Apple Forecast

Looks like Apple is still trying to be ahead of the game but time is running out and besides their iPhone, Apple really does not have any breathtaking future inventions that is going to keep Apple alive much longer. Take it while the supplies last.



Cyber Attacks on Connected Cars

Looks like cyber attacks are cars could be happening sometime in the near future if we do not do something about it. It has been proven that remote attackers can easily paralyze vehicles and who knows what they will be capable of doing next.
I think it's time to rethink this technology before a gridlocked city becomes possible.



Telsa Megapack Battery

There is a big deal with Telsa Megapack battery and for the simple reason is that it can be built in less than 100 days and will provide enough power to use as a backup when energy is in demand. I must admit this is a positive move in the right direction.



Apple Card

Now I do not see the reason why anyone would want a card from Apple unless it had some incentives. And Apple is going to do more with its 3% cashback on Apple store purchases. Otherwise, what's the point, a card is a card.



Microsoft Pays

Microsoft has paid some hackers to find security vulnerabilities and the bounties have been a win-win scenario for both organizations. Hope this keeps on continuing.



Siri Concern

Looks like Siri is having privacy concerns and in turn for users raising concerns on how recordings are queries, Apple suspends the service.
This sort of points out that Siri was probably doing exactly what user's thought it was doing. Saving voice recordings.



Amazon unsold items

Looks like Amazon will now be donating its unsold items instead of destroying them or throwing them out. It's a very positive way of making use for something that no one has any use for. I cannot begin to image how many gadgets are being tossed away, can you?



Equifax Settlement

If you have not done so, you should because you don't know how much information has leaked out to hackers ready to take your identity. It's so sad to hear a credit report agency hack and this one being the first is not the last. So decide which option is best for you and get a piece of the settlement before it's too late.



Best Flash Drives 2019

Here is the list of best flash drives for 2019, although the devices are soon to be obsolete, you still have to admit that they are still great lifesavers when it comes to moving files.



Ring Surveillance

Looks like the police are using Amazon Ring service to do surveillance in some neighborhoods and if you have the device, you might be monitored as well.



At&t Bribe

Interesting article on how a hacker brided At&t employee's to unlock millions of company phones. What makes this story so amazing is how the hacker was able to unlock the phones and use a pricing incentive for buyers to get the phones to work and make millions.



Economic Policy Institute

Want to know what is the best cost of living where you live it? We'll if you are planning on moving to another city, this site is a great resource to tell you what the cost of living will be in that area.
It might not be the realistic prices that you will pay, but it's giving you at least some solid resource to the data that you want.



Microsoft Axes Office 2019

Microsoft is moving away from perpetually license Office 2019 and it's Home Use Programs to subscription-based licensing.
It was a way to get users to use to their program until they fulfilled their dominance of everyone adapting to Office 365. This was bound to happen sooner or later.



Plugable NVMe SSD Enclosure

Looks like these pluggable NVMe SSD enclosure might be the future of our portable drive. Let's see how far users are will to adapt to the new change.



Apple foldable Device

Looks like Apple's first foldable device will not be an iPhone but a tablet-like device. But I figure they want to make sure they figure out the kinks before deploying it on the iPhone.



Georgia Malware again

Looks like Georgia is not having good luck securing their systems. It looks like another malware again hit their networks and this time they at least shut their servers down. Hopefully, they will be ready the next time around.



Github News

Looks like Github encourages hacking as per the recent Capital One hack. Now it's unfortunate for Microsoft who now owns Github to figure out how to resolve and savage their new acquisition.



Twitter Share

Looks like this favorite social site just shared user's information without consent. Now the information that has been gathered is very vague, how come no one is concern about this?



Motherboard Info

Want to know what type of motherboard you have on your computer. This link will give you the information on where to find your make and model number and depending on the software you use, what are the specs. 



Remove scratches from Aluminum Laptop & Macs

Here is some great information on how to revive your computer from scratches and scuffs. In most situations, it will just make your computer more appealing.



USB Not Recognized

Windows 10 can have some difficulties when it comes to installing USB drives. Now if you are having difficulties, here are seven solutions to help Windows recognize your USB device.



Huawei OS

Looks like mobile maker Huawei might not need Android OS after all. In fact, the company has its own OS named HarmonyOS that can easily replace Android.
So if anyone thinks that this company is going away anytime soon, let's just say, not at this moment. As for the future of Huawei is still unknown.



Employer Spyware

Here is some great information on how to find employer spyware and what you can do about it. But in the long run, you are very limited on your choices.



N. Korea Cyberattacks

Looks like North Korea cyber attacks having been funding successfully their weapons program and we could see more of these attacks to occur in the near future with no limits.



Office Printer Threats

Looks like the new upcoming threat is starting to look like office printers. And it's only a matter of time before they do get into your network and test your security limits. Users are warned to keep printer software updated daily and create good admin passwords for these devices.



iPhone Must Have Settings

If you have an iPhone it is a good idea to have these settings enabled so that hackers do not get access to your phone. Setting up these simple settings make sense and secures your identity.



Driver Updater Win 10

Want to know which is the best driver updater for Windows 10, here is your best solution on updating those drivers in Windows.



Apple Flops

Yes, Microsoft is not the only big giant that has flops. Apple has been long known to flop for decades until Steve Jobs came back and revived his company.
Unfortunate, Apple still has a bad reputation to kill off its own successful products and to this day, they still keep on doing it. It's only a matter of time before users start moving away from Apple and start using something else.



Microsoft Flops

Microsoft has it's up and downs here is a list of the big giant's flops. Sometime's you just need to concentrate on something else because you are just not going to get it right.



Facial Recognition

Looks like California is taking facial recognition to another level by sharing information across databases to easily identify suspects in their city quickly and easier. Now authorities will have realtime information when necessary to help beat crime.
Scary, but it looks like it's becoming a reality.



Laptop Service Manuals

Here is some great service manuals library for those users looking to do the DYI of laptop repairs. Note that not all laptops are easy to repair and when in doubt, just take it to your local neighborhood repair guy.