Butterfly Theme's

Butterflies are so beautiful that every year when I begin to see them, I know it's the start of a beautiful summer. The next time you see a butterfly, remember to appreciate how such a beautiful insect decorates our lovely world.


20 Ways to use a Disposable Camera

Here are twenty different way to use a disposable camera. This is just the beginning, but it's amazing on what you can come up with when you let your mind take over the world of photography.


H&R Block Breach

Not good news for H&R Block during tax season. I am not bashing H&R Block because they do have good services for people who just don't know how to do their taxes. But I must admit that this identity break was sure expected to happen sooner or later. Read for yourself and you decide if this is an isolated incident or not.

Now let's see what H&R Block gives us for free this year and next year...


Drop Vox

Have a Dropbox account and now want to find a quick way to record your memo's. Introducing DropVox for iPhone users. All you do is install this application and record voice notes on the go to your Dropbox account.


Find My iPhone

Always loosing your iPhone and wished you had a software to easily located your device. This software is for free and it's been tested over and over by people who constantly loose their phones. It a must have application for anyone who fears on losing their phone.


Windows 7 Tweaks

Here is a great site that lists Windows 7 Tweaks for your computer. It's about time someone posted a site with great tweaks for your computer the way u want it.



Blackboard is not the only online software for college students that's trying to take e-learning history. Moodle has been making great improvements and if they play they're cards right, they could possibly swallow up the remaining market share that Blackboard has failed to acquire. Let's go Moodle.


Why IE 9 is slower than Chrome

Microsoft made such a big deal on IE 9 that you would think it would be better than Google Chrome. Well Microsoft better go back to the drawing board, because new comer Chrome is still even better.


Mobile Bar Code Home Depot

It looks like Home Depot is now catching up with the mobile world. It has created a great home improvement application to help it's home user's Do it Yourself (DIY). If things go well for Home Depot other retailers will open doors to more mobile applications for the Do it Yourselfer's.


LinkedIn Surpasses 100 million

Well it looks like business social networking is getting popular. LinkedIn who started in 2002 now has more that 100 million subscribers. That's a lot of positive networking in the business world.


Four Square

Here's a great application to add to your iPhone that monitor's transportation time. I just hope that in the future transportation gets better predicting the time accurately.


Windows Intune

Looks like Microsoft is now moving into the business cloud management field. Not only does it monitor your updates, and protects you from malware. But it tracks hardware, set security policies and gives remote assistance. It's a premium priced software for IT Management. I just think Microsoft is just eleven years too late on this.

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Post Anonymous to Facebook

Hey why limit yourself to friend only comments on Facebook. Comments are meant to be shared with everyone, including the one's that don't want you to know. Hey I didn't start this.

Here's the secret. Hurry up, there is no telling how long this will last.


JiJi Technologies - Password Reset

Need to automate the user password reset on a network with less than 50 users. This software will does the trick and it's help desk free.



If you currently have an Android phone and have a limited text plan, there is good news for you. HeyWire can send text messages locally and internationally for free without using your limited text plan. All you do is install this wonderful application and now send text messages for free. It's about time.


Droid Stats

On a monthly plan with your cell phone company and wished that every time you use your phone, you can easily tell where your at with your minutes, text messages and broadband data. Well the cell phone company easily provides this information but the information is usually delayed. This application gives you all this information for free.


Reset your Android

From time to time it's always great to remember the factory default settings for your cell phone so when your ready to upgrade. Your personal phone information does not go public. Here's the how to instructions.


Time Warner Online

Looks like Time Warner cable is not taking chances when it comes to Internet television. They are already made moves to broadcast it's service via internet. This put's them in a great competition with soon to be rivals for the Internet television market.


What Changed

A small portable application that helps you monitor what recent computer changes have occurred on your current computer settings. It checks everything from the registry to new added files to your computer.

Direct Link


Watts Clever

Ever wanted to recharge an alkaline battery, but knew that it's not likely. Well that theory has all changed with the Watts Clever. Now you can recharge your rechargeable batteries and regular batteries the same way making them last a little longer.


Don't Panic

Now erasing your browser history on the move is a thing of the past now that there is a portable version for your flash drive. It's now great to be portable.

Direct Link


EV Charging Stations via Google Maps

You no longer need to worry on finding your next charging station. Thanks to Google Maps EV charging stations are just minutes away. Thanks Google.


Where American's are Moving

Interesting Forbes map that shows where Americans are moving ever since 2008.Whether it's good or bad has yet to be told. But it is interesting to see where most of them have moved in and out of.


Bandwidth Usage

Another great monitoring software that gives anyone the actual bandwidth usage that they're doing daily, weekly and monthly. Now mobile user's have an idea if they exceeded their monthly allowance usage on their plan.


Jailbreak your iTouch

Have an iTouch and want to jailbreak it, so that you can see what else you can do with it. The easiest way I've seen so far is by using Spirit. There are no keys to press and nothing to hold down. All you do is download, install and it's done.


Monitor Bandwith Consumption

Here's a great software to monitor what application is using up most of your bandwidth. It's a great software if you just can't figure out what's consuming most of your bandwidth.

If This Then That

Now you can make your social sites react when certain specifics occur. You'll now won't have to daily change your Twitter and Facebook avatar because everything now will be done automatically. Try it out and pimp out your profiles to make it more unique.

Accident Sketch

Recently was involved in a fender bender and now your insurance company is demanding paper work to describe how you got into that accident. Here is a great sketch form to help you fill out your accident claim. The insurance companies should of have this available for everyone years ago.


Run as an Administrator

Here is a great registry tweak to run all your programs as an administrator. I would caution everyone doing these tweaks since you are playing with your registry. But if all goes as planned all you have to do is right click and you can easily run your programs as an administrator.


Spiceworks goes Portable

Now managing a network is a thing from the past now that Spiceworks has gone portable. You'll always be able to monitor your networks while on the go. Never be down with Spiceworks.


Win Vista & 7 Themes

Here are some more Windows themes for Windows Vista & 7 user's. These new feature's are included in Windows 8, but you can have them now until the final version is completed.


Intuit Payment Network

Here's an easier way to get your bills paid online. Just use Intuit Payment Network to have your clients pay your bills online. To join it's free and Intuit only charges $.50 per invoice paid with a two day wait for transfers to your account after bill is paid. In the real world every minute counts and it's worth the cost.


IE 6 Still Lives

Microsoft wished that everyone could just upgrade their browsers and say goodbye to IE 6 but apparently that is not so. Although still a small percentage, Windows user's still insist on using their standard browsers. So to bad Microsoft, your just going to have to learn to still include browser support for IE 6.