Never Login with Facebook

You have to be careful now-a-days when other websites ask you to login with Facebook. Just like this user she unfortunately created a profile following an advertisement. This shows how easily other websites can steal user information by just a click of a button.



Pc Info via SisSoftware

Want to find all that you can find out about your computer. This neat software gives you the detail specs that everyone should know about as well as some other great perks.



Office Free for Tablets

Need Office on your tablet no need to worry now that Microsoft has offered it for free. I guess they are wising up and giving user's the option to add it to their suite along with current other free office online suites.



Zinstall XP7

Tired of software incompatibilities. This software is going to make your life simple when migrating from one operating system to another. Instead of worrying about OS system incompatibilities all you do take a image of the old system and import it to the new OS and your done. It's like having a virtual computer in one with access to all your applications and software's.



Microsoft Free Software

Let's just say download it and enjoy it before the big giant changes their mind and charges us for something that should be free.

Visual Studio
Expression Web


Cloud Antivirus Stats

Here are some statistics on cloud antivirus and how it measures from other products. I still feel that antivirus is no longer a major threat and new forms of malware and adware are winning the computer infection domination. It's now being accepted that in order for your computer to be protected online, you install an antivirus software along with a malware and adware software as well. Go figure.



Webcam Security

Recent studies show that hackers are able to download a program onto your computer and easily record you without your knowledge. If your concern on webcam security here are some tips. Disable your webcam when not in use via the control panel and it's that's too tedious then install this tiny webcam on and off utility to end secret recordings.


Control Panel Instructions

Turn Your Webcam Off & On – The Windows Way

It’s quite a simple process to turn your webcam off and on in Windows, here’s how:
  • Navigate to Device Manager – right click Computer or This PC (Windows 8/8.1) and select Manage:
  • In the “Computer Management” window, click on Device Manager in the the left hand column:
pc device manager
  • From the list of devices, locate “Imaging Devices” and expand that entry – you should see your webcam listed:
PC imaging devices
  • Double click the webcam item to open its “Properties” window, select the Driver tab, and click the Disable button – then close out:
PC disable driver
That’s all there is to it. To switch the webcam back ‘on’ again, just go through the same procedure except the button at the end will say “Enable”.


Pc Raptor

Concern about your computer when your not around at work or home? This freeware software can help you make a USB device a key to unlocking your computer. It's a great secure way of keeping intruders away from your personal information. I just hope you don't loose your drive.



Chrome Tweaks

If your already using Chrome you should know that there are so many tweaks to the very handy OS that you'll be surprised. This is just the start and a beginning of more things to come, I hope.





These restaurant tablets are changing the way we order and pay when we dine out. If you can really narrow it down it's the beginning of the end of waitresses. If people are automatically notify of there needs and wants then the only thing left is for busboys and servers to refill and order the meals. The future of restaurants are here.



Reveal Email Idenity

Ever wanted to know whose behind that email address that someone recently sent you. You definitely need to be careful now-a-days. This guide will help you rule out the unknown and help you verify it that email is legit.



CCEnhancer add on's

If you enjoy CCleaner you then enjoy this add on to it to make an ultimate tweaker. CCEnhancer not only lets you add additional software but updates them as well with along 1000 other programs you can easily add on to this program. Check out it's new functions and take tweaking to a new level.



Website Made Easy

If need of building your own website. It's a great way to show other's your skills and style with help from these templates. It's not for everyone but if your in need of making a free website and you don't mind the ads here a start.




Want Windows on a stick, now you can get it for under a hundred dollars. This is intel challenge to Amazon and Google that is capable of serious computing. If things go well this could be the future of computing on a stick as we now know it.

More info



This new application is going to change the way we deliver packages in the system and if everything goes well we will not only see it near a city near us but we can choose what time we will be home to receive our package.



Heat with Cloud

Want to heat your home with Cloud, here's a great way to get heat for free via cloud and all that it requires you is to have your own home with installation of three cloud servers. Now that's not bad for free heat.



