Kindle DX goes after Newspapers

If everything goes right the new Kindle DX will be larger than the current Kindle 2 and it will be the first reader aimed on going after Newspapers and textbooks. This will open many more doors for Kindle DX and for it's current subscribers.


Sharing Files Online

Here is a new technique to share files online. You turn the file into a web page so that users can easily download these files. What make this site different than other sites is that you can preview the file and get file stats information before you download so that you don't waste your time downloading something you can't use.


Sample file download
Energizer USB charger Software


Wiz Mouse

This handy software make your wheel mouse operate the way it should. Your mouse will scroll without you having to click on the window. Using a wiz mouse changes the way you use a mouse.


Google Reader on your Desktop

If you haven't check out Google RSS reader your missing out on Google best. You sign up, add your favorite RSS web sites and let Google do the rest because everything is web based. I've used other sites like FeedBlitz but it later came with a price. My theory is why pay for something that you can get for free. And this is why Google Reader is still my number one choice. Check it out and you will not be disappointed.


Asus Keyboard with Video

This is a pretty nice keyboard from Asus with a five inch touchscreen. I will assume that Asus is trying to catch everyone's attention by making unique Media Players.
I am just going to wait and see what comes next.


Slipstream Updates for Office 2007

If your running Office 2007, this would be a great time to Slipstream it's Updates so that you have always a current copy of Office 2007 on hand and ready when you need it.
The instructions to Slipstream are pretty simple and are worth while if your computer one day decides to crash. Be always prepared and slipstream your updates today.


Windows 7 Release date

The Windows 7 Release date is set for October 22. I just hope that Microsoft doesn't decide to change that date.
What's great about it is that it's near the Holidays so it would be a great time to buy. If your currently running Vista, your better off just holding off and wait until prices drop.


IE 8 changes download to six

When compared to previous version of Internet Explorer the normal standard download limit was set to two. With Internet Explorer 8 it changes the limit to six. So now you can have more than two multiple downloads downloading at the same time. Great fix from Microsoft, but it should have been done a long time ago.

Here also you can find the registry fix to correct this. Just backup your registry and be very careful.


Apple iPhone 3.0 Upgrade

iPhone user's who purchase the recent new iPhone have some great new features that have been added. If you are a current iPhone user, all you have to do is a software update to get the same features. For now the update makes more sense than the upgrade.

Update Help


Cheap Solar Cells

These new organic solar cells will change the way we use energy. They can be easily shaped and are so inexpensive that in a few more years you'll be seeing them almost every where. This is just the beginning.


Nokia Self Charging Phone

Get ready for the new Nokia's self charging cell phone. This cell phone charges via ambient radio waves. Only time will tell if this new technology is going to work with our daily lives.


Use Video as a Cell Phone Ring Tone

Pretty simple software to use to have a video as a ring tone for your cell phone. This is a new concept and it does make sense if you have the space. Check it out and enjoy.

Link Vringo


Ping Pong Lover * Fun *

If your a Ping Pong Lover here is a great way to add Ping Pong via Mozzila. It's a quick Add on Extension and your off.


Correct IE 7 to save Passwords

This is a registry hack and you must be careful.
With compliments from watchinthenet.com

1. Close Internet Explorer

2. Click on Start / Run… and in the run field type regedit (you will need to have administrator rights to edit the registry)

3. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IntelliForms\Storage2

4. In the left window pane, select the Storage2 key, then from the menu, select File / Export and save the key to your Desktop with the File Name: oldstorage.reg

5. In the right window pane select all values (except for Default) then press Delete and select Yes to confirm value delete. Minimize Regedit.

6. Open Internet Explorer and visit the web site whose password you want to save. When Internet Explorer asks if it should remember your password, answer Yes

7. Logout of site and close Internet Explorer

8. Return to Regedit and press F5 to refresh the list. Now, select the Storage2 key, then from the menu, select File / Export and save the key to your Desktop with the File Name: newstorage.reg

9. Select the Storage2 key again, then from the menu, select File / Import and select the oldstorage.reg file (from the Desktop), and click Open to merge the data back into the registry. Click OK to acknowledge merge was successful.

10. Select the Storage2 key again, then from the menu, select File / Import and select the newstorage.reg file (from the Desktop), and click Open to merge the data back into the registry. Click OK to acknowledge merge was successful.

11. Close regedit.

Also if you don't want to loose your old password then view this link to merge old passwords with new passwords.


Mozilla RegEdit Add On

This is a great Add On software for Mozilla user's who need to easily access the registry key on demand.

Add On


Amazing Flashlight

Although pricey it only takes ninety seconds to stay charge for ninety minutes. It claims that it will recharge 50k times before it needs to be replaced. So when you do the math, it might just make sense.


Tethering via iPhone

This is a quick site to learn how to enable Tethering via iPhone 3.0. The setup is simple by downloading a carrier string and running the terminal command string as follows:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE

Browsing should be then be minutes away.


My Hours

If you do some consulting work where hours are involved this website can help you keep track of them with their time management software. The web based application is portable and can be accessed any where. Obtaining a personal account is free for now and for business accounts, you'll eventually have to pay.


Rerun Check

Watching a television program and always want to know if the next episode is a rerun. This site will let you know in advance by sending you email reminders of reruns.



Hate Windows Defragmentation software. This software will beat Windows built in software by doing it faster.


Web Site Bugs

Afraid of web sites that contain bugs that monitor or affect your web browsing. These software add on are an excellent source to find these little critters. They tell you what these bugs are doing and monitors your computer. Take control of security while browsing.

CS Fire Monitoring


Installing a Flash Drive Hard Drive

Yes in the real world their are people who still don't understand this. And hopefully this video will help you understand what you should be looking for on My Computer, when you plug in a flash drive.

If you following everything right. A drive should appear in the My Computer box and the drive letter is your portable drive. Just copy or paste, drag or drop files to this hard drive and now those files are portable.


ActiveX Fix

Here's a security fix tip, to stop the Active X problem along with the annoying pop up. Follow the video carefully and your Active X problem will disappear.


Screen Toaster

Want to record whats on your computer to show others how to do it. Screen Toaster makes it simple to record by press ALT S, when you start and stop. And once you upload the file online, you later download it to your computer to show others.


Send Future Emails

A great service to use when you want you email sent sometime in the future. Works great with most email clients. Excellent way to send Birthday Greetings always on time.


Online PDF Creator

Need to create PDF files but don't want to install anything onto your computer. This site is great for creating PDF documents when your on the move.


Buffalo USB Power Strip

Here is an excellent way to use a USB port efficiently. There is no need to always leave it on. I am just wondering if it does makes a difference.


Solar USB

Want to save energy with USB devices. Try the Solar USB, it's going to help you go green longer.


Solar Cell Phones are Here

A while back I wrote about new solar cell phones and now with the help of Samsung, the first solar cell phones are out. You'll have to dish out sixty dollars but in time it will pay for itself. I am still uncertain on how reliable these phones will be at first. But within time it should live up to it's potential.


Over Priced Cables

Always wonder why online cables prices are cheaper than store prices?
Majority of the times it's that your getting ripped off by the retail stores.
If your tired of being ripped off, the next time you need cables try purchasing them online.

Below are just a few of my favorite sites: