Printer Tracker

It's an amazing story how the NSA was able to pin point who leaked out confidential information. I am just amazed on the stories with new technology and hidden secrets that enable user tracking. We reached an age of technology were everything has a signature.



Taxify Coming Soon

Looks like Uber better be ready for competition. This new taxi service is coming from Europe and it might just take down Uber once and for all. It's structured similar to Uber but cheaper and with delivery pickups radius near the area you live.
I just hope Uber concepts stays alive and may the best company win.



Rent The Runway

Pretty neat way to keep always up to date with fashion by subscribing to this company and you will never have to worry about style anymore. It's the easy way to stay in fashion and always look great. It's an ideal subscription for the everyday salesperson.



Reset Win 10 Admin & Local Acct

Here are the steps to easily reset a Windows workstation using an Administrator and Local account.
There are several ways to do this but your best bet is try purchase the premium software of PcUnlocker so that you can be up and running in not time. Good luck.



Metric System Adaptation

Looks like America is way behind the metric system and their foolishness is causing problems. It not until something devastating occurs that everyone will understand that maybe it's time to upgrade. This should have been done years ago, but no one pushed for it and this is why we still have this problem today.



2k DOS Games

Love the old DOS games and wish you could still play them now. Here is a way you can enjoy the beautiful world of DOS and why some gamers still love these sites. It's a great time machine experience for the new generation to understand how gaming came to be what it is today.


Microsoft subscription worth

Can't decide if purchasing a Microsoft subscription is worth the cost. Well we have done some research and you will be surprised on the outcome.


New iPhone Wireless Charging

Looks like the new iPhone will have wireless charging and even though current wireless charging takes a while to charge. The new generation of charging that is included in the new iPhone should be even better, but we will have to wait and see if this is true.



Boarding Pass Security

Boarding Passes are taking for granted by many individuals and you should be cautious what your posting online. Not only does this open doors for others to steal your identity but gives the opportunities for criminal acts to take place. You should always review thoroughly before you post.



Menu Editor

Want to edit the Win + X menu and add your custom links so they can easily be accessible later on. Here is a great software to get you started and simplify things in life.



Run Dialog Tips

Use the Run command prompt to get to resources quicker and faster. Most commands shortcuts will save you time in the long run. It just takes practice on remembering them.

control system.cpl
control desk.cpl
control admintools
control desktop

Here are more links to this useful tools Link

   Control panel tool             Command
   Accessibility Options          control access.cpl
   Add New Hardware               control sysdm.cpl add new hardware
   Add/Remove Programs            control appwiz.cpl
   Date/Time Properties           control timedate.cpl
   Display Properties             control desk.cpl
   FindFast                       control findfast.cpl
   Fonts Folder                   control fonts
   Internet Properties            control inetcpl.cpl
   Joystick Properties            control joy.cpl
   Keyboard Properties            control main.cpl keyboard
   Microsoft Exchange             control mlcfg32.cpl
      (or Windows Messaging)
   Microsoft Mail Post Office     control wgpocpl.cpl
   Modem Properties               control modem.cpl
   Mouse Properties               control main.cpl
   Multimedia Properties          control mmsys.cpl
   Network Properties             control netcpl.cpl
                                  NOTE: In Windows NT 4.0, Network
                                  properties is Ncpa.cpl, not Netcpl.cpl
   Password Properties            control password.cpl
   PC Card                        control main.cpl pc card (PCMCIA)
   Power Management (Windows 95)  control main.cpl power
   Power Management (Windows 98)  control powercfg.cpl
   Printers Folder                control printers
   Regional Settings              control intl.cpl
   Scanners and Cameras           control sticpl.cpl
   Sound Properties               control mmsys.cpl sounds
   System Properties              control sysdm.cpl


Flawless Widescreen

Tired of messing with your monitor resolution, here is a great software to fix any resolution problem you having. It's said to make widescreen gaming the way it should be. Check it out.



