Vista Restore the Menu Bar in IE

If you hate IE 7 and different location of Menu's. Here is a simple solution to bring back the IE 6 menu bar. Just click on tool in IE 7 and check the Menu bar and the Menu bar will automatically appear everytime you open IE 7.


Check Multiple Files Enabled

If you hate it that once you select a list of files and you accidently let go and loose those files that were highlighted. There is a solution for that go to My Computer Folders Search Options -> from the Organize pull down menu, under View tab put a check mark next to -> Use check boxes to select items. Now you can select multiple boxes by click on their check boxes.


Load Programs Faster

Want to load programs faster. The are many different ways to do this but this program is on top of the list for controlling and customizing your start up menu.


365 Day Lithium Battery

Hard to believe that someone can make a 365 day standby battery. I just hope they live to their promise. I can't imagine how many people would be happy to know that their phones can be left on standby for a year.

Credit Card USB Drives

If you love USB portable storage drives, your going to love this Ultra Space Station USB drive. It contains 6 USB drives that fit in a credit card. So whatever size you prefer you can easily label them and take it conveniently everywhere with you.


Netscape laid to rest

It's sad to say how a great browser that started the web revolution was laid to rest. It had reached great popularity among it's competitor Microsoft Internet Explorer. For years Netscape was the topic among users on which browser was the best to surf on. Sure Internet Exlorer was pre-installed on every computer system that you bought and you didn't have to pre-install the software. But with the Netscape browser you got richer web pages and plenty more. No matter what people were saying you couldn't turn away from Netscape because it always was doing something new. Even though we say goodbye to Netscape, it gives users the opportunity to choose how we want to search the world wide web.


Broadbands to charge per Usage

This is a pretty ruthless act towards ISP's who control broadband service plans. What they intend to do is charge users per usage use instead of the existing regular monthly usage plans for high broadband users. Why don't we just protest and tell them why don't they just charge us for usage only and if there is no usage use for that month you pay nothing. Seems only right since they are complaining only about the 5% of subscribers who go beyond their normal needs.
Can someone do something and start a petition for this?


Bluetooth New Generation

When you think you have seen everything, something comes around that is out of this world. I can't begin to imagine how useful this device will be.
Just think of your current bluetooth device today and bring it up a notch and you get a bluetooth device that uses sounds from your larynx to create a voice. It eliminates the high wind noise that still is a problem today. Hopefully someone can make this device more portable. I just can't see people walking around with this gizmo around there heads.


Vista Auto Disk Cleanup

To schedule Disk Cleanup in Vista:

Click Control Panel -> click System and Maintenance, to Administrative Tools ->
Task Scheduler -> click the Action menu, and Create Basic Task - create a name for new task click next -> select a schedule -> click next -> click Start a program and click next -> Type cleanmgr.exe in the File name box and click Open -> click next & finish.



Want to know what programs load up on boot time. You can use MSCONFIG but this program does it better in plain english.



Looking for a computer remote access, then take a look at Hamachi. It uses windows file sharing to connect to a computer. Now you can do what you normally do any where.


PC Tools Threat Fire

Need a net security software without the price. Here is your solution. This software does the same thing that premium software's are made to do and it's free. Who can beat anything that's free.


Trustware BufferZone Pro

Looking for a security software to protect your computer from net threats. It's more reliable than most of the current security softwares in the market today but it comes with a price. If your looking for a Vista version, you still have a long waiting period to go. Otherwise the software is suitable for existing versions.


Turn Vista Sleep Button To Shut Down

Simple tip to easily turn a useless button to a regular shut down command. Go to the Control Panel -> System Maintenance -> Power Options under Power Plan -> change plan settings and then click -> change advanced power settings -> Expanded power buttons and lid and then -> Start Menu power button. Highlight settings and choose Shut down from the pull down menu.


Change your Logon Screen

Tired of your own plain logon screen. Go to tinyurl to change the background.
Or if that doesn't work check this site.


Add Locations to the Save in Sidebar

Here is an easier step to add locations in the Save in side bar.
In DOS type gpedit.msc then go to -> User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Component -> Windows Explorer -> Common Open File Dialog then double click -> Items Displayed in Places Bar. Here you can five locations.


