea to upgrade your device.


                   Common ip address to login to your router :

List from other carriers below
  • Apple –
  • Asus – 192,168,1,1
  • Buffalo Tech –
  • Dlink – or
  • Cisco/Linksys – or
  • Netgear – or


Thermostat Hackers

For a while I've seen WiFi thermostats hit the market and I was always concerned on the manufacture up keeps with their security features. You better believe it that in the future this is going to be a common problem for WiFi users. And sure and behold a group of hackers got together to see if the breach could be done. And let's just say, I knew it and it was long coming. So be ready and get prepared if you own a WiFi device.



Microsoft Telemetry

Microsoft has a tendency to always give back information for everything you do right and wrong. For some user's who are concern about privacy, this is none of Microsoft's business. And if your concern on what information goes in and out then this software is a must for you.



Card Chip Hack

Forget the next generation credit card security chip. It's been hacked and yes it's not that secure has many user's thought it would be. I guess it will be back to the drawing board.



So Much for Apple Pay

Looks like CVS is out for Apple pay and no longer wants to honor it's payment methods. If both parties don't come up with an agreement soon, this could be the end of a big chain refusing the next generation payment methods.
I can see why it's a headache on both side and if the outcome does not get resolved soon, more stores may just go that way.



Move Contacts iPhone - Android

Here is a great way to move all  your contacts from Android to iPhone or vise versa. This will save you lots of time and will make your job easier staying in touch with everyone when you upgrade.



Apple Killing Jack

Here is the real reason why Apple is killing the headphone jack and there will be most likely more options in the next generations. This is the beginning for Apple to expand it's new accessories.



Win 10 Quick Assist

Here's a look on Win 10 Quick Assist App, not everyone yet is talking about it and you should read up in case you need remote support from others.



Mozilla Test Pilot

Want to help Mozilla build a better browser. Then join the test pilot and tell Mozilla what it needs in order to be the best browser in the market.



No No Pc Stick

Here is a good reason why Pc on a stick future will doom to be successful. I must admit this user sure has some great points to make why it's not going to make it. Besides how many users want to even try to go this way when they can still use a laptop.



Battery Status Indicatiors

Looks like these cool battery status indicators to help user's monitor their power usage are being used in different forms that consumers should be aware of. You get free software and they use your information to track you. Not good for user's who want to block their privacy.



Yahoo + Verizon Troubles

Consumers should now be aware of Yahoo and Verizon troubles within the next year. Not only can user's loose their privacy rights, but sneaky Verizon can just basically do what ever it wants to and quietly get away with it. To find out more read the link below.



Slow WiFi

Here are some great reason's why your WiFi is running slow now-a-days. We have seen major changes within the last few years that even though our speeds are greater. For one reason or another, the technology hasn't yet quite kept up with what manufactures have to offer some consumers.



Apple Ear Piece

Looks like the rumors are true for apple phone ear piece. Apple has re-designed it's adapter and from the looks of it, it's going to save space and work well with user's.



Win Anniversary Update

Just recently updated Win 10 after it's anniversary date. Well here are the things you should do to make sure your software is working properly.



Googe Maps Update

The next Google Maps update is going to show users how bad parking spaces are in a given area. Really interesting to see the new update and if this is something new user's will be able to use when they drive daily.



No More Ranson

A new company fighting Ransomware is taking a fight to get rid of these scammers who cripple user's on taking control of their computers. I hope their new project is successful in combating these cyber thieves. Let the games begin.

Crypto Sheriff


Firefox 48 Update

Firefox 48 update will disable unsigned add-ons and moving forward will have safe downloads for all of it's add on's. It's a good move for Firefox on securing their browser from user's add on's.



Driver Changes

Windows 10 anniversary date has some new driver changes that you should be aware of. Everything now will be digitally signed. Which will be a good thing for user's moving forward so that all hardware is compliant with Microsoft's software.
Moving forward user's shouldn't have so many hardware problems with drivers.



Hard Drive status Instantly

Is your hard drive failing and want to know instantly if the device needs to be replaced before you loose valuable information. No problem with a few clicks of the command prompt.


in the command line do the following type


Driver backup & restore

Looking for a reliable Windows driver backup and restore. Look no further with the help of this great freebies.



Warframe Hack

Looks like this game Warframe has been hacked back in 2014 and two years later, everyone figures it out what has just happened.
Sounds like a movie and all that I am concern is how much information these hackers were able to contain within the last two years of information from the companies users.



