Chrome Privacy

Chrome has recently changed it's privacy and security controls. If you have not noticed yet, then this is what you should be aware of. The browser keeps on getting securer and hopefully online security will be that last thing we have to worry.



Google Photo Controls

The new controls in Google photo's gives you the option to do even more when sharing videos and photos. Now user's who do not have an account can easily view your information. Let's keep it going, because I know that they can still do some more.



Wheelchair Access

If you are looking for wheelchair accessible places, Google Maps is here to help you out. Now making these simple changes in Google can show you the simple access sites for wheelchairs. This is definitely going to help a lot of people get around. 



Office Deprovisioned

If anyone gets this message in Office that your subscription has expired from Microsoft Office 365 here is what you need to know and how you can correct in some cases.



NASA Savings

It looks like the finance moves from NASA's ongoing private has paid off. Now it's up these private firms to commercialize spacecraft and keep the cost down.



Phone Law

It looks like law enforcement is deceiving victims to give them access to their phones without a search warrant. These unlawful acts are controversial and violate defendant privacy.
It's about time that we clear this up so that everyone's rights are protected.



FB Work From Home

Facebook is changing its work policy so that employee's can work from home and basically relocated themselves to an area closer to their families and with a lower cost of living. But this all comes with a catch, of course, a pay cut.
In the long run, it still may pay off for the employee if they factor in commuting time, the stress level of making ends meet, and what makes them content.



Manage DNS Zones & Records with PS

Now managing your DNS Zone and Records using PowerShell will save you time creating, modifying, and removing records. Here are some great commands to have on hand.



Win AIO Tool

Window users from time to time love getting the best out of their computers and with this comes a great tweaking tool to customize your computer. Now all these features can be available with just a click of the button.



Key Recovery

Have several license programs on your computer and want to make sure all of your license keys are protected should your computer stop working or you get a virus. This cool software helps you to that with ease.



Cr Card is Stolen

Here are some great tips on what to do if a credit card is stolen. I must say these are some clever ideas to safeguard your information. And of course, the do's and don't that will keep your information safe.



Learn to read app

It looks like Google just recently launched a learn to read app and it's going global. This handy program will run virtually and visually to help children learn how to pronounce a word or a sentence with ease. Progress is tracked with stars and badges depending on how much they read.
Get ready for the new world of reading.



Mophie's battery bank

This cool battery bank not only supplies your phone with extra power but can charge itself wirelessly. It's only a matter of time before you see more products like this in the market. Charging wirelessly makes sense and gets rid of all the cords.



Network Sniffer

Here is a great network sniffer tool in Windows 10 to track network latency. It's a great diagnostic tool to trace network connectivity problems. If you are tired of having network problems then it's time to test your network packets.



Whistleblower Firing

The United States Senators are trying to get the right answers from Amazon on their excuse for firing COVID-19 whistleblowers. Now if you are a profitable business and take care of your employee's then why is it a big deal to fire whistleblowers?
Now the more I read this the more that this applies to employee safety. So if Amazon wants to get legal with the Senators then maybe it's time for an OSHA representative to review the companies safety policies throughout the entire company at each and every location.



YouTube Sleep

It looks like YouTube will now remind you when it's time to go to sleep. The bedtime reminder feature has been running for some years now. The next time you are watching YouTube make sure to check out the setting.


How to use the bedtime reminders feature. Sign in to YouTube > Go to Settings > Find Remind me when it's time for bed > Turn it on or off > Choose a start and end time. Or, you can tap on your Profile Picture > Time Watched to turn on bedtime reminders.


Kid Movies

If you have a Netflix account and want to find some kid's movies for the young ones, here are some great movies that they can watch with information on the movies.




A new type of branding is being adapted by big manufacturers to bring down costs. The design is called Ecobranding and the easiest way to explain it is simple. It's creating the company logo with less ink. You get the similar output for less. This makes sense in a time where America is re-building again.



FB Dark Mode

Facebook has a new design and some user's are ranting on the new features with the new design. If you want to see what it looks like here is how to get into Dark Mode, but I noticed that this option is easily done on the mobile version of the application.
Now let's see if you really like the new design and if it is all up to the current hype.



DoD contract

The tug of war has begun for Amazon and Microsoft to migrate the Department of Defense technology so that the military can work better and faster.
It's a very big contract and both companies are trying to get a piece of the pie. Now can they both just get the work done right and get to a neutral place.



Surface Fractures

It looks like Microsoft is aware of a defect on Surface laptops and it will now repair the hairline fractures for free. These current crack just shows up for no reason and it looks like it's causing a very long compliant within the last few months.



Slack revamped App

It looks like Slack recently updated its mobile applications to have key features available. So now there is less clutter and features are easily accessible. Now you can easily access your DMs and check your notifications. Most of us will enjoy the new options.



Xfinity Flex boxes

It looks like Xfinity is doing it's best to keep cord-cutters by offering it's Xfinity Flex boxes for broadband-only customers. They hope that even though some of their services are free they will some way be able to still make a profit from the subscriber.
It's still better than nothing but only time will tell if the offer really makes sense.



Seller Info

It looks like Congress is looking into Amazon's abuse of seller data and they are trying to get their big boss in for testimony.
Now we all seen how Facebook handled this problem and Amazon is not foolish to make their same mistakes, so it's putting their legal team to work to settle this problem.



Apple Throttling Settlement

It looks like Apple is finally closer to settling its throttling settlement on certain iPhones. This was the biggest complaint from the user's that Apple was slowing down access from certain iPhones. If the settlement is accepted users could see a check in the mail by next year.



Overstock Domains

Looking for a place to buy domains in bulk, here is a great site to buy domains for a great price. I have compared some other domain resellers and they are worth looking into for savings.



Command Prompt Here

Here is a great utility for users who always need easy access to the command prompt portal. It was removed in Windows 10 and replaced by PowerShell but if you still want the simple option, here is a great way to install it back on your computer.



Trump Dirty Laundry

This new ransom attack is being taken as a terrorist attack again the government. It's holding ransom some legal documents that it has on the president of the United States and they are asking for a substantial amount of money not to release the information.
It's going to be a crazy election this year get ready for the circus.




Here is a cool way to send and receive faxes via Gmail or Google Drive. The set up is simple you wished you would have used this service in the first place.




This company gains publicity during the COVID 19 pandemic and now it will be interesting how much business the company gained after the crisis. It's a great idea and I hope they are able to become more profitable.