GFI Cloud Reviews

A few months ago I reviewed GFI Cloud after having a bad time with GFI Max and was shocked that the same company made major improvements to it's services it currently offers. I can see this service as a keeper but with the need of more products and services. It's still missing cloud services and the extras. But remote support installation and connection was immediate compared to it's other slow parent which is GFI Max.
I was able in no time to setup computer configuration, have antivirus installed and be able to patch computers with or without user interruption. I am a little skeptical on it's new antivirus software feature that insists you uninstall antivirus and re-install the antivirus before it can monitor your antivirus software. I hope that they do come up with a fix and eliminate the re-installation process.
GFI Cloud has a great web monitoring feature that helps you curve and control bad employee web access.
The only downfall of this software is that your minimum purchase per product per license is per 10 users. I hoped that in the future they turn this to a la carte.



Gmail forces Google +

If you haven't noticed by now Gmail is now closed in a sense that if you want to sign up your need to sign up for Google + first then you can access Gmail. It's the new method Google is using for users to join their new social society. Let's see how long this lasts.



Add Chrome to AD

Have Chrome already running in your environment and want to be able to control Chrome uses and settings. Here's what to do to import Chrome to your user policy for greater control on it's features and settings.



Pivothead Sunglasses

Take a look at the next generation of video sunglasses. This is going to take movie making to the next level and more. It's a better way to record your favorite memories right from your eyes.



Win 8 Administrative Templates

Running Windows 8 in your network environment and want to customize the install so that all user's can easily access the required files for every day use as well as limit user policy for tweaking the computer. Here's your answer to that question.



iOS 8 Features

iOS 8 is out and it has some great new features. Apple is definitely standing it's ground on changing the iPhone technology to a better and challenging way. You better yet wait for it's competitors to do better on the next round.



Photoshop Magic

This holiday season when you go shopping remember these great photoshop pictures that still surprise and amaze me. How can society accept photoshop images in the real world and accept it.
Looking into the details is believing.



Free Web Hosting

Looking for free web hosting sites. Here are some great site's to host whatever your into whether it's business, education, tutorial or an online store. You can't go wrong with these great free hosting sites. It's amazing what they offer for free.



One Drive gets Better

One Drive is up for a new over haul of it's syncing and processing power. It looks like Microsoft is speeding up the delivery processing and optimization so that user's can more of One Drive than ever before. It's a great move for Microsoft and I just don't understand why they didn't do this sooner. The company looks like they have to see it offered by another company before it takes notice to over due changes.



Hackable Printers

What can a hacker do with a hackable printer. Let's just say that soon you'll find out and I just hope this guy doesn't get you hooked to Doom.
The real reality is that for a while manufactures are leaving an open door for hackers to get in and do some destructive damage to wireless printers. If your not careful enough you too can be hacked. There just has to be more WiFi security protection for the next threat in hacking.




Check out the new Facebook for rich people. Let's just say it comes with a a pricey fee and you'll still have to pay your annual dues if you still want to be listed.
I just don't see this a winner unless it comes with some kind of perks. But what do I know.



Broadband Prices in Area in the UK

This is a great start to use when checking out the best broadband prices in  your area. Unfortunately this is only for UK residents. But has a lot of great resources on what you should look for when shopping around for the best broadband in your area.



GFI Max Not for Everyone

A few months ago I gave GFI Max a try and was impressed on how easily I can apply services to a computer and be able to offer cloud, antivirus, remote support and system check up's all in one. The software is kind of neat but seems quite out dated with a few bugs.
As a computer technician I am always in the market for new product and services to make my job easier and better. GFI Max has it's resources, but I feel like they still can do more.
Some of the services took a while for the process to occur which were just check points. Now for remote support. Well let's just say it took a while to deploy and to connect. I just can't rely on slow service and a slow connection. Beside that I probably would have jumped aboard.
As of this date it has a great a la carte program but with slow services. If you can bear with the service than this could be for you. For now, I will just wait and see if it get's any better.



PDF Tips

Looking to take PDF's to the next level. Here are some great tips to help you get the best out of all your PDF's where ever you go. I will sure help you to understand what tools you have available to make your life easier when using PDF's.



Drink Chiller

Want to chill your drinks in a hurry but not risk exploding the drink in your refrigerator. The Chill Lizard helps you chill your device in your freezer and when it gets to the right temperature you want to drink it then sends you  a notification. That easy and simple to do.




Need to save Window files so that you can have a copy of what your doing and save it for review or so that someone else can follow. This software is a life saver and it's also open source. Now capturing screens will be easier than you think.



Audio Repair

Tired of downloading audio that was recorded bad or had some other types of background noise that you wished that wasn't there. No problem with the reaper. Not only does it correct your audio sounds but bring the sounds back to life.



Hotel Secrets

Booking a hotel room in a few days. Here are some secrets from the front desk to get you a little more for your money. You'll be surprised the information you'll get from an insider.



