Family Memories

Want to digitize your family photo albums before it's too late. Now with old photo's several free photo applications online it's difficult to gather everything together for family gatherings. 

This site is going to get everything together for you and simplify your life in one place to be shared with you and your family. 

Give it a try and see if it does make things easier to share with everyone online. 


Fake Detail

Who knows how long this site will be up but I must admit you can fool your friends into thinking that certain people are emailing you or chatting with you.

Check it out why it's still around. 



O365 vs G Workspace

Battle of the office suite and if you are in the market for getting an office suite and cannot decide between Office 365 or Google Workspace then here is some information to help you narrow down on what suite to pick. 



Twitter New Tweets

Good news for Twitter users, now you can view how many people view your tweets. This has been a long overdue feature missing from social media and now it's going to be interesting to see how many users read that tweet. I just hope other platforms would follow the trend as well. 


LastPass Update

It looks like the recent LastPass hack was worse than what we were told. The hackers were able to copy all of the customer vault data and let's just say any current user is now at risk.

In so many words this is just bad news for the company whose main job is to secure passwords. They are failing quickly and I would just recommend users stop using the software immediately. Their response to the breach has definitely been disappointing. 

DYI Support

Once in a while, your computer is going to start acting up and you are going to have to try to narrow down what can be causing the problem. Now, this is not for everyone but for those DYI support technicians that do not want to spend the money for something that can easily be fixed.

Not all computer problems are complicated and most of them can easily be resolved if you follow these simple steps below. Give it a try and see if you can learn something new as well as fix something that is keeping you connected to the world. 


Apple Watch Series X

Long story short Apple looks like is trying to design a tablet-size foldable watch. I guess I am going to have to see it to believe it and it might not be for everyone but it's still in development and maybe we will be able to see if they can make it happen soon. 


Amazon Virtual Try

Amazon is getting into virtual reality shopping and it might just change things for online retailers. Check it out and give it a try. You will be amazed how simply you can try on shoes with VR. 

It's definitely going to change future consumer online shopping for everyone. 




McDonald's Gold Card

Everyone has been talking about how to get a McGold Card and if you have not heard it's like a gold card to swap at McDonald's for free food for life.

Only the elite get this card and now you can get a chance to win it for the holidays. 



Point for Small Bus in S FLA

Considering opening a business in South Florida, before you go ahead and consider this in the sunshine state you need to know the good and the bad news for small business owners. 


SpaceX Satellites

While SpaceX keeps on making history connected the planet to internet, here you can simply see the satellites in orbit and just watch what's going on above you. It's a pretty interesting website taking you to the outer limits of our planet. 

To view Starlink satellites just go to the Satellites in orbit tab -> Starlink and click on a name and track it.


China Protest

This guy is circulating videos of China protests and is making history by showing events that the Chinese government does not want to get out.

It's information like this that can cost him his life, but this will hopefully pave the wave for more courageous journalist to tell the world what's really going on. 


Google Search Removal

Google is now letting you remove personal data from it's search engine and this has been a long requested item from many users to remove unwanted material from the web. 

You can imagine someones's name, reputation or company being slandered and these results show up on google when searching the name. 

It does not look good for you and for others when they are trying to doing background checks. 


Win 11 Home vs Pro Differences

Trying to figure out what version of Windows 11 is worth purchasing, then this guide will help you narrow down what features you are missing from one to another.

For most users, the home edition would be good enough but if you are looking for specific features then it might be worth the extra cash to get the Pro version. 


Profile Picture

Want to make an amazing profile picture for users to see, here is a great site that does just that and takes it even to another level. I must say it's pretty impressive what it does to actual photos.



Phone Battery Problems

If you have a phone and the battery drains quickly, you might want to check these settings on your phone to see if they can be consuming your phone's battery.

Many users take it for granted but making a few adjustments on your phone can definitely change your battery life. 



Chrome OS new Feature

ChromeOS is getting a feature update similar to the one it has on Windows. It's going to integrate with the existing emoji selection that is already on Windows 10 & 11.

Let's wait and see when the new feature comes out and how the redesign looks. 



Personalize Guest Names

Here is a great site to go to use Google Templates to create event place cards. It uses google and document studio to create place cards for guests. It's a great way to save some money and do it yourself. 


Google Docs as Code Runner

Here is a great way to use Google Docs as a code runner for programmers needed to run some code. It's not the best, but it lets you do what you love. 

Now coding can be quickly done with Google Docs. 


Google Wallet Update

Looks like Google Wallet will soon support State ID & Driver's license and now anyone can simply add them to their portable devices. 

The digital world is changing fast and Google Wallet will be here to support the new changes. 


Easy Way to Earn Crypto

Want to earn crypto without mining, here are some helpful easy ways to do so. Now investing in the next generation of currency can easily happen if you just start being proactive now. 


iPad Pro M2 Support Info

If you are looking for wireless and reverse charging for the iPad Pro M2, you will have to wait a little longer. The device lacks these features and Apple still needs to incorporate its phones before moving on to its tablets.  


LastPass 2nd Hack

It's just more bad news for this password manager software, with another recent hack to grab a hold of customer information. 

It's just another jab on the companies reputation and I must admit a slap on their lack of security to keep you information safe guarded.

Users should just search for alternatives. 


Telsa Semi-Truck is Here

Telsa's long awaited Semi-Truck has arrived and everyone is excited on the news because now deliveries can happen with autonomous drivers. 

It's going to be interesting to see EV vehicles making non stop deliveries to meet supply line deadlines.  


Google Enncrypted Chats

It looks like Google is finally encrypting their group chats even though it's in BETA is still better than nothing. So hang in there and wait until they resolve all the bugs.


SpaceX Round 2

It seems that the second generation of Starlink Satellites are ready to go and we are still waiting for the emerging technology to take off and change the world.

It's still going to be a waiting game for SpaceX but I must admit they are doing exactly what needs to be done to change worldwide broadband. 


Snowden granted Russian Citizenship

It looks like Russia still bitter with the United States on war with Ukraine decided to embarass them by offerring Edward Snowden Russian citizenship. 

It's sort of an indirect slap on their face and now he can no longer be extradited to the United States because of his loyalty to Russia.

I guess the battles of these two giants will still continue going forward. 


Man rescued with iPhone 14 feature

It looks like the new iPhone 14 has a new satellite feature for emergency that was recently put to the test when he was stranded in a remote part of Alaska.

This is great news for Apple and even though the software is still not perfect it did save his life so you can make sure to see this software added to more phones in the near future. 


Share WiFi from Mac to iPhone or other Mac

Here is some great information on how to create a hotspot using your Mac computer. It's similar to how your share your hotspot on your phone only this time it's with a Mac computer.

You will be surprised on what you can do if you put your mind to work and use the resources availalbe to you in a productive way. 



Apps Killing your Data

If you are concerned on what resources are slowing down your phone you might want to look at these ten applications that are just data hogs and are likely to just drain down your phone's battery life. 


Holiday Printer Shopping

The holidays are here and if you are in store for a new printer, here are the best printers of 2022 and I must admit you have a handful of printers to choose from.


Twitter Reinstatment

It looks like Twitter is reinstating over 60k accounts that were banned permanently and although this can look as something positive, it's going to be interesting to see what new post these users will add to Twitter once they are back online in the months that follow. 


Epson Ecotank Et-2400

This printer has been on my radar for some time and I must admit you just cannot resist the refillable ink tanks. Now with ink prices going up, it's a great buy and a printer that still is living up to its name. 
If you have the extra money, this is the printer that I would put on my list, I just keep on hearing great things about this printer year after year. 


HP new Software install

Now I was an HP lover for many years until recently when HP decided to change the way they install software on their new printers. Now you are forced to use their HP smart application using the Microsoft store. 
The only problem I have with this is that you are forced to create an HP account to get access to your printer and that some organizations block access to the Microsoft store making installation a difficult process. Even if you try to install the software manually, HP does not make it easy to install the printer without the HP Smart application. So good luck with installing that software if you do not have access to the Microsoft store. And the lack of being able to add your printer to the WiFi is limited, making this a nightmare for network administrators. 


Win 11 Why Upgrade

Here are some good tips on why someone would want to upgrade to Windows 11. It's not yet on my things-to-do list but it is good enough information to want to convince everyone to upgrade. 

Upgrading Windows is just a part of life and when it's time you are just better off just upgrading. 


Changing Nameservers on Godaddy

This is my favorite hosting site for beginners but as time goes by and you get to understand how everything works. Here is more information on Nameservers and how to easily change them. 


Learning made Easy

Every now and then I run into websites that make learning easy possible and here are some great starts to begin. Lots of luck.


Fix PS4 Error

If you have a PlayStation 4 and continue getting the error CE-34878-0 here are some great tips to resolve this problem. This console was the best console around and yet these bugs still seem to still continue to create problems for some users. 


Best Holiday Travel & Shopping from Maps data

This is some interesting data from Maps data that tracks people's trends on the best time to be traveling and running errands during holiday traffic maddness. 



North America EV Charging Standard

It looks like the EV charger is standing out because of the simplicity of having no moving parts, half of the size and it's twice as powerful.

