Does Email IP show Location

Does your email IP address shows your location. Yes and know depending on what you mean by your location. The IP address shows from what location your email is coming from. But don't think that this is from the exact location that the email came from. For this you need a little more information and if your not in law enforcement, let just say, it's going to require more.



She's a Home Wrecker

Here's a website for those individuals who feel betrayed that there loved ones had left them. Whether it's good or bad advice to post people pictures online and criticize them it's up to you. But I guess it's still better off getting it off your chest than just taking revenge into your own hands. You decide?


Setup Outlook Signature

Having difficulties setting up Outlook Signatures. Here is a guide to help you through the process so that you can easily save time when sending emails.



Win Update 8.1 Update 1

Looks like Microsoft is planning it's Windows update release by this Spring. I just hope they start getting their act together and give users what they really want. But don't be surprise on the end results. Remember this is Microsoft that were talking about.



Fix Browser after Malware attack

You just had a malware attack and now that the threat is removed how do you fix all of your browser settings.
Real simple with these great tips.



50 Great Computer Hacks

Every once in a while I like to tell other's on these great registry hacks. But always remember that when your tweaking the registry your at your own risk.

Here are some great ones:



Mutlifunctional Docks

Tired of the old Windows task bar? Why now just use a dock the same way Apple and other manufactures are using.
It not only changes the style of getting to your applications. But gives your application placement a new look.

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Circle Dock



Live Chat

Want an easier way to interact to customers via your website. Try this premium software called Live Chat and take control of new leads has they happen.



Dual Monitor Taskbar

Running Multiple Monitors on your computer but now want to be able to view the taskbar on each monitor. The only way your going to be able to view the taskbar on multiple monitors is by a third party software called Dual Monitor Taskbar.
All you do is install the program and presto your done. It's a great solution to everyday problem.



Free Disk Space After 8.1

Upgrading your computer to Windows 8.1 no problem once the update is installed. Now all you have to do is worry about how to gain back your hard drive space once the operating system is functioning properly.
You'll be surprised on how much space you'll gain once you delete your previous Windows installations.




Looking for a new computer cleanup software to protect you on privacy. This software not only promises to protect what your viewing but advises you on items that are still noticeable on your computer.
Take control of your privacy and make sure your identity is secure while online.

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Outbound Firewall

Windows user's worried about Firewalls should read if they are concern on disabling their outbound firewall on their computers. In reality we really don't need it because if your are a cautious user that is watching all the software that you install on your computer. It's pointless to configure an outbound firewall.
Years ago this was a privacy concern, now a days it's a preference because many people know that one way or another your software is going to communicate with it's parent company and send information about it's performance and licensing validation.



Outlook Express Ends 4/14

If your a current user of Outlook Express please note that in April 2014 Microsoft will cease to support Outlook Express and it will be vulnerable to current attacks.
User's are advised to go online and use Microsoft free Outlook.com service or seek an alternative email service to host your email and safe guard your mail from malware and virus.



Online PDF Converter

Looking for an easier way to convert PDF's online. This online converter not only converts to PDF but to Excel, Word and Power Point. It's a great way to convert online without installing any additional software onto your computer.



Win 8 for Free

Looks like Microsoft is trying something new to try to upgrade users who refuse to upgrade after XP. By either offering a stripped version of Windows 8.1 or for a small fee.
No one yet knows how they plan to market their new stripped down version and how they are going to profit from it. But one thing is for sure, no one's buying yet into it.



Disable Windows 8 Smart Screen

Tired of Windows 8 telling you that the software you download is safe or not safe. All you have to do is disable Smart Screen and take control and Windows the way it use to be in the old days.
Software is meant to be free and when you want to install third party software, it should be your choice on what you want to install without the help of Windows.
Microsoft tries to control everything about users and here's another one of those features they are trying to incorporate into their software to control what you install in their operating system.