OneDrive Uninstaller

One this with Microsoft that I learned a long time ago is that you never can trust a company that likes to control what they install on your computer. OneDrive is a great example of that and for those user's who don't use OneDrive and have no use for Microsoft's online folder. Here are the instructions on how to remove. But there is no telling if Microsoft will again try to re-install it's bundled software in future updates.



Blackblaze Personal Preview

Looks like Blackblaze has come a long way to make backup and recovery a thing of the past and now better than ever you have options to restore your backup. Now backing up and restoring can be a thing of the past. You decide if Blackblaze is for you.



Crash Plan No Home Plans

Looks like Crash Plan is getting out of the home business and consumers now are forced to look else where to find a replacement.
Like any backup company, I would not worry to much but keep your eye's open until your plan expires for companies that will make it worth while for a switch.



Hide Files in G Suite

Here is a great way to hide a file on G suite for security or to keep prying eye's out of your business. It's a great idea and could have lots of uses.



IT Certifications for College Credit

Looks like some colleges are letting students use their IT Certifications for college credits and although it will not work for all colleges it does help reduce the required credits needed for a student to graduate. It's worth taking a look into.



Kapersky Alert

This is a very touchy subject and even after the report, I am still uncertain. It could just be government boycott of the product but from what I see more information should be made available for user's to make a final decision. Don't just go by what they want you to do. You decide.




Looks like there will be a new problem for 32 bit computers in the year 2038 and it's basically a computation problem. Doesn't mean that your computer will stop working, just that it's calculations will be off when counting.
Like Y2K, there is plenty of time to fix the problem and for someone to make an update fix. But
just comes to show you that within time, technology always needs to be upgraded.



Computer Crashes

Here are several reasons why computers crash, but necessary the main reason why your computers is crashing. It's a good start to troubleshooting your computer problems.




This cool startup wants to help you cash in on all of your financial aide dollars and I am excited and happy that someone was able to figure out the crazy paperwork and simplify it for students seeking to better themselves. I wish the best for this startup and for more companies to simplify our lives. Education is a plus to moving up in the real world.



HD Life Expectancy

Pretty interesting information on hard drive expectancy and a reality check on why I do daily backups. There are a lot of companies that backup your hard drives and the reality is that your hard drive will not last forever. So be wise and backup daily before it's too late.



Fix One Drive CPU

Looks like One drive is pulling a lot of memory on some computer's CPU's and here is the fix for it if your currently having having CPU problems.



FBI Surveillance Van

This looks like a flashback to the days when the FBI would do counter surveillance on individuals, it would have been nice if they included a certified letter stating that this vehicle was used to catch a notorious mob gangster and then I could see the value going up. But a great novelty for collectors.



AWS future

Looks like AWS is a great key element in technology and as a key element on making Amazon profitable. AWS has yet to evolve and yet the figures can no longer be ignored.



Amazon Portability

Looks like someone took the Amazon dot portable and you will be surprised on how it made driving so simple to do with this amazing virtual assistant.



Win 10 Preview

Looks like Windows 10 Preview you can now send webpages from an iPhone to a personal computer.
That's just the beginning of Microsoft expanding it's resources through other devices.



Fix Win Files

Getting Windows system and file error, then this is your solution to fix the problem. It's going to take a while to fix, but at least you can prevent future system crashes by running this file repair utility.



iPhone Data Recovery

Looking to recover your iPhone files, here is a great software to have on hand when your files are in risk of being deleted. Hopefully you'll get to retrieve them in time and save them in a safe place.



Nap in Self Driving Cars

It's amazing how these developers are just saying now that napping in self driving cars is just two years away. What that tells me is that reality is here and it's only a matter of time before some puts a program together to make it happen.



Make Batteries Last

Interesting information on how to keep your batteries to last longer. Most of this information makes sense and if you take care of your battery, it will last longer.