Is AliExpress Safe

Here is some information for all those users who want to buy from AliExpress, which is the Amazon of China. Now the prices are so amazing because you are buying directly from the manufacture and the storefront of a store like Amazon. The only bad thing about it is the waiting period. So if you have time on your hand, then this is the place to shop for a great discounted price.



iOS 14 Feature

It looks like iOS 14 is changing for the better and if you have not noticed these features yet, then take a look at them. You might just want to use them.



Share Content

Very interesting article on why someone chooses not to share your content. It narrows down that social media reality on how things happen and why some people just do not bother to share the content. It just maybe your entire set up and you might have to go back to the drawing board to make things easily accessible.



Investing via AI

It looks like Investment companies are now moving into AI investing and it's a pretty smart move since brokers, as we know it, are now disappearing in large numbers. This is going to be an interesting way to invest in seeing what type of trends AI comes up with.

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Apple CarKey

It looks like BMW will support its first CarKey app using Apple iOS and if all goes successfully this will open doors for other car manufactures to do the same.
The future is becoming a reality for consumers.



Heated Seats as a Service

It looks like the car industry could change all together if they make this option available. Not only will you have to cough up the price to buy the car, but also it's subscription service similar to what computers do nowadays.



University Ransomware Attack

It looks like the University of California was under an extortion scheme and even though it did not target the institution, attackers were able to get some data as proof and cost them a pretty penny.
It just shows you how still vulnerable some universities are.



Personal Car info

You will be amazed at how many people sell their cars and do not remove personal information from their vehicles. No wonder identity theft keeps on skyrocketing year, after year. 


Zoom Meeting with Google Script

Here is how to simply create Zoom meetings with Google script. This is a great way to connect your user's using Google App script. It's great for internal use.



Format Xbox Drives

Here is some great information for those gamers who want to upgrade their Xbox drives. The instructions look simple to do as long as you have the console serial number. So before you go out and get a bigger flash drive for storage, weigh out the cost of upgrading the hard drive.



Google Auto delete data

It looks like Google will now auto-delete your data by default. There is no need to worry about your location history on Google, but here is the catch. If you are a current Google user then you have to set this up otherwise, it''s going to leave everything as is.



Amazon Counterfeit Unit

It looks like Amazon is taking steps to stop counterfeit products by forming secret police to keep their store crime-free. It's a great move so that customer complaints stay down and they can keep on selling good products in their market place.



FB Old News

It looks like Facebook is now trying to warn users of fake news. So before a user gets to post current information on FB, it gives them the option to post it or go back.
We'll at least now hopefully we will be able to get rid of a lot of outdated news.



Zoox Future

It looks like Amazon's new company it's going to open doors on making the company very efficient. If they can automate the delivery trucks to bring deliveries to their main hub, it might just change how quickly everyone will be able to get their merchandise.



YouTube Beta

It looks like YouTube is trying to do a similar TikTok content display and this could be the first of many more companies to come to challenge TikTok's success. Stay tuned to see what happens next.



Google Streets Timeline

If you are curious about what things looked like years ago in Google streets here is a great way to go back in time. It's amazing on how just a few clicks you can go back in time with Google Streets.



Bookmark Cleanup

Here is a handy Chrome extension for bookmarks that organizes and consolidates all your bookmarks together. So there is no excuse for not being organized.



Team vs Slack

It looks like Microsoft Teams and Slack are staying competitive when it comes to staying connected and only time will tell on which one will dominate.



Unlock PDF

Need to unlock a PDF sheet so that you can edit the document, here is a great way to do it using this online site called SodaPDF.



FB Face Recognition

FB is testing its face recognition software on its Messenger application and hopefully, soon you will be able to use biometrics to secure your messages.



Apple Installments

It looks like Apple will opening it's doors on its credit card to offer installments. It's a great move to expand their products and make them affordable to everyone.