MPAA behind the seens

There's always been a lot of smoke when it comes to the movie industry. This time they are trying to education the younger generation to stop illegally downloading and streaming movies. Whether it be right or wrong is an ethical question. But just in case you were curious on how movies are pirated here's the do to list coming from the studios.



Dash Cam Info

Here's the real deal with dash cam's and what you should know on what are their intended uses and how law enforcement uses them. Please note that understanding this information can some day help you know your rights.



Virtualization Failures

Here are great tips for virtualization and how it can go from good to bad if you don't do your homework. Virtualization has it's pro's and con's and if you use it successfully you can basically have any network up and running in minutes.



Root your Cell Phone

Always wanted to learn how to root your smartphone it's very simple and easy to do as long as you are aware that you can risk the loss of your phone and information that you have on it. But if you do a good backup, rooting your phone has it's rewards.

Software Link


Buy a Chromebook get free Cloud

Now when you buy a Chromebook for the Holidays you get $240- of free cloud service for free. It's Chrome's way of moving their mobile devices out to the public. So before you do the switch remember the pitch.



Don't Change your Passwords

Here's an interesting topic on why you should and should not change your online passwords. It's more of a preference for some and for others it's just a security measure taken to protect your information from others. You decide which option works better for you.



License Crawler

Want to find the license of every computer software you have installed on your computer. It's simple with the help of license crawler. In the past I have made post on other alternative license retrievers and most of these software are blocked by antivirus and malware. Not that the software is a virus but some companies see license recovering as a threat and they block it. Just be careful when download and save the license keys in a safe place.



Outlook Profile Generator

This is a premium software but what's great about this software is that it automatically matches the login user to outlook exchange and configure all it's settings. So once you since in, the profile generator does the rest.



Youngest Certified Tech

Today I was quite surprised to see a five year old child become certified as a Microsoft Professional. Not only is technology changing daily but so is history. The new world of technology has yet to be seen but moments like these will be remembered forever.



MS Remote Desktop Manager

Want to make remote desktop simple. Try MS Remote Desktop Manger from Microsoft and take charge of remote desktop. It's Microsoft way of connecting made easier.



Email Client with Exchange EWS

Want to use exchange with any email client. This is how you do it with help of a great software called Davmail. The setup is simple and now your mail can go even further.



Email Signature

Running a small office and want to have a big companies email signature look. No problem with the help of Exclaimer. All you do is pick a template and add on your company information and title and let the software do the rest. Now creating a company signature is as easy as opening an email.



AirBnb Reservations site

Need a comfortable, convenient and affordable place to stay while traveling. This site is beyond what others dream of and suited for all your business travel arrangements.

Business Link


Slimjet Browser

This new browser is open source and constructed by various versions of Chrome and Opera. It's new auto-compression capability to out shine other browsers. Check it out and see for yourself.



Coco the unknown hacker

It takes Coco the unknown hacker a few minutes to walk throughout your neighborhood to find neighbors who have open WiFi hotspots and if a hacker is intelligent enough to hack your system. Can you imagine how easily it will be to also get your personal information. These are a few little things users of WiFi should be aware of just in case another Coco one day decides to invade your neighborhood.



What messes up your computer

Want to know what things can easily mess up your computer. Here is the list and you'll be surprised on what can cause your computer to act awkward. If you prefer not be bothered in keeping up with your computer problems. Check into Pc Maestro Inc maintenance plans to cater to your computer needs.



Cause of Death's per State

Interesting map that shows the major cause of deaths per state. I just hope it's not catching on to other states and if this is a reality or cover up?



New Text Virus

It looks like Android virus just became viral via texting. Not only will it easily install on your device but the heart app will continue to steal and infect others as well. Let's just say that this is the beginning of more android viruses to come.



The Deal with Sleep

Here's the real reality of sleeping. The pro's and con's of having a good night sleep. In the long run understanding this concept will hopefully make your a more productive responsible person.
But what do I know, I am a techie.




Landlord things to know

I am not telling you that all landlords are bad, but some of them sure win the day when it comes to treating their tenants like decent human beings. Being a landlord is no picnic but a responsible and honest landlord will eventually lead to good tenants.
Here are somethings to look out for when renting with a landlord.



Breach Security Service

Worried that your company website has been hacked or that hackers breached your companies information to expose your customer's information. This new website helps to notify you with a price but it's minimal compared to loosing your companies reputation.



USB Business Cards

Want to be noticed with a unique business card. Try this USB business card with a USB attached to it and you'll be surprised on how many people keep on using your business card. This option is a definite keeper for those companies that always wants other people to remember their name.




Great site to go to for information on types of skimmers out there in the real world. Although many times it's hard to tell the fake ones from the real ones. You'll be surprised at what thieves to now-a-days to get your credit card information. Knowledge is power.



