Vista Password Recovery

Cool tip to restore a new Vista password you just created.
If you've spent nights trying to remember that darn old password here is a great tip to remember in the future.

Get your Vista installation DVD and put it in the DVD drive and re-boot your computer. When your computer re-boots choose the language, time and keyboard format. Then when the option Repair your PC pops up choose it and click Next. Now select System Restore option and select the restore point you want to use. This should be the last known date that you have used your old password and created the new one. If you never changed your password, you could be out of luck because this tip will not work. Click Finish and say Yes and let the system Restore to it's previous position. Logon and use your old password.
This does not guarantee all your backup will be saved, but at least it's not that bad and hopefully it's something that your backup recovery software can recover.
Good Luck.


Fix the slow browser in Vista

This is a simple tweak to the Internet Explorer browser in which in Vista you must logon as an Administrator to do. Just click on the Windows icon -> run and type the following in DOS
c:\netsh interface tcp show global

if the line does not say disable then enter this command

netsh interface tcp set global

if this doesn't work enter the above command again and end it with this command

netsh interface tcp set global


Cell Phone Radio

Why download and sync music when you can just stream it with your cell phone radio. It gives you hundreds of radio stations via the internet without monthly fees.


IM for Blackberry & iPhone

Yes you too can IM on your Blackberry & iPone with the help of JiveTalk. It's integrated with almost all of the well known instant messaging services.


Can't Read Html Emails on your Blackberry

This software solves the problem and compresses the color, size and style of messages.


Wireless Spectrum Analizer

Getting wireless interference, try using the Wireless Spectrum Analyzer to fix your wireless problems so that your connections stay connected.


Network Tool Suite

Here's an affordable Network Tool Suite called PT 360 that analyzes your network output. The free version goes a long way.


Will Solar Cells save you Money

If your interested is having solar cells for your home. This great web app figures out what it will cost you and how much money you'll save in the long run. The future is solar energy. Let's sit down and absorb some rays.
Give it a try


Have a Garage Sale list it here free

Next time your ready for a Garage Sale. List it here for free so that everyone knows where to go for a bargain.


Skype to Offer International Calls for $10 a month

Let's just say that international calls now look like it's going to cost pennies once Skype begins it's monthly plan.


Solar Cell Phone

This is the first solar cell phone but you'll have to be in China to have one. Hopefully soon it will be in the United States. Just imagine one full hour of sunlight will give you an extra 40 minutes.


XP SP3 Gains

As per the chart the new WinXP SP3 is suppose to be a significant gain on the operating system. It even out performs Vista and it's current SP1 fix. You be the judge when the SP3 fix comes out this year.


Blockbuster & Direct to TV

Online movie rentals just changed dramatically. Online movie video giant is almost in completion on it's new technology to stream movie rentals online to televisions. Hopefully the new technology will be a plus for Blockbusters movie sales in the upcoming year.


Vista Service Pak 1

Help can't find Vista Service Pak 1 and I know that it's already made public but need it to fix these compatibility issues. Follow the link.



Need a hub for your RSS feeds. Take a look at Netvibes it works great with Facebook and at least now you can keep in touch with all your friends.



Want to surf onto a computer without others knowing where you've been. Just click, run and go and your surfing discretely.



What is bitTorrent. It's a file peer-to-peer downloading software similar to Kazaa and Limewire in which when you install the bitTorrent software you can then go to bitTorent website and download programs.
If you want to know how to use bitTorent. You can find a tutorial at YouTube.
Be advised that there are legal and illegal way of using bitorrent, just make sure you know the law.
Now just do a google search for bitTorrent websites and your on your way to downloading.


USB Home Pregnancy Test

Yes now you have seen everything. If your use to a regular home pregnancy test. This one is about to tell you more from your urine test. It gives you graph's and charts from your urine analysis. It could be interesting to see what the internet has avialable for fertile individuals.


Comcast Grid

Comcast is coming out with the next generation Internet that suppose to be 10,000 times faster than the current speed you have now called the Grid. Just imagine how fast downloading will be.


Pac Man via excel * Fun *

At work and want to play a game, but your computer is only limited to office applications. Try this. It's program via visual basics using excel. You download the spreadsheet, enable the microns and start playing your favorite games, like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong or Tetris. Now nobody needs to know you have games on your desktop.



Sprint iPhone Replica

When it first came out, I knew it was a matter of time before carriers will make a replica. And Sprint was ahead of it's game with it's CTIA wireless. The prices are still not final but you can bet that it will be a sweet deal not to beat.


wireless iPod

Apple has been experimenting with a wireless iPod and you guessed it. If their gamble is correct. Get ready for a new wave for the portable MP3 player to change the way we listen to music.


Vista SP1 Free Support

It looks like it's the same old unreliable business for the mighty big giant again. Microsoft was so excited about it's Vista SP1 update that it delayed it for quite a while. So it's no surprise that when it was released it flopped. Now they are just trying to make it up with free support. Why not just give us back our money back?


Vista SP1 Headaches

Vista based computers beware. Not only will some users have problem downloading the Service Pak 1 update, but their drivers will not function correctly if they choose to install the Service Pak 1. You have limited choices, but waiting a little longer will give you the best results.


USB Warming Mouse

I don't know how useful this product can be, but if your in a cold place and need heat fast. Maybe it will help you until the real heat comes.


Revo Unistaller

If you had ever installed a program to later remove it. You learn that certain folders still are left behind. This is why their is a need for Revo. It removes all traces of the programs your uninstalling and also stops them running from the system tray.


Open Source Zip

This open source compression manager promises to be better than other competitors. Can zip RAR and CAB files. What's better than it being free.


Control Business Internet Use

Today the major problems in many corporations is their internet use policy. Although some companies restrict internet usage, their is really no control on how their employee's use the internet. This is where Websense Express comes in. It monitors all internet traffic and performs content filtering. And if an employee is doing something that they shouldn't be doing during business hours. You can easily stop them. Save money now and take control of your business.


Online Billing Department

Running out of time and need to create an estimates or an invoices and don't have the required software. Try Freshbooks. It's an online estimate and invoice service that delivers an email or mail if you choose to a client your currently doing business with. You are limited to the free version but it pays off if you want to look professional.


Shadow Protect

Tired of system upgrades. Here's why Shadow Protect is the software that will make upgrading simple. You create a image backup to restore on a computer and if that computer fails or needs to be upgraded. You simply restore that computer image onto the new computer with the new hardware. You don't have to re-installing the software all over again on the upgraded computer and you will always have a backup image.