It's the next generation of GPT and let's just say this time it can see and can interact with you, it's like having an assistance chat with you, wherever you go.

There is no telling how far it will go now and this is just the beginning.


Tesla CEO Pay Fight

Ever since Elon Musk pay package was thrown out by a judge in January the CEO has been doing all that he can do to get his pay reinstated and now after all his work shareholders are having second thoughts and they are justified since the company no longer is performing like it once was.

With the EV market looking for cheaper alternatives the CEO has been diverting important resources elsewhere. Maybe it's time for both parties to go their separate ways and for Must to start focusing on the company he believe's he wants to work for. 

Being a CEO requires staying focus and when you manage several companies the mindset is just not going to be there for all of them. 


Tesla Cybertruck Treat

If you are thinking of buying a Cybertruck, here is some information you should know before hand which is how big the vehicle stands out and where are you going to park it.

A user apparently purchased a Cybertruck when he had a house and then when the vehicle arrived he downsized to an apartment and now the vehicle is causing him a headache when it comes to parking.

Now anyone would consider with a situation like this all you need to do is get rid of the car but here is the kicker. The user cannot sell the car because of the Tesla agreement that they have to keep the car for at least a year.  

So my advice to the user is sit back put cones all around the car when you park and after a year just get rid of this hudge piece of junk.



Linearity Curve

This software can give you free design tools for drawing and animation similar to Adobe's capabilities. If you are looking to cut down on subscription cost it's definitely worth to consider. 

I would just give it a ride of free tier and see what you can do for free. 

Apple Password Manager

Apple looks like it's building a dedicated Password application for iPhone and Mac and it might just make it difficult for third party applications to play friendly across it's platform.
It's no surprise that they want to have some say and control of their devices and this just makes it easier for the company to take control of your passwords. 


iOS Updates

If you have an iPhone note this is how long Apple will provide updates to make sure the phone is secure. For most it's basically just five years and it really depends on the phone you have. So if you paid over one grand you have three years to stay secure. So overall Apple is no longer giving you the best for your buck and you might want to look elsewhere when it comes to saving money. 

It's kind of sad hearing the new Apple information but at least you have other options. 


AWS & Microsoft Cloud Domination

It looks like dominating the cloud is causing some countries to be concerned about the monopoly play among these two rivals. Besides being on top, these two giant companies are way ahead of their competitors and it's looks like it's can be like that for quite sometime.

In the meanwhile these two companies should start strategizing to practice fair business practices with other providers so that they do not come up under the radar that their company is a monopoly.




If you travel internationally and do not want to pay your cell phone carrier for international calls here is a new way to make calls in the country you travel to.

It's called alosim and what it does is that it lets you buy an eSIM card for your phone to use in the country that you are visiting. It's so easy and simple to use that you wished you knew about it sooner.


EcoFlow's Solar Generator

This handy device depending on your area can save you a bundle of money and in the long run it will pay for itself if you use it wisely.
It's an expensive luxury if you plan on using it for a short period of time, but if your intention is to use it daily it will in time pay for itself. The device is currently only for Europe but it's only a matter of time before it reaches us. 


PS - Internet Quality Testing

Remote workforce has created a lot of demands with this is the quality of your internet speeds. This is where this handy powershell script comes in to save the day and troubleshoot your problems.

Now at times just rebooting your broadband router usually does the trick, but if you continue to have speed test problems then her is another troubleshooting tip to help you.



Ai Pin Update

If you are in the market for purchasing the AI Pin I would hold off for just a little bit. The company recent public launch is looking for a buyer. 

Now it's no surprise but as per the recent reveiws, the device still is not there. Unknown if someone would even want to buy a wearable Pin that still has a lot of work to do. 


TikTok Social Impact

It looks like TikTok is making a social impact by creating a new program for creators to make positive changes. The lucky users will get help from the social media giant to help with their missions and bring more meaningful change to others.

It will be nice to see on how this turns out and what affect it has towards others. 


Protecting Keyless Vehicles

If you have a keyless vehicle here is a good way to protect thieves from creating a wireless fob to easily steal your car.

In this day in age you have to be one step ahead of the theives before they sneakly steal your vehicle.


Midnight EVTOL

This new transportation for air travel is expected to modernize routine journeys done by long car commutes. If all goes as plan, this can definitely mean a new way of commuting back and forth to work to reduce urban congestion.

It's not a bad idea and I definitely feel that this will be one of many more options to help people commute daily back and forth to work. 


Win 11 Laptop will not power on

Here is an annoying problem with Windows 11 with laptops not turning on unless they are connected with an adapter. In situations like this I like starting with Windows power options and then take it from there to see if everything is functioning the way a computer should function.

If that does not work then continue troubleshooting with the additional information from the link below.`


Win 11 broken Icon's

Windows 11 has still some bugs that have to be resolved and one of them is to fix the broken Icons in Windows. Now it could be a number of reason's why this is occuring and most of the times it's just that something got corrupted when you migrated over to Windows 11. 


Excel won't let me click

Here is the fix to resolve Microsoft Excel cells clicking problem when it will not let you click on the cells.
It's an annoying bug and hopefully they will fix this problem in a feature update but for now here is the simple fix. 


Cancel Print Jobs

Here are some best ways to cancel print jobs and note not all printers think a like so you need to adapt on using several methods since each printer manufacture has there own set of rules on canceling the jobs themselves.

As a network adminstrator this is done differently but as a regular user this tips hopefully will help resolve your problems. 


Best AI Video Translators

If you are looking for some great AI video translators here is a great start. These are great tools to seemlessly convert information to a particular language. So if you are trying to reach other markets, this is a great start while using AI.


