Rename Administrator Account

If your an network administrator you already know that hackers love to try to get into your network via the administrator account. Your best bet is to change the administrator account name so that hackers can't get into your account and so that your network is always secure. Here some more info on changing administrator accounts.



Disable Admin Tools in Win8

Want to disable the Administrator Tools in Windows 8, well it will be a good idea if you have a user who always likes to play around with their computer. Locking out this feature will enable them not to mess up the computer settings. You just don't know what people can do when they mess around with things.



Tenoreshare Reiboot

Having problems with your Apple device and need to reboot the OS so that you can restore, and recover where you left off. This handy software brings light to the buggy software when you just need your device up and running.



Who is hogging my bandwidth

Tired of slow bandwidth hogging up your network. Try finding out whose the culprit and end the bandwidth hogging once and for all.



Whose on my Network

Have a wireless network and always want to know whose on it? There's an easy way to do this and the great thing about it is that you can always see whose tapping into your network.



Passcape ISO burner

Looking for another ISO burner, passcape comes to the rescue with simple to use tools. All you have to do is attach that folder you want to burn and then create your ISO.



Computer Toolbox

This great computer toolbox software just does wonder to fix computers. It's a handy software to run from a flashdrive and go where ever you go. It does so much for a freebie and you'll enjoy fixing computers.



OneDrvie for Business

Looks like Microsoft is going all out on making OneDrive your ideal business solution. Not only does it integrate with your email but it makes file management easier.
Cloud is changing the way we use our computers and this big giant is betting big that everyone, everywhere will go cloud. Let's give Microsoft an applaud for now and see what's going to happen next.



PC for under $100-

Here's a great computer for under a hundred dollars. You get a bargain for a sweet computer with all the essentials. The only down fall on this computer is that it's running Linux but it's similar to Windows and you should be able to do most of your web browsing on it like regularly.



Stock Games

Want to expand your stock trading skills? Here are some cool games you should always play with so that your ahead on picking a winning stock. Chances are that you will hit it big.



Windows as a service Enterprise

Microsoft is upgrading to Windows 10 and with this comes new rules and new services. Windows Enterprise version will be classified on different categories in this comes these new rules.



Create Icons

Want to create your own Icon's no problem with this handy software from Any2Icon. All you do is install the software, find an image you want to make an Icon of and let the magic begin. There is no telling how many unique Icon's you can make.




The world as we know it is changing and so are our signatures. In this comes DocuSign who wants to change the way we sign forms and make them all electronic.
Imagine buying a car, house, property, rent an apartment, etc. without the need to have to be present. I guess in an technological world this makes sense when we all are trying to go paperless.



Block Windows .Net Framework Update

Net Framework is nice at times but sometimes you have to block their updates when your having software problems. To do this just following the information given to temporary block the recent update until either Windows or your third party software is patched.



Kaspersky Software Updater

Looks like now antivirus software giant Kaspersky is trying to get into the software updater business with it's new utility software. Great idea, now that antivirus software is disappearing.



Lazesoft Recovery Suite

I always enjoy seeing a different version of recovery software especially when it's free. You never know when they will come in handy and save you a bundle in useless computer recovery costs. Feel free to pass it on and send your friends links to this blog.



Free Partition Wizard

In this day in age resizing the partition is not a great concern for many users anymore. Virtual software is making things easier and simple to use. But if your still looking for a partition wizard here's a great freebie.



Fix Need to Format the Disk Error

Want to know how to fix the need to format the disk error, this is very simple and will require you to restart the computer and putting the disk drive on another USB port. Then if that doesn't work, try another computer and see if it works then. If all is running normal then there could be some capability issues with the version of Windows your running using that USB device.



USB Nuke Drive

This is very scary if your a network administrator. It's being posted to beware of your network safeguards and it's not meant for DIY project. But in the technological world will live in today, you need to always prepare for the worst. In this comes this unbelievable USB nuke drive that will not only fry the computer computer, but wipe it out as well. It's pretty ingenious and amazing how the process works and it will always be in my mind forever. It's the Mission Impossible flash drive.



Get MAC address

Want to get a MAC address for a windows unit. just goto the command prompt and type "getmac" and you can easily get that information so that it can be inputted into your wireless device to filter MAC addresses on your network. A great way to secure all your wireless devices on your network.

Window key + R


Learn Programming

It's a great time to learn programming. Why not start here with these simple to read programs and if you still enjoy programming, you can then decide to take the next step.



Customize Keyboards

In need of customizing your current keyboard. This site is a great help and you have a choice on how you can stand out certain keys from the others. It's a great help to make things easier for everyone.



Memory Overclocking worth?

Ever think of overclocking your memory. Well just in case you were curious it can be done. But in the long run what it will do is cost you in loosing computer stability and you can wear your parts prematurely causing ongoing system crashes. The GPU can recover from a glitch but not the RAM. The overall performance is minimal and the cost is just not worth it. So if you think you might want to do it for gaming. Don't waste your time and spend the money on better performance hardware.


Registering MS Office

Having problem registering Office here's a great tip to get the software going again. Do a command prompt with administrator rights then goto Office 14 folder for 64 bit version it will be c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 then run the command "cscrip ospp.vbs /act" after this your Office license should then be registered and alright to go from that point.


Password Removers

These companies are changing passwords forever and if they get there way we could be looking at a new password technology in it's making. Good or bad has yet to be told. But at least they are hoping to make our lives easier.



Junkware Removal

Looks like computer junkware is every where and with this comes another software that's helping you cleanup your computer problems before it starts. My theory is that if it's a trial version, I don't want it and you should also do the same. Take control of your computer and say goodbye to junkware.



Did you go on a Date

Curious if you went on a date with someone? Well this flow chart can rule out if it was a date or not. For those individuals who still can't tell the difference.



February Month Explanations

Here's is a good explanation why the month of February has few days. Blame it on the Roman's they say. Regardless this is a great start to your answer to the curious short month. Don't know how true this information is, but it make sense.



Backup Apps

Need an application to backup all Android application on your phone just in case you loose it or it was stolen. Then neat software does just that and with confidence that all of your applications are backed up, just in case.



Boost WiFi

There are times when you buy a WiFi you get outages in certain areas of your home and it make it difficult for you to use your WiFi devices where ever you go. If you want a solution to extend your WiFi area, the link below will give you a start on what you should be looking for.



Best Gmail Labs

Ever wanted to know what Gmail lab features are the best to use. Check out this link to enable Gmail's best lab tools to make your life easier.