Hulu Free Television

Want free television for your computer. Simple just sign up for Hulu and watch free television on the web. Why pay for it, when it's free.


Cyberlink Live

Want to watch television, see photo's, share videos, play music, monitor web cams and download documents. Then Cyberlink Live is what you need to be looking at. The software basically is installed on your main home computer in which you install the remote access software to view all the above. It turns your computer in to a multimedia device that you can share with friends and family.


Sync Files Using a USB

Like to use USB thumb drives. Here is a great tip on how to use Windows Briefcase to Sync all the files from your USB drive into your computer. By clicking on the file in the flash drive window -> click New -> and then Briefcase. Copy one or more folders as a Sync copy. To Sync the thumbdrive files with the computer files just click on the new Briefcase file and click UPDATE ALL.


Register your Laptop before you leave the country

It may sound innocent but if you do not register your laptop before you leave the country. When you return back to the U.S., customs may charge you an import duty.
So stay ahead of the game and register your laptop if you plan some day to travel outside of the U.S.



Online Photo Editors

If you need to tweak your photo's online, try these free online editors




Like Quicken & Money for personal finances but hate that you always have to upgrade yearly. Check out Mint. It's an online base personal finance software that is always up to date. It's currently in BETA version and it's free. So now it's a great time to do your finances online for free.


Cell Phone Mobile Chargers

Looking for a battery operated Cell Phone charger. Here are a few cool items with the amount of minutes it takes to charge each phone and the battery life before the unit needs a replacement battery.

Energizer Energito go instant Cell phone charger - charge 46 min/3 to 9 hours per charge depending on phone.
Turbo Charge TB550 - charge 32 minutes/3 full charges
Iogear Gearjuice - 57 minutes/500 cycles
iRecharge ERUSB1 by Cellboost - not a full charge but 22 minutes/250 to 350 full charge
Kensington Portable Power Pack for mobile devices - 27 minutes/more than 300 charges


Surf Anonymously

Here are a few software links to surf anonymously:

You will loose speed and not all websites are friendly because your using their proxy to conceal your ip address.

List of available proxies but beware some might steal your information.
Available Proxies

A nice USB key software for surfing the net use Torpark

If your currently using Firefox you might want to install the Stealther extension.

To verify that your IP address is hidden go to this site to confirm your
IP Address


Downgrade Vista to XP

This might not be that easy if you think about it. You have to know if you want to still have Vista on your computer by setting up a dual boot or just wipe out Vista and load Windows XP.
If your going to do a dual boot on your computer to have Vista & XP installed download the Disk Part Tool on the Vista installation disk or GParted to create a second partition.
Disk Part Tool
You can also use EasyBCD - you'll have to add the drive letter and change type to Windows NT/2k/Xp/2k3. Click add entry then save. When you'll reboot your computer the bootloader will appear.

Be aware that some high performance computers can't handle AHCI mode on SATA drives so you would most likely have to go into the bios and disable AHCI mode.
Also when doing a dual boot with XP & Vista you'll have problems loading Vista. That can be fixed by using the Vista DVD and selecting Repair your computer ont the install screen and select start up.


Vista Sidebar Upgrade

Here are some great sidebars. Download them and install them yourself.

App Launcher
Clipboard Manager
Memory Meter
Mini Outlook Inbox
Network Utilization

RIAA changing it's stragedy

Now the RIAA will no longer prosecute individuals for downloading music. But they will instead focus on internet service providers. It's more money for the RIAA and less chances for individuals to get caught. Eventually internet service providers will be the one's to take actions against the individuals, or be forced to terminate consumer services.


Vista Hotfixes

Can't wait for Vista Service Pack 1

Here are some fixes but you'll have to download and install it yourself.
In most cases they do significant changes to some computers.
Just make sure these KB fixes are not already installed on your computer.

