Stop Apple from throttling

Looks like Apple iPhones are aging quicker because of the new Apple throttling function. It slows down the phone when the battery has aged and there is really no reason for this.

Here is the information that you should be aware of if your an iPhone user and how to stop it.



Win 10 3D

Want to take your sound to the next level, then Windows 10 3D Sound is what you should look into. It's sound level in the next generation and Windows 10 is here to make your experience more enjoyable.



Microsoft Disc Free Xbox

Looks like Xbox will be Disc Free and here is some good information on the next generation Xbox and what user's can expect on what to do with their old Xbox DVDs.



Flo smart water valve

Expensive little product, especially if you get a professional to install it, but it's a great device to have just in case your away and need to shut off the water main value. It's not perfect but it will make you sleep at night knowing that someone is monitoring it.



Fix Screen Apect Ration in Win 10

Great way to fix screen aspect ration problems within Windows 10 computer. I have seen this problem over and over and just get upset that Microsoft cannot fix this problem that's so simple to do.



KMS and MAK Volume Licensing Keys

Great information about Microsoft Licensing keys and why you should learn them so that you know your organization licensing products and requirements.



Thunderbolt 3 Adapter Guide

Here is a great guide for MacBook Pro or MacBook Air user's on how to connect a thunderbolt. You will be amazed at how simple things are to do.



Win 10 Update Fix

Looks like some of Windows 10 computers have a known problem on getting stuck in the update menu. If so here are some good instructions on how to fix that problem.



Surface Pro 6 Drivers

Have the Surface Pro 6 and wanted to know where you can download the software drivers. Here is a great start on getting that firmware up to date.



Capture Webpage Screenshots

Here is a great way to capture Webpage screenshots using Google Chrome. You will be surprised on how easy it already is to do using your regular Windows features tools.




Looking for an easier way to store items instead of Bookmarks? Check out Toby and see if doing it Toby's ways will save you time.



Alexa Win 10

Wanting to take Alexa with you where ever you go. Well looks like Windows 10 has an Alexa application that you can install and it can live in harmony with Cortana.

Get ready for the new world of Alexa.



Win 10 Beginners

Still, haven't tried Windows 10? Here are the beginners guide on how to find things and how to use them on your new computer.



Google Maps

Sent a feedback to Google Maps a few months ago on an Artificial Intelligence feature Google Maps should have to estimate how much traffic you will have if you slow down or increase your speed so that way your vehicle does not cause more traffic and congestion ahead while trying to reach your destination. It will save you time and money in the long run.

Ex. Your driving and Google Maps AI tells you to slow down to 45 miles per hour so that you will not hit the traffic ahead and not cause more congestion. If all is good, you will save gas, time and money in the long run and it will solve the crazy bumper to bumper we have in major cities.

Come on Google, you got to admit, that this will change Google Maps moving forward and open doors for more things to come in the future. 


GandCrap decryption

For those GandCrab ransomware user's there is some hope for you. It looks like someone was able to crack the code and now there is a decryption software for you. So if you are one of those user's and would like to recover your data, here is some useful information.



Uber subscription

Sounds unrealistic but it can work if it's used wisely and effectively. Creating a subscription service will force user's to use Uber more frequently and hopefully curve down our traffic problems. I am willing to give it a try to see if it works, will you?



911 Text

Yes, there has been a lot of controversy over this for a while and the reason is that the 911 service dispatch is not yet ready to handle emergency texts.
There is a lot of if, and or buts for fixing this problem and it's going to take some time for engineers and lawmakers to come up with a resourceful plan to put this project in place if it ever does go further. For now, user's will just have to call in to get help.



Amazon PillPack

Amazon has been doing a lot of things lately and one great move was to buy PillPack online pharmacy. If all goes as planned, you could be buying real soon your medications from Amazon and let the price wars begin.



Waze Carpool

The great Waze free traffic application is now offering carpool. It's a great idea and I hope that it can later be integrated with Uber and Lift applications so users can get to work on time.



Amazon Live TV

Looks like Amazon has recently added Live TV to its Firestick allowing users to get more for their money for cable cutters. Now users have no excuse for leaving cable.



Kill Update

Unhappy with how Windows is updating your computer. This application might be of some interest to you. I don't recommend this feature for user's unless for some reason it's vital for you to postpone updates because of software compatibility problems.



Secure Financial Accounts

Before it begins is important now to set up your financial institutions to be ready for a hack attack and the sooner you do it, the more secure your financial information will be secure from hackers.



Trace a Server IP

Ever wonder how to trace a servers IP address to find out who sent an email. Here is some resourceful information to get the information needed to get you the results.

Info Sniper


Who needs a car?

Interesting concept on why you really don't need a car? If you do the math, owning a car over time is worthless.
In the age of technology, who really needs a car?



View IE Passwords

Want to know how to view passwords in IE. Here is some resourceful information to simplify your life in password saving.



Evolution of the Cell Phone

It's amazing on how far we have come from having something so big to so small. The cell phone is evolving and the next generation, it probably will just disappear and turn to something else.



WiFi Password Revealer

Here is another WiFi password revealer for users who cannot remember their WiFi password and want to share it with others, so they can connect easily online.



Microsoft Direct Downloads

Tired of using the Microsoft store apps to get your downloads. This is the easy fix to revert Microsoft Store to Direct downloads.