Live Listen Using Air Pods

Pretty amazing to see how Live Air Pods can be used as a listening device on your phone. So cool and great way to hear what other user's think about you.



Which Mobile Carrier is Best

It looks like a lot of companies want to claim they are the best when it comes to signal strength but to find the truth you going to maybe have to go outside the box to get the information you want. This is where OpenSignal comes in and gives you the verdict on your wireless carrier.



iOS new testing change

Looks like iOS will now change the way it tests new features for the iOS and users will have the options to disable features that are buggy.
Let's see how effective this new testing method will make patching easier in the future.



End of Windows 7

Microsoft is setting up Windows 7 death notice to all users and it should be happening soon. So get ready for the end of an era.
It's Microsoft way on pushing their new OS to new users.



Digital Data

The future for digital data is becoming a reality and now there is a place that anyone can sell their data and business in the digital world. Odd but reality.



OPSEC for Everyone

Everyone should read OPSEC and how they track people daily so that they are aware of what's going on in their online digital lives. Not only will it make you understand why they are gathering all this information, but how it can affect anyone moving forward.



Tidy inbox After Holiday

This year before the Holidays make sure you prepare your inbox so that you are not jammed with hundreds of emails from the holidays. Here are some great tips to minimize mail during these events.



Real Estate Scams

Buyer beware of real estate scams going global and I just hope that this gets resolved quickly because it's then going to make it very difficult on how everyone purchases a property or a business.



Jigsaw Ransomware Decryption

Looks like another Ransomware has been decrypted and if users were victims here is the decryption to free up the hostage programs.
Be happy that your not alone and the fight to be free from Ransomware continues.



Informed Delivery

The United States Postal Service has a new delivery system that informs you of the mail that you received. If you are having mail problems, this could be a good method to confirm that you got all your mail for the day and that no one is stealing your mail.



North Korean Malware

Looks like the North Korean's are getting sophisticated with their malware that they were able to infiltrate the Nuclear Power Corporation of India. Now there is no telling on what they could have been capable of but it just points out that their current strategy is working and other countries should make note of this incident.



Social Politics

Twitter will now ban political ads in order to prevent future backlash from others. It's the easiest and best way to clear social media on the war on politics. It's about time.



Chrome Experiment Help

It looks like a bad Chrome experiment had browsers crashing worldwide. This may be a flag for Chrome to rethink on how it deploys its future updates on its browser.
Lucky for us this patch update did not reach the regular consumer.



UPS info

Ready to get a UPS battery backup but do not know what you should be looking into before buying one. This is a great article to read so that you know what you need before you purchase one.



Walmart Bank Accounts

It looks like this giant retailer is offering customers banking services. If you are always shopping at the big giant and want something that's convenient it may be wise to look into what services GoBank offer customers. It could be something that you are looking for.



Google BERT is here

Google Bert has joined Google search and now Artificial Intelligence will soon help you find what you are looking for on the web. Now finding things will be simpler and easy to do with the help of Bert. Thanks Bert!



Writing Help

Want to become a great writer? Then here are some great sites to check out to perfect your writing skills. It will not only get your writing skills in order but take you to your next level.



Report a Spammer

Tired of spammers sending you lots of unwanted emails, Here is the best way to fight back against these predators and what your options are.



Auto i

Pretty great technology to protect drivers and cars from being vandalized. The device is still in Kickstarter but has a great future ahead. If you are looking for auto and driver security when you are on the road, take a look at this great device.



Microsoft Privacy Law

Looks like Microsoft will follow California's digital privacy law and it's good news for consumers for now. Although consumer privacy is still a hot topic, it's showing for now that one big powerful company following the law and hopefully will push the path for other companies to follow.



Cool Generator

Here is a great generator that outthinks what other generators have done in the past. Although it's still a Kickstarter project. It definitely has a future for consumers.
I still have not seen anything like this before and I am excited to hear that someone is listening to the consumer.



Netflix Support Update

Looks like Netflix is cutting support for Samsung and Roku devices that it's basically forcing its customers to upgrade so that they can get the latest Netflix platform.
So now customers will have to accept that their devices now may not last forever.




It's only a matter of time before this gadget comes automatically in every new car, but in the meantime, if you are looking for a wireless headset then it's a great start in the right direction.




Android Apps Warnings

If you like installing Android applications you should be cautious of these applications on your phone so that your phone is not compromised. Google cannot keep track of all it's Play Store application, so when it doubt google it to see if the software is safe.



PDF Document Signing

Here is the easiest way to sign PDF documents using Adobe Reader. You will be surprised at how easy you can sign documents online with just a few steps.



Microsoft relaunches Edge

Looks like next year Microsoft will be launching their new browser along with Bing search engine and everyone is excited on how the new browser is going to do now that's it has the similar backbone as Chrome.



Android New Malware

It looks like this new malware is catching on and it's unfortunate that it's still unremovable. If you have an Android device, users beware.


How to remove Malware on Android Devices



Fitbit Update

It looks like Google has made a bid to acquire the company if so you can expect these features to go away like, Amazon Alexa, Fitbit Premium, Fitbit Play, and Fitbit Flyer.
For more information click on the link below.



Google Face Data

What you should know about Face Match technology and how other companies are now easily collecting the information where ever you go. It's a very interesting article and on how another technology is secretly acquiring your facial data.



Airbnb Mess

Looks like over 7 million Airbnb listings are scams after a recent news report and the company now is going to change the platform so that consumer trust is confident.
I guess this will be the re-making of the company to it's potential.



Wing 1st Flight

Looks like Wing the first commercial drone finished its first flight and the future looks very bright for the company. Now last-minute deliveries could happen in no time.