Hopefully, it gets adopted but my question is since they adopted globally the c jack charger for portable phones, why shouldn't they follow the same guidelines.


Best Airport WiFi

According to Ookla here are the best airport WiFi when traveling. So if you plan to be in the area this holiday season you can be sure to know how well the airport WiFi is working.


Catalytic Converter Theft Plan

It looks like California is taking action to stop the catalytic converter thefts. Now they are signing two bills into law that make it harder for thieves to sell catalytic converters and prevent scrappers from receiving them. It's not a great improvement but it's the start in the right direction. 


Mastodon Anyone

 Here is a new type of social media that's decentralized. Now this may be the beginning of a new generation of social media to come moving forward.

Now it's important to join the right server so read the info on Mastodon before going forward.




Twitter Verification Should be Free

Here are some good reasons why Twitter verification should be free. Now I do not think they are really taking into consideration what the blue check mark really means. Instead, they should be focusing on other areas, but I guess time will tell.


Starlink Residential data cap

Starlink put a data cap on your bandwidth when you thought your troubles were over. Since they are new at the game, there should be no excuse for data caps when you have the whole world to cover.

Now, my question is what really gives with the data caps?


UPS Delivery Exceptions Meaning

If you get deliveries from UPS you might want to understand the meaning of UPS exceptions, not understanding it can delay your package or cause confusion. And good luck in trying to get a real person to answer some of  your questions.

My recent experience was awful and if you are trying to get a real person try going to chat first and then have them call you.

Lots of luck. 


Passwords for Passkeys

Passwords always was a problem form many users, now by using Passkeys it changes the game and hopefully the hackers will not be able to bypass this for now. 

As technology changes so will different methods for saving passwords. Let's give this a try for now and see how far it can go.

Worse scenario, we are back to square one with passwords. 



Hidden Win11 Settings

Want to tweak Windows 11 touchpad to your style, then here goes the hidden settings for Windows 11 to easy adapt to your fingers. You will be surprise what you can create. 


G4 Gone Again

My favorite gaming channel has been shut down again after being relauched by Comcast. In the prior years it was very successful with the viewers but I guess because of cable cutters and new technology gamers now prefer to go else where and viewers just kept on being reduced. 

So much for G4, but it was icon back then. 


Samsung GZ Flip 4 Problems

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flp 4 phone can be an eye cacther but the phone comes with a bunch of other problems that Samsung has not yet fixed.

It's still a good compact phone if you do not mind the lingering issues. Here is the full phone review. 


Spy Neighbor

Our country is changing and moving forward your neighbors could be the ones that will turn you in for your wrong doings. It's not odd but the similar things are taking place world wide and it's being justified by many. So the next time you decide to go against certain beliefs remember that big brother is watching.     


Uber Future

Here is some resourceful information on Uber future coming from a whistleblower. It looks like the company still has a lot of fighting to do before legislation kicks in favor of the company.

Until then we just have to hope that their is still a future for the company. 


Old Twittter Accounts at Risk

If you have an old Twitter account, it would be wise to start using it soon otherwise it will be no surprise when it's deleted.

What did you expect, new boss new rules, and hopefully that will remove the numbers of swatters already pinning down a known site.  


Google Handouts is Dead

It is no surprise that the name just didn't easily adapt to users along with the application. Not everyone can be successful when it comes to chatting and sometimes you just have to give it a try, see if it works and then take it from that point on. 


FB Multi Problems

After a year after Facebook created the Metaverse, the concept is still in question with technology that is not there. Even though they want to be a pioneer in this new technology, it's going to take more than that to change the world. We can't do anything now, we have to wait and see.


Phantom Drain

Consumers are worried about EV's Phantom Drain now that they are trying to extend the cars range. Every electrical vehicle has this problem and the manufactures need to do their best to prolong their battery life when not in use. Let's hope they stay on top of things.


Microsoft PC Manager App

Micrsoft has a new PC manager application similar to CCleaner in which it clears up your memory and removes temporary files. 

Now it's still in BETA but it does have some features that can be useful along with security scan checks for various areas. 


Amazon International

It looks like Amazon is going international now with the recent deal with Hawaiian Airlines to lease freighter jets to transport orders. It just shows you how committed they are in getting their good internationally. It's only a matter of time before Prime goes global. 


Remote Work Boom

It looks like remote work has started a baby boom generation that is good enough to show a significant change. Flexability is a contributing factor.



Here is a website that can be used to rephrase your writing so that it is easier to read. As life gets more complicated, so do some of the letters you write. It might save you time if you are just trying to get a point across.



Pandemic Peronality Change

It looks like the recent pandemic change many people's personality and this could account why some people are prone to stress and are less cooperative and trusting. That pandemic did change some users lives for good and for bad and it's up to you to decide if you want to continue with these changes. 


