Car Insurance Technology Hack

Anyone recently using a car insurance monitor should read this and protect their privacy. It looks like the current insurance companies automobile monitor is open to hackers and anyone can easily hijack your car. I would advise you to complain to your insurer so that they are forced to upgrade their device. Something good gone bad.



Google Security Checkup

Want to gain an extra 2 gig of storage from Google. No problem as long as you do a security checkup with Google and make sure all your computer settings are current.



Dumbest App Ever

This is the dumbest application ever made and what's cool about it is that it can be used for so many different things you can't even begin to imagine. Just because it's a dump application, doesn't mean that we can use it on our daily lives.



Unlock your Phone

I don't advise this to be done by everyone one, but it is the law for your cell phone provider to unlock your phone. And if you really want to unlock it, these links will help you achieve this. Note that just because you phone is unlock and you change cell phone provider service now, not all phones will work well. This is going to take sometime. But in the long run it will be simple and easier to do.




Having problems with your car and now that it's not working you need road side assistance. This is where Urgent.ly comes to the rescue. User's not only can call for help but get realtime information on where the road truck is in route to your destination. It's a great application going in the right direction.



OneNote Freeware

Microsoft OneNote is now free from now on. Since Evernote is gaining online success, Microsoft has no choice but to give it's product for free so that it can compete in the battle of cloud notes. At last now everyone can enjoy the benefits of OneNote



RFID Hacking

Let's just say that there are a handful of credit cards with RFID chips in it and with less than three hundred dollars a hacker can retrieve you credit card information and duplicate the card in matter of minutes. It's reality, it's real and it's scary.



Facebook Management for next Kin

Ever wonder what will happen to your Facebook account after your death. Well let's just say that it just ends. Now Facebook is giving that right to the next of kin should you decided now to include it on your account. It's a pretty nice way for a special somebody to keep your friends posted on what goes on afterwards. For more information click on the link below.



Unlocked Cell Phones

Just in case you didn't know, cell phones now can be unlocked and you can now decide if you want to use that same phone with a different carrier. It's not that simple to do, but in most cases you can use the same phone once it's unlocked and configured. This is the information that all carriers don't want you to know, but now have to let you know.



iWork for iCloud

iWork for iCloud is making it possible to any user to access iCloud on any computer whether they have an Apple product or not. Apple is trying to get everyone hooked on cloud and it they get their wish to come true. Everyone one way or another will be linked and hooked on Apple and from that point it's up to them on what to introduce to the consumer then.



Pimp Myutorrent

Tired of ads when using uTorrent to download. Here's a simple way to remove unwanted ads with one click using Pimp Myutorrent. Now you can download with out being annoyed with excess adware.




This software has been long awaiting and now user's can see the latest IE on any machine before it's rolled out. A must have for corporate work environments.



Google Hangout Perk

Need to reach a distance relative in another part of the World. Well Google Hangout helps you keep in touch but for just a minute. I guess this is Google's way to tease customers on using there service.
Very clever idea to impose on soon to be customers.



Amazon Warehouse Work Life

You think your work life is difficult, try working for a mega giant like Amazon. Not only do you have to keep up with the miles of inventory in stock. Any slow down in work performance will definitely be narrowed down to the individual. Rough, tough and to the point when it comes to working with Amazon. So think again in your great work life.




Need to get the MAC information from a computer. Here's some useful tips to help you succeed in getting the MAC address for any computer.



Power Supply Calculator

Building a computer and want sufficient power for all your devices. This site helps you build your computer to your power needs. It's a great source to have sufficient juice for your devices.




Want to know everything that's on a computer. Well it's going to require special forensic software to uncover those mystery files and web pages.




Looking for the best graphic card in the market. This site will lead you to getting the best graphics for your money for the best value and performance.



Dating app for Pot Smokers

As the illegal drug becomes legit you can bet that now social sites will keep up with the times to create a community for someone to follow. And with this comes Tinder. Good or bad it's definitely going to be something different the social communities are destined to change.



Things to Disapper

Life changes for the good and sometimes for the bad. Here are some know changes that's going to most likely occur in the next five years. With technology and the world multiplying quickly. It's no secret that these things are most likely to disappear. Sometimes these changes are for the best.



Chromebook vs Windows

Is Chromebook a threat to Windows. In so many words yes and no. The reason for this is that Chromebook is slowing climbing the charts on stable OS but it will be sometime before it ever gets to Windows OS level and see domination of the operating systems.
Chromebook has many obstacles to combat in a world where Microsoft currently dominates. But as the OS becomes better known, it still has a great chance to succeed the half finished operating system that Microsoft currently offers.



Social Media Tracking

This is pretty scary and shows how easily identity thieves are ahead of us. Everyone is now doing social media so by tracking an individual and their shopping habits. Hackers are not only able to steal you identity but easily retrieve your information. Learn more.



Nest Auto-away

Thinking of buying a Nest thermostat? You might want to check out it's auto-away feature and learn what a smart thermostat can do for you. It's not for everyone, but if your looking into bigger savings with your air conditioner and heating devices. It's a start.




Want the real book value of your car, the same information that dealership use to appraise you car value. Forget Kelly's blue book and start using NadaGuides and be real on what's your automobile true valve.




There are many new ways to go solar and Birksun it's on it's way on making history by incorporating it's products with the things we use daily. It's a little pricey but in the long run, you'll always be connected by saving you big.



My Rate Plan

Looking for the best wireless deals in your area. Try My Rate Plan and see what plans fit your text and telephone usage along with the understanding if your on a contract or not.



Android Phone Tips

Have an Android phone and want to find hidden tricks that most people are unaware of. This site not only uncovers the hidden tricks but simplifies your lifestyle.



Google Earth Pro Free

We have long awaiting the free software from Google Earth Pro and now it's free. It's a great way to enjoy the entertaining software taking you where ever you wish to go. Give it a ride.


Amazon Work Mail

Looks like Amazon now is working on corporate mail to rival Office 365. By doing this it's still dominating it's cloud championship with other companies. It's a great move and competitive move against Microsoft. Let the games begin.



Car Hacking

Let's just say it's possible, currently expensive but in time will be less expensive. Anyone can easily shutoff, turn on, shut down, lock up your car etc.
The only way for a system to stay secure is to hack it to show manufactures their vulnerabilities to make their product better before others do worse. Let's fix the problem and share the knowledge to make a car less vulnerable.
This is the information manufactures hate to admit, but it is possible.