RealVNC drops Freebies

If you have been using RealVNC free version you should be aware that the Home plan to use free is about to end soon.

Moving forward users will just have to pay for the version which is still inexpensive. 


Financial Breaches new Rule

 It looks like the SEC now had new rules for financial institutions to disclose security breaches within 30 days of learning about them.

It's about time someone puts a regulation on this and consumers should still be concerned afterwards. 



G Cloud Wipe

Very concerning on how a Cloud provider wipe out a Austrailian pension fund along with it's backup. It just makes you wonder if having one cloud provider is good enough after reading this nightmare article.


Frozen Brain Tissue Rivived

Total game changer and concerning on what people plan on doing with frozen brain tissue. Let's just say when one day can possibly outlive others if they are able to somehow freeze your brain after death.

I hope I am not around to see where this leads to. 



Stop Roku Overheating

If you have a Roku device and keep on getting the notification that the device is overheating, this is what you need to do. Let's just say unplugging the device and letting it cool down should be your first option and then once it's cooled off I would try cleaning the device to see if there is any grime build up. If you do this occassionally you will hopefully beat the device notification from alerting you. 

If that does not work then you can follow additional steps from the link below. 



Best Tracker Apps for Exercise

Here are a list of a few tracker applications to help you with your excercise routine. Depending on your exercise fitness journey using the right application will help you keep track of your goals.

If you are in the market for a good tracking applications, I would suggest that you do your research beforehand.  There are a lot of options to achieve your goals. 


Cybersecurity Mistakes

Here are some examples of how people make mistakes online and how to fix them. You can definitely prevent cyber threats if you start adapting these techniquest to your daily lives.


US Ban on Chinese Crypto Mining

If you are a chinese company and planning on mining crypto in the U.S. let's just say that you better be prepared to vacate because of a national risk.

I would not be surprised if they ban this all further nationwide and it should be a lesson for their country to know that it's going to be tougher on them going forward because of manufacturing competition. 


Sky OV

Here is the supersonic concept for the next commercial jet with no wings. Yes no wings, sort of on how the plane is being designed. It's suppose to be better than the Concorde with lavish suites for a luxury travel from New York to London in four hours.

It's next generation flying and right now it's just a concept but let's hope that this becomes a reality for commercial flying.


EL Salvador BTC Treasury

It looks like El Salvador is becoming the first country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tneder and it's launched a Bitcoin treasury holding website to monitor the countries reserves.

Our old system of currency has been long overdue for a drastic make over and crypto is definitely the industrial revolution of currency. In the long run the countries that refuse not to adopt in time are going to be left behind. 

Wheter you like it or not, there is no stopping this move and the only question you should be asking is when are you going to adapt. 


Zscaler Breach or Not

It looks like Zscaler could have had a security incident but it's still unclear if anything was exposed or not. There response to the public was definitely taken into account and this should be an education for other companies to do the same. 

Keeping your customers in the dark is just going to discourage them and ruin the trust. Let's just hope the incident was not that major. 


Buy vs Rent Calculator

Still trying to figure out if buying vs renting is still worth it, then you might want to try this cool calculator online that once you figure out the basics it will let you know if the choice you are making is worth it.

It's a great online calculator before you make that plunge. 


Dorsey Exits BlueSky

In so many words lets just say that he is repeating his mistakes from Twitter and he are the main reason's why he left BlueSky.

I guess when a founder leaves something he is passionate about, it's going to take a while to replace what he is really looking for especially if you have and extra 1 billion dollars in your pocket. 


Chinese EV Ban

It looks like the Chinese EV ban is on the table because they way they are connected. The U.S. feel is somehow concerned with how the sensitive information gets delivered to Beijing.

I think they should just be straight out and say that they just fear that they will once again make a better vehicle and build cars that meet consumer expectations.


Hertz selling EV Fleet

Hertz is trying to sell off it's entire EV fleet after realizing that their expense and damages are greater than the vehicle expected value and since consumers are no longer requesting it, it would make sense for them to bail out on the EV adaption for now. 


Solar Reflective Pain

 Recent test where done in Los Angeles California to use reflective solar paint on it's roads and this is what occurred.

Long story short, the paint reduced the surface temperature and this could be a solution in the near future on how to respond to global warming worldwide. 



Spring Tires

This simple theory of spring tires sure does put to the test tough terrain driving in snowy roads. Besides they being durable and airless this is definitely an alternate for off road driving.

I definitely believe with more research we can achieve a better way to drive most off road terrains. 


Sparkles Robotics

This is definitely going to bring a lot of joy to many users who love the robotic dog but can seem to adjust to the new device. The cosplay dog version just shows how easy it can be made adaptable to our everyday lives. It's only a matter of time before they come up with the right costume for the dog to become adaptable to everyone. Now you can have a long durable pet by your side. 



How VR Changes Startups

New startup companies have now a great weapon with virtual reality when it comes to advertising. They have a great way now to connect with their audience in a deeper way than other companies by showing their demos, telling their stories, admiring events, and tailoring marketing campaigns. 

Earlier adopters to VR are going to be the smart ones who profit successful to take their company to a new level. 




It looks like soon more underwater drones are going to invade our ecosystem to carry out different support missions. In time this definitely will catch the attention of many other companies to follow suit and this will definitely be in the radar of many other countries to adapt as a military defense.


FCC Fines

The FCC recently fined wireless carries for sharing user locations without consent. This is definitely a great move for consumer privacy against geolocation histories.

But in the long run I believe carriers are just going to include this with it's along with it's deceptive advertising consents. 


iPhone Pss Resets

If you do not think that iPhone password resets are real then brace yourself. It's nothing new but hackers are getting clever in spoofing and trying to present themselves as Apple employee's.