Wi-Fi Xray Specs

Yes MIT recently used a technique that uses Wi-Fi signal to see through people thru walls. Similar to those Hollywood movie flicks. And how the technology can be used seems to go into the direction of medical. Maybe one day we will be able to see broken bones of individuals without operating.




Need an easier way to search files on your computer. This program claims to be detailed in searching content throughout your computer. Now it's time to take it for a test run.



Criminalize Streaming

This looks exactly how MP3 downloading started now with movies. So let's say you don't want to risk downloading movies or music. Now you want to penalize user's who stream? Sounds like the movie industry who is bulking millions on Neflix still wants to try to be in control. In the World Widw Web that's going to be very difficult to do. And my suggestion to them is to figure out on new ways to make money.



KDE Plasma

Here's a Linux desktop experience trying to take over the Windows market. Linux still has much more to do, but they are definitely in the right track to try to win users confidence. As Microsoft Win
dows life expectancy reaches it's end. It's companies like Linux and new start-ups that's going to take over where Microsoft left off.
Want to try it out, it's simple just download the ISO and run it.



Unblocking Tracking Tool

This new unblocking tracking tool is worse than having cookies. Let's just say that once your instal it you will have a difficult time trying to remove it. Some say that this software was just for research but it's definitely gray-ware.



Map Print Drivers via Win 7

Windows 7 has it's good days and bad days. I just still don't get it why Microsoft hasn't still fixed this problem. But when you try to map some print drivers on some computers you get that Windows cannot find the .inf files. In reality you may not ever be able to find these files and here's the simple fix to connecting the printer on your network.


  • Install the printer driver with the provided downloaded pack.
  • Go to network and try to find the PC with the printer. You should see the printer. 
  • Go to Control Panel & Printers and click "Add printer". Choose "Local printer". DON'T choose "Local port", choose instead "Create new port". Click next and pops up, asking for a text. Write here \\server\Canon123. Be careful:
    1. two backslashes (as written in the other window's address bar when you checked servers computer)
    2. exact printer name (as seen when you checked servers computer's printer)
    3. no backslash at the end
  • Click the OK's and Next's, the printer should work correctly afterwards.
  • 11/14/14

    Instagram Saver

    Here's a great program for those user's who have photo's and video on instagram. It helps you easily download them and save them with just a click. Now saving your favorite pictures will be just as simple as uploading them online.



    Avast Ransomware Removal

    Avast recently is taking a fight against malware and now is offering it's Ransomware software for free. It's great to know that this antivirus company is concern and taking a stand against malware.



    Microsoft Ends Retail Sale Win 8

    It looks like Windows 8 verdict is out. It's just plain sucks. And with this Microsoft suddenly removes this software from the market. Wow huge surprise or maybe this is a reality check that the software was doomed from day one.
    All that you can do from now is wait for Windows 10.



    Repairing with Chkdsk

    This handy link from time to time always saves the day for me, especially when your trying to fix that computer that just will not go smoothly. When in doubt and when things go wrong. Start with the basics until you go to a place where you feel comfortable.



    Checking and repairing a disk with CHKDSK

    The Windows system utility CHKDSK is a powerful and useful tool in diagnosing and repairing certain types of disk problems. I'll review several ways  to run it, and try and describe what it does.
    CHKDSK has been around since before the days of Windows. This utility has in some ways changed dramatically for new environments and new disk formats. Yet in other ways, it’s pretty much the same old disk checking utility that we’ve been using since the days of DOS.
    Regardless of its age or origins, CHKDSK is an important tool for disk maintenance and recovery (in some cases) from a variety of disk-related issues.
    Let’s run CHKDSK.

    CHKDSK on a non-system drive

    The simplest usage of CHKDSK is on a drive that is not your system (Windows) drive.
    In Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive that you want to check:
    D: Properties Link
    Click Properties. In the resulting dialog box, click the Tools tab:
     D: Properties
    Click the Check now… button.
    CHKDSK Options
    There are two options presented before CHKDSK begins its work:
    • Automatically fix file system errors. If not checked, CHKDSK will simply report but not fix any problems that it finds.
    • Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. This is a more time-consuming scan of the disk that I’ll discuss below.
    In general, the default setting is fine when you suspect that there is a problem that needs to be fixed.
    Click Start and you may then get this message:
    CHKDSK in use message
    CHKDSK can only check or repair a disk when it is the only program using that disk; even the rest of Windows cannot be accessing the disk while CHKDSK does its job. Forcing a dismount makes that happen. If a program is actually accessing the drive or files on the drive about to be dismounted, the old “results are unpredictable” phrase applies. Programs may simply notice and do the right thing, they may crash, or something in-between.
    That’s why the common advice is to close most programs when running CHKDSK or at least make sure none can access the drive you’re about to check.
    Click Force a dismount and CHKDSK begins its work.
    Eventually, this is the message that you hope to see:
    CHKDSK Done
    “See details” displays a log of CHKDSK’s activity. Any errors to be repaired would be listed here.