Dumb Phones are back

Have a new smart phone but still don't understand what your doing and wished you had the old smart phones they had back in the 90's. No problem, will the help of manufactures listening to their customers and helping those baby boomers who don't want smart phones anymore.
It's not for everyone, but for those user's who hate technology, here is some reliefs to your griefs.



Run a Mac Server

Here are three reason's to run a MAC server. Just because your running a MAC don't think that you will still not have malware or virus attacks, but when compared side by side with Windows. MAC's are less likely hacked than their competitors.




Tired of trying to get your WiFi signal to reach it's strong point. Here comes a new product that everyone will love and will deliver what you want throughout your household. It's technology that was always with us, doing things that we do on a daily basis. So when you want to stay connected here is Luma to the rescue.



Laptop Encryption

Laptops are a big nightmare for some user's because of the ongoing thefts and they are often stolen because of their valve and not the data they might contain.
Since everything is portable now-a-days, data in these laptops can be anything vital as tax, medical and financial information and anyone with fair computer skills can easily get access and retrieve this information to have at their disposal.
This is where encryption comes in and why everyone should start using it and make it a practice moving forward. There are a loft of open source software capable of doing this for free and within  a few minutes your laptop will be secure just in case someone later on decides to steal your portable device.
Stay alert, be informed and stay ahead of security for your laptop before it's too late.



Command Line Tricks

Command Line is a very powerful program with lots of tricks that not only controls what you see on your computer but can make life easier if you remember these key tricks.

System File Check - great trick to fix hard drive booting problems and repair your Windows OS when things just don't see to work right.

type "sfc /scannow
now if you get an error that it was protected then do this below
             type "findstr /c:"{SR}"%windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log>"%userprofile%\Desktop|sfcdetails.txt"

Now identify the corrupt file and source and goto another computer running the same version of Windows and issue the following command for each corrupt file, replacing with the files path ex: c:\Windows\System32\ and with it's filename (jscript.dll)
                          takedown /f \
                         GRANT ADMINISTRATOR:F

and copy the file you took from another computer into the same folder

now run SFC again and the corrupt file that you replace should be gone

Robocopy - difficult setup, but once it's done it makes your life easy copying multiple files and folders on the go

Type in dir in command prompt and to show hidden folders type the following
                        dir /A:H = shows attributes and hidden files 
what to know what other commands you can use type dir/? or help dir on the command line and it will show you other command options. 

Tree = command shows subfolders
cd = change to different director or move files to a new folder, cd is a way of moving to a folder in another folder. 
md = make directory or create a new folder
rmdir = delete a directory 
del or del *.* = delete file and when you add *.* it means delete all files in that folder
verify on and off = confirm files that you copied
/no copy = removes all file information
/b = allows administrators to copy files that they usually would be denied access too
format = to format a drive
format /q = quickly format the drive
format options ad /FS, V: = specify file system Fat, Fat32, exFat, NTFS volume to be formatted
fsutil = list of commands that are supported
convert from FAT32 to NTFS type convert /fs:ntfs
ckdsk = check window at boot time
ipconfig /renew6 = resets IPv6 addresses
ipconfig /flushdns = clear domain names over the internet
ipconfig /renew = renew ip address of computer
ipconfig/release = release ip address of computer
tracert = if internet is sluggish instead of ping type tracert to route you and your target for connection times
netstat = run in admin to find out more about a program process ex; netstat -b
driverquery = includes info on drivers on your pc
-v = more information on the file system ex: drivequery -v>drivers.txt
powercfg = information on power options ex: powercfg /a
powercfg /h = disable or enable hibernation in power mode
powercfg /enegery = gives energy report of efficiency and battery
powercfg /batteryreport = gives you a battery health report
diskpart = very dangerous and make sure to make an image backup, it will erase your hard drive
diskpart cmds = type help but becareful anything you do here may destroy all of your hard drive data
echo off command = prevents command from batch file from showing up in command line
cls = clears screen


How Many Websites

Ever wonder how many website's are there in the world wide web. And for those who are curious, here is your answer below.



Microsoft Upgrade Option

Have a Win 8 laptop and can't upgrade. Microsoft has a treat for you to get Windows 10 but you must qualify and read the fine print.



Win 10 Storage Fix

Having Windows 10 storage problems after a recent upgrade. This should do the trick and hopefully will make your storage problem go away.