Just follow the following steps and hopefully you wil not fall for the trick. 


G Drive PDF Pass

Curious on how to add a password to a PDF document in Google Drive, let's just say you need to add Document Studio and it opens you up to so many things that you were not able to do before with Google Drive. It's definitely worth in looking into before you start your next project. 


Hexa Lift

This single drone can help teach anyone to easily drive and I must admit it is super futuristic if it takes off and because the new consumer transportation.

Not only will flying be simple to do, but imagine how much time you can save by going from one place to another. 


Next Gen WiFi Router w VPN

This has been slowly but surely coming out in the last few years and maybe this time it's going to hopefully stay for the better. WiFi with built in VPN are becoming the norm for many routers and because privacy is not concerning for many, this may just start making sense.

Let's hope that more consumers start practing this policy going forward. 


Fix Macbook Lagging

If your Macbook is lagging try these few steps below to see if you can resolve the computer problems. 

As times go by it's not unusual to start seeing the computer performance change especially if you have a lot of unnecessary software installed on the device.

Give it a try and at least it will narrow down the cause of your problems. 


Save Storage on Macbook

I have long been using this tip for the longest and your first option should be the cache, after that let's just say your trash bin would be my second option, the rest is sort of depends on what you have installed on your computer. 

Just remember if you have a software installed and you rarely use it, do you really need it installed on your computer?


Android Find my Device

Android users should be excited to know that now if they lose their device they can locate their phone even if it's offline. 

The application is designed to work with Bluetooth tracking software made possibe by third- party vendors. 

Here is more information about the application and I would advise users to install it as soon as possible just in case. 


Russia Starlink Access

It looks like Russian's are using the Starlink network dishes for a counterattack against Ukraine and regardless of the legality they are being used for illegal purposes.

I am unsure how Starlink plans to restrict access but one thing is for sure is that it is definitely keeping this terminals active. 


Elon's Worst Predictions

As a forecaster pridicting the future is a tough job and if you are Elon Musk well let's just say he has an unrealistic reality when it comes to timing. If he would just choose his words carefully he would be a true believer. But that's not likely to happen any time soon and it's just another broken promise. 

Time is running out for Elon and if he does not get his act together, he is just going to be another voice in the wind. 


TikTok Count Down Begins

It's going to be roller coaster ride for this social media company once the lawmakers force ByteDance to sell again. This is not the first time the company has been under scrutiny and this time around it will be interesting to see who is still interesting on buying the company.


Cellular Trail Camera

If you have a lot of property and always want to be notified when predators are in the area, here is a great camera for the critters to notify you via cell phone, when something is spotted. 

It's a slight upgraded from other products that are in the market but at least it will save you the trips of checking images every few days.


Confirmation Emails with Google Forms

Google platform has simplified things for Google Forms that whatever type of information you are getting from users, you can have an email confirmation confirm their request. 

Here is another great resource to help you look professional for the information that was provided. 


Google Forms UPI Payments

Now taking payments can easily be done using a UPI QR Code with Google Forms. This is opening the door to easier payment options for users when it's time for purchasing.

There is so many different options that this can open up and I just hope that it gets even easier going forward.


Extract Email from Gmail

If you are using Gmail as a work email and wanted an easier way to extract the email addressess in the user account. Here are some good tips on how to exact them so that you can make personalized email invitations. 



It looks like iOS 18 is going to have AI incorporated into the iPhone. Then here comes the kicker, even though Apple saids it's commited to privacy the phone might struggles to handle it's new features.

Hopefully Apple will play catch up and get it's act together in future versions to be able to compete with it's competitors. 


AI Pin Review

Easy word to say that it's not there yet but it could be better in the near future. It still has more to do before it gets there but right now it's not a replacement for anything yet. More for research and development.


Tesla Robotaxi Update

It looks like Tesla is struggling to catch up with it's Robotaxi and none of the agencies that regulates robotaxis has heard of it yet. So I would not be surprised that the project will be delayed when it comes out in August of this year. 

So with no deploymnet permit in process this might just be another Musk failure when time comes. But again it could be just a robotaxi and not a robotaxi service so only time will tell when everything comes to light.

But as of this date his failed promises are just adding up. 


Hacker Downs N Korea

Here is the hacker that took North Korea down and his story is pretty interesting along with what the government should adobt to stay ahead of these cyber attacks.

It's pretty bizaar that the government does not want to use the hacking powers more aggressively and to stop ransomware actors extortion fees. 


Win 11 Blocking Updates

If you have these specific apps installed on Windows 11, Microsoft will block updating your computer. I guess you should look at the list and decide if updating your computer is worth it.

It's unfortunate but as per Microsoft it's a security and performance concern and I guess you will have to follow the procedure or be excluded all together. 


Home Depot Breach

Not surprising with the Home Depot breach and hackers are going to go to extreme lenghts to make any access possible even if they cannot reach their ultimate goal.

In the long run it's third parties that are going to be affected and lets just say if these companies do not get their game together they will easily be removed from the Home Depot affliation. 


EV Charging Evolution

Here is the evolution of EV charging and how it varies in many different areas. The only way the EV adoption is going to be successful is if the United States adapts to what's going on worldwide and how they are using the resources around them to make the adoption possible.

It's going to be a rollcoaster ride and it will cost us millions if they do not start thinking out of the box how to make this transformation possible. 


Tesla Failing

It's no surprise that this EV company is failing terribly and it's partialy because nothing has really changed since 2013 besides the software.

Now they should be mastering other areas and be ahead of the game when compared to other EV companies and it looks like the company has been to comfortable.