Build a Button

Tired of running commands to shut down or restart windows. Build a Button to make your job easier.
Right click on your desktop and select New -> Shortcut -> in the Pop up window type Shutdown -s -t 04 to create a shutdown shortcut. And for restarting type shutdown -r -t 04. Then all you do is drag them to the Quick Start Menu for easier access.


Microsoft Sync Toy

Don't have a good backup utility. Try Microsoft Sync Toy to do your daily backups. At least it's Microsoft.


Notepad Upgrade

Like notepad but looking for something more advanced. Check out the new Notepad upgrade. It's more like a drag and drop documents, multimedia and more.


Support Tools for Advanced Diagnostics

If you want to be prepared for anything that's IT related you should arm yourself with a decent support tools. the complete list can be found here.

Great tools are:
winddiff to compare files that recent
pviewer gathering information on remote computers
msicuu to remove installer information


Fix a File Corruption in DOS

If you have a file corruption in Windows and want to fix the file do the following in DOS.
Type in the cmd line sfc /scannow to run XP's system File checker.
This will check all your files and correct any damaged files. Just make your your Windows CD is near by when scanning.


Add Actions to Power Point

Here is a great tip to add actions to a Power Point presentation.
They move one slide to another easily navigating your presentations.
Create an Action Button
All you do is go to the insert tab and from the illustration group, select Shapes - Action Buttons and choose the shape to use. Select the Action Button information and drag to create the shape on the side. When the Action settings dialog appears click Hyperlink to click the Slide entry, choose the slide to link to and click OK twice.
Using a Return Action
If an Action button links to a hidden or out of sequence slide add a Return Action button on the linked slide to bring the user back where they came from. From the AutoShapes list select Action Buttons, Return, drag it onto the slide and accept the default setting. Hyperlink to Last slide viewed.
Action Buttons as Navigation Systems
To create a navigation systems that appears on all slides, from the View tab choose Slide Master and the Shapes list. Back, Next, Beginning and End and accept the default configuration for each. Click Normal View to return to working with your slides. Take care not to place anything over the button or they will not work.


Pen USB Drive with Linux

Want to install Linux on a pen drive. Here is a great web site to help you achieve that goal. All you do is download a 400 mb file and install it on a pen drive and reboot. Linux now will be running on your pen drive.


Microsoft free tech help for Virus & Spyware

Yes it is free support from Microsoft if you need help getting rid of Virus and Spyware. Just give them a call at 866-PCSAFETY ( 866-727-2338 ).


Create your Own Custom Logo in Windows

If you ever wonder how OEM vendors customize there computer's with their own logo. Here is how they do it. Open up any photo editing program and create a pixel image 180x114 pixel. Save the image as a bitmap and name it oemlogo.bmp then place it in c:\windows\system32. Then create a notepad file the same folder and save it as oeminfo.ini - this file is usually contains customer support information but you can omit that as long as you use the following format.

Manufacturer=Elite PC
Model =Dream Machine

[Support Information]
line1=For even more great tips visit


Copying Files & Saying No To All

If your copying files and there is a duplicate file name you usually select Yes to All and it goes a long way until the files finish copying. But there is no No To All when copying files, so to force Windows to repeat the command over and over again. All you have to do is hold down the SHIFT key the first time you say No and it should repeat again and again.


Symantec 3 user Rip Off

Consumer beware when they buy a Symantec 3 user license.
The day when you install the first license is the day that your license is activated for all three users. So let's say if you never get to use the third license. The day you install the third license. Even though you never used it, it expires when the first license was installed. It's a rip off because your paying for something that you may never use. So before you buy make sure you have three computers that need a new license.


Vista for Beginners

Heard so much commotion about Microsoft Vista but haven't really learned enough. Try the great tutorial sites to learn what Vista can do to you.
Vista 4 Beginners
Vista via Lifehacker



Want to create your own movie using your own music and pictures online. Jumpcut is your new friend to make your movie come to life. It will only make your very creative.