Backup OneDrive

Want to know how to backup your OneDrive Data, here are some great resourceful information to help you secure your backups.
Don't rely on other services to backup your information, make sure you keep up to date and stay consistent with your critical backups. 


Snapchat Virtual Costumes

Here is some pretty cool virtual tries with Snapchat. Now you can try virtual costumes using the application. This is definitely a game changer and you better believe it that other social media applications are now going to jump the wagon and offer the same services. 



Crypto for Amazon & Netflix

It looks like the game for crypto is changing now Amazon and Netflix will begin accepting these forms of payments for purchase paying the way for other merchants to do the same.

This can be the new game changer that everyone has been waiting for. All we can do is wait and see. 


Google Home Progress

It's sad to say that Google again is failing to fix it's Nest disaster. They keep on making promises that they never keep and if it keeps up the future for Nest can be their end. 

Legacy Nest users can still use the old app but if you buy a new camera you are forced to use the Google Home app, now this does not make sense. And recording is just a mess, I am ready to throw in the towel and start looking for other alternatives. Thanks Google for wasting my money and making a new paperweight for my desk. 

If you are looking into Nest products, stop do your research and think again.


Amazon Miscalculation

Amazon recent promotions for managers faced a big problem. The software miscalculated employees who were promoted and affected a number of employees.
The problem was fixed immediately and employees were made aware of their updated compensation.

It's an unfortunate blunder for the big giant and I wonder how many managers took one for the team. 


Is WhatsApp a sruveillance tool

It's pretty interesting to hear another messaging founder calling out on WhatsApp on being a surveillance tool. And he does have a point since the application has been having identical security issues for a few years. Now you should decide if it's worth having backdoors on your phone. 


More Excel tips

Here are some more great excel tips for users who want to make the best out of the program. You can never learn more when it comes to Excel.


AirTags track Dementia

Here is a great way to track someone with dementia using AirTags. Although some applications require users having phones, this device has filled in the gap with less the expense.

Now this is not the best option with AirTags recent news, but it's a move using the device in the right direction. 


Samsung Galaxy Dark Moe App

It looks like Samsung Galaxy has this hidden feature that enables dark mode on every application so that it can easily be seen by users. 

It's a cool feature to keep enabled and I just do not know why they hide the feature. 


Google Fiber

Google Fiber is expanding it's 5 Gig and 8 Gig data plans and here and here are the current areas that have service. If you are deciding on upgrading your service here is what you can expect.

It's only a matter of time before there are near an area near you. 


USB 4 2.0 Info

Here is some great information on USB 4 version 2.0, it's backward compatible up to 40 Gbps if you change the cable to USB-C that is rated at 80 Gbps. 

It's going to push higher performance for portable SSD's. 


Tips for Streaming Services

Here are some good tips for video streaming services. Now with all the services that everyone has available your choices can be difficult to make. So follow these tips and hopefully you will get a good deal out of your servcie. 


TikTok new Challenge

TikTok is definitely a game changer and now it looks like it could be getting into the e-commerce. Now if they succeed this could be the new generation of social media expanding into other markets. Something that others platforms have been trying to do for a while but have been unsuccessful. 


Proton Drive

Here is a new cloud drive service that promotes security and privacy. If you are looking for a new place to secure you favorite files, this might just be what you are looking for.

My suggestion is first to test drive the site and the switch is worth it, then pay for the premium service for the extra storage. 


Equifax Wage War

It looks like Equifax recently fired some remote staff members that were working second jobs and this brings a new attention to the next generation employee monitoring software.
Not only can they analyze your working hours, but they can monitor other things as well.

It's going to be interesting to see if other companies start following this procedure. 


Telsa Secrets Hack

A few years ago Telsa caught an employee leaking company secrets and this is how they were able to narrow down who was leaking the information. 

Technology has changed so dramatically that now even the smallest break can easily be tracked. 



Apple High Yield Savings

If you are an Apple card users you will soon will the opportunity to open up a high yield savings account with Goldman Sachs. 

It's just another perk from Apple to reward it's card members. 



FAA allows AirTags

It looks like the FAA now is allowing Apple AirTags to be added to luggage and now users will no longer fear the loss of losing their items when traveling. It's going to definitely be a game changer moving forward with lost baggage. 


Recover Chrome Browser

If you ever run into a problem with Chrome and for some unknown reason it closes the browser or your computer restarts to do updates. This is how you restore the current browser.

Now I have used this method for years and as long as your online, Chrome will restore the browser to it's original state before it was closed. 



