Free Software for Windows

The best gift that anyone can get on the last day of the year is free software. Hopefully you can use most of these.


iPhone FM Transmitter

Looking for an FM transmitter for your iPhone. Then this inexpensive gadget should do the trick. I just can't figure out why they just don't have them built in.


Passport ID Security

I don't know how protective this case can be against the new RFID passports. But for now I will just have to believe everything until someone hacks an RFID passport.


Craftsman Entryease

Looking for a more secure remote for your garage door opener? Craftsman comes to the rescue with their biometric remote. It will not only protect you from losing garage door remotes, but it also works with other craftsman products. Giving you the ultimate security all around the house.


Battery Basics

Every year people go out and purchase batteries not really knowing what they are buying. People figure all batteries do the same thing. Which is to provide energy for a period of time. Now it's a great time to understand the different types of batteries in the market and what types of batteries consumers should be purchasing for electronic devices.


Get your Free Dummies Guide to Email Archiving

Get a better understanding of Email Archiving with the reference guide from Dummies.
But hurry up, while supplies last.


Elf Yourself * Fun *

Every year I pass this on to family and friends only to regret that I've sent it to them. Be creative and Elf yourself.



Need a photo editor software to edit your photo's online. Use Picnik, it's simple, free and easy to use.


Vista Deactivated

Interesting article on how Microsoft's new Vista deactivates because you just changed the video card. It might seem like a simple upgrade for PC user's but with Microsoft, it's considered a drastic change and yes Vista will need to be re-activated otherwise it might just not work again.


How to clean your Notebook

If your looking for tips to clean your notebook, take a look at Toshiba notebook tips. Laptops are delicate items and you should make sure you treat them delicately so that they can last forever.


Wireless Video

This fascinating device makes monitors go wireless and I just hope this brings on new manufactures to perfect the wireless monitor.


Sure way to enable NUM Lock

Hate it that everytime you boot your computer you need to enable the NUM Lock key so that you can use it everytime.
Here is an easy solution to enable NUM Lock on your computer during every boot time.
On most computers, to enable NUM Lock on boot up you just go to the system BIOS and enable NUM Lock. If this feature is not available, the next easy thing to do is to go and do this in your Windows Registry. Make sure that anytime you tweak your registry you backup your registry just in case.

go to Run -> command type Regedit -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER_CONTROL PANEL|KEYBOARD -> and look for a file named Initial Keyboard Indicators -> and make sure that it's set to 2, if not click on it twice change the value and hit enter to save. Just re-boot and your NUM Lock key problem should disappear.


Crack your own Passwords

Need a pass key program for Windows to see if the pass key your using is good enough. Here is a chance to break open your own home pass key and see if the program can crack your unique pass key. If it takes years to crack then you can say you probably have a good pass key. If it takes a few minutes, then it might be time to change that pass key for something more harder to guess.


Wireless Packet Sniffer

Need to trouble shoot your existing network. This software works great to help fix network problems. And if you need in need of also a network sniffer, you get two products in one. Take control of your network before it takes control of you.


Kangura USB Multi copier

Need to copy software into 24 USB devices at once. This nice software makes reality come true. It's a great idea for IT, sales and marketing companies who need to roll out software and products all in one shot.
Software Link


Vista SP1 Updates

Need to know what know updates are necessary for your network. Check out this direct link to help you identify certain service paks that are a must in SP1 for Vista.


Try Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft recently has in Beta it's Silverlight technology to improve it's download center experience, so that one can find and download Microsoft products easily. It's the next generation to the Microsoft Update Center. I might give this a try to see if once and for all they get it right.

Microsoft's direct Link


Evaluate Windows Server 2008

Want to evaluate and test Windows Server 2008. Here's your chance from Microsoft. It suppose to be a better improvement to Microsoft past server products. But we all know that only time can prove if that's true. Test drive it before you buy.


Vista SP1 in Beta open to the public

If your in need of the Vista SP1 and can't wait for the final release. Here is a great time to download the beta update. Although it's still buggie, it will help to resolve your some of your application issues.


Image fixer

Looking for a software that will fix a distorted image, resize it, make it clearer or cleaner. This site is excellent for that and it's free.


Mobile Phone Charging Station

These stations will begin to pop up almost anywhere to supply emergency cell phone charges to our everyday devices. There is a no charge for re-charging your cell phone because advertisement is what's supports this station from operating daily.
Another excellent product made available by our advertisers.


Wifi Inflights become reality

JetBlue is doing in flight Wifi and what that means is that eventually you'll be able to surf the net while on a trip. Satisfying anyone who wishes to surf while flying.


First Laptop with Vista that's downgradeable

Who would ever think someone would want to buy a computer with a most recent operating system to down grade it's operating system. Toshiba has done this and it's not alone, other manufactures are doing it as well. Microsoft can say whatever it wants to say about Vista, but it's going to take an even longer time for people to say goodbye to XP. Let's fight back and take control of our operating systems.


Office 2007 SP1 in Beta

Next year besides there being a Service Pak for Vista and XP, there will also be a Service Pak for Office 2007. Microsoft is working around the clock to still make Windows the number operating system of the world.


Scan your phone to get on board

It hopefully will save your time for looking for that missing paper boarding pass that you always keep loosing. Only time will tell if this trend will be adaptable at all airports.


Brando Chromatic USB hub

Talk about a usb hub with many curves. These are popping up almost everywhere. And helping out to connect your computer to various ports.


Content Filtering

Want to filter out certain websites. Try these links below to help you in your battle to control the Internet from users.

Adult Blocking


Port Assignments

Looking to block certain ports so that someone can't IM others. Take a look at these links below to identify ports in a router.

Wiki Ports


LaCie Hub

Here is a accessory hub to connect your computers to other devices. It's designed to connect to awkward positions so that a connection can be made. It will be a while before consumers find a useful usb hub connector.


Belkin Flip

Looking for a new kind of KVM switch to connect two computers or more. The new Belkin Flip will take you to a new level in remotely switching from computer to computer.


Get Fios and Get a Free 17" LCD

No it's not a typo. It appears that Verizon wants everyone to get into Fios. It's a sweet deal if your looking to upgrade your televsion for nothing. I am just upset the deal is not in my area.
Hurry up, don't know how long this deal will last.