Here's how to remove it::

Internet Explorer has long had a feature called SmartScreen, which was first implemented in Internet Explorer 8, and has since been a part of IE9, IE10, Hotmail, and now Windows 8. When you visit a website, or open a file, SmartScreen communicates with Microsoft and checks if that website/file are whitelisted or not.
In both cases, SmartScreen pops up a warning if you try to visit a site or open a file that isn’t confirmed to be safe. As a defense against malware, SmartScreen is actually rather effective — and, really, no other browser or OS offers the same kind of protection. SmartScreen can be a little irritating, though, especially if you regularly download third-party EXEs from the internet.
Windows 8 SmartScreen settings - disabling SmartScreenFor a start, when you see your first SmartScreen warning (pictured above), don’t be alarmed. It may look like Windows is completely blocking you from running an app, but in actuality you just have to click “More info” to reveal the “Run anyway” button.
To disable SmartScreen entirely, though, hit the Windows key, type SmartScreen, change to the Settings tab, and then click “Change SmartScreen settings.” From there, click “Change Windows SmartScreen settings” from the left-hand menu, then select the “Don’t do anything” radio button.


Will XP Work After Support

Windows XP is near it's final days and many users are asking simple questions like if the software will stop working?, will antivirus stop protecting Windows and you name it.
No need to worry when compared to old version of Windows that Microsoft no longer supports. All that you can expect is that you system will no longer do any updates and if you get malware or virus. We'll your on your own. But if you think about it, nothing has changed when it comes to Windows.
Microsoft is still using it's scare tactics to force users to upgrade at our expense. In the long run if you decide to upgrade or not Windows will always be Windows. Which is an unstable unfinished operating system that everyone praises so much with lots of security holes.

Goodbye XP 
April 2014

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Nordstrom Scammers

Identity theft is on the rise and now new scammers are attacking high profile big chain outlets. From the looks of it, it's a fast moving trend and if retail stores are not careful. This will be a nightmare on both sides.



Remote Desktop for All

Microsoft has recently announced that soon they will be launching there mobile application for remote desktop and not all will you be able to login to your computer while not at work, but do it along with your portable devices. At little late but it was about time.



News Evolving

You definitely know that the News media is evolving when you hear that all journalist are now using 55" Windows 8 Surface computers to bring to you the news has it happens.
It's only a matter of time before everyone else evolves with this technology.




Need to manage and create invoices? This free Online Invoicing software will help you get your business organized until your ready to take your company to the next level.



Microsoft Essentials News Update

This could be the end for the so called Microsoft Essentials Antivirus software. The big giant is now recommending that you use third party software to protect your system from viruses.
It looks like Microsoft is coming to terms that the antivirus business is not what it seems to been and there best bet it probably to just kill it's software and concentrate else where.
So far nothing has been announced but if they don't keep up to date this will be the end.



iPhone shatter fix

Looks like Apple fixed the shatter glass problem when it's user's accidently drop the phone. If your currently a user who already experienced this problem. I strongly suggest you upgrade now to save on future shatter glass problems. It's Apple true value on it's new cases.



Traffic Updates

Need the most current traffic updates on the road in your area. Check out Here and see what's going to delay your commute to work or on the way home.



Office Update

Looking for Offfice Service Packs. Here is a great link to get those service packs easily from Microsoft. Hurry up there no telling how long these links will be active.



Download Youtube Videos

Want an easier way to download youtube video's on the web. Try this trick the next time you want to download a youtube video.
Goto the the youtube address link and insert ss after www and before the words youtube and if you do it correctly it will take you to savefrom.net. All you have to do is choose the file format you want to download.


enter ss after www. and before youtube




Found this great animated presentation website to market whatever you want to market. It's in beta and has a lot of potential to companies that are looking for exposure.
Check it out.



Truth about Registry Cleaners

If you ever thought registry cleaners will speed up your computer think again. Because it's not true. Registry cleaners are utility tools used to help fix computer errors.
Don't be fooled on believing that it will boost computer performance.



TeamViewer Quick Support

Need quick remote support? Try TeamViewer Quick Support and connect to your friends and clients within a matter of minutes. TeamViewer is so easy and simple to use, you wished you heard of it sooner.



Geek Uninstall

Tired of trying to remove programs from a computer and for whatever reason you still can't remove that program. Try Geek Uninstall and say good bye to that annoying software.



Offline Updates

Tired of doing updates on a new reformatted computer. Here's a great program to use so that it can once and for all update your computer to it's most recent update. All you do is verify what updates you have and then run the program to plug in it's missing updates. And although the program takes a while to process because you download big files, it installs all your updates and you should be done.