Mini Xp

Need to run Windows XP on a computer and are having difficulties because you don't have XP on your current computer. This is where mini XP comes to the rescue. Don't expect miracles because it's limited. But it's a great utility to use when doing a PC rescue to copy all of your files to a flash drive.

Direct Link 1
Direct Link 2


Free Rice

Play the game for free and feed the hungry. It's the way to go to make a difference during the Holidays. Start now.


File Dropper

Need to share files. Just upload a file up to 5 gig and share the link. That easy and that simple.


Microsoft Starter Edition

These are the pro and cons of having Microsoft starter edition on your computer. It's a way of Microsoft saying, you can use our product for free, but you can't do the following! What did you expect for free?


Microsoft Power Slashing App

Microsoft is in the works currently for a power slashing application. If all goes well we could be seeing this implemented on network computers. It's a good move for Microsoft on going green.
The application enables the computer to be accessible remotely while in standby mode without excessive power consumption. Let's go Microsoft.



Looking for a simple way to share in real time. It comes with a price, but the encryption makes it worth while having. Give it a test run and you'll be surprised.


Windows Recovery CD's

Looking for Windows Vista or Windows 7 Recovery CD's. Manufacture's don't supply them, because if they did then you wouldn't need to buy another copy of Windows. But I suggest you download these file immediately before it's too late. You never know when your going to need these recovery CD's.

Windows Vista - 32 Bit
Windows Vista - 64 Bit
Windows 7 - 32 Bit
Windows 7 - 64 Bit


Work Order 2.1

If you have a small business and are currently doing side jobs. It's nice to keep track of your current jobs that your doing for your customer's. If your just starting out and Quickbooks is still not for you. This is a first step on building your customer database. Lot's of luck.



Customize your own Heineken case of beer. It's a great idea proposed by Heineken for it's beer lovers. This Holiday shell out $38- and give friends customize beer bottles.



Here is another link to the famous Key flash drive. I have already several of these devices and I must say, that it does go well with my regular house keys. It's a must have item for anyone who craves flash drives.



Here are the first hydrogen fuel cells. This will one day, save your life when power consumption is obsolete. I am going to hold off for now on until they test these power cells over and over. I almost certain that they're will be problems for the first generation until everything is sorted out.


How Many Days Old Are U?

Just in case you wanted to know how many days old are you. This simple calculator will give you the results with weeks, years, days and leap years.


Remote Access portable

Need remote access on the go, take a look at portable client access on the go. It promises to help you connect to any client or server quickly.


Cmd Line Portable

Here is a great way to get onto the Command Prompt using your USB portable device. It's a great way to tweak commands on locked computers.


Run Mac on a usb stick

It's possible to run Mac on a USB stick and here is the how to do it.
If you don't have a Mac and still want to test it out, you can still do so by using old MAC software's. Just remember these software's are obsolete and you should only use it for experimental purposes.

Here are other useful Links
Mac Plus
Mini vMac



If your an IT professional and want to look like an expert. When problems arise instead of using google to find your answers. Do this, go to Goosh.org. It not only will make your customers think your knowledgeable, but make them think you really know what your doing. Hopefully this will buy you sometime on fixing their problems.


PadLock for iPad

If you have a current iPad your probably trying to figure out what's the best anti theft solution you have to protect your device from prowling thieves. Your best bet for now is to use this freeware until something better comes along.
PadLock locks you iPad by monitoring it's usb power connection. If the power is interrupted an alarm sounds notifying you a breach of security. It's not fool proof. But it's good enough to scare the not so smart thieves.



Need to control your computer's startup programs so that you computer can load up quickly. Soluto is what your going to need and after a few tweaks, your computer should load faster because now, your controlling how programs are loading up on startup.


X Setup Pro

With 1900 windows setting tweaks it's no wonder everyone loves this software. After over ten years of service the developer gave up because of the insolvency of WUG.


Unistalling Norton Internet Security

Need additional help on uninstalling Norton Internet Security. This software should do the trick. Just remember to confirm that it's correctly removed from your computer by visiting Add/Remove Programs.


Google Maps Preview

Here is a great way to preview Google Maps in Gmail. All you have to do is go to the lab -> and enable Google Maps in Gmail. Now every time someone sends you an address in Gmail. Google will automatically pull up it's location on Google Maps.


3M USB 3.0 Monitor

As USB 3.0 is now making it's way into our technological world. Manufactures are already making use of USB 3.0 compatibility.
3M has just created a way to make a monitor, powered by a USB port. It's a positive move for 3M going green with our future energy crisis.


Iso Burner

Here are a few ISO Burneing software's to help you burn hard to copy CD's and DVD's. You can decide which one works for you. I prefer IsoBuster.


Nitro PDF Reader

Need to tweak, edit or create pdf files without the expense of Adobe. This freeware does so much that you'll reconsider on paying for future premium services.


Acer Manuals

Looking for Acer Service Manuals. Take a peak at this look and lots of luck in servicing your computer.

Here is also the link for the Acer User Manuals


Network Print Scanner

Looking for a network printer and don't know how many printer's are on the network or which printer you want to connect to or troubleshoot. This printer scanner promises to save you time in narrow down your search for that printer.




Looking for a usb cable that you can use with your cell phone to connect to the internet. Take a look at this smart usb cable. It not only gives your laptop internet access but can be used with several different types of cell phones.
This smart cable tricks the computer to think that you have connected a usb device. Once connected everything else is user friendly.


Backup the Win 7 Registry

Don't know how to backup your Windows 7 registry. Here is the tutorial to help you do just that. Just remember that you should never tweak the registry unless you really have a good backup of your computer and you definitely know what your doing.


Remove Programs in Win 7

Here is a quick way to remove programs in Windows 7 using the "Open With Menu". It requires you tweak the registry. So make sure you backup your registry just in case things go wrong.


What happened to my Tag

What is My Tag. It's just a tag to be posted on the web. It came about years ago when I was introduced to the world of computing and was searching online and found my tag and from that point on it was a nice trademark. But lately I've been seeing other users post stuff on this site that I disapprove of and using it like crazy. I guess someone figured they could use the tag for fast recognition. So much for trademark, so I discontinued using it.