MAC Adware Doctor

If you have this application on your MAC its time to remove it. The software looks like it was sending information to a third party on browser history, the software you use and your iTunes history. It's unfortunate that even when security experts tried to tell Apple, it took months for them to respond back and remove it from the Apple store.
Apple is slowly but surely losing control of its famous App store.



Owl Car Alarm

Put neat device and the future of car alarms. It's only a matter of time before car manufacturers start incorporating these devices into cars.



Restore App Folder

Looks like for some reason the application folder disappears in Win 8 + and users are confused on how to get it back.
If you are one of those users, then there is useful information.



Google Analytics Opt-out

Want to keep your data safe from Google and other websites. Here is a great Chrome add-on to keep your information secure when you are online.



Cab Files

Want to know what Cab files are, how to create them and install them. Well, this site will get you up in no time to be able to create and install these files in Windows 10.



Amazon Part Finder

Looks like Amazon has a simple parts finder application for your home improvements. No need to go crazy and search everywhere to find these parts.
Now hopefully Amazon will have these items in stock and at an affordable price to get you what you need when you need it.



iTools for Windows

Have an iOS and want to get control of the device's applications and backups. This handy Windows software will give you the upper hand in access the user's old data files.



Alexa Cast

Looks like Amazon Alexa has it's own cast and you will be surprised on what you can do with its devices. Looks like Alexa is slowly but surely paving the way for more things to come.



Block sites with Chrome

Here are the techniques used by many to block websites with the Chrome browser. Most of these require add-on extensions, but they are well worth it.



Dropbox for Gmail Add-on

Here is the Dropbox for Gmail add-on and how it's used. So if you always wanted to add this feature to Gmail, just know that it's possible.



Win 10 File System Error

Windows 10 has some good features and bad features. One feature I hate is when things go wrong for user's and you start getting File System Errors when opening pictures.
If you have encountered this problem, you might want to take a look at this site for the fix.



Microsoft Store Apps

Tired of using Microsoft Store Apps and wished you had a link to the site directly. Well, you don't have to wait anymore. Here is the link.



iOS 12 Security Settings

Here are a few iOS security settings you need to change as soon as you can so your phone is protected. Apple is pushing out updates but some of these settings still need to be changed, so that your phone is secure.



Gmail Design Risk

Looks like some user's are challenging Google's new Gmail design called Confidential Mode.
In Confidential Mode a user get's a sensitive email and the email is activated by clicking a link inside to read the mail. This is where the risk is, and I could understand why some security experts already dislike this feature.

In retaliation, Gmail response was simple by saying that this new feature poses no security threat.

Now you decide?



Win 10 Start Menu Icon's

Looks like some users are experiencing Windows 10 start menu files from disappearing. If your among one of those user's here is some help with your ongoing problem.



xFer to OneDrive

Need to transfer files to OneDrive. This software called KFM is here to simplify things for OneDrive users. Now there is no reason to take your files everywhere you go.




Looks like Waymo has a new partner which is Walmart. And if all goes well now this could be an easier way to bring people into their stores. Stay tuned.


Adobe on iPad

Adobe is launching Photoshop on iPad and it's about time and long overdue. Now the user's can be portable and have a powerful iPad on the go. Eventually, all of iPad's functions will be iPad accessible.



Office 2019

If users want to purchase Office 2019 this is what it comes with and how much is going to cost you.
Users should be cautious before than buy any Microsoft Office products in the future.
Microsoft is changing their packages and unless you sign up for O365 user's are going to see a lot of new changes in Office. 



Apple Core i9 Trottle

Looks like this is not a good year for Apple. Try buying a new MacBook Pro with poor performance and overheating problems. This is what new Apple computer owners got when they got their hands on the new improved MacBook Pro.

This is just the beginning of the end of such a beautiful company.



Great Search Master

Here is a way to become a Great Search Master in Google. The classes are simple and it will help you get better at being able to search websites on the internet. Great course to master Google's great searching capabilities.



Android to iPhone Sync

Need your Android phone contacts synced to iPhone. It's not that difficult to do once your watch this simple video and use the Gmail console to do most of your hard work.
The end results are so rewarding.



Chrome 67

Looks like Chrome is updating its browser in version 67 and now the browser will have a security feature named site isolation. Making it difficult for hackers to steal your data. But new features come with a heavy disadvantage which is more memory consumption. So not many users will be happy with this feature.



Amazon Privacy Tips

Want to secure your Amazon privacy online. Just make sure to review these settings to confirm that you keep your privacy private.



Win October Update

Looks like this new Windows 10 Update is causing a lot of problems for users. If you were going to try the new update. Stop, wait and read this article first. This will save you hours of trying to figure out what's wrong with your computer after the update.



Chrome Malware Cleanup Tool

Want to fight against Malware. Well if your a Chrome user you already have some good features in your favor and this utility will help you and assist you in removing your current Malware infestation.



MultiMonitor Tool

Have more than one monitor and having problems adjusting the monitor settings. This software will make things simple and easy to do.



Cam Filming

There is a new way biologist are getting more information on how animals live in the wild. Let's just say this is a new generation of learning more about these animals and their habits.



Router Auto Update

Router security is changing drastically and now the future of firmware updates will be a thing of the past, once these applications are setup correctly. It's the best option for making sure home user's and business are protected day in and day out.



Amazon Voice & Video Calls

Here are the simple steps to have Amazon devices make voice and video calls. You will be surprised at what it can do for you and how simple it is.



Bracher - Bisual History Manager

Here is a great way to view your browser history in Chrome the way it should be for all user's who have a browser. After this update, you will never want to go back.



uBlock Origin

The perfect ad blocker for your Chrome browser to save CPU and memory. It does so much that you will be amazed and the things it can do.