Subscription Good vs Bad

Here is some resourceful information on why most subscriber subscriptions are good and bad. It's amazing on how a change in service or action changes on what moves happen next to justify if the subscription service was worth the cost. 


Amazon adds EBT

As the economy keeps changing so does other shopping markets. Now Amazon is adding EBT payments for shoppers that currently use these programs. It's a great move in the right direction. 


Teamviewer Renewal Practices

It looks like this company is being questioned after a user who just signed for a one year license was automatically billed for another year, even when automatic renewal was disabled. Now this is not good news for subscribers who just want to test out the software before they move forward. So make sure you make note of this. 


Starlink China Block

It looks like China has made a request to Starlink to block selling it's access. It's still uncertain if they will follow that request but it's going to be interesting to see what the final outcome will be going forward.


Reset & Pair Roku Remote

Roku is making things easier to do and if you are ever in a jam and your Roku remote fails, here is what you need to do to pair the new remote to another device.


McLaren Formula 1 Theme

Here is a great way to test drive the new McLaren Formula 1 theme for your Chrome browser. If you love fast cars you might want to add this theme to Chrome. 


SpaceX to Provide Internet to U.S. Schools

SpaceX wants to provide internet on school buses to enable students to do homework en route. I guess this is sort of a giveback to society so that SpaceX can easily expand without conflict from the FCC.

Pretty smart move for SpaceX. 



How much Internet Speed to I need

This is a question that I always get; it depends from person to person. Some users would need more speed if their kids do gaming or are running security cameras throughout their house and are using their wifi. But the majority of the users who do not have this problem can use the chart below.

Note : Don't fall for those salesman scams that you need gigabyte service. You are just wasting money. Gigabyte is way to advance and it will be a few more years before anyone trully gets full capacity. My advise is start low and gradually increase your internet plan as your broadband needs get bigger.


Netflix Argentina Problem

It's bad enough that their economy is not doing well, but a recent test to stop password sharing in the country has started a social media boycott. 

Now it's going to be tough for some locations but if Netlfix does not make a firm stand for its subscription services, the future growth of this company will be questionable. Let's see what moves they make next. 


Amazon IP Inaction

A group of hackers again were able to get control of Amazon's IP addresses to hack some crypto users and when all the dust cleared these thieves were able to drain $235,000 from crypto users. 

It's another deja vu from Amazon, and they should have learned from the 2018 attack that their systems need to be changed.


EV Charging at Home

It looks like charging your EV at night at home may not be a good idea especially if your grid cannot support the extra load. The recent study points out that grid companies need to start focusing on public charging for EV vehicles to relieve the current stress. Not doing so is just going to make matters worse. 


Router's Parental Control

If you have a fairly new router you might have noticed that it now contains a section for parental control. It's not just for kids but can easily filter mature content from your home.

Here is some information on how to use parental control at home. 


Alienware Ban

It's pretty interesting that with the current power consumption problems within six states this laptop is being banned and we can see more of this in years to come. 

I understand the recent ban on electronic devices for power, I just don't believe that banning these devices is the right move. Instead there should be more emphasis put on developing better technology to save power. 


Song Bassline Breaks Laptop

Odd on how this can actually happen but it's true and it's mainly due to software coding and updates that can easily break electronic devices.

This will not be the end but hopefully with advancements in coding and artificial intelligence future glitches will easily be detected. 


iOS Patch Updates

It looks like Apple has some more security patches to update on its current iOS. If you have a current iPhone it's best that you install the update as soon as you can so that your device will not be compromised. Here is more information on the update. 


Telsa Insurance Info

If you are buying a Tesla vehicle like the Model 3 you should be prepared to pay more insurance when compared to a similar gasoline vehicle. 

In fact, it's hard to believe that not all 50 states cover Tesla insurance. So before you buy do your homework before the insurance policy surprises you. 


Password Manager Verdict

It's concerning and it will not be the last time you come across someone hacking a password manager but here is some interesting information that you should be aware of.

For now, I am going to see what happens and then make my decision later if I still want to use them.


Timezone Headaches

Ever wonder about time zones and how things can be complicated if you have devices that need to be updated. Here is a start to help resolve your troubled devices.


Uber Hack

Interesting story of an 18-year-old hacker who just could not help himself and how he simply was able to get access by using social engineering. Just comes to show you that anything is hackable. 

So make sure to view the what-to-do tips to keep hackers at bay. 



Astronomers Starlink Problem

Once Starlink is completed, it might cause constellation interference with radio telescopes for astronomers. It's going to be interesting to see what new problems astronomers will face with space exploration. We can only hope for the best for the next generation of astronomers. 



