Cord Cutting Help

Cutting the cord on cable and need help trying to figure out what subscription plan if any would be good for you. This is where it gets complicated depending on what you willing to give up. Cable cutting is not for everyone, but if you can adjust. Then the savings will add up monthly.



Repair Domain Trust

If your an IT Administrator, you have seen this error to many times on repairing the domain trust relationship on a computer.
So quick tips and steps to repair the problem would repair power shell and reading the link below. But most of the times things are not that simple and your best bet is to login to safe mode and remove the domain and add the computer back to the domain. This should fix the problem and good luck.



Capture Screen's Remotely

Here are some cool ways to capture screen websites remotely and the best part about it is that you have choices.



Facebook Subscriptions

Looks like Facebook will be soon offering subscription service for those user's who love to read content on Facebook. Don't know how this is going to workout for them but I guess it's time to find another interesting site to read for free.



Win 7 Pswd Recovery

Have a Windows 7 computer and recently forgot the password and need to reset it. Here is a great tool to help you create a rescue disk. If that doesn't work you can also try to reset your password with the recovery software.



Apple Tv setup

Need to setup Apple Tv, help is on the way with these easy setup instructions. It's simple and easy to do. The only problem you may have now and then is remote or no video output. And in most cases, just rebooting the device get's everything up and going as usual.



Terminator is Alive

This is so scary after seeing a movie of terminator and knowing that one day this can be possible. It's only a matter of time before we are all terminated.



Google new Feature

Looks like Google Maps is getting up grated to something more better than most of us can think of. Besides showing us what man has done through evolution. It now can give you map elevations of the area. It's going to get many more user's to use their maps, where ever they go.



Highest State with Malware

Looks like where you live will have an affect on the amount of malware you get. I guess maybe one should be concern if you live in that state.



Google Parking

Here is Google Maps parking app information and it looks like the android application has more functions than iOS. But it's only a matter of time before they both make parking easier for individuals.



China Life Boat

China has recently launched a robotic life boat with drones to save lives. Looks like they are moving in a positive direction to make the world a better place.
Besides these robot's could now work around the clock without a lunch break and handling more than one distress call at a time.



Win 10 No longer Supported

Anyone who recently got this message that Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC should not be upset moving forward.
This is Microsoft's way of telling you that your hardware is no longer supported and this is the end for free software upgrades.
Your choices now is to use the computer until the end, or buy a new computer to enjoy the new OS.



DYI Car Backup Cam

Here is a DYI project of an individual doing a backup camera for his vehicle. I must admit that it's very cleaver and a great project if you don't mind customizing your vehicle.
A very smart and clever idea for less than ten minutes.



Google Project Loon

Will be pretty amazing if this project works for Puerto Rico during it's current crisis. Because it's going to later be the emergency deployment tool for repairing damaged infrastructures.



Download Google Data

Want to know what data Google has on you. You might need to download this and see what vital information is online for everyone to see. The internet is not private and you should take precautions to safe guard your privacy.



Fix Network Cable

I can begin to tell you how many network cables I have thrown out in the past because the cable snag broke or fell off and it's just easier to replace the cable then wait for another disaster to occur. Well with this comes a great fix and if your a network administrator I would recommend for you to have these on hand, because you never know when  you can use them.



Anti Encryption Law

Looks like a new law is going to challenge companies like Facebook and Google when it comes to privacy concerns. This law challenges your security rights online and basically would force them to hand over any information you did online, regardless of the circumstances. And you better bet that this information will be used against you.



Online Loan Applications

Caution to users who do online loan applications. Looks like companies that are offering you loans are also selling your information to anyone who basically wants to pay them. Sad but true, so much for securing your identity.



Microsoft Visual Studio

Want a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio for free, here is a link to get a free non commercial copy so that you can make your own programs for fee.



Virtual Help

Does Amazon's virtual assistant have a 911 call command. Well for starters, Amazon has this feature disabled. But I can't say for much from these unlucky couple.



Umbrella Startup Gone Wrong

Looks like a Chinese company tried to make a similar Citi-bike company using umbrella's and what turned out to be a good idea. Winded up with customers keeping their product. So much for ruling out all business opportunities.



Leveno Thinkpad X1

I recently got my hands on the Leveno Thinkpad X1 and must say that it's very light and easy to carry with one hand. You will feel like your not carry a laptop at all. The laptop construction is tough and it should with stand every day laptop use. Although the price is steep, you'll be rewarded with it's sleek performance. Leveno is getting it right one step at a time.



To Live without

Funny story on how someone ruined their relationship because they didn't have air conditioning. We live in a society were everyone is spoiled.  It makes people arrogant and entitled.
For those individuals who do not follow these trends I am proud to know them, because in time when disaster strikes, they will be the most fortunate ones to be able to survive catastrophe.



End of Mobile Batteries

Could this be the end to the mobile batteries as we know it, look like some researchers have figured out a way to make a cell phone mobile without batteries.
It's quite unique I must say and the future may just be around the corner if they can just figure out how to expand the network reach to more than fifty feet.



Android Malware Alert

There is a malware on the loose for Android phones, and user's are caution to do all their application updates so that they don't get infected.



Play Arcade Games

It's time to go back into time and play this back in the days popular arcade games. This is what made gaming what it is today.



Language Apps

Taking a trip to another country or wanting to learn a new language. Here are several language applications to use that will help you achieve your new goals on learning a new language.


Take Ownership

Have a folder that you simple having difficulties do anything because of user rights. No problem with this great utility to fix folder ownership. Just unzip and say ok.



Move Programs

Want to move installed applications to another location. We'll this program will makes things easier to do and make more room for drive space.


Best Internet State

Wondering which state has the best internet. You'll be surprised that these states top the best internet nationwide.



To do Updates

If your computer hasn't been doing updates for a while, here is the reason why you should change your habits and continue on doing updates.
In time user's will have no option but to always keep on top of updates. Not doing so, will be costly and will cause you a lot of down time when disaster strikes.
Updates are not always good, but a reminder that you need to be current.