Now like all technology, if you don't do anything new every few years, the chances that consumers going to continue buying your product is going to be slim.

So my advice to Telsa is this, wake up and get with the program. 


TikTok Ban Reason

Here is an article to clear the real reason why the government wants to ban TikTok all together. Let's just say there is 14.7 Billion reason for this.

Regardless on who benefited the most, this social media giant can easily control the U.S. ecommerce markets with just a flick of a switch.  


MAC Desktop Dead

It's no secret that the MAC desktop are dead as more users adapt to portable devices because of their convience. MAC and other manufactures are easily turning away from desktops and focusing on items that many consumers want which is portability. So long live the new MacBooks.


Vision Pro Spatial Personas

Vision Pro just enabled Spatial Persona and let's just say it's makes FaceTime calling more realistic that it already is inside a window.

It's more like having a 3D type conversation when you talk to the user. This is definitely going to take Vision Pro to a new level and get ready for more. 


Roku secrets

It looks like some users can open up Roku secret screens by doing a list remote functions on the device to unlock the controls.

The hidden screens will help you restore you device should it act up or do a factory reset, usb test, Cycle channel store server, cycle software firmware update and update the software.

If your Roku device is in need of a tune-up, doing this reset will definitely get your device to behave again. 


Gmail Wish List

Here are a wish list that we hope Gmail adapts so it can still be ahead of it's competitors. It's not just a great email service but the hope of making email better for everyone.

It's been a great twenty years and we hope it will not be the end. 


Office & Teams unbundled

It looks like Microsoft has unbundled it's software after complaints from European Union regulators. And Teams can be purchased as a standalone pricing depending on the package.

It's nothing new for the big giant but just meeting regulations so that it can be compliant and so that it's rivals cannot complain for now.


Apple Bad News

If you were axious to see a foldable iPhone the concept maybe dropped at anytime. It looks like Apple is not having luck making this possible because of the display problem.

I must say that I am very disappointed and cannot understand why they can't learn from their competitors and maybe look into other alternatives to make this possible.

There is always a way and I believe that it's just not their main focus on making this happen. 


Cellular Starlink

It looks like SpaceX is now trying to get clearance from the FCC to lower it's satellites orbits so that it can easily connect with cellular carriers.

The new network will make it easier for carriers to access Starlink satellite system and give consumers better means of communications. 

It's only going to get better from here on once the new connections go live. 


AirTag Protection

If you are being tracked by an AirTag and do not know what to do next then it's vital to click the link below to see how you can safeguard yourself against risk.

AirTags are being used is so many unwanted ways that it's very concerning. So before you turn into a victim make sure you are one step ahead. 


Vision Pro Startup Guide

Before you go out and buy a Vision Pro, this is what you should be aware on the device. Now it's still unclear if Apple plans to increase it's storage or if everything will stay standard and force users to store everything on iCloud, but it  does make you wonder on the device limitations.

Hopefully this site will lead you to the best option to choose when it comes to storage on your Vision Pro device. 


Xfer Tickets with iOS

Users can transfer tickets to others when using the Wallet app but here is where it gets funny, not all tickets are tranferable because of security issues. So if you intend to use this feature please make sure you are going to attend the event and do not add it to your wallet app until you definitely know that you will use it. 


Fix AirPods Volume

Some users have reported that their AirPods are no longer louder when they reached maximum level. Now if you are experiencing this problem to try the tips below and then contact Apple support for assistance.

But it could be because of the aging hardware if you had them for quite sometime. 


Apple ClassAction Suit

It looks like some lawyers are going after Apple with their iCloud storage solutions. It's still in it's early stages but if you are a subsciber you can sign up and get updates on the current status of the lawsuit.

Apple is using it's iCloud services to make it difficult for users to replace or update their phones. 


TikTok Ban Coming

It's no surprise that many U.S. based social media companies want this application banned altogether because technically they are gaining subsribers rapidly and expanding into other marketing areas. 

TikTok is not just a social media company but a bigger department store similar to Amazon.com and there is no telling how fast and powerful they will become when more subscribers are added. 

So it's definitely a threat to U.S. markets and the government is going to do whatever possible to discourage and limit user access. 



Netlfix Problems

Tired of having Netflix problems and not knowing how to fix them. Well here are some common Netflix problems that most users get and the simple way to resolve their issues.

It's not everyday that you can simply resolve these fixes, but it's sure nice when you can find the resolution all in one place. 


Apple AirTag Update

Apple AirTag software is already out and if you want to make sure your device is updated to the most current feature so that it has the new features and patched it's current bugs, then this is what you need to make sure your device is updated. 



visionOS 1.1.1 Update

Vision Pro just got a new update and I wished it had more maintenance fixes, but sadly it's more of a security fix for the headset itself.

Let's hope that Apple get's it together and starts giving users the needed updates soon so that it will not discourage users from bringing back their devices. 


Chrome Protection

Chrome now is enabling real-time protection to safe guard users from going to dangerous sites that can get them viruses or malware.

This is the standard for other browsers as well and hopefully this will safe guard consumer protection.

Let's hope they continue this process for years to come moving forward. 


Sci-Fi Reality Inventions

It's amazing to believe on how these out of the world technologies became reality with the mindset that anything is possible. 

So the next time you see a Sci-Fi movie remember this, if you can believe then you can make it possible.

Here is a flashback on items that came to reality. 



AI Regulation

Everyone knew when AI came out it was only a matter of time before some technology regulation came into effect and the EU looks like is leading the way that other countries will eventually follow.

Since AI is currently in the wild west it would make sense to have some type of protection to citizens and how the tech giants complies to these rules.

