ScanR Documents

Ever wonder how people are able to take a picture from a document using a camera phone and be able to convert and make readable like the actual document.
Well you've found that site. It's as easy as taking the pictures, editing the document and emailing it to yourself. Now at least you ahead of everyone else who doesn't have the ability to understand how they do this.


Unlocked GSM Phones

Here is a great site to buy any type of unlocked cellular GSM phone for any service provider. The only drawbacks are that not all of your features may function properly. I just wish manufactures would give the consumer the opportunity to decide what type or model that want. It is your phone!


Google calendar

Have Google well get ready for Google Calendar. Similar to Yahoo Calendar and you better believe that Yahoo will retaliate on taking its Calendar to the next step.


Yahoo Beta Maps

Lets just say that the Beta Version is in good competition with Google maps and now you can get your driving directions emailed to your phone as easy as the way your print your driving directions. Easy, fast, reliable. Try it.


IRS wants your PayPal Account

If you have been using PayPal Account to hide extra income. You've better think again.
IRS is aware of this tax heaven and its having PayPal hand over accounts in excess of reserves. So much for the PayPal plan.


Html Table on the fly

If you need to create an Html table for your web page.
Here is a fast way to do this.
Your web page will be online in no time.


Mystery Shopper Application

Heard of being a mystery shopper. Well it's all true. As per my friends it takes a while to get started with the program but they will occasionally send you emails and when an assignment comes around that your interested you do it.
Devote yourself to a better life. Join the mystery shopper program.


Snobby French Post Cards

Hey I know it's snobby but regardless I still love the French Women.
Send your favorite snobbish eCard to the one you like the most.


Love Cartoons

Then visit the best iPod site to download your favorites from Frederator site.


Google Romance

First there was Adam and then came Eve.
Google figures since it's out there why not make a Love & Dating match making site.
I guess they're trying to see if they can profit from sites like Myspace and Friendster. Now I can find a Google date.


More Myspace Layouts

If your a member of the Myspace community hurry up and sign up to be on.
It's a great place to find friends and view new groups.
In the meantime here are great mySpace tips for having that great page when visitors come and vist.


Which is the Best Movie

Want to go to the movies and watch something that everyone is watching, or talking about. Better yet don't want to go to the movies to see another bomb movie that you should of waited to see at Blockbuster. Well here is a great site for your eyes.
Movie Chart. It gives you the listing of the top watched movies that weekend. Giving you insight on what movie you should go and see.

Here is another link


PlayStation 3 Pricing

The New PlayStation 3 Price is quite steep. I don't know who or how many purchasers will be willing to cough up a PS3 at the same price as a computer. For what it's worth I believe that your better off buying a computer than to spend so much for a game console that only can play games. Sony should know better.


My Humps Blog Template

Here's is a nice blog with extra perks. I love the creativity and love the music activated browser. You minimize the browser and the music stops. You maximize the browser and yes your music begins. Good idea for those annoying music playing websites that just will not stop.


I want my Radio Blog

What's a radio blog. Simple a radio in a blog. Pick the song you want to play and click on it. It loads and presto your radio blog plays.
Here's a sample of how it works Radio Blog Sample


Yahoo! 360° - My Page

Here's a great RSS tip for finding the best deals in flights and vacations.
Get a RSS reader at Yahoo or Google and subscribe to your favorite travel deal site like Orbitz, Travelcity, and Sidestep. Then when you need a good travel deal. Just check those RSS sites that you have created and you'll get a bargain everytime you travel.


Microsoft Virtual Server vs. Linux

Let's just say Linux better be ready now to prove that it's better than Microsoft. Otherwise the winner will just swallow all of Linux technological ideas.



Say hello to a new open source browser.
It's still buggy but it's open source and hopefully it will be another Firefox.


File your Tax Return Electronic for Free

Yes you can file your Federal tax return for free. You'll have to create an account with Turbo tax and make sure that you have made under $50,000-. For some people it will be free for others you've guessed it you will be charged. But regardless if you don't mind using Turbo Tax you can avoid paying for any extras.
Make sure you check out my Tax Link to print forms that you file so that you don't pay for a print copy of your return. It's easy, simple and affordable.

For more free IRS tax Link websites visit my Tax page.


Space Travelers

Enjoy next generation films. Like those galaxy games. Here is an interesting space link for you to keep you entertained.


TextAmerica Photo Printer

If you have been already using textamerica to upload your pictures from your camera phone or camera. This site will be of great interest to you. You now can make a photo album of all your pictures you've uploaded to textamerica. It lets you pick the pictures you want and at the end you have all the pictures you have taken printed to a poster giving you a collage of pictures you choose. I am glad to see that textamerica is taking it serious to move from hosting pictures to photo printing. It's a step in the right direction.


Anytime Traffic

Recently got a speeding ticket. Or received a ticket for something that was not fair. It's time for Traffic school. This website helps you take your required 8 hour course to help you reduce your fine and remove your points.
You take the course online and hand in the certificate with your fine to remove your points. Works differently with other states but it sure great to know that you now can take your eight hour class at your convenience as long as you meet your class deadline.


Fake Resume

The truth is that if you ever want to get ahead in life. It's best to make sure you cover your assets. A site worth viewing.


College Campusfood.com

In school and need to order food from your dorm.
Check out Campusfood nice idea but will just see how long it works.


Download Install Full Version of IE6

If you are trying to install Windows updates on a non internet PC or on a dial up PC. It may take forever unless you can do it with another PC with broadband access. But how do you download the full updates. That's simple but you have to go back to the basics. Follow these instructions and life will be easier.
You then will have to go to your c drive -> find a folder named Windows -> and view contents and search for another file called -> Windows Update Setup Files. These files have to be copied and put on a CD so that you can install it on your PC that needs the current update. Remember you can do all of your Windows update this way.


My WAN IP - IP Address

If you need to locate your IP address to connect a webcam or nannycam.
This site will give you just that to make sure your ip address is a private.


3am Labs - Innovation at Any Hour.

Travel a lot? Want to log into your computer at anytime but don't want to pay for that service. Simple just use Logmein and you can just do that. If you need to file sync and synchronizing you have to purchase the Pro version. But nothing tells you that you can't easily email that particular file or IM that file to you.


Tivo new monthly rates

If you love what Tivo does. You'll love the new payment plans that they have. Tivo now has a $16.95 monthly plan to meet your needs as long as your willing to commit to there service for three years. You can also commit to a yearly plan but the options change. At least you'll be able to enjoy your favorite shows at affordable prices.


Microsoft NYC Settlement

Purchased Microsoft software from 1994 to 2004? Well Microsoft owes you something then. Everyone is entitled to get a free $12- dollar coupon for each computer. No receipt or purchase necessary. The same goes for Microsoft office products in which you will get a $5- voucher as well. The coupon could be used at any store for technology products not including Microsoft products. Either do it online or call Microsoft at 877-867-6133 but hurry up the deadline is OCTOBER 18,2006...