Value of Electricity

If you own a home and researching if a solar system is worth the expense then this tool is a must-use utility to figure out the estimated value of your electricity for a home. The tools show you the potential for savings over the lifetime of the system.


What is eSIM

SIM cards are on the way out and Apple is leading the way, with many debating that it's not a good choice it does make sense to use eSIM.

No more SIM cards and moving forward you will get an electronic version of the SIM card via eSIM. Now with the new electronic version, you have the pros and the con and it's only a matter of time before we will see if this move is successful or not. 



Old iPod Uses

Still holding to an iPod and trying to figure out if you can still put it to use. Here are some options to make use of it in the new world.

You can still use old electronic devices if you just think out of the box. 


Fix One Airpod not working

If you have AirPods and running into a problem where one AirPod is not working here are some great tips to get your devices back to normal.
This does not guarantee that your device will work but it's a good start in the right direction. 


Android Share Files

Android is striving to simplify things when it comes to sharing files. Currently, with a few simple clicks, you can share files easily. Here are some great ways to share files and stay connected with the latest news from Google. 


Android vs iOS Messages

The battle continues with iOS and Android when it comes to messaging and it's far from over if you think these two are going to get along when it comes to sending messages.

And for now users are just going to have to get use to it until an agreement between the two companies become realistic. 


Comcast 2gig Speed

It looks like Comcast is rolling out 2gig of  service to there customers and soon their speeds will be five to ten times what others offers. It's going to be very interesting on what the other carriers are going to do to compete with this kind of service. Get ready for gigabyte service near you. 


Mezli Robot Restaurants

Here is a new robot healty restaurant that are mass producable and might just be what we need to salvage the take out restaurant business. 

It's entirely automated that all you do is order and then pick up your food. No more worries about staff shortages or work related problems. It's definitely a game changer and I definitley can see this replacing many establishments in the near future. 


Wirelessly Charging Range

The range is getting longer and one day maybe wireless charging will definitely become a reality. It's still being tested but once the kinks are figured out I believe that this cool invention could possibly make sense and keep all of our portable devices always connected. 


Fog Reveal

Here is a tool that law enforcement have been using for a while to track individuals without a warrant from data used by applications. It's no secret that they been using this software for a while and I am happy to see activist organizations bringing it to our attention. 

It's another abuse of power by law enforcement to track your whereabouts. I understand that you have to fight crime and you have to use whatever technology means that is available to solve criminal cases. But not everyone is a criminal and we also have rights. 


Cruise Ships with Starlink

Starlink keeps on looking brighter with cruise lines already signing up for service. It's only a matter of time before they all jump in and enbrace the new technology.

If this keeps on going, there is no stopping on what can happen next. 


Check iPhone Battery Health

Here is the easiest way to check your iPhone battery health. Most of the time your phone battery life is depleted because of that applications that are installed on your phone. 
If you already reviewed your applications and are still concern if the phone battery is going bad then the last option is to check the battery health to see if your phone battery needs replacement.


Gmail New Look

Dislike Gmails new look, we'll you are not alone and not many people like changes when it comes to sending email. If  you are one of those users than here is how you can change it for the better. 


Drone Medical Change

The Medical industry could drastically change for the better if all goes well and drones. Not only will it make it easier for emergency medical supplies to be delivered but save lifes. 

They just need to keep focus and make it a reality. 



EV can Power a Home

Interesting article on how an EV can power your house when your power goes out. Now this will be a great incentive for people who experience ongoing tornados or hurricanes. 
Not only will this save them money in the long run, but will serve as a huge battery backup in times of emergencies. 


Nissan Leaf Resale Value

This EV car has been around for over a decade and it's the least expensive EV. Take that into consideration and it doesn't have that much power and muscle like some of the new EV vehicles on the market and it depreciates quicker than the vehicle can be charged. So if you are thinking on purchasing a used Nissan Leaf, I would suggest you read the link below and do some more research. 


Tell if Android is Unlocked

How to tell if your Android phone is carrier unlocked. Now it all depends on where you buy your phone to see if it's unlocked. But here is some information to help you figure this out. 

Let's take back control of our devices and live free. 


T-Mobile & Starlink

It looks like Starlink can start seeing a green light over the rainbow. This will change mobile and internet history moving forward and will definitely be a game changer for communications worldwide.

I cannot wait to see what's next in store for these two companies. 


CashApp Alert

If you have the application installed on your phone, keep an eye on your account every now and then because there have been recent attacks with users trying to steal their funds. It's a pretty simple hack and the outcome is very unfortunate for some users. 



Save Youtube to GDrive

Here is a handy way to easily save your favorite YouTube videos to Google Drive. This will save you time and you can decide if you later on what to view offline. 

Get the best of two sites with just a few clicks. 