It's only a matter of time before the EU start's slapping fines to these tech giants for rushing to create AI applications without filters. 


Wendy's airdrop

It looks like fast food Wendy's has begun using drones with DoorDash testing out the service to some lucky residents in Virginia. 

If all goes as planned it's definitely going to change food delivery service as we know what it is today. Not only will it revoluntionize the industry but open doors to instant deliveries.

I can't wait to start seeing this in my area. 


Neuralink Info

It's a futuristic idea with a high risk when you talk about implanting a chip to a human brain. Kind of reminds me of a hollywood movie called "The Lawnmover Man" with Pierce Brosnan. 

The sifi movie had similar futuristic ideas similar to what Neuralink is doing.

Now it's beyond me who would want to risk brain damage but Elon's goal is not to to save paralyzed volunteers but somehow incorporate it with AI and this is when it get's scary.

Now I already know how the movie ends and maybe you too should watch the movie too. 


HP Rental Info

HP recently started it's printer rentals and if you want them to manage the hardware and ink supplies it might be a service that you are looking for but here is the catch.

Their privacy is a nightmare and your personal data could be at risk. The more you read into the service the more concerns you should have about your privacy.

So I would caution users who subscribe to read their contract carefully and understand that whatever you are going to print is going to be in my terms public domain. 


FCC Quad Band

It looks like the FCC has increased broadband speed to 100Mbps. And hopefully it will only be a matter of time before the internet providers provide this access to all their users. 

Hopefully now with the new speed it will give users the oportunity to cut their cords and subscribe to all sorts of internet services. 


TikTok Ban Coming

It looks like we got again another TikTok ban and this time if Bytedance does not sell it's going to be very interesting to see how American's react to the new law.

It could definitely challenge everyone's constitution right on what the government can and cannot control. 


Copilot Update

Copilot is going to get a free GPT-4 Turbo upgrade and it's going to be free. With more info, more pages in a single prompt and improved performance. 

It's going to definitely be something to compete against and I just cannot wait to see with Copilot's competitors do next. 


Palm Size Drone

Let's just say that the military is getting advanced with this Black Hornet drone. It's going to innovate how teams are deployed into the battlefield by having another set of eye's map out areas of uncertainty. 

It's definitely a game changer and will change the future of warefare. 



Video Doorbells Hacked

It looks like a list of vendors who sell video doorbells can easily be hacked. And those home owners who were trying to protect their homes now have another threat to worry about. 

I would suggest that users be very cautious when buying security devices for your home. 


HughesNet Loss

It's no secret that satellite provider HughesNet is losing subcribers with the popularity of Starlink. I guess customers are starting to piece together old technology with new technology and Starlink does make a difference when it comes to download speeds. Take a look at the comparision and see who is better.

Now if HughesNet does not catch up, it's definitely going to go under very quickly. 


Project Kuiper

It's looks like Starlink is not the only company trying to connect the entire world via broadband. Amazon is currently testing hundreds of prototype dishes to do the same.

Hopefully both companies will be smart enought to form an alliance to connect the world and then figure out how to compete against each other. You can accomplish more and bring down the costs with unity. 



Apple Car Failure Update

The truth comes out from former Apple employee's who worked on the Apple Car and why the research and developement team failed to deliver.

Besides going to four team leaders and different ideas of what the car should be, the project looks like it was going in circles on what type of vehicle it should be.

It's no wonder Apple dumped the project all together. Maybe as time passes on, some of it's ideas can be incorporated into their products. Only time will tell. 


Lenovo Transparent Laptop

All that I can say is that it's out there and it's going to be a beauty to see these devices perform in the real world with AI. I feel like your it's not going to be that great security wise since everyone can see what you are doing but I am amazed to see what other manufactures are going to do now that this has come out.


Siri Can Do This

If you have an iPhone here are some tricks that Siri can do for you just in case you did not know. You will be surprised on how easily things can be done if you know these simple commands with Siri.

If you play nice with Siri then it will do more than you can imagine. 


Facial Smart Locks

I can see this company definitely going places with it's smart lock that can recognize your face. This high end technology has been out for sometime and now it's affordable to anyone who want to secure their homes. 

Imagine living in a world where your access is granted by your face, how precious that can be. 


Apple EV Cancellation

It looks like after going back and forth Apple is scapping for now it's autonomous electric car. It's no surprise that building something like this takes massive expertise to get to the end result. 

This is not for everyone and maybe it's just better to look into some other type of project that will benefit them better.  


ChatGPT Tax Filing No No

I never even thought about this but with AI hitting all types of markets it's no surprise someone would want to try ChatGPT to do their taxes.

Along with that here are some great examples why not to do that and first most is hackers. It's right now the wild west for AI and ChatGPT is just not ready to safe guard your information.

So before you decide to use ChatGPT for your personal finance, read this. 


Google Pay Sunset

It looks like Google is shutting down Google Pay in June. The application that was replaced by Google Wallet is being cosolidated. It's only a matter of time before Google Wallet becomes the standard for everyone to use. 


X Audio & Calls Rollout

It looks like X aka Twitter will be rollingout audio and video calls for users and it put's them in straight competition with Meta's messenger chat features.

It's going to be interesting getting calls from users using X. 


Solar Eclipse Coming

Next month the solar eclipse is happening on April 8, 2024 and so many user's can watch the breath taking moment others are also recommending purchasing the eclipse glasses. 

Now I would be very cautious during the viewing since it can definitely affect you vision. 


No rice on iPhones

A while back some users mentioned that if your iPhone was to get wet your best bet was to use rice to save the phone. Now they are saying that this might not be a good idea.

I guess Apple's recommendations seems better for now until the myth is put to the test. 