    CHKDSK on a system drive

    Remember how I said that CHKDSK requires exclusive access to the drive in order to be able to repair it? And that even Windows can’t be accessing the disk?
    That presents a problem when you want to CHKDSK the system drive – typically your C: drive. If Windows is running, then by definition, it accesses the system drive nearly constantly.
    The solution is to run CHKDSK before Windows runs.
    CHKDSK System Drive
    If you attempt to CHKDSK your system drive instead of getting the option to dismount it (not something that can be done while Windows is running), you’ll get this message offering to run the CHKDSK before Windows is loaded the next time that you reboot.
    Click Schedule disk check. Now, reboot your machine. As the machine reboots, you’ll see something like this before Windows loads:
    CHKDSK running before Windows
    Once completed, Windows will load normally.

    Getting the results of a scheduled CHKDSK

    A very common question is where to get the results of a CHKDSK that ran before Windows started. There’s no pause, and the information shown above disappears as soon as Windows starts to boot.
    Run the Event Viewer by clicking Start, and then Run, (or type Windows Key + R). Enter in eventvwr and click OK:
    Start -> Run eventvwr
    In Event Viewer, click the Application log under “Windows Logs”, look for the line item that ends with Wininit (for Windows Initialization) and has “Checking file system on C:” in the lower General tab.
    CHKDSK in Event Viewer
    To make reading the results easier, just double-click on that Wininit line.
    CHKDSK results in event viewer
    The scrolling box near the top contains the results of CHKDSK that scrolled past on the screen before Windows loaded.

    CHKDSK via command line

    CHKDSK is a command-line tool. All of the options above simply run that same tool in some way that captures its output.
    You can do that directly yourself.
    Click on StartAll ProgramsAccessories, and then right-click Command Prompt.
    Run CMD as Administrator
    Click Run as administrator because CHKDSK does require administrative access to do its job.
    In the Command Prompt, type:
    …to run CHKDSK with the “/F” or “fix” parameter. Without /F, CHKDSK will simply report but not repair any errors.
    As you can see, the example above checks the D: drive and just as in the windowed interface, CHKDSK must dismount the drive before it can be checked.
    If you run CHKDSK against the C: drive:
    CHKDSK in CMD on C:
    …it similarly requests that the CHKDSK be scheduled at the next reboot.

    So what does CHKDSK check?

    It’s difficult to describe exactly what information it is that CHKDSK checks without getting lost in the geekery of filesystem details and hard disk layout. Essentially, it checks the organizational and overhead information on a hard disk that allows Windows to locate and access the files stored on that disk.
    One analogy might be to think of a hard disk as a kind of simple telephone book.
    By default, CHKDSK reads through all the listings and makes sure that they all have a name and a properly formatted telephone number. If a street address is present, CHKDSK might also ensure that the address is also properly formatted and represents a real address in the area that the phone book is supposed to cover.
    If problems are found and CHKDSK has been asked to repair things, then it might take actions like removing invalid phone numbers or perhaps adding a proper area code or country code that was supposed to be there in the first place, but only if it can infer from other information what the right answer should be. Similarly, it might try to fix a physical address but has the option of removing that information if it can’t come up with what it should have been.
    In fact, it’s possible for CHKDSK to simply remove entries that are so garbled that its proper values can’t be figured out.
    Scanning for bad sectors? That’s sort of like calling every phone number in the book and making sure that it rings through to a real phone. It might not be the right person answering, but the phone number works at some basic level.

    Scanning for bad sectors

    Normally, CHKDSK simply checks that the information stored on the disk is correct. There’s a fair amount of overhead information that tells Windows where files are located and how they’re actually stored and distributed around the disk media. CHKDSK uses it’s knowledge of what this information is supposed to look like to ensure that’s it’s correct and try to fix it when it’s not.
    Scanning for bad sectors is another thing entirely. When this option is selected, CHKDSK actually reads the entire disk, not just the overhead information. As a result, a bad sector scan takes significantly longer than a simple CHKDSK.
    As CHKDSK reads, it notices if those reads actually succeed. When they do not, it marks the area that failed as “bad” so that they system won’t attempt to write more information into those areas with problems.
    It’s important to note that this scan doesn’t test whether the data found is good or valid: only that it can in fact be read.
    As we saw earlier, scanning for errors is a simple checkbox when you run CHKDSK from Windows Explorer. For those that prefer the command line, it’s the “/R” – repair – option.

    When to CHKDSK

    Normally, CHKDSK only need be run when a problem is suspected.
    In particular, a scan for bad sectors only needs to be done once you’ve actually encountered a bad sector – usually in the form of a bad read, write, or explicit CRC error. CHKDSK will do what it can, but most importantly, it will remove the bad area from use.
    Running CHKDSK to simply check the validity of the file system is a quicker operation and it’s not unreasonable to run it every-so-often, particularly if your machine has been crashing. In most cases, Windows will actually force a CHKDSK after a system crash or improper shutdown. This is done not to fix the cause of the crash (although in some cases it could), but rather to fix any disk-related issues that may have resulted from the crash.