LassPass Hack

It looks like a developers account was breached and the companies source code and some technical information was accessed. Now this just puts some bad light on the company and with it's current security software. Stay tune to see what happens next. 


Why QR codes menu's are around

The pandemic started these contactless menu's and because of staff shortages and printing costs it can be a while before you can see the regular menu's back at restaurant's.

Even though using the code feels like a chore it does save a lot of money on printing costs and maybe if they can incorporate the check feature for users this can change many users minds.

All we can do is to just wait and see what happens.



Satellite Internet Info

Confused on Satellite Internet and want to know if this option is the best for you in your area. Before you sign any contract or make any calls to anyone regarding the service, this is what you should know before hand.

This is some great resourceful information. 


macOS flaw

This old flaw patched not too long ago by Apple easily shows how easily anyone can access every file on the user's Mac computer. 

Even though it was already patched by Apple there are still some users out in the real world that are still vulnerable to the flaw. So it would be advised for users to confirm that their devices are patched. 



Google not a Publisher

Good new for Google when it comes to defamatory article. Since it's not a publishing company the users will have to go direct to the user. So in simple terms google just navigates using a hyperlink to articles. 

Now the publishers will have to do their homework and go after the user themselves which will definitely be costly. 


No need for a Macbook Pro

Interesting article for users who are going out to purchase an Apple laptop and how when the upgrade for better performance, it's not all really worth it when it comes to the price.
As for the specs, these are usually for Pro users who want more RAM, and faster chips with better screens and sound. 

Now the only real difference is its price and quality.


Netflix History

Here is a brief history of Netflix on how the started and what developed and what they have become. Netflix have been here for a while and this streaming service still has enough power to taking content to a new level regardless of what some users might think.



Microsoft AI Edge Problem

Microsoft has a cool AI feature called Read aloud that when it's activated makes listening to your emails and documents seem like a breeze. The synthesized voices are indistinguishable from human narrators. It's a pretty cool way to hear the long email and articles while tending to other things.

If you have not tried it yet, I suggest you give it a try but not that it's not perfect and it still has a lot of bugs that are problematic for many. I just hope that that can correct this before users get discouraged from using this feature. 



EV Trip Reality

If you are planning an EV trip road be prepared for the worst. New electrical EVs are not yet ready for the real world and you might possibly get stuck or stranded if you do not plan ahead.

EV road trips are limited because of the lack of infrastructure that is still needed. So before you go on your journey read this interesting article about a father and son road trip to see some baseball and it just might change your mind. 


Sharpext Malware

Here is a new malware that you should be aware of and it's very difficult to detect. And your only defense for now it's to be careful and review your browser extensions regularly.

Hopefully in time someone will create a better tool to detect the device. 


Hidden iPhone Tricks

Here are some hidden iPhone tricks that many professionals already are aware of and you should be as well to take advantage on the things that you can do with  your phone.


How Xbox was almost killed

Pretty interesting story on how the Xbox was almost killed because the console could not run on Windows. 

Only to see later how this turned the console into a goldmine for Microsoft.


Apple & Meta Headset challenge

It looks like Apple & Meta are preparing to deliver mixed reality headsets soon and it's going to be a challenge when it comes to pricing. 

Both companies are going to have to come up with a system to convince users to buy their advanced technology system and prove otherwise that their investment is worthwhile.

In the long run, time will tell if the expense was even worth it. 


Sixt Rent Cyberattack

It looks like last spring a cyberattack occurred on the company exposing sensitive information from thousands of Sixt employees. And it will be interesting to see what liability the company will face for not disclosing this information to their employees in a timely manner. 




Interesting device to help manage pain for users who are physically active. It's an electric never stimulation device that can provide pain relief using a different types of automated program modes. If you are one of those individuals who hate pinched nerves, I guess this will be a great problem solver. 



Browser Threat

Interesting article on how browser extensions can cause a threat to you and what you can be at risk when using them. We have come to a place where like it or not browser extensions in many ways have saved the day. So before you install try to see what information you want to release, read what information they will retain from you even though in many cases it can be vague and then decide if you want to use that extension in the future going forward. 


Top Teen Social Media Platform

You would think that Facebook would be the top teenage social platform and unfortunately, it still has a long way to go to be dominant. But as time changes so do the user platforms, but one in particular is still a favorite of them all and it's going to be a while before other social media companies oversee Youtube dominance. Let's see if they can still be on top in the years to come. 


Scan, Sign & Send with iPhone

Here is an easy way to scan, sign and send documents with your iPhone. Now in this digital world, anyone can simplify the difficult things in life and make it so easy for many to do. Just another cool feature in Apple that has been available for a while. 