IP addresses problems with network setup
IP fix
PC sleep mode Errors
Poor Video
Slow Performance for 3G connections
Connect a fail Network Printer
Also make sure these fixes are installed as well
938194 fix
938979 fix
You can also see earlier fixes of SP1 at
Additional releases at Download Hot fix


Vista Tweaks

Looking for Vista tweaks well here it goes:

Get rid of the User Account Control
Remove UAC

Boost your computer then go to tiny url and download the free application called TweakVI - the free version of the software is all that you need.
PC Boost

Command Line rights - just type cmd in the search box - but it will be restricted on some users. In order to unrestrict it type CMD then press Cntrl-Shift-Enter now you can run commands as an administrator. Also works when you type CMD.exe in the search box. How you know your in the Admin unrestricted command prompt all you do is look at the prefix to say Administrator.

Add tab browser to Explorer - just download QT TabBar
Browser TabBar


Automotive Video's

I hope this item goes national soon. It would be nice for the video to do the talking when it involves auto accidents. It can solve who was at fault and hopefully end fraudulent claims. All that is missing is the insurance company discount.



Cell Smart phones of the future

New chips are being developed for cell phones that make them smart phones. It not only a cell phone but it can project High Definition content. I just can't imagine how nice it will be to project a downloaded video from a cell phone in High Definition.


First Online Cell Phone Directory is here

The company charges a fee for providing you will cell phone information in which it gets from sweepstakes, lotteries and the public. So if you need to know for a small fee you can find out directory information from cell phone numbers.


Yahoo & Microsoft

It will be a sweet deal for Microsoft if it could get Yahoo. All that Google has to do now is to keep ahead of it's major competitor.


First Vista Update due Mid March

The Update will be available to the public mid March and for those who have automatic updates. The update will automatically update mid April. It's about time Microsoft, why such the long wait?


My Student Vote

Great site to have everyone go and sign up to vote. You have voting registration forms for everyone in any state throughout the United States. Plus you have your favorite candidate website to view and see their common topics, issues that are currently talking about. Be inform and register to vote.


Eset Antivirus

Looking for a more secure complete antivirus software that will protect your system with all the online protection you will need that is also light on your system. Take a look at ESET nod32. It takes antivirus to the next level by including virus protection, firewall, spyware and spam ware all in one.


My Diary

If your looking for a software to put all your information from the world wide web, keep note of special events and dates and manage your finances. For the price you can't go wrong.


Video Spy

Need a new spyware toy around the house. Check out the remote control video spy. This little gadget does your spy work for you.
Now do you really want to know what others are saying about you?


Verizon DSL $13- a month

Verizon has a new bargain for DSL customers. Only $13- ( actual $12.99 ) a month for six months and it's still cheaper than standard DSL providers. If you need to get connected online. Give Verizon a try.


Private Eye Accessories

The following software's and accessories are dedicated for private eyes. Just remember not everyone can handle the truth. But if you must know then keep these in mind.

PC Pandora Pro Software
Super PocketTrack Covert GPS Tracker
Clock Radio Camera Camera



Get ready for a new type of wireless device that transmits all of your photo's to 17 web sites with little effort. All you do is take your pictures and place the camera SD card slot into the Eye-Fi card reader. Once the computer is connected to the net the program does the rest. Your pictures are uploaded in minutes to your favorite photo website.



Need a simple home security system that can control your air conditioner, indoor lighting, electrical appliances, outdoor lighting and garage door by just attaching it to your existing broadband access. Homeremote does all this with the use of any laptop, smart phone or java enabled cell phone. Now monitoring your home can be simple and affordable.


Free Content for All

Several weeks ago I published some great free content for all sites and here are the list again so that everyone can choose to watch more of what they enjoy.



Dash Express

This year a new GPS navigation system is due to come out that automatically updates itself to new roads and interests. No need to worry if your GPS is already outdated. This GPS updates itself and will change how we currently use GPS now-a-days.
So get ready for a new generation of GPS.

Other GPS sites
TomTom'sMap Share
Google Street View
Points of InterstReal



Looking for a software to monitor your company website. Look no further. This software keeps you updated constantly through email and SMS. Now you can rest assure that before something happens, you will be notified first hand.