Elon Twitter Input

An analyst is piecing together the real reason's why Elon Must purchased Twitter and if you really narrow it down he could have a point and if this analyst is correct. Then you are definitely going to see xAI explode when it does come out of closed doors. 


BlueSky Feed

Twitter founder has a new site named BlueSky and if you want to tweak the feeder here is some helpful tips on getting hits on your site.

I must admit there is a lot of information to learn from this site to tweak BlueSky. 


Win 11 Update News

It looks like news is getting out that Windows 11 users who upgrade to version 24H2 coming in October will not be happy if they do the upgrade. It's said that it will not boot on old computers.

Let's just say it's just another way for Microsoft to force users to buy a new computer. 


Manage Paid Subscriptions

Have a lot of paid subscriptions and wish it can be managed better. Take a look at these cools sites that keep you informed when prices changes, due dates are coming up, bill negotiation and subscription cancellation. 

In this day an age you have to alway be on top of your bills so that your service is not cancelled and you do not become deliquent. 



CyberTruck Flaw

It looks like Telsa's new Cybertruck has a flaw and it's becoming very popular among most of it's current owners. It looks like the truck outer body is causing stains on the vehicle.

It's definitely not a good sign for the EV car manufacture and if the company does not resolve this quickly I am almost certain that consumers will look elsewhere when it's time to purchasing a new EV.

Let's see how the stains play out as more adopters get a hold of their new delivery vehicles. 



Should I Shutdown

My answer will always be yes, unless you a savvy technician who always feels the need to always be connected and continue where they left off every hour of the day.

So if you are not on the computer on every hour of the day, then I would suggest you just shut it down to save power and prevent mishaps. It's pointless leaving the device on if you tend not to use it daily. 


Norway EV adoption

I believe that we have it all wrong when it comes to EV adoption and Norway is good proof of this. Ever since the early 90's this country has been doing almost everything possible to start EV adoption like offerring no taxes on zero emission vehicles, free parking, use of bus lanes and no tolls. 

Besides users buying more EVs, gas pumps and parking meters are being upgraded by chargers. It's the ultimate auto revolution occurring quickly in this country and if anyone want's to make a difference creating incentives is the key to adoption. 

I strongly believe Norway will achieve it's goal and be a major role model for other countries to follow. 


iOS iMessage Update

It looks like Apple is doing a massive security update to it's messaging software with advanced security. This is definitely going to secure all users messages moving forward and it's going to be harder to decrypt messages if they get into the wrong hands.

I wonder if the federal government is happy about this new update? 

For those that do not know, the feds just a few years ago were pleading with Apple to give them access to their software and Apple refused. 


At&t Outage

At&t recent outage was not a cyberattack but as they say a technical error but an application and execution of an incorrect process.

It was definitely like a scene of a movie when this outage occurred.  



Here is a great site to go to for creating an simple and easy AI text to video's. It's a very powerful site that can do all sorts of things like training, information and presentations.

This site is just the begining to create endless text to video's with the help of AI. 



Canada Bans Flipper

It was only a matter of time before the Flipper would be banned and I can see this powerful tool definitely causing security problems where ever you go, but this is still a remidial device compared to other devices that consumers should be concerned with. 

Instead Canada should enforced their car manufactures to safe guard consumer goods. 


X Fake Online Traffic

Recently X aka Twitter reported that it's users post and video's were rising, and after review from a third party it looks like it was fake. 

Information like this is no surprise from a company that's still sinking and user use is jumping ship. But it's nothing new in the world of Elon Musk.

I would guess now would be a good time to rehire the thousands of employee's that he laid off. 


MS Publisher Support End Date

It looks like Microsoft if pulling the plug for support to Publisher in 2026 and plans on integrating the software to it's other office applications. 

Microsoft is definitley slimlining it's software and in the future you are going to see more of this happening to it's other main products as well. It makes sense, saves space and will be easier to use.


Key on it's Own

Do you have a problem with your computer keyboard typing on it's own. Now if you are constantly seeing this on your computer, it's worth checking out the device and see why is it currently doing this.

Here are a list of things to check to see what can be causing the keyboard to be performing such actions and not if you have a laptop, check to see if you added any new self adhesive items to the webcam that can be enabling the device to type when the device is closed and you are using an external monitor. 


Win 11 24H2 Update

Windows 11 update will be coming soon and here is what users can expect to see after the new update. Let's just say it's a big overhaul on the OS with more AI functions.

The closer we get the more information that will come out, but here is what you already can expect. 


Google Drive Replacement

Here is another story on how users are trying to cut costs by using third party platform to store the content and if you do not mind your stuff being all around the web it's not such a bad idea at all.

I must admit it is a clear way to store your items and cut costs. 



Microsoft was thought by many that it would be released this year a new OS running Windows 12 but this looks like it's not the case and instead they are just going to do a major big overhaul in the Windows 11 24H2 update with more AI functions. 

I guess we are just going to have to wait another year to hear what they will be ready to roll out Windows 12. 



Send Cmd to Text File

If you a running a list of commands in the command prompt and want a record of these files to review later or as a backup then this is what you need to do.

ping google.com > C:\Users\userName\OneDrive\Desktop\CommandOutput.txt


OpenAI Video Generator Sora

It looks like OpenAI has a new video generator named Sora and it's causing a lot of buzz among some reasearchers. Not only does it create complex scenese but it's stands out but realistic.

It's still in testing and and in small numbers but as it becomes more popular it will reach broader public. 


TPM Alternate Fix

TPM errors are now very common for Administrators and if you cannot clear the TPM in the BIOS then here is an alternate way to reset the TPM using the TPM Management Console.

