Patch My PC

Looking for a simple software to patch your computer easily. This utility makes everything so simple that all you have to do is download and choose which software's you want to patch.



Win 8 Backup

Recently purchased Windows 8 and want to make sure you have a good backup copy just in case your system crashes. Well Windows 8 has a refresh tool that does almost the same but it may just do too much of what many user's dislike. If you already tried Windows 8 Refresh and dislike it, I suggest you try RecImg and let the software do the required backups automatically.



Solar Charger for your cell phone

Tired of running out of power on the road. Here are some great solar power devices to get your phone charged up in a hurry. Now there's no reason not to always be connected. Be safe than sorry.

Sunvolt Solar Charge
XD Solardefenster
Electric Tree
Waka Waka
Solar Sunflower
Altoids Solar
Slxtreme 4


Bluetooth Tracking

Ever notice how transportation is able to track traffic conditions. This could all be traced back to your
Bluetooth device in your car and in your telephone. It's the Department of Transportation way of tracking traffic so that future congestion can be avoided.



Rising Seas

If your concern on the rising level of the seas because of global warming, this article should be a great interest. From the looks of things it's not going to get better for major cities in the United States. Water levels will rise and your property could just be under water in a few years. It's not going to happen overnight. But it will eventually happen and you should be aware.



Internet Everywhere

Need to connect to the internet where ever you go try then ViaSat and stay connected. There is now no excuse for you not to have internet. If your in need of connection, this company sure will help you keep in touch with the outside world.

Reasonable service starts around $50/a month.



Update your drivers

Tired of updating your computer drivers. Here's a program that searches for the most recent drivers for your computer and helps you install them so that you can move forward and do other things that are important.

Slimware Drivers


Dynamic DNS with no IP

Here's a great way to monitor everything you always wanted to monitor without an IP address. Now monitoring your home should be easier without paying a premium price.
So before you pay a premium price for DNS, take a look at this site first.



Tuff Test

Need to run a diagnostic on Windows to see if your system is running at optimal speed. Tuff Test is your answer to narrow down your computer problems.



Google Remote Desktop

This software has changed since the last time I tried it. It's now more cleaner and very user friendly. All you do is create a pin and login remotely to another computer using chrome as well, as long as they have chrome remote installed.
I just wished they had more security option on securing the software, just in case. But for what it's worth it sure beats paying a premium price.


Reboot the Gov't

In the recent weeks we have seen our current government go from normal to abnormal and it's my suggestion as a computer consultant to just do the following before something goes wrong.


Intel discontinues Motherboards

Intel recently announced that it will no longer compete and produce future consumer motherboards. Although  they are still going to make motherboards for business desktop. They feel the consumer market has already dried up and it's time to focus on the business side of motherboard making.



Computer Tips

Building a computer and want to know what type of screws, cables and tools you need to complete your system. Take a look at the information before to guide you on.

Thumbscrews - usually #6-32 to hold together the case
Hex head - usually #6-32 to mount everything from the hard drive to side panel
Fan Screw - special screw to mount plastic fans to your case
M3 Hex - rounded screw for the optical drive and SSD commonly mistake as a #6-32 screw

Extension Cables - to route your case power switch, reset and LED

USB 2.0 to USB 3.0
USB 3.0 card
USB Expansion
More Extension Cables
SATA to Molex Adapater
Power Extension Cable
External to Internal USB 2.0

Boot Win 8 to Desktop

If you want to tweak on Windows 8 booting to the desktop, you have several ways of doing that. One way is using the Windows task option and forcing Windows to bypass the tiles when log-in on and going straight to the desktop.

First, open the Task Scheduler by typingSchedule task in the Settings search on the All Apps screen, or by deep-diving toControl Panel System and Security >Administrative Tools Schedule Tasks.
Once the Task Scheduler is open, clickCreate Task under Task Scheduler Library in the Actions pane. Name your task "Boot to desktop" or something similar. Open theTriggers tab, select New, and choose At log on in the 'Begin the task' drop-down menu at top. Click OK, and then open the Actions tab, select New once again, and enter explorer in the Program/script field.
Save the action and the task, and you're done! From now on, every time you log in to Windows, you'll automatically jump to the desktop, where an open Libraries folder will greet you.