    What CHKDSK won’t do

    While we talk about CHKDSK “repairing” a hard disk, it is not a data recovery tool per se. It’s job is not to recover lost or damaged files, but to ensure that the information currently on the disk is in a consistent and safe state.
    When it comes time to search for files accidentally lost or deleted, then you need to use tools like Recuva and similar.
    If you’re trying to recover data from a hard drive that has a persistent media problem or is so damaged that a CHKDSK scan for bad sectors can’t help, then a tool like SpinRite might be your only option.


    Pc is offline

    If you have a Windows 8 computer and are recently getting the PC is offline and sign in with the latest password used on this pc. This link will help you correct the problem.




    Looking for a free remote desktop software that you can use hopefully forever. This company is giving out Beta software for free with the chance for you to always use the software even after it gets finalized. Not bad for a freebie.




    This pretty handy device is made to push your text messages in areas where cell phone signals tends to get lost. It's a pretty nice idea with a hefty price. I can see myself buying this device unless I am traveling to remote places and always in need of communication. But there is room for improvement and integrating within cell phone devices.



    Fix copy of Windows not Genuine

    If you ever wonder how to fix this copy of Windows not being Genuine. Here it goes. It's a real pain to get this service to work and for some it's just a nightmare because most of the times something fails. But if you get in trouble trying to activate windows the trick it to reset your copy of windows by going to the run cmd and typing "slmgr /rilc" and rebuild the activation tokens. 



    Onedrive TB

    Microsoft recently increased there onedrive terabyte to user's at home, personal and universities. It's there way of pushing more user's to the cloud. In the end hopefully their free generosity will pay off.



    Fix WiFi Performance

    Your WiFi is working and then all of a sudden it looses it's connection. Only to constantly go on and off. Well it could easily be the power saver option on your computer. The best way to fix this is to tweak the power setting for the wireless adapter to use maximum performance while using the battery and see how things change drastically.



    Repair a broken iPhone

    Doesn't matter how many times I see this video. I am convinced that I can do it. So if your in the same page that I am in. You should take the chance and try to fix it yourself and save the extra cash for Apple accessories.



    Win 8 Market Share Loss

    There's no end to Microsoft Windows 8 losing operating system market share. Windows 8 still has not achieved it's goal in winning corporate satisfaction and users still prefer Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. As for the future of Windows is still on the rocks.
    You figured they would get it together when Windows 8 came out and customers refused to upgrade. Now even with the 8.1 Update user's opinions are still the same. I guess some companies just never get it.




    Get ready for visual story telling. Looks like a group of Microsoft ex employee's are gambling on the future of story telling to the mobile market. If their gamble is right. You could see a new way of storying telling via online media the social media way.
    Great idea and good concept for the new generation to adapt and learn.



    Burning DvD's

    A while back I gave great links to great burning DvD's software. Now as technology has changed, so has burning DvD technology. Here are some great burning software.


    Great ISO Creaters

    Video Converter to Phone or Tablet


    Halloween Treats

    This Halloween if your tired of doing the usual this time try something new with these helpful links. It's a great idea to bring out the ghouls in Halloween. Happy Halloween.



    Hard Drive Enclosures

    Looking for a modern hard drive enclosure with up to date features. Sabrent is ahead of the game with their new model enclosures and for the speed and price, you can't go wrong.




    Tired of all those application on your new computer and wished that you can just easily remove them. Think again if your use to doing it the normal way. You will be able to remove some stuff but not that usual stuff you always see on your computer. Now in order to remove those annoying applications, you'll have to use additional software and this is where AppCleaner comes in. You install the program onto your computer and then choose the app's you want to remove. While also deactivating other features as well.



    Lock TaskbarT

    Want to lock the Taskbar in Windows 8, no problem as long as you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and click were the Tasbar usually lies and then left click on the mouse and choose properties. This should then open a window called Taskbar and Navigation properties. In that window just check lock the Taskbar and the Taskbar will no longer disappear when you hoover off into the middle of Windows.



    Looking for a technological alarm company were you can customize your visitors, code names for other users who access your account, so that you know who accessed what. Alarm is the way to go and its a start on our technological world to have, keep and get everything connected.



    Juggling Multiple Freelance

    If you are a freelancer here is a great place to structure your ideas and your accomplishments. It's always better to understand your limits now, instead of trying to burn out and satisfy everyone.



    Text Message with no phone

    Want to text message someone but without a phone. No problem as long as you have a computer on hand to text from.



    Free Wifi

    Looking for free Wifi in your area. Try these easy convenient locations to get connected with the world as you enjoy a delightful meal.