But just note that still doing this does require a bios update and hopefully this will resolve your fix. 


Open InDesign Easily

Recently downloaded an Indesign file to your computer and now have problems opening it up because you lack having the premium software installed on your computer.

There are a few things that you can do to get access to the .INDD files and it's either you find a free INDD viewer online to install on your computer or find a file convertor online to convert the file to another format.


Pc Buying Tips

Ready to purchase a new computer here are some great tips on what you should be looking for when purchasing a new device. 

For some it's could be difficult but you have choices and with those choices that you decide to make it will narrow down the type of computer you should be looking for.  


Vision Pro Returns

After all the hype on Apple Vision Pro, owners are now returning back their devices and waiting for their refunds. It looks like though even some users were impressed with the device, they are not still comfortable wanting to keep them that long to justify their current costs.

It looks like it's going to maybe take several generations of upgrades for the devices to justify their net worth. I guess it's still not a bad outcome for the development of this new technology. 


Foldable Phone Designs

It looks like the foldable phone's are definitely headed for a new rise. It's slowly getting their but in time you will see how creative manufactures will be making everyday devices easy to carry around.

It's definitely going to elove into our lives gradaully as time goes by. 


Bunkers Bonkers

It sounds like a fairy tale but in fears of the apocalypse many one percenters are prepping their bunkers to the extreme preparing for the unknown.
From state of the art operating rooms, big basements, flight simulators, safe rooms, to underground shooting range, massive fireplace and a shark tank. These bunkers have just about everything you can think of with additional added defenses for security.
You may thing that they may be taking this over the limit, but can you blame them with all the current kaos going around in the world.


Vision Pro & Telsa

Stupid warning for new Apple Vision Pro users who own Tesla's are told not to drive wearing their devices when in a Tesla and using Tesla autopilot. It's a liability clause so that both companies do not get sued.

And if you watch the video you understand why they are doing this. 



The Line

This new project in Saudi Arabia is unthinkable and it's going to cost a bundle, but if they are able to succeed, it's going to prove once and for all that the impossible can be possible.

This is a dream come true to create a self made city across the desert. 



Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter it's been quite a disaster for the so called X aka Twitter. I doubt the company will ever recover and he will be lucky if he can some capital out of the company before it goes under.

Now Bluesky has a big shot on competing with X and shifting it's users from one platform to another. They just need to show their users that's things are better on their end.

It's going to be interesting to see the final outcome of Bluesky and X. 


Cancel App Subscriptions

If you are trying to cut expenses this year it will be a good time to review your phone application subscription and if you are basically not using it, then it's best for you to cancel them.

This could be an ongoing battle for many people but the reality is if it's not being used then what's the point. 


Copilot on Mac

If you are already enjoying Copilot and want to install it on your Mac this guide will help get close enough to the program so that you can still enjoy the software.

It will be a while before Apple releases their own AI and catchup, so the software still can be of some use.


iCloud for Windows

If you are a Windows user and want access to Apple iCloud this is what you need to do to have all your files sync to iCloud. Unfortunately Windows and Apple and not going to be friendly on doing this but if you follow these simple directions you should be able to sync all you files to iCloud with ease. 


Win 11 Features

Curious on what new features Windows 11 has, well if  you checked features in preview you can try everything first hand before it's released to everyone else. 

Here are some cool new feature in Windows 11. 


Download Photos from iCloud

Tired of using Apple iCloud and want to consolidate all your photo's from iCloud to a new provider. Well these are the steps you need to take to transition from one cloud customer to another.
It's not going to be easy work, but in the long run you will have control of your library at a better cost. 


AnyDesk RDP Hacked

It looks hackers compromised AnyDesk and the company quickly revoked all security certificates. It's still uncertain on how the cyber attack compromised it's production system but in the next coming days hopefully there will be more information coming out. 


Vision Pro Problems

It's no surprise that users are already giving feedback to others on their new Apple headsets but for now the list is still small.

Still like any new product, Apple intends to resolve this with updates but regular use and more consumer feedback will hopefully narrow down the pro's and con's of purchasing a Vision Pro.


Circle to Search

Looking for something online and want hep on searching for that item, then Circle to Search is a great start to narrow down what you are looking for.

Here are some tips to help you succeed finding what you are looking for. 



Chrome AI Features

It looks like Chrome will be soon getting these AI features to organize tabs, create custome themes and help with writing on the web.
It's defintely the begining of more things to come from Chrome and even though they are not major changes it will open to the door to future AI projects in Chrome. 



This site is going to help you with your job search when it's time to find a job. It's automates your job application process using AI and searches all the job platforms to find you a job using Job GPT. 

It's another great way AI is simplifying things for you in the job market when trying to find a job. So if you are out of a job check it out and let AI help you out.

They even guarantee you 30 days money back if they cannot get you an interview. It's definitely a big game changer when your unemployed. 



Are you ready for an implant, the first clinical trials are open to anyone who wishes to control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go.
I must admit that this feels like a science fiction movie, but if all goes well you can be ahead of the pack when it comes to advance technological break through.


End of Workforce Loyalty

Our new technlogical world is changing the workforce rapidly that things that were normal in the workforce years ago are no longer there. Workforce loyalty is a toss up and down depending on who you talk too. 

Companies like Telsa think it's alright to push employee's to the brink of exhaustion only to easily layoff these dedicated workers. Is this right and is this the proper approach. 

This article is a must read on Workforce loyalty and could be the end if companies do not make changes. 


Why is Tesla Autopilot Ruined

Depending you who talk to, Telsa's autopilot had made it hard for drivers not to pay attention at the road at all times. 

