Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

If your tired of Microsoft Outlook, your not the only one. So if your in the market for a new email client here some alternatives.



Show My Street

Want to go to an easier website that shows where your going at the speed of light. Check out this great website to show you where you going. 


File Fragmentation

Ever wonder what file fragmentation is and how it affects your computer. Well now is a good time to learn what this is so that your operating system is always running a peak performance.


PC will no turn on

Here is some great tips from Call That Girl for trying troubleshooting why your computer will not turn on. Sometimes it's the littlest thing you take for granted that is making your computer from power up.
When in doubt you can always Call That Girl for more help.


  • Go to the back of your PC tower and check all the cables.

  • Jiggle cables and make sure things are secure, or to be certain…unplug them all and plug them back in.

  • Check that the power from the wall outlet is working if the PC isn’t giving you any power at all. If you need to, plug it into another outlet or reset the surger.

  • Check the power cable to make sure it has not been unplugged (especially in office settings, cleaning crews or other folks can sometimes unplug things.)

  • Unplug external hard drives and basically anything you don’t need to have plugged in. I once had an issue where I had checked every connection except the video cable that physically plugged into the monitor itself, and had I checked in the first place, I could have saved hours of time.

  • Also, if your PC has the small on/off switch in the back on the power supply (where you plug in your PC) make sure it is switched on, so the small line is pressed down, and not the power circle that is usually on the front panel.

  • 4/26/13

    Resume Monk

    Need a professional place to do your resume. Try Resume Monk and create that professional looking resume that will get you the jobs that your looking for.



    KASHU USB security

    Want to safeguard your flash drives, then take the necessary steps now to secure your drive before it's too late.
    This freeware is a must if your tired of using unsecured flash drives.

    Direct Link


    Network Traffic

    Looking to monitor network traffic. Here is a great software to help you catch your bandwidth thieves on your network. Most of the times it's just third party software that user's install on their computer.
    But if your having bandwidth problems, then this is the first tool I would use to get to the bottom of it. 


    What is a Codec

    What is a Codec and why do you need it. Let's just say without it you would not be able to watch most of the movies and videos in the real world. Not everyone uses the same movie or video format when recording or when playing. This is why Codec's are so important and why there good to have. 


    Be an Extra

    Want to earn money, be around entertainment and get paid for lunch. Try being an extra for television shows and you'll be surprise where you can go.


    Stream Remotely

    Want to stream media files for free. No problem as long as your using Remote Potato. All you have to do is setup the static IP Address, then access your routers documentation for portforwarding and click and tweak your channel settings and press play to start the server. Good luck.


    Upset that Windows changed the start menu. Well many users have been upset that Windows keeps on changing everything and now it's even difficult to understand where the commands are. Here is a simple software to help old Windows user's to regain back the old style Windows start menu.
    I wish someone would come up with a Office menu fix as well since it's still not clear to Microsoft that user's don't like the new changes. 


    Invites for Free

    Need to send invites for an event, try Paperlesspost and your next invites can be for free. Well as long you don't need to customize it. The only way to go.


    Using Differ Chargers

    Here is an interesting article for users who's voltage cables have been lost or damaged and if you can easily replace them by using a similar charger.
    When in doubt stick to the original or third party trusted manufactured products, but if the price is too steep. Then your best bet is to find a similar charger and hope that your still in luck that nothing goes wrong.


    Find TCP/IP in Win7

    This is easily said than done, but Windows 7 did a great job in hiding this setting, I just don't understand why they had to make things so difficult.

    Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center


    Reclaim Gmail Space

    Here are five great ways to regain Gmail space for users who are running out of space. It's not a the best technique that I would use, but at least it's trying to maximize your email storage needs.


    Send Files to SkyDrive via Win

    Have already a SkyDrive account and now you want to use Windows to send files to your SkyDrive account, so that you can have access to them wherever you go.
    Well the setup is so simple that all you have to do is create a shortcut to SkyDrive and your files should be online in minutes.


    Remove Google Chat

    Ever wonder how you could remove Google chat from the browser. Here is the simple tweak to remove the annoying once and for all Google chat for people who just don't want to chat.


    Parking Panda

    Want to make money with your driveway parking space, try parking Panda and let your customers come to you. All you need to do is place your parking space online and wait for your customers. It's the easy way to make money. 


    Windows System Control Center

    Here's a Windows utility that helps you install various programs on the ease with a touch of a button. It's a lifesaving tool for the technician that needs to get their work done ASAP.



    OnLive Desktop

    Have an iPad and still looking for flash software. Well stop looking with the help of OnLive Desktop. It's suppose to help user's decode flash websites faster than standard means. So if your looking for a flash replacement on your iPad. This application for a fee will do the trick.


    Signs your PC has a virus

    Having a computer connects enables you to connect with others and with this comes these little bugs called viruses. You never know when your going to get one but here are some signs that you should be keeping an eye on from time to time.

    Signs that your PC is infected with thanks to Call that Girl

  • Your computer is acting up

  • Websites aren’t loading right

  • You try to Google something, and it takes you to a whole different page

  • You see a “web certificate” page on a website you’re trying to get to

  • Occasional blue screen of death

  • Internet goes in and out

  • Internet just completely goes out

  • Mouse and keyboard aren’t working as they should

  • There is a new icon in your system tray you’ve never seen before

  • You cannot log into your online banking

  • 4/9/13

    Microsoft User Rights

    Ever wanted to know what your rights are as a Microsoft User. Well here it goes and be sure to try to decode it. At least you have the information available whenever necessary.



    Google Takeout

    Enjoy Google + but now want to backup or take all of your personal items to another site. Here's when takeout comes to your rescue. All you have to do is to choose which items you want to export and takeout will compile the data so that it can be downloaded and exported to another site.
    It's a plus for personal backups and I am impressed that Google is making my life easier. 


    More Themes

    Here are more links to your favorite theme's. If your tired of having a boring desktop. Pimp out your computer to a better theme and watch life change before your eyes.

    Endangered Species
    National Park


    GamerTag Selling

    Interesting article on people selling their gamertag identification. If you think what your doing is alright. I advise you to read this article. Things sometimes are not usually what they seem. 


    Word Tutorials

    Looking for a fast way to learn how to do things with Word without any difficult know hows. Try these YouTube video's and see what else you can learn from Word.



    Acer Fan & Temperature

    Have a Acer laptop and want to view the fan and temperature. Here's is a great way to monitor your computer's temperature on a daily basis.


    Small Jobs buying & selling

    Looking for small jobs to buy or sell. This website is a great start for businesses looking for extra help on a budget from people who are good at what they do.


    For Cat Lovers

    Love cats and your the ultimate cat lover. Here is a great link for cat lovers looking for all types of cats in different situations. See which one makes your day.



    Great software used to revive a dead computer from the dead. Once booted from the Live CD you can easily clone your dead hard drive to a new disk, therefore reviving your dead computer. Not all things are meant to be dead.