Control iPhone with Voice

Want to control your iPhone with voice, here is how you do it using voice control. Now note that this is not for everyone, so make sure it works for you and works with your lifestyle before you start using it.



Fake Number

It's not how it sounds like, but if you are concern with the privacy it's a great option to use. Think of it as having a number to use for a short period of time and disposing of the number when you no longer need it. It's a great way to stop telemarketers from getting your real number on file for spamming.



News Content Changes

It looks like Facebook last year got in trouble for getting news media content from Australian media and now they have to pay royalties. News content has always been a plus for FB popularity and now they have to pay for it. It will be interesting to see what follows next for other medias sites and if this is going to be the beginning of my media content lawsuits with FB.



Consolidating Technology

Interesting article on the advantages of consolidating technology. We are in a world today that we need to save time and money and consolidating most of your tasks together in one platform is difficult to do.
Start thinking out of the box and try to get most of your technology together so that you can be more productive.



Price Tracking Tools

If you like to always buy items with the best deals around. Here are some great price tracking tools to keep an eye on items you want to purchase it at a great price.




Want to create a group card online to share with everyone to show your appreciation or farewell to a valuable person. Here is a great site to do this and it's free.

Now there is always a great way to share your messages with everyone online.



Weather on Google Maps

If you have Google Maps you probably already know that it has live weather. Now in it's not the best live weather application out there and it's not going to replace your current weather app but it's a good way to study the weather patterns and how things flow in a specific area.
It's a great tool that can be used for other areas and give you a better understanding of how things occur. If you got free time, this is a great time to see the animation in action.




Here is a water-saving device for your yard to make it look great and keep an eye on things while your busy doing other things around the house.

The device monitors the weather and tells you when your lawn needs attention. If it rained, it changes the schedule on watering the lawn to save you money on your water bill.

If the grass needs water, it alerts you that your grass needs attention.

It's a sweet device that will pay off for itself for a reasonable price.



Firefox Tips

Firefox keeps are getting better and better as time passes on, Here are some great tips and tricks to get Firefox working for so that things can work easily.



Excel Basics

Here is some great resource to learn Excel. If you are still not familiar with Excel, this is a great valuable resource of information to keep on file.



Marty to the Rescue

These hazard robots are showing up in every store and future is changing right in front of our eyes. It's only a matter of time before your local supermarket will be entirely robotic.



Online File Converter

Hate that every time you convert something you need to install the software on your computer. Here is a new way to convert various things online and it just keeps on going on the different things that you can do. Converter 365 is your solution to convert almost everything.



Shortcuts on Domain with GPO

Here is a great way to create shortcuts on all domain users using GPO. It will not only save you time but enable user's to have access to their computers.
GPO makes life simple to do, as long as you know how to use it.



Amazon Movie Count

It looks like Netflix is not living up to everyone's potential. If you compare it to Amazon their available movies are nowhere close to what Amazon offers.
Do the math and see if the difference, it alarming and they should be doing better for the service that they are providing.



FB Screen Share

It looks like FB recently added screen share to its instant messenger application and now the users can share their screen across one or more users via messenger.
It's a great idea and it will help users to help each other along with sharing content among the group.



Health Advice Alert

It looks like from a recent study Millennials and Gen Z turn to social media first for health advice and what's twisted about this is that there is no telling how valid is the information that they are getting. So it's like



WiFi Hack

It looks like criminals are now able to hack into your WiFi security camera and monitor if you are home or not. This not only opens doors for more crimes to occur, but it gives them the blueprint to tap into your life and watch your activities.



Keyboard Symbols

Here is an easy way to send certain symbols to users that are not on the keyboard. This site makes it easy to copy and paste the keys so that you can include these special characters in your emails. Now personalizing your emails can happen with just a click of the mouse.

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Microsoft Teams

Here is some great information regarding Microsoft Teams, if your company is still not considering it. It's a valuable piece of tool that if used properly can make your company very productive. Here are the facts of the recent study that was made.



Gmail Tips

If you are sending a lot of emails through Gmail and tired of writing here are some great time-saving tips for you to get your messages out quickly.



TikTok Caught Spying

It's not good news for the successful social media application caught spying on other applications and the clock could be ticking before it's banned.
But here is a sample of what it's doing and how it works.



Cable Comb

This device is a lifesaver when organizing cables, I have seen so many companies fail this part because of their poor job costing skills and unqualified technicians. No matter what the excuses are there is no reason not to have good organized cable management system in place.



Azure Security

It looks like Microsoft is expanding its threat protection to secure malware being uploaded to the cloud. This is one of many more new security enhancement to remove malicious activities from the cloud. You can soon be seeing more of this adaption from other cloud providers in the future.



AI Investment

It looks like many businesses are spending millions to adapt to AI solutions and if they play their cards right it's going to remove a lot of simple operations. Get ready for the new industrial revolution.



WhatsApp Payments

Interested in WhatsApp payments then you should read this to see how it works. The fees are pricey and I still do not feel secure about the application security. But I must admit that it is a great way to send people money via chat.



Social Security Tasks

Social Security for the most part has gone digital and if you needed to get certain things done here is what can be done online. It's nice to know that you no longer need to go to the office to get these simple tasks completed.



Bookmark Managers

Looking for the right bookmark manager depends on how organized you like to be and what programs get's the most out of what you looking for in a bookmark. If you are still unsure on which is the best bookmark manager, then here is a list of all bookmark manager with a description so that you can decide if it works for you or not.



Sign a PDF

How to sign a document in Adobe PDF reader is very simple. Adobe has made it easy for everyone to sign a document and here is how to do it.
Now signing the important documents will just take minutes to do, without going through the manual way of signing documents.