Microsoft Diagnostic Service

Let's just say this is the new designed version for Microsoft Fixit software. You scan the software and then Microsoft advises you how to fix it. If things don't work after the diagnostics you then will have to seek computer help from a qualified computer technician.



Computer Forensics

Love computers and want to learn the forensics side of it. Here are some great software to check out and do some CSI investigating. Will help you learn more about data recovery and get you better acquainted with what information you can get from any computer.



Looks like the end for cable television. If carriers like HBO and Showtime succeed on going solo with pay television, this could be the end for the thing that we call cable. Not only will it change what we see on television but how we get our service.


DrivetheLife Updater

New software name Drivethelife wants to be your new software updater. This new utility will hopefully change they way everyone lacks that software update. Maybe now everything can be automated like Windows Updates.



What's everyone doing?

Want to know what everyone's doing online as we speak. This cool site tells you that of millions and millions of people posts online. There is so much information to know what's currently happening online for all those who really want to know. So be curious and see what your missing out?



Microsoft EMT v5.1

Microsoft new Windows Security tool is out with v5.1 with enhanced restricted mode improvements to make your migration simple and securer than the previous versions. It's advised to use the most current version in order not to prevent mishaps.



Free Install of Win 8.1

Well let's just say you still need a license key but it's a good idea to say the image to your hard drive where you can save it to a disk and use it in the future.




Sticky Previews

Here is a nice software for new versions of Windows to tell user's what to do next. It's a great help for user's who always need to instruct others on what to do.



Elite CE700 Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless charging is only months away but the technology is there and it's just a matter of affordability and distribution. In the meantime can you imagine how great it will be to charge your portable devices wireless.




Think of this device as a mother of all devices. It can be used with so many variances that it's use is unlimited. But what a great way to keep track of you love ones, groceries, calories and so on.
A new way to monitor everything you do.



Smart Lock

Smart devices are appearing everywhere and this is one smart device worth while when your tired of looking for your house keys. I can't guarantee that this will be the future of keyless locks. But it's a great idea with a great start. Not only is it automated but can be the new way of life when it come to the Goji.



Get Screenshot

Here's an open source program to take Windows screenshots for productivity. It's a great way to show other's how to do certain things via screenshots.



Windows Screen Shots

Want to learn how to take easy screen shots on your computer without adding any additional software no problem as long as you do it like this.


How do I take a screenshot?

pressPrtScn=Windows captures the entire screen and copies it to the (invisible) clipboard.

Where can I find that key?

PrtScn | ScrLk | PauseLook for this group of keys at the upper right of your keyboard. Note: Print Screen (PrtScn) might have been abbreviated differently on your keyboard.

How do I take a screenshot of a single window?

hold downAltand pressPrtScr=Windows captures only the currently active window and copies it to the clipboard.

I guess it’s in the clipboard now. How can I paste it into a document or something?

hold downCtrland pressV=Windows pastes the screenshot (that is in the clipboard) into a document or image you are currently editing.

Where should I paste it? I just need a (graphics) file.

  1. Start “Paint”
  2. Paste
  3. Save

Can you show me in a video?

Is there a dedicated program for taking screenshots? How can I find?


Music File Cleaner

Have a music library and want to clean up your distorted music file. No problem with the help of Reaper. It's a great way to make a collection worth while.



Rolo Travel Bag

Looking for a travel bag that is easy to carry. Check out the Rolo travel bag and make traveling an easy task. Not only will you be able to carry more clothes on the road with less hassle but with less wrinkles.




Want to update all your drivers on your computer but can't seem to find them easily. Slimdriver is here to help and it makes things so simple to do.



Cable Cutters

Looks like we can soon see a decline in cable customers now that many consumers are cutting the cord to go with Netflix, Hula and Youtube. And if it keeps on going this could be the end for the network we once considered cable.