DIY Computer Repair

Although I am in the computer repair business. From time to time I share helpful useful sites from my competitor's. Some companies go out of their way to help the every day user and like me, I am not shy on sharing my tips to my readers.



Chrome Pinaling

Want to know if your computer is connected to a network. Install the Chrome Pinaling extension to advise you constantly when your computer is connected to a network.



Chrome Internet Connection Monitor

Have a wireless device and want to monitor whether or not your connected onto the Internet. Here is a handy add on extension to Chrome to let you know if your connected. A green light means your connected a red light notifies you that you have no internet connection.



PDF Rotater

Looking for a PDF software that can easily rotate pages when your reading it. For whatever reason that the original pdf was scanned wrong. This software corrects the problem with ease.

More Info
Software Link


Pay Anywhere

Portable credit card scanner's are showing up everywhere and with this comes a new company where they except credit cards. The software is easily installed on a smartphone and you just sign in and swipe the credit card. All in just minutes. Get ready for the new mobile world.




Want to know the new events and promotions businesses are offering. This site is a great help if your in the Chicago area. For other area's only time will tell when the site gets connected nationwide.



Netgear Wireless Ext

I recently resolved my home WiFi coverage by extending the antenna. I tried several other items in the market in the past and just was not pleased. The Netgear WN1000RP was more than I expected be could be much more. Setup was easy has long as I reset the wireless extender after I plugged it into the outlet. The trick is to sign in to your new wireless extender and configure it with your existing wireless home network. After the system reboots it renames itself as an ext and your all done. Your new antenna has been setup and all wireless devices just need to be setup to connect when necessary.
I just wished Windows or Netgear would somehow make it easier to switch back and forth when a faster Internet connection is available. Besides that I can't complain.



Cheap Hosting

Every once in a while new hosting companies show up and offer steal deals to new customers so that they can secure a client list. It's so cheap at times it's a steal. But if you play your cards right you could be paying pennies a year for reasonable hosting. Check out Hostica and compare others.



S Korea recent attacks

If you haven't read the news on South Korea cyber attacks, you should take time now to read up on it. It looks like it's neighbor is trying to cripple South Korea's economy via a malware called Jokra. If they do get lucky and succeed. Cyber attacks will be the new mass weapon of destruction. It only takes a good virus to cripple a countries informational superhighway.

News Link


Family Tree Templates

Want to start your own family tree but don't know where to start. Use these free templates to help you easily update your family roots to the beginning of time.



Google Keep

Want a easy portable post it where ever you go. Google apparently wants to be in the business on keeping your notes portable where ever you go. It's quite different when you compare it with other programs. But as long as it's portable, it will have some use in our daily lives.



Virus & Malware Know How

Recently your computer was hit with a virus or malware and out of curiosity you just don't know what happened. Here is some useful information to understand how the virus attacks your computer and what malware role is afterwards. In the end having these two things in your computer will just give you all sorts of problems. So when you notice your computer acting up. Remember that it's time to verify if you do have a virus or malware.



Organzie Your Email

Tired of your emails building up. Here's a great way to organize your email with the help of Microsoft. It's four great tips to help you become more productive and involve with people who constantly email you from day to day.



Music for Free

Thanks to Bittorent you now can download for free 1,210 files of mp3's for you collection. It's sort of there for the artist showcase. But whatever the cause maybe you can have these files for you to keep.

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Download Link


Install Win over a Network

Here are the simple steps to install any version of Windows over a network. It's a little tricky but with the right information and software installing Windows should be simple.
For more info
Serva software


Legal Street

Need a lawyer but can't afford the lawyer's fee's. Here's a great start to get a lawyer for a minimal fee via telephone. They even give you a discount if you later require there services.

More Info


Downgrade 8 to 7

Here's an easy way to downgrade your new Windows 8 computer to Windows 7. There has been many controversy about this and it looks like Microsoft for now is playing friendly knowing that user's are not that happy with the new Windows 8 OS.




Looking for a computer clean-up utility to remove unwanted files and restore your computer hassel free. Try this handy utility and besides cleaning up old files, you also can shred them as well.



Browser Check

Need to verify you browser plug-ins and verify if they are secure for browsing. This plug-in is a great help on stopping viruses and malware where they begin. It also helps you to resolve security risks before they happen.