Just click on the Windows icon and choose settings and from left hand menu pick click the System icon, then Notifications and actions and then show me tips about Windows in which you will turn off. You can also turn other notifications off as well to save more space.

Good Luck. 


Win 10 Performance Issues

Looks like Windows 10 is making a lot of user's very unhappy lately. Microsoft hasn't still learned from it's past mistakes and you better bet that if this nonsense keeps up. Many user's are going to start controlling how Windows wants us to do it's updates.
For those user's who are having memory leaks or slow computers, here is hopefully your fix.



Battery Screw Hack

This is an awesome hack and every time I see things like this I want to share it with everyone so that they can pass the knowledge forward. I wouldn't recommend on doing this with every item, but when you have a dead battery, until you get a replacement, this is a great trick to know.



Wendy's Hack

Not great news for this food chain giant who is just trying to sell their customers food. But it's just comes to show you how easily it is for hackers to break their systems by just using third party applications. No one is safe.

Wendy's Update


Computer Repair Shocks

If you are fixing computers on a daily basis, you will not be surprised to what some customers want you to fix. It's unfortunate that sometimes items can't be fixed, but if you would have sent it to the repair shop a little earlier, you might of had a chance to save the device.



Microsoft Skype Meeting

Want to host a Skype Meeting, here is what you need to know to so that you can continue to host free meetings. It's a plus for small businesses who want to communicate with their staff and be productive at the same time.



Free Amazon Shipping

Want free shipping from Amazon, well you should bookmark this website so that all the items your order from Amazon going forward have free freight. It's the best way to shop online with no freight charges.



MAC Webcam Problem

If you haven't heard yet, and you have a MAC computer with a webcam. You should read this new malware taking over and controlling your computer and doing what you can't imagine with your webcam. User beware.



Not to Upgarde to Win 10

We'll here is goes again, the reason's why some user's still refuse to upgrade. Remember if your planning on upgrading to Windows 10 your window is now getting closer to the end. Hurry up before the count down is over. And for those who still don't want to upgrade. Here is the reason why?



MAC Backdoor Infection

Looks like MAC's are recently getting hit with a backdoor infection and here is a great way to see if your MAC has been infected. I would still scan your computer with other Malware scanner to make sure that you got nothing else, but here's a start to a cleaner computer.



Google Banking Chromecast

It's been three years and now Google said it's ready to start running programs for Chromecast. As a Chromecast user, I am quite disappointed for the late blooming, because Chromecast is now my least favorite device to use now-a-days and it will be a long while before I switch back.



Phone Secrets

Every phone has built in secrets that the manufacture's don't want you to know. Here you will not only learn some of these secrets, but the keys to help you free your phone from it's current provider. Once this is done, you not only will be able to do more with your phone, but can take it to a level that your other last phones were able to go.



Win 10 Bootable without software

Here's is the easiest way to create a Windows 10 bootable USB without any software. Your going to have to run some DOS commands, but it beneficial and good for you to do so that you have a little programming experience with computers.



Website Move

Moving your website to another provider might sound simple and easy to do. So before you begin your process, I would suggest you read this information first and then plan carefully your move. A move should be just as simple as 1,2,3.



Google Life

Here's a great way to see your life on Google and how far you come in the technological world. You'll be amazed on what the search engine has been collecting from you. Get ready and don't freak out.



Google Undersea Cable

Looks like it's mission accomplished for Google to lay down it's undersea cable across the trans Pacific coast. Not only user's will be connected to the from Japan to the West Coast but with 6 terabytes of bandwidth faster. Beating currently cable modems internet speeds.
This new technology is going to change they way we are all connected. Get ready, get set, go.



Win 10 Update

Looks like Windows 10 will be doing a special update on August 2 and what additional features that are waiting for you either is going to amaze you or just hopefully will help you out while surfing. It's about time.



Microsoft Rule Breaker

Looks like the big giant keeps on breaking rules even though they been through this a few years ago. Not understanding customer wants it's going to again upset people and it's not until everyone starts fighting back that maybe then, maybe they'll get it again.



Slide N' Joy

It's too sweet to pass up, not only will it match with my laptop. But it will keep me connected to the things that I want to be connected to.



Bot Lawyer

Fighting a parking ticket is now easier than ever, not only will you be represented by a professional but the chances of beating the ticket is even greater in your favour. It's about time that we fight back.