VirusTotal new Company

Looks like Google recently moved it's company to a new cybersecurity company to enforce the company's security goals of getting more of the market share.
It's a great move for Chronicle and their future is



Moving files on O365, SharePoint & OneDrive

User's wanting to move files between Office 365, SharePoint & OneDrive can do it at ease with the help of Microsoft's easy integration.
Its very simple to do as long as you follow the Move to tips included in the link below.



Smarter Alexa

Alexa looks like is changing the way it does things by getting smarter in integrating it's current resources to do more than just turn on and off appliances.
Now the handy device can dictate and take voice commands to a new level with different applications. It's only a matter of time before this device control our everyday functions.



OS 11.3

Looks like Apple is coming up with a new update and I am going to hold off as long as I can before I even decide to do it.
You can't blame anyone moving forward for holding off on updates, when Apple has just been so sloppy on patching their products lately.
My suggestion to all is take your time and don't do any updates unless you have to, until Apple gets it together.



T-Mobile Fate

Looks like T- Mobile has finally reach the top. Not only are they above their rival, but managed to be the fastest 4G LTE network in the United States.
Better wake up Verizon, there is a new player on the block.



Indefinite Batteries

Looks like the theory of wireless charging could be possible and if this technology does go mainstream. We can be looking of a new way of charging your devices.



Mac Malware

This new type of Mac malware is surprising security experts and this is just the beginning. It looks like the start of more Mac's being hacked and for some user's it will be very difficult to detect.
Hopefully someone will come up with a fix and Mac's better get ready for more malware to come.



Smarter Tv's

Looks like your television is going to get smarter and it will be only a matter of time before that remote control disappears as well.
Looks like Amazon Alex and Google Assistant are making the leap to control your devices. If all goes well, we definitely could be looking at voice activated services. Get ready.



New Ransomware Threat

Looks like this new ransomware is going after your cloud accounts and hopefully your email provider will put enough blocks to stop this from spreading and becoming a major threat.
Let's see what new protection layer's they put in place to prevent this from happening.


More Info


Recover HD space

Here is a great way to recover hard disk space from your computer by clearing out the installer directory. This directory is just used for Windows to install updates and patch the computer. Once the computer is patched these files are basically obsolete and are no longer required. So it would be nice every now and then to delete these system patch files.

Here is the easy way how.

Click on your Windows key button + R to open the Windows run command prompt.
In Run command prompt type the following: %windir%\Installer  
and then just highlight and delete all the files in this folder.




Want to check the stability of all your computer components from your CPU to your power supply. Here is a great software to help you monitor your computer problems so that everything always runs smoothly.



Safe Mode Help

New Windows 10 user's are probably confused where Safe Mode has gone and if you need to troubleshoot your computer in Safe Mode, it's a good idea to find out where it's hiding in Windows 10.

Your best bet is to type Safe in the start menu and open the recovery option page in Windows setting panel. In their you'll find two section which are Reset your PC and Advance Startup. You want to choose Advance Startup and restart now. Once the computer restarts just press 4 to start Safe Mode and Windows will boot you into Safe Mode.

To exit safe mode is very simple, just restart the computer and you automatically will be signed out of Safe Mode and Windows will load normally.


Phone as WiFi Mouse

Sound's a little crazy at first but in this day in age, where people are constantly walking around with laptops and doing work in cafe's. It's not an awkward question to ask, if you can just find the right software to make this happen.
Lucky for us we have some answer's on how user's can do this and it's worth checking out if you really want to be portable.



Alexa Upgrades

Looks like new technology is adapting to current technology to take artificial intelligence to the next generation. I must admit it is pretty neat having Alexa adjust the shower temperature to 98 degree's automatically.



WPA3 Coming

Looks like right after last year security scare on wireless, the new WPA3 encryption is already being mapped out and being tested. This new encryption will enforce using weak passwords, with a more centralized authentication system. Hopefully everyone will sleep better after this update.



Gmail Limits

Want to know Gmail's limits. Everyone should be aware of the free email service limits just in case user's having email problems.



Mac OS Sierra Bug

Looks like Mac OS is at it again with another bug. It's similar to the bypass problem they had a few months ago. Now this is starting to look like a disaster for Mac.



Android Auto

Looks like Android Auto is coming out this year and now user's will not have to worry about controlling all of their personal devices while driving. Worth to look at.



GPS Coordinates

Need to get GPS coordinates for your location so that you can easily map where you are going. For some user's getting the coordinates pin point the destination point accurately. If you one of those user's looking for a better way to get coordinates, then this site is worth looking into.



Dog Walk Chart

Every winter I see pet owners walking their dogs and I just wonder if they know any better. I understand the up keeps of having a pet and always wondered if they know right from from wrong when it comes to winterizing their pets.
Here is a great chart to help those user's who just don't know and need a guide on walking their dogs during winter months.



Fuschia OS

Google is testing out this new OS and it could may well be for the Android OS that on smartphones. The new OS is developed by a new kernel called Magenta which is intended for modern phones and personal computers. So get ready to see the new OS popping up soon.



Mac Time Machine Backup

Ever wonder how the Time Machine in Mac backs up. You should be aware of how this works just in case one day your trying to repair a Mac and need to roll back. Figuring out the snapshots could take sometime and can be a little tricky. But you always have Mac 911 to help you out should you get stuck.



Access Win 10 File Anywhere

Here is a great way to access your Windows 10 file anywhere. The tweak is very simple to do and in no time you will have access to your remote files.



Waze Navagation Free

Looks like Waze user's can now navigate free hands free of their devices. I just hope that this gets better with technology. Waze has been keeping up with user trends and hope more is to come.



Make Outlook Email Standout

Want to standout with your Outlook email. Here is the best way to do it and look like a professional. People will always remember the unique signature emails. 


Block & Unblock Gmail Contacts

Want to know how to block and unlock contact in Gmail. The tweak is very simple to do and you can't block and unblock user's in no time.



Office Dictate

Want to make your Office experience pleasant. Try using dictate for Office and change the way you do things on the daily and be more productive.



Parental Sites to Block

If your a parent and want to secure your children's browsing habits. Here are some sites that parents should block to protect their children from the internet. Although these are just a few sites, they are known for having offensive materials for minors.



Alternate Browsers

Tired of using your current browser. Here are some alternate browser's that are suppose to be better than Chrome. It's worth to try out.



Win Defender Path Change

Looks like Microsoft recently change the path of Windows Defender on Windows 10 to correct an application issue with Windows. So if your looking for the existing software please note the current change in the location.



HomeGroup Retires

Looks like the famous HomeGroup for Windows 10 this year has been retired and as per Microsoft the retirement should not affect previous versions of Windows.  Let's hope the do their job right in eliminating this feature.