Halloween Stories

This year Google Brooks brings kids spooky Halloween stories and you can read them free of charge
All that you need to do is add them to your library and read them when you are ready. 

The coolest thing about it is that it's all free, so take the opportunity and check them out. 


Win 11 Passkey Support

Microsoft is rolling out passkey support for Win 11 and we are hoping that with this new feature cross-platform sign-in with be a thing of the past. 

Let's hope that users easily adapt and make things less complicated. 



AI Experimenting

If you are experimenting with AI in your organization I just want to tell you that it's a great move in the right direction. But here is the downside of it because it's still sort of the Wild West when it comes to privacy and security.

This is where this security platform comes into play so that you can see who is using what.


S3 Ransomware

It looks like Ransomware is taking a new height when it comes to infecting cloud backups since cloud adoption has increased significantly over the past few years. 

Now in order to stay protective users are advised to follow the best protection practices.

Although nothing is guaranteed, it's still better to be safe than sorry. 



Easy ways to open Explorer

Ever wonder how many ways you can open File Explorer in Windows. This site will show you several ways that you can access Explorer from Windows making accessibility easier to do. 



Extend Pro

If you looking for an ultra-portable laptop with an additional 3 monitors you might consider the Extend Pro. It's a pretty impressive setup having 4 monitors available to you for your computing needs.

You can also check out their alternate monitor setup as well if it fits your budget. 


Bios PW Help

Have a computer or server locked with a bios password and you cannot get into the device to configure, make changes or reset. This handy website comes to the rescue with commonly used manufacture password to simplify your recovery. 

Make it useful the right way and let's hope that we can make recovery easier to do.



Phone Warranty Realism

Great article on the real facts regarding phone warranties. It reality it really depends on the user and if you calculate the deductible and out of pocket expenses it's not really worth it once you past the one year mark.  So figure out what type of user you are and then make a switch for the better.




Monitor your Portfolio with GSheets

If  you are looking to monitor your portfolio with Google Sheets you will be surprised on what you can find online that's free and what's available to some with a small fee.

Investment tracking can be easy to do as long as you are willing to put a little effort on getting it started.

Check it out and monitor your portfolio results daily. 


Slimca Tracker

This kickstarter is a sweet deal, talk about tracking your personal belongings and how easily it hides like a credit and can simply be trackable. An ideal solution if your wallet every gets lost or stolen. 


Amazon & Microsoft 1 Billion Deal

Amazon will soon sign a Billion-dollar deal with Microsoft to supply the e-commerce giant with office software. Now this has been long awaited since Microsoft is gradually gaining cloud acceptance. Hopefully, now AWS can stay competitive with its rival cloud partner. 

I just hope that AWS can stay a step ahead and somehow develop some leverage against Microsoft so that they do not lose their cloud dominance. 



Next Generation Warfare

The military is taking a big interest in robotics strapped with Rocket Launchers and this is definitely opening up a new market for the user of robotics in the Warzone.

Although these are just test subjects using robotic goats this is going to be a big game changer during wartime. 


Netflix Price Hike

After resolving the password-sharing problem just a few months ago and killing the grandfathered basic plan, the streaming company is now staying competitive by now increasing prices.

In the long run it's still a great service with a lot of add-ons when compared to others.


Secret Cleaner

Yes this super cleaner is what many retail stores use to clear the fingerprint marks on their screen and there are probably a bunch of other products in the market that can do even better, but at least we know now what some stores are using.


Ghost Guns Update

It looks like the Supreme Court is now forcing gun manufacturers to comply with federal gun rules for individuals who are making homemade ghost guns with 3D printers. 

It was going to happen sooner or later and now it will be interesting to see how homemade gun makers improvise. 


Proton Email

Free email is not always what it seems to be and if you are wondering what steps to take to secure your information, then sometimes it will pay off to pay for a premium email service.

This site does things a little differently and it is very unique. 