    • Applebee's (open)
    • Arby's (open)
    • Burger King (open AT&T hotspots)
    • Chick-Fil-A (open)
    • Denny's (open)
    • Dunkin Donuts (open, averages about 1.7 Mbps)
    • Einstein Bros. (open)
    • Jimmy John's (open)
    • Hooters (open, select locations)
    • IHOP (most locations)
    • Krispy Kreme (open)
    • McDonald's (open, average about 4 Mbps)
    • Panera (open, 30 minute limit during rush times, averages about 1 Mbps)
    • Quiznos (open)
    • Starbucks (open)
    • Subway (select locations, open)
    • Taco Bell (open)
    • Tim Horton's (open, averages about 1.9 Mbps)
    • Wendy's (open)

    Copy Codes from Websites

    Always wondered how certain websites are created and the codes that make them possible. This is where snappysnippet comes to play and teaches you how things work. It's a great way to learn from the bottom up.



    Tech Dispenser

    Here's a great way to personalize your IT newsletters by picking the topics, sources and frequency when you want to read them. This is a great way to always now when everything is happening and what you need to know.



    Dropbox Tips

    Get more out of Dropbox and here are some great tips to get the most out of this site. If you use it wisely it will take you places that you can't even begin to imagine. Give it a try and see if it works for you in the work place and at home.



    Free CAD Software

    Looking for CAD software that you can download for free. Here are great options to take CAD where you want to go for free. It's a great way to learn the software and get your designs right.



    Apple Supplier goes belly up

    The economy still hasn't recovered and this a a great example of how Apple's so called supplier filed for bankruptcy at the start of Apple's iPhone 6 coming. Let's hope there is a quick recovery.



    Restore Previous Versions

    Need to restore previous version from a folder that you recently deleted or altered a document. Well if you computer is setup already it should be as easy as easy as left clicking the folder and clicking on properties and viewing the Previous Version folder.
    If the folder has not been activated, then it's probably a good time to do it now, just in case sometime in the future you need this tool.

    Setup Previous Version
    Control Panel -> System Icon -> System Protection link -> on C drive click on Configure button -> Select Restore System and previous versions of files and then click OK. It may take a while at first but if everything goes right then the next time you left click a folder and click properties and go to the previous version files. You should see other file folders only if a folder was modified before. If not then you'll just see one folder file


    Free Online Backup

    Looking for free online backup service. As long as you understand that it's free and that your storage is limited then this is a great way to go. But make sure that you understand the risks when storing things online for free. Which easily means that nothing is for sure and secure.

    Two great sites to go to are as follows:




    Change File Names

    Want to change files names the easy way.

    Try using the F2 command after you change the "file name" and then hit the tab button to goto the next name to change. This will save you time, when changing several file names.


    Mobile Payments made easy

    Stripe is taking mobile payments to new levels by simplifying how we make payments on the go. If consumers are able to adapt this new concept. We can see the new way of paying on the go. Great idea and hope to see more.



    DOT new roads

    The Department of Transportation is adapting new modern technology for the roadways. Not only are the roads going to be visible but save us more money in the long run. These new advances in technology will make way for better road visibility. I can't wait to see them go live.



    Resume writing without Office

    Need to update your resume but lack Office to format your resume correctly. Try using Google Office and install the free templates to be able to format your resume like Office.



    Restore Deleted Default Library Shortcuts

    Worried that your Default Library Shortcuts are gone forever. No need to panic here are some easy tips to follow to get them back onto your desktop. Remember the next time to be careful when deleting items.



    Cleanup Update

    Microsoft just recently released a cleanup update to get rid of the Windows Update files. This is long over due because for a long while Microsoft has known that there update files would still leave behind left overs after installation. So here is the fix and info to get you going. Note that this option could already be installed in Windows and needs to be activated in the Disk Cleanup Menu by choosing System Files.



    Fee My Apps

    Here is another free apps website to get applications. All you do is install this app and play, review and use these app's for free and get rewarded.



    Feature Points

    Want to check out free applications and at the same time get points and rewards for trying them out. This site is a great place to start so that you can see what new programs are out there.



    Display name in Taskbar

    Want to pimp out Windows to show your name in the taskbar. Do the following with just a few tweaks and now your name can appear in the taskbar.




    A new Brooklyn startup is going to change the way we go to the movies by offering discounts for movie tickets so that movie theater seats can be filled. If all goes well, this could be the new future and the reality when going to the movies.



    How to Clean your PC

    Every now and user's always want to know what's the best way to clean their computers. And there are many answers to that question but it's always good to be safe than sorry.
    Here is what you should know and be aware of.



    Hitman Pro

    Ransomeware keeps on growing and the only way to stop it is for user's to be protected. If you already have been attacked by this virus here is a free software to prevent future attacks.




    Have a game console and want to fix it, this website sells you the parts and tells you how to do it. There is no going wrong as long as you have the patience to do the job yourself.