I guess with all the current lawsuits, the software being still in some what BETA version because it's not full proof. You cannot blame consumers for feeling that they were mislead. 



Big iOS Update Coming

It looks like Apple plans on pushing more features to iOS 18 and it's going to be a major game changer for iPhones. The new OS has a lot more opportunities for Apple to introduce AI, but I guess will will still have to wait until they are ready to give us more. 


VR Direct

Virtual reality is getting very interesting with these new body tracking devices. Using these devices will definitely enhance your VR world and make things seem more realistic.  

It's definitely worth to check out what's going to be available to everyone soon in the VR world. 



Benz Scource Code Out

It's no surprise for Mercedes-Benz exposing some source code by leaving a private key online with unrestricted access. It's just good practice to have periodic security audits in place to prevent things like this from occurring. 

Hopefully this is a wake up call for the company to advance their security concerns, and that they do not get exposed again.   


NSA buying US Browsing

It looks like the NSA is buying USA citizens browsing records and sources say that it's legal unless the courts say otherwise.
It's pretty scary to think that someone is reviewing what you are searching online for. But it's not an odd request from the agency with an election year coming up.


Find Hidden Cameras

The next time you are in a hotel or a rented house you should scan around for hidden cameras. This is becoming a known practice for many and here are some ways that you can easily find these devices.

In a world where privacy is concerning, I would take precautions just in case.


Chrome 3 AI

Chrome is catching up with there competitors by adding AI to it's browsers. It's a smart move to keep stay on top on how AI is assisting users when surfing. 

Let's see how it's going to compete with Microsoft. 



Buying Used EVs

The EV market is currently exploding and car buyers may think that buying a used EV will be worth it the same way you buy a used car. 
Now you need to stop and read this article and understand why that no longer applies to EVs and the big risks you take getting a used EV.

I guess for now until things change it's best to purchase directly a new EV until their circumstances change.


Mesh for Teams

Microsoft recently launched Mesh for Teams and it's worth checking out and taking a look at the meta world to see how users can collaborate with others. 

It's a virtual reality meeting using avatars where everyone meets in one place. It's definitely worth checking out and giving it a try to easily stay connected with everyone in the workplace. 


Rabbit R1

Here is a new device using AI that watches what you do on your phone and replicates it whenever you ask. Let's just say it's like having a virtual assistant to do your phone tasks app-free. Hopefully to get you to use your phone less and still keep you connected by consolidating everything. 

It's another milestone step to hopefully change the way we now communicate daily. It's going to be interesting to see what other companies will do next. 


O365 New Menu

It looks like this coming March new features will be coming out for Outlook for Windows and the new UI is supposed to make Outlook more faster. 

I would not be surprised if it's even delayed further as consumers adapt to the new layouts.


Apple Watch Portable Charger

If you have an Apple Watch you might want to consider getting this keychain charger for your watch. It's a perfect addition to add to your keychain in case you forget to charge your watch.

If it fits right, then why not get one. 


Telsa bitter cold

It looks like some Tesla owner's had to be towed during a recent cold spell in the Windy city and some user's even experienced slow charging times at charging stations. 

It's too bad that these users did not read their owners manual to keep the charge over 20 percent during the bitter cold. But if you are from the Windy city, then this is expected. 


Tesla Battery Lifespan

Telsa owners should be aware of Telsa battery lifespan and let's just say not paying attention to this on a regular basis will cost you dearly if you do plan to keep the car for a long haul.
In most cases it's covered under their warranty but not all batteries are the same and you need to take steps to get the most out of it. 


Google new Cookie Killer

Google's new cookie killer is bringing in less money but in the long run it's going to eventually revolutionize the ad industry and increase consumer privacy. 

But this is just the begining and as time passess the numbers will be clearer to see how it's going to affect everyone benefiting from cookies. 


Google backs Right to Repair

The long battle to right to repair is being backed up by Google to have consumers fix their own broken devices and it's a positive move for this giant company.

Hopefully this move will encourage more manufactures to let consumers do what they wish and focus on other areas where they can easily make money. 



Fix a bad Wireless Internet

Having a bad wireless internet is not always that easy to fix. At times you can follow these basic tips using the link below to resolve your problem and most of the time it can be fixed. 
For those rare instances where the problem continues, then professional help is needed to see if it can be fixed. 


Pc Building Mistakes

If you are a gamer and you love building computers make sure you remember these building mistakes so that it does not happen to you. 
Building the right gaming rig takes time and you should not quickly rush into it. Doing so is going to cost you dearly in the long run. 


iPad Tips and Tricks

If you are currently using an iPad here are some great tips and tricks you should be aware of. These
portable devices cannot be ignored and are still being used by consumers daily because of the user-friendly features they maintain. 


iOS Ski App

If you are an iOS user and love hitting the slopes you might want to know that soon you will be able to get live lift and trail status from various resorts when using the application.

Apple is now keeping the ski slopes live feeds active for those slope lovers. 


Edge Statistics

It looks like last year's holiday shopper's Edge usage showed some good results when it comes to phishing attacks. The browser was able to block over 100 million phishing attacks and it's just showing how proactive the company is getting when securing online security.

All we can hope is that companies continue being proactive with consumer security. 


Microsoft twarts Malware

It looks like Microsoft is taking stronger action against malware attacks that it's disabling the MSIX protocol which has been an ongoing vulnerability in cyber attacks.

Let's hope that the new year puts a stop to these ongoing cyber-attacks. 



Report a Spammer

Great information from Bob on how to report a spammer, now it's not that simple to do but if you read the article and follow the link it will give you guidance on what to do next.

I hope someone can make life easier and put an end to these annoying emails.