Office Help

Need help for Office. Try this link. It will minimize most of your Office help questions and make your life easier using office.


Free Panorama software

AutoStich is your answer for stitching pictures together and making a new unique panorama pictures. Who said that stitches pictures together was going to be boring.


Need Hosting check out Dreamhost

Make sure to use the promo code DIS1 for a hosting discount rate.
Check it out and hopefully Dreamhost will make your life easier.


What's better Hard Drive vs Flash Memory

This fight goes back and forth. But you must admit that even though hard drives were are first preference, no one can beat a flash drive. Flash drives have gone through tough physical abuse and still are able to retrieve information that it held. So if your looking for portability and storage size. Check out flash drive prices before you move to hard drives. Also keep note that prices drop dramatically so be aware that a 1 gig flash drive is now under $25-.


Picasa for Linux

If your using Linux you may want to know that the famous google Picasa is now available for Linux users. It was a great idea for Google to offer Picasa and hopefully opening the doors for programs to make more Linux software available.


Audiovox Passport

Audiovox Passport will not only give you satellite radio but be included in every piece of entertainment equipment known. The size of a quarter, this new satellite chip will put XM radio ahead of others. Let's just hope the fever catches on.


Microsoft sued over Genuine Advantage

Yes Microsoft Genuine Advantage is spyware and it's being installed on computers without users consent. I hope the people can win from this lawsuit.


Video Help

Have a video question and need to know how to resolve it. Well let's just say this site will be of some great help. Learn all the inside secrets you should be aware of and also how to fix those annoying video problems.



Who wants to Rabble

I only wish they can do this for club goers and for live concerts. It's upsetting to get up, get dressed and be disappointed that things go wrong. At least if someone is letting you know what's going on. You will at least expect it and take the consequences before you decide to waste your money and time.
Hey why not do this for Traffic congestion in your own area - Rabble?
It's easy you sign up your cell phone and make a community service and have your friends do the same and everyone keeps updated on what's happening.



Enjoy geographical tidbits among friend, then this is a site worth playing with.
You can post text messages with even pictures. I wonder why Google Maps didn't think of this?


A Small World

Here is another wanna bee Dating site who said that in order for you to be a member you must have someone in the membership to invite you. Who knows what they are selling and where they are trying to go with this site. But it's been told that they have famous celebrities as Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell. But who really cares about this site. You figure with high profile names this would make this community service famous, but it's not and never is going to be. It's just another wanna bee myspace and wishes it had the red carpet treatment other site die to have.


My Death Space

If your a member of the famous Myspace community service you might as well check out My Death Space. It's where old dead web profile pages die. Myspace is definitely thinking beyond it's box and I must admit its a unique idea. But I wonder if you can contact someone from the dead and if it is possible to bring back a profile from the dead?



If your looking for a cheap payroll solution, PayCycle might be what your looking for. It's user friendly, cheap and affordable when compared to other payroll software's. Even though it's 1099's are pricey, it does get the job done.
Give it a try.

other Payroll alternatives:

Sure Payroll


Dwarf Date

Who said that little people don't have an online dating site. Little Dwarf is here to there rescue. At least little people now can find love too.


Comodo Personal Firewall

If your looking for a free firewall similar to Zone Alarm then take a look at Comodo. It knows which programs are safe and protects you like an ordinary firewall, plus it's free.


Get Ready for Farecast

Not in most areas yet. But sign up for email updates and when it does come in your areas it will guide you to find the cheapest air fare rates as prices go up and down. Now you know when to buy.


State of the Art Cooling

Take a look at the ultimate home cooling for your personal computer. If you want the ultimate than this might be a way to go.


Cell Phone Forums

If you have a cell phone and want to know all the hidden secrets. Well the forums are a great site to find out what's you are capable of doing. Your on your own if you decide to hack your phone but it can be rewarding.
Here is a well know cell phone forum.


Try Google Spreadsheet

The next office version is here. It's code name is Google Spreadsheet.
Only time will tell if this spreadsheet makes sense.


Take the Vista Beta 2 Tour

This is the closest Vista Beta Tour that shows off what Vista has in store for others. Click and use your mouse like Windows to open and see what's in Vista


Google Spreadsheet

Google just recently developed an open office spreadsheet and may one day be able to compete with Microsoft. The software is now no where near the current Microsoft office suite but it's a start for Google into the office market.
At least it's free.


It's A Miracle - Self Cooling Beer

I don't know if it has already been finalized. But if this is true. Your beer can's will cool and freeze themselves. Hopefully satisfying anyone who wants a cold drink. I pray for this invention to work.


Attn: All Bellsouth DSL Customers

I recently have been keeping an eye on my current DSL subscription to find the following:

For the price of which I am currently paying for DSL $42.95, I can upgrade my plan and save an extra $5.00 by getting more speed for my money. I not only double my download speed two twice the speed but increase my upload speed to 72 Kbps. So evaluate your DSL package once your passed your anniversary rate from time to time.
I am just upset that Bellsouth didn't automatically adjust my bill accordingly and give me a better rate for my money. It suppose to be that if you pay more you get more. But in Bellsouth case, you pay more and get less. Go figure.

Bellsouth DSL rates as of 6/06
FastAccess DSL Lite

$24.95 per Month
Up to 256 Kbps Downstream
Up to 128 Kbps Upstream
5 E-mail Accounts
10 MB of E-mail Storage
10 MB of Personal Web Space
1 Backup Dial Account
Promotions Available

FastAccess DSL Ultra

$42.95 per Month
Up to 1.5 Mbps Downstream
Up to 256 Kbps Upstream
8 E-mail Accounts
250 MB of E-mail Storage
10 MB of Personal Web Space
1 Backup Dial Account
Promotions Available

FastAccess DSL Xtreme

$37.95 per Month
Up to 3.0 Mbps Downstream
Up to 384 Kbps Upstream
8 E-mail Accounts
250 MB of E-mail Storage
10 MB of Personal Web Space
1 Backup Dial Account
Promotions Available


Upgrade your WiFi Antenna

Usually most brands just give you an extended antenna to increase the range. If this is still not doing the job or if your really not buying into buying long antennas to increase the range. Your best bet is to buy this Antenna Amplifier. It fits on almost all WiFi routers and promises to keep you connected to your wireless connections.


Save Songs on your Cell Phone

There is no need to pay to have songs downloaded on to your cell phone. There are so many software's to help you save money on phone perks that should be included with your service. Here is the simplest way to import music into your cell phone.


Still Free - Amazing Stunt

I've seen crazy stuff in my life. But this guy sure wants to be famous quickly. Not only was he able to get this close to Air Force One since 9/11. But he was able to Tagg it. Which means that any crazy terrorist today can do the same thing and possibly take it a little further. I am upset that something like this can be over looked. I hope that this video will wake up security measures.


Windows Live OneCare

Windows Live OneCare is another way Microsoft hopes to make another buck out of consumers. It automates backups, updates, firewall, antivirus, and antispyware. It hopes to cash in on other after market software that has been in circulation for sometime. The nice thing is that since it's Microsoft, you can easily bet you'll have no worries on that it will interrupt it's current operating system.


Family Friendly Locators

GPS tracking is getting better. Now you can track you children movements and where abouts without doing much. The phones built in GPS gives you, your child location in minutes. The only thing to worry from this product is the privacy issues. But at least you can track your kids.