Facebook Profiler

This new Facebook app helps you hack your page layout design. It's simple to use and easy to edit any picture that you upload. Now let's see how creative you can be.



An auto insurance investigation site that's educational on scenes of horrific accidents. Solid visual effects and live action that shows the insurance company who gets paid and who doesn't.


Find your Friends

Need to find your friend online. Here is a great website to find all of your missing friend online. If your name does appear here you can also opt yourself from having others find you as well.


Opt from Spokeo


Save the Words

A weird site that after your type any word it opens up a list of words that explains what each word means or function was. It's like a dictionary and encyclopedia all in one.


London in 360

Want to take a trip to London. Let's go and do it now, the 360 way. It's the world's largest photo in 360 degree panorama.


Great PC Practical Jokes

Load this page on someone's computer and click on F11 for full screen. Bonus points for unsaved documents.

Make Your Own Error Messages
This is a great way to take a screen shot and send it to the IT Department

Internet Explorer 6
Relive the IE6 errors

Let Me Google That for You
Here is the Google Help for Dummies - it's best to use the tiny URL


Here is an MIT experimental website that takes your full name and searches the web and spits out what it thinks you like with people with your name. You'll be amazed on the results.


Brides To Be

Looking for a bargain when it comes to walking down the aisle. This site is a great startup to finding the best wedding dress and accessories when your on a budget. Now you can have the wedding you want the way you want it.


Edit Word 2010 in Print Preview

Interested on editing your Word 2010 document while in Print Preview. Here is how you can easily do it using Word 2010. Now editing and printing your document is minimized in one procedure.


Spybot Search & Destroy Portable

This is a great software that for years has been one of my favorites. I am glad to find out that there is a portable edition that can make my life easier to scan for viruses and malware while on the move.



Airforce Super Computer

You would be surprised what super computer the US Airforce created to help identify objects in space or was it really to help it's pilots get ready for basic training. Regardless on what it's being used for, this is what you get when you plug in 1,760 PS3 consoles together.


Home Virtual DJ

No need to hire a DJ for your  next party. Now anyone can be a virtual DJ with the home free DJ software. Now you can show your mixing skills to your friends and your family.

Home DJ Softare


Google Cloud Print

Need to print something while out of the office or away from home. Here is a new way to print remotely using Google Cloud. Now you'll be able to print using other portable devices.


Delete files in Win 7

Here are nine great way to remove files in Windows 7. With the numerous of software's out in the market these are nine great one's. Check them out and then decide which one works with you the best.

Sure Delete
Secure Delete
Free Eraser
Prevent Restore
File Shredder
Permanent File Delete
File Wiper



Found a restaurant that has good reviews, that's great but that will not say to much for all the foods on the menu. If your into your food and just want to know who has the best of what, FoodSpotting is what you need to be looking at. It narrows down on special foods on the menu. So if you want to find who makes the best dish of food then try FoodSpotting.


Recent Files

Where are my recent files that I just used and how can I delete them. This software will show you exactly where they are, and gives you also the option to delete them.


Car Key Fobs

If your one of those lucky car owners who have a special car key to start your car. Your out of luck if thieves get smarter. With less than six hours, car thieves can easily drive away with your car. I just hope that car manufactures come out with a fix soon, otherwise you might not have your ride to long.



Now with short URL's it's pretty tough on figuring out if a website is legit or not. You can easily now fall victim to spam and spyware. So when in dought feel free to use this malicious website checker.



Want to convert movies into your portable device. This software easily converts in several different formats so that you can play it on your iPod, iTouch, PSP, cell phone, etc.

Serial Giveaway Link


Return Virtual System

Want to try out new programs, but are afraid of getting viruses or malware. Return Virtual System is a great substitute for installing new programs and running them in an isolated environment. If anything goes wrong all you have to do is restart your computer. It a safe way of testing programs before you go live.

Get also a free license for 1 year with this link



Want to play music when a photo loads. Google has been working on this idea for a while and real soon everyone will be able to post a picture with duty free music.


Force Android Update

Have an Android phone but having problems doing it's regular updates. Try this small tweak and see if your Android phone updates itself automatically. This tweak will not work for everyone, but it's worth to try.



PC Mag Kids Pack

Here is a child friendly browser from PC magazine especially made for children. The homepage is easily customized with your own images or included ones. Children are restricted from using anything else but the browser and all other access is restricted with a user password. So their is no room for error. I just wish this software was free for many others to enjoy.


Gifts Nearby

It's getting close to the Holidays and when time is running out, your best bet is to get a gift nearby. Ebay has a new solution for it's late customers. Just enter your zip code and those gifts that your looking for can be picked up at a location nearby. It's a great idea for Ebay to keep everyone happy during the holidays.


FTC proposes Do Not Track

If things go right with Federal regulators you could be seeing a Do Not Track list similar to the Do Not Call List. What this will do is prevent marketers from tracking web browsers of which they have been guilty of doing for many years. Online privacy will now safeguard consumer privacy.


Fight Viruses & Malware

Tired of fighting viruses and malware. Try using the following and take a stand to your unknown enemies.
With a virtual browser or workstation, you no longer fear the inevitable.

Vmware Player
Virtual PC


Google Public DNS

Protect yourself from going to false websites that claim to be your bank, brokerage, credit card company, etc.
By using Google Public DNS you prevent yourself from getting caught in the middle and trying to figure out who is who. You not only protect yourself, but prevent your identity from going to the bad guys.

To use Google Public DNS you need to do the following:
Go to Control Panel - > Network Connections and double click Internet Protocol.
You simply enter the preferred DNS and alternate and click OK.


USB Vaccine Antivirus

If your looking for an vaccine and anti-malware for USB devices. Panda cloud is a great solution. I am just thankful that some is taking a concern on USB vulnerabilities.