Here is another free online backup and file synching solution, with easier understanding of your computer. Made simple and just let's you backup atleast 2 gig of storage with premium plans if you need more space.



USB Great Uses

Have a USB device and want to use it in a useful way. Here are some tips on how you can use those handy USB devices daily.



Deep Malware Scan

Here is some great information on running a good malware scan on your computer. It is a good idea to do this every month or every quarter on your computer so that everything always runs smoothly.



Free Backup Software

Tired of paying endless fees on backups for your computer, never knowing if you are ever going to need them. Here is an answer to your problems. With Duplicati you not only backup for free but it even encrypts your data files and uploads them. If you want to secure your backup without the fess this open source software is your answer to your problems. Give it a try.



Alexa outage

Looks like Amazon is taking on a crash course on outages and hopefully they will correct the problem and learn from their mistakes. It's events like these that makes a troublefree product successful.




Need to download something on Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook. This video download is a great start so that you can treasure the videos forever.



5G Rollout

Looks like 5G could be rolled out soon and the good thing about it this time is that it requires new infrastructure. So until the new network arrives, just sit down and get ready for the new experience.



Bitlocker Dilema

Looks like it's not such a great idea now to store your bitlocker key using your Microsoft account. If so, existing user's should quickly look for an alternative before it's too late.
Now this bug is bad news for bitlocker encrypted drives and the sad thing about it is that Microsoft fix, is kind of ridiculous. Why would anyone want to reformat the drive and loose everything. Not an easy fix for most user's and Microsoft should be ashamed on not trying to resolve this problem quickly.



iPhone X Survey

Looks like iPhone user's had a change of heart when it came to upgrading their new devices. Not only did some user's hold back on the upgrade. They finally realized that there were new or exciting features to convince user's to want the upgrade.
I guess iPhone is having a reality update on the future of their popular phone. You decide.



Win 10 Deactivate

Did your Windows 10 deactivate after an update? Looks like this is happening to some user's and here is the simple fix for this.



Microsoft Teams

Looks like is not letting anyone easily take away their products. It's now creating a free version to compete with Slack so that user's can interact with other team members. And it's a great move for the company to insure that they deliver premium products to their clients.



Google AI chat

Looks like Google is working on an AI chatbox to replace you and the second generation version looks like it will be able to response to others, when you can't and if everything goes as planned, the application could go live.



AI Defender

Looks like the new AI Defender is already making headlines even before user's have a chance to make a name for itself. This is the next generation of fighting malware using artificial intelligence and you will be amazed on the things it can do without your assistance. May the battle of the malware's begin.



Overnight Shipping

Looks like these companies already have overnight shipping simplified that they encourage other companies to follow the leader of the pack. Not only does it make sense but in every way or form it's the ideal way on how companies should ship goods daily.



Netflix Secret Catagories

Want to see how you can find Netflix secret categories. It's a simple trick using Chrome's extension and it will make your movie watching experience more exciting for you and your family.



Equifax Info

Looks like Equifax with held more information that you thought of in the recent breach they had. And now the truth comes out what information hackers already got away with.



Kb installed

What to know if a specific Windows kb update has been installed onto your computer. Here are simple ways to confirm kb patch updates on Windows.



Tails 3.5

This OS is very big on privacy. It's a Linux version that can easily be burned on a DVD or USB stick so that you have a live OS that you can boot into any computer.
It's a great OS to use when you're having privacy concerns.



Lyft Pre-tax Benefits

Looks like Lyft and Uber worked out a way to use Pre-tax benefits for the user's who commute. Now taking a ride to work can qualify you for a tax break.



Alexa Messages

Looks like Alexa can now send messages. Now you can easily keep in touch with family and friends by simply having Alexa send messages for you.
Unfortunately, the feature is now only for Android phones and iPhone user's will just have to wait a little longer. But once it's setup, sending text messages can be a thing of the past.



Mac with Antivirus

Looks like Mac's infections keep are increasing daily and if you're using the following antivirus programs please be aware that you need to upgrade to a more reliable software that can protect your computer daily.
It's going to take a while for all of these antivirus companies to get their act together and it's better to be safe now, than sorry later.



Microsoft vs Scammers

Microsoft is now taking a stand on scammers and if all looks good, we can see Microsoft security company going to a new level securing your computers.
It's a great move for Microsoft and it takes them to a place now where security will be greatly enforced by the software company.



AppCheck Anti-Ransomware

Want to secure your computer against Ransomware. Here is a great application to install on your computer so that you can sleep better at night.
It's better to have some type of protection, than no protection at all.



Acronis Ransomware

Looks like Acronis is taking a fight in ransomware by helping user's protect their computer for free. The fight of ransomware has just begun and it will be a while before it goes away. If you live in fear daily, then this is your best protection for your computer for now.



Miles on Empty

Ever wonder how many miles a driver has left when the red light turns on your car that you need more gasoline before you go empty. 
Well car manufactures will not always tell you this, but a true mechanic will. And here is a list of the most popular cars and miles to the gallon left. 
This list is not for everyone, but for the consumer who wants the real facts. For some drivers, it's just best to know that when the red light goes on. Just get gas.


Amazon Commands

Looking for more commands for your Amazon device. Here are a list of commands you should already know and have them available when you need them.



Cmd USB Drive

Ever wanted to know how to create a USB drive using the command prompt. It's old school way and a good way for you to learn basic programming.
Programs have evolved and learning DOS is always a great way to tweak your programming skills.
You never know down the road, when you are going to use this again.




Looking for a better way to take control of your emails. This new software will change the way you use your email so that your not wasting your day spending hours on emails.
If your looking for a better way to email, Hiri is your solution.



Google Search Innocence

Looks like Google search didn't something amazing to prove a man's innocence. And you will be surprised on how precise the information was to overturn this man's previous conviction.
Just comes to show you how Google search is changing the world.




Very interesting startup and I still want to wait and see them get better established before I buy. But if there product is good. I might just consider on getting one.
It's the best way to grow your garden with less maintenance.