Windows 10 cost

Windows 7 has a short number of days to end and even if Microsoft extended the time frame, you still have to be a concern when you plan to upgrade and what is the new OS cost. Here is your guide to buying Windows 10 and it's cost.



Youtube Transfer

Want to transfer one account to another in Youtube. This is how to do it and there is no need to redo your account all over again when you have this site to help you.



Preinstalled Scripts

Looks like some manufacturers are having problems setting up their laptops and if you are doing a deployment, you should look on reading this article.



WHQL settings

Looks like some OEM have a bios setting called WHQL and this stand for Windows Hardware Quality Labs. It allows you to run some tests when it comes to drives when enabled.
This is what you should know about these settings and why they are being used.



Retro Aracdes

Looks like the retro arcades never grow old with time. Pac-Mann has always been a favorite for many and to this day it's always being downloaded more often than others.

Now here is a great way to install it on your Android or iOS.



Google Backup

I wrote about this service a while back but here it goes again for those user's who are concerning with backing up their Google accounts.

Gmail Backup


Excel Formula Problems

Hate it when Excel formulas do not update correctly. Well, here are some great reasons why this is occurring and hopefully it will resolve your ongoing headaches to your calculations.



Social Media Bans

Looks like these list of countries forbid users from social media accounts and makes you wonder why there are so critical in the first place.



Apple TV Plus

Looks like Apple is finally beginning it's streaming service and soon it will be competing again rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime. Get ready for another subscription service plan. Let's see how they do.




Looking for a unique Task Management tool for notes and communication. Take a look at Taskade and see how powerful this task management tool can be to you and your colleagues.
It's so powerful taht it will take you a while to get used to the tools they have to offer.



Office Suites Comparison

Which is better when you compare Open Office against Libre Office against Microsoft Office. Well, you already know who the winner is going to be of course. But it's great to know how similar each suite is with each other.



Make Online Videos

Here is a great way to make online videos with premium templates. It's almost as close as the professionals but good enough for the basic individuals.



Test PC Monitor for Gaming & Motion

Want to test your computer monitor for gaming and motion. Here is a great way to make sure if your monitor is up to date with gaming and motion handling.



Have Win 10 Troubleshoot Automatically

Windows 10 has some great new features and with this comes with the option of fixing automatically problems when they occur. It's not for everyone, but if you have a user who just wants to have their computer running smoothly daily. Then this is a great option for them.



Generic Win Product Keys

Here is a great site to install Windows 10 generic product keys to activate Windows 10. It's a great way to get better use of the software without activation.



Best and Worst Airlines

Here is some great travel information the next time you book a flight to your favorite airline. It's good to know who is doing their best to keep passengers happy.
So before you book your flight, get to know the airline responsibility performance.



SSD Info

Here is some great information for SSD drives for users yet not sure if they can switch. It's the Pros and Cons of SSD. In the end, it's still worth upgrading and getting data faster to you when you need it.



Map Alternatives

I am not a fan of map alternatives but if you really dislike Google Maps then here is a site to other alternate maps.



Next Gen Tv

Let's just say it's broadcasting going to the next generation. Now you can watch personal tv on all of your devices. It will be rolling out soon and the plan options are going to vary from location to location. The only things that users will have to give up are there privacy views.



AI is Listening

Looks like your friend Alexa is listening to your conversations and yes how it's affecting your privacy. It's Amazon's way to improve Alexa's voice service.

More Info


Office Deployment Tool

Great tool to use if you want to control what applications Office installs on your predefined settings. It will save you time and undesirable software that is not needed.



Router Update

Looks like there is a major router flaw and users are advised to update their router firmware immediately. Regardless of your make or model, I would from time to time check to see if there are any new firmware updates to keep your router safe from these unwanted hacks.



Magic Jack

Yes, this article is true regarding Magic Jack. I have pushed this product to family and friends for years and to their surprise, I have been able to cut down their telephone expense dramatically. The service does what it promises and if you just need a home phone around, this is a great solution. I am amazed at how the users prefer to pay for Vonage, or Verizon Fios and not understand it's the same service that Magic Jack offers, the only thing is that Magic Jack is cheaper and to the point.
Stop paying for phone service that should be cheap. Buy Magic Jack Go today and be free of your landline.



Microsoft Teams

Windows is competing against Stack and if you are interested in getting Microsoft Teams for free, now is the best time to get your hands on this great software.



Windows New Edge Browser

Here is a great way to try out Windows new web browser that is Chrome based. So if your tired of Edge browser constantly crashing, then maybe it's time to try the new Microsoft Edge.



iPhone Face ID

Looks like iPhone Face ID has some great identification tweaks that users should be aware of. If you are ready to spend the big bucks on the new iPhone you should at least know if Face ID is something you want to use.



Alexa move to Healthcare

Looks like Alexa is moving into health care rooms and it's only a matter of time before it starts replacing people. Now when you need something Alexa will be there to help.



Office Software

Now as per Microsoft you should be able to download the software from here should you still obtain the software serial number. But if all fails then your last stop is to hope you can still buy a replacement disk from Microsoft at 800-360-7561, good luck.

Alternate Link


Easily Boost WiFi Signals

Here are simple things to do to boost your WiFi signal. For most user's it requires a few tweaks and the rest relies on understanding how WiFi signals work.



Test your Bootable Devices

Need to test your bootable devices online so that your Flash drive, or CD, the DVD drive is formatted correctly and you do not waste time. This handling device will help you check your device easily and simple.