    Identify Songs from Youtube

    Tired of trying to figure out songs and artist when someone is playing a favorite tune. This application now comes to a universal link to end your discovery options.


    iPhone Direct Fix

    Have an iPhone and wished you can easily buy and fix it yourself. Well here is a great link to help you buy it direct and fix it yourself. It's not for everyone, but if you good with tools and have the extra time, it's worth probably doing it your self. You decide.



    Ultra Virus Killer

    Here's a great virus killer software that promises to fix all the nasty things that a virus left behind. The software is pretty neat, with lots of tools at an affordable price. I just wish they would modernize the application to give it a more spunk.



    Whose on my WiFi

    Want to always know who's on your WiFi? It's a tedious task but it always needs to be supervised. If you have a network that you always want to monitor, this software is a must. But at least you get notified.



    Tools to Build your Personal Cloud

    Want to build your personal cloud, here are the tools to help you get started with unlimited storage. It's not for everyone and I advised users to take precautions and read the guide lines so that your in agreement on what you put out there, in case a legality issue ever comes up.



    Buying Domain for Drugs

    Recently I read a very interesting article regarding how a police officer is purchasing domain names for the future in legalizing marijuana. Although this is still a debatable subject, the reality of the drug being available for medical use is increasing state by state and there are now strong positive views on getting it approved. In the long run marijuana will eventually be legal and it will be a wild west show down for companies to take their business online to reach the vast of majority of buyers.
    So even is this police office is able to sell a few domain names to companies in need, his payout will still be worth it in the long run. Smart move from San Francisco's finest.



    Delete Accounts

    Want to easily delete accounts online. This site is dedicated on doing this with just a few steps. The end result is peace and tranquility knowing that your old account is gone forever, I hope.



    WinXP Hack

    Need your XP computer to still keep on working after Microsoft ended it's support. Try this registry hack and see if it works. I guess it's still worth on trying regardless if the hack works on not. What do you have to loose.


    regedit, navigating to HKLM\Sytem\WPA and creating a key called PosReady. Once you have created the key, add a DWORD value to it and set that value to 1. Once all of those things are done, Windows Update will view your XP system as though it is a POSReady device and since those devices are slated to receive support until 2019

    easiest way to do this is to open notepad and copy and paste the info below and name it winXpPOS.reg and just open the registry link in Windows and say yes.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    save as xpPOS.reg


    First 360 HD Cam

    If your looking for a new portable camera, you might want to check out this 360 HD Cam. It's small, compact and rechargeable. You can't go wrong with this camera.



    Solar Panels

    What the deal with solar roadways? Let's just say it's going to save us a lot of money and yes it will help us easily see things at night. You not only can control what the lights can do, you can customize them easily. It's the future of roadways.




    Here's a handy software to help tweak your computer of optimization, enhancements, manage and recover. It's an all in one suite and will come handy if your looking for an all in one software.



    Remove Win 8 Apps

    I am so excited that someone created this great utility to get rid of those annoying Windows 8 applications that came pre-installed on my computer. For those users that still hate Windows 8 this is a great solution to turn Windows to a workable operating system. I don't dislike Windows 8 new ideas, I just disliked on how they forced you to use their new platform.
    We have come a long way as a Windows user and it's going to be very hard to just switch from one method to a new modern method because Microsoft said so. You need to focus back on customer needs and give user's the OS they been wanting.



    IT technician gets time

    I understand in the real world that there are times in everyone's life that no matter what sacrifices you make to your employer. Your always at an at will state and with this you always need to stay professional, no matter what the circumstances are. Because the foolish actions you take next will affect you were ever you go in life.
    To bad for this computer technician and if he would of had a mentor on hand, he should of just let it go and move on. Instead he gets to pay back dearly with time.




    Have a password that you want to see or save on your computer, but you still can't view it because it's blocked. This app make it really simple with just a click of the mouse.



    Facebook free Malware

    Looks like Facebook soon will be offering free Malware service to it's users so that they can stay online. There is still more to come but it's it's a great direction for the company to keep everyone connected.
    I think it's great and about time they put their money where it belongs which is in the hands of it's users.




    Apples solution to the flash drive is the iStick. It hooks on to your device exactly where the charger connects and you can easily transfer your files from iOS to any computer with it's USB adapter. It's about time and I just don't understand why it took so long to get this done.



    Office DIY Hacks

    Here are some great office hacks with the every day office materials you have available. You'll be surprised on how creative and some users are.



    Junk Java

    It's unfortunate that a good software has so many bugs that to this date, the software vendor denies or pleads still no wrong doing. If your a user's who doesn't care too much about Java, your best option is to dump it. I can't even begin to tell you the stories on how many Java updates keep on patching these ongoing security holes. As for the new era of Java it looks slim. It's only a matter of time before something comes out and it's over for our big hole Java.