Next Gen Apple Vision Update

It looks Apple Vision headset will likely drop to save on cost. This is not yet confirmed but there is good information that they are trying to make the devices easily affordable so that they can easily be adopted by many. It's going to be interesting to see what META and others do in return. 


Lock Chromebook

I have so many users that for one reason or another forget to lock their Chromebooks after use. If you are one of those users then you should review these simple steps to take to lock down your computer when you are not around.
It's always a good idea to lock the device down, just in case for some reason you lose the device or the device gets into the wrong hands.


AI Constitutions

It looks like some companies are trying to keep AI toxic-free by filtering some content and I could only imagine how that's going to work out since it's still in its first stages. 

I guess this would be a move in the right direction, but I wonder who would be curious enough to let some AI bots continue what they currently doing today. 



Passkey Default

Google has now made the move away from passwords by using passkeys. This could be the future for users to be able to access their accounts. For now, it's a wait-and-see game to see how others adapt. 


Ubuntu 23.10

Ubuntu has been doing some great work keeping the software trimmed down and moving faster. If you have not tested out the OS I suggest you download a copy and see the new improvements. You will be amazed by the new improvements. It's not sluggish anymore. 



MFA Weakness

MFA is still a great tool for securing high privilege account, but unfortunately it does have some weaknessess that some overlook and you should be aware of this if you commonly use this process of authentication. 


Saving Voicemails

If you have an iPhone or Android device there will be times that you wish you can save you voicemails for memories or just for legal purposes.

This is how you do it.


    * Click the Phone icon and then go to Voicemail at the bottom right.

    * Tap the voicemail you want to save and click the box with the arrow on it and it should open a menu          to either share the voicemail or save it elsewhere like Dropbox or Google Drive.


    * Open the voicemail application and go to the voicemail selection in your phone application.

    * Tap and hold the message you want to save.

    * In the menu that appears, look for options like Save, Export, or Archive.

    * Select where you like the message to be saved on your phone and to OK and Save. 


QR Code Scanning

Here is another article regarding QR code scanning and why many users should be cautious when scanning the barcodes.

In the long run, they are a new generation of easily getting information and I hope more companies will adopt the new technology to make QR Code Readers safer to read. 


Permission Slip

Want to take control of your privacy then sign up for a Permission Slip from Consumer Reports. The application helps to take back control of your online privacy with the companies that you signed up for. In most cases, you can advise them not to share your information and if that does not work then you can decide to advise them to delete your account.

It's the right move to help control your online privacy concerns. 


Cool Tire Hack

Have a tire that keeps on deflating or getting flats, here is a cool hack to keep that tire inflated for the life of the tire. It would definitely add additional years to the life of the tire and why not, you may never have to have it replaced unless the rubber runs out.


Ongoing Store Theft

It looks like one of the retail giants is using technology to stop ongoing store theft and if it does make a difference the other chains will hopefully follow soon. 
Consumers may not enjoy the new changes but it's the only way that the retail giant can provide services to users and be profitable. 
AI is just getting started and you can see more functions start showing up in a store near you. 


iPhone AI

Open AI is in plans to build an iPhone AI and let's just say if this happens this can take Apple to another level when it comes to dominating the mobile phone industry. 

This is going to be interesting to see on what they can accomplish. 



Twitter Death

It looks like Twitter is going down and so fast that I can only imagine what the company is worth now. Everything that the new owner has done, has not gone smooth.

Now the question is what's next and what the new future of X will be, stay tuned because if this company does go down it's going to be another record blunder for Musk. 


Meta Smart Glasses

These glasses are not only cool but they can livestream your daily life. The battery life is only four to six hours but from the sound of it, it looks like they can be worn anywhere and it will be great for traveling. Imagine instead of taking photos or videotaping events while on your camera. You can now show the world what you are already seeing live. 

I must say this will definitely be interesting to see. 


Block & Allow Websites

Windows Firewall and PowerShell are a great combination to use when it comes to network traffic. You can easily learn how to block a website, IP address, and port using the firewall, and if you are curious on how it's done, this is a great start.