New EV Motor Design

The EV industry could have a new motor design that do not require earth magnets. It's currently being used by other devices and it's performance could be improved.

The odd thing is that this new design concept is coming out of a young engineer who is still in his teens and has over 60 engineering projects. 

But it's a key component to definitely take into consideration if you are looking to revolutionize the world. 



Digital License Plates

Here is a great new idea for license plates and yet I can see this going nationwide real soon because you can customize it. Now even though it's available in just a few states, it's definitely something to keep your eye on in the next couple of years. 


Evap Battery

It looks like a research team created a wearable electronic device that is powered by dead microbes. This could definitely change wearables in the near future and maybe harness new types of energy. 

This is definitely innovative and waiting to see what new ideas they can come up with.



Amazon buying Roomba

It is going to get interesting once these two companies combine to see how it's going to integrate it's current technology. Amazon can take it's smart cleaning gadgets to new heights and this could be a big game changer for it's competitors. Stay tuned to see what happens next. 


PS5 Hidden Browser

Need to install a web browser on the PS5, but you can here are a few tricks to use to get that browser to work on your console to gain access. 


Self Driving Mercedes

Mercedes has advanced itself in self-driving and it's going to soon make new revolutionary changes in the Automotive industry. It's not yet autonomous but it's way more advanced than the competitor's system.

I guess they want to perfect the process for its consumers before it's ready to take off. 


How Gas Stations evolve to EV Charging

Here is a great way for gas stations to evolve into EV charging stations. Now, this idea is a great way to see if it makes sense and what new business the transformation can bring in by converting. 

It's a great idea and makes sense so in the long run, it could be just a win, win solution while the technology is still evolving. 


Google Map Bike Friendly

It looks like Google Map is getting bike friendly with users showing them easier paths for bike riding. It's a great way for bikers to get around in times when gas prices are sky high.

Lets take a ride with G Maps. 



Join Wifi with a Tap

Here is a clever way to connect to WiFi with just a simple tap. Now when your guests arrive, a simple tap will get everyone connected. 

It's the simplest and easiest way to get everyone connected where ever you go. 



AI Videos

The internet is changing daily and now we need to create content that is going to help people get to where they want to go to. With Synthesia you can easily direct users to reach your content quicker and faster. Think of it as the modern way of getting your information out there. 


Robotaxis to Cali

It looks like Amazon is getting ready to launch it's Robotaxis to California and could be the start of something great to happen nationwide.

At this point no matter what everyone does, this cannot be stopped, unmanned vehicles are showing up wherever we go and it's only a matter of time before they begin to change our means of transportation.


Screenshot iPhone Page

If you ever wondered on how to screenshot an entire iPhone webpage, there here are some resourceful information you should be aware of.

It's not that difficult to do and with some practice you will be saving full pages in no time for your collection. 


M2 MacBook Problems

It looks like the Apple M2 Macbook Air has some overheating problems but luckily for this YouTuber the problem can be easily fixed by modifying the device for a few dollars.

If you currently have the new Macbook, my advice is to get the device modified to increase the computer performance. It's worth the extra few dollars. 




Amazon Prime Update

We have been waiting for this for a while already and now Amazon Prime is changing it's design for the better.

Get ready for a new way of programming to take Prime to new levels of entertainment. 


Slack Free Plan Changes

Slack is changing it services and how it's free plan works and if you are currently using Slack this is what you should be aware of.

Unfortunately, the free plan will have it's limitation now and going forward they are basically slowly forcing you to pay for it's service. So be ready if they sooner or later discontinue the free service. 


Email Hacked

Here is a great way to tell if your Outlook email has been compromised. In today's world you never can be for sure if a breach occurred with all the malicious program that are out there.

If you sense that your Outlook email was hacked, there are some great helpful tips that you can use. 


Kiwi Application Monitor

Here is a great way to monitor your applications and keep you inform on certain events that take place. It's a great program to alert you when things go on your computer so that you can automate other things. 

It's a great software to monitor application and memory usage. 




Pc Doctor Toolbox

Here is a diagnostic software used by most computer repair companies to diagnose your computer problems. Now is the time to register for a free license before it's too late. 

I would recommend that you register the software and install the software immediately so you have it on hand should you ever need to run diagnostics on your computer.


Apple First EV Results

In so many simple words it was better off if Apple would have purchased Tesla instead of trying to invent the wheel. As far as being innovative with the EV industry it so far as been a big failure for them. 

In my opinion, it's easier to find a new EV startup company and buy the company outright instead of spending unnecessary expenses in Research and Development.

The technology is already there, it's just piecing them together and creating a vehicle that will meet cutting edge technology.