    Home Depot Comeback for Hackers

    Home Depot recently addressed it's recent hacking with a free offer from AllClearID. It's not going to repair what has already been done, but if consumers are afraid on using their cards at their outlets, they can sign up for 1 year at AllClearID. It's a great start in the right direction.


    WinXP users last longer dumping IE

    If your an Windows XP user and haven't upgraded yet, here is some new information regarding your OS that you should know in order to get more life out of your OS. Dump the IE browser and your security risks should be limited drastically. Instead use a secure browser instead of IE and your problems will go away for a while longer, or until a new virus or malware comes to be a threat.



    Subscription based OS

    Looks like Microsoft is moving towards a subscription based OS in the future. This plan maybe temporary delayed because of the recent user response with Window 8.
    This long term subscription service is bound to failure because of how it's competitor Apple gives back to it's loyal customers. Apple sells them a product and then give them lifetime updates.
    If Apple wants to be ahead of the game plan, they need to keep on doing what there doing best, which is to keep on listening to it's customers.
    As for Windows good idea but way to late in the game. Why buy something when we can get it for free. You decide.



    Antivirus is Dead

    Here's another news article referring to Symantec's antivirus move to malware. It looks like now everyone is seeing the light on the real threat online which is malware. So it's no secret that these companies are now changing their main focus which is to stop malware where it begins.



    DriveImage XML

    Looking for a reliable backup software that's been around for a while. DriveImage XML has been around for a while and this freeware software works as advertised.



    What to do with old CD / DVD Collection

    Time is running out for all you CD / DVD lovers. If you haven't yet figured it out yet then it's long past due. You favorite media can now be download via iTunes or MP3 format for your personal collection. What that means is that all your music collection should now be stored on your music player, computer, flash drive, portable hard drive or portable media player. The days of owning music media is over and you should try to cash in on your collection before it's too late. In the future this is no CD or DVD players and the so called world of music has gone all digital.
    CD and DVD's gave everyone a good run for the money and now it's all over.




    There's a new way of cloning Windows disk and this software works great. The freeware works wonders if your just using it for personal use. Besides that I wouldn't use anything else to backup but this.



    iPhone Tips

    If your a current iPhone user, here are some great tips on getting around with your phone. It's not every day that you see an iPhone manual to show you how to get things done.

    Turn Emoji on / off

    Turn Auto Spell on / off 

    Change iPhone language 



    Need an easier way to copy your computer for free. This software is a great start as a freeware. The paid version speed up your process and give you a little extra for the money. Note that the free version can only copy to 92gb of drive space. Anything larger will require a premium price. Besides that it's still worth the money.



    Forgot your Windows Password

    Here are some great tips for users who forgot their Windows passwords. It's not an easy task to do, but with proper patience and time. You can restore your Windows to original state.

    Please note that this information is intended for educational purpose and not for mischief. Besides all this information is online for anyone to access for free.

    Step 1:
     Use the Windows repair utility to reset your password. You'll will need your recovery disks. First boot from recovery disks. Then click repair your computer and choose command prompt. The c drive is not usually mounted and to mount it you need to find the current drive letter. In DOS type "bcdedit I find "osdevice" the command should end in partion= with a drive letter. This letter should be used instead of c. Then do the following type  (drive letter is in place of c)

     "copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\ "
    then type this below
    "copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe"
    when prompted type

    Step 2
     Change the password using the command prompt. Remove the installation disks as in step 1 and reboot the computer. On the login screen press Shift key five times in a row. By magic the command prompt appears. Now enter in the command prompt the following "net user " the name should be the account you want to change the password to. 
    You must then restore access to the sethc.exe file we overwrote in Step 1. To do that click Start-Accessories, right click cmd prompt and choose Run as Administrator. This gives you the right to copy sethc.exe back into the system32 folder. Now enter the following command " copy c:\sethc.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe" and then confirm to finish. 

    Step 3 
     If all fails it's time to get the heavy duty password cracker from Ophcrack. Download it at http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net and burn the software to a disk and boot your computer to the software to crack the password. Your best bet is to do a deep scan to crack the password. With any luck your computer password should be that simple to crack.


    IE Tricks

    If your using IE to access the web, here are some cool tricks to help you speed up your searching practices while on the internet. If you can remember all of them, you will eventually speed up your browsing techniques.


    Select all words in the address bard

    Display list of addresses you have typed

    When in the address bar, move the cursor to your left on next logical break
     CTRL+ Left Arrow

    When in the address bar, move the cursor to your right on next logical break
     CTRL+ Right Arrow

    Add www in the beginning and .com at the end of a web address

    Delete Browser History

    Open an inPrivate Browsing Window
     CTRL + SHIFT + P

    Open a new tab
     CTRL + T

    Open specific tab number
     CTRL + 1-9

    Return to home page
     CTRL + Home


    Cool Websites to See

    Want to go some place different and see what the web has to offer. Take a look at these interesting websites that take you into another world.

    What Should I read Next