Disable Office Personal Info

You ever wondered how anyone can remove personal information from Office documents? Now that Microsoft has gone mobile, many user's are concern with their privacy and personal information leaking out on the web. In order to control privacy you'll have to tweak your Office software to disable the personal information memo. In doing so, now you can send documents to anyone without leaking personal information out.



Get Thumbnails back

Here the easy way to get your Photoshop thumbnails back. Microsoft a few years back allowed all thumbnails to be viewed and now they don't do it any longer by default. If you enjoy that feature than it's time to turn back the clock and return your thumbnails.



MAC remote access

Have a MAC and wondering how you can get free remote access. Here are a few tricks to get your remote access working using MAC friendly software. It shouldn't take you that long to be controlling your desktop.



Router Setup Reminders

Here are a few things everyone should do once they purchase a new router and set it up on a network. Not doing so can risk your network and your data from being compromised.



Air Watch

Looking to secure your mobile devices in the corporate world. Air Watch is what you've been looking for and soon it will be acquired by Vmware so it will be very interesting to see what new things both companies will do together.



How Long do Hard Drives Last

This is a hard question to answer and if you find someone who give you a good answer let me know. But here's the scoop from a top backup provider. You decide for yourself.



Electronic Cigarettes

Lately the new electronic cigarettes are becoming big sellers to people who claim that they stop smoking. Although I've seen a lot of people using it. The urge to stop smoking after using the device has it's up's and down. The majority results I see first hand is that some people still can't kick that bad habit.
With this comes your everyday hacker to get your most out of your e-cigarette. So if your in it for the good or bad, now hackers have given you the ability to pimp out your e-cigarette the way you want it.



KolibriOS is an exciting OS that boots in less than 10 seconds thats only 6 mb big. This open source program has been been out for some while and it's pretty powerful. enough to fit in a floppy drive. If your looking for a powerful OS suite this is a great OS to take a look at.


Online audio converter

The next time you need to convert an audio file try this new site to do all your conversions online. No need to install any software. Everything is done online so that you can just save your new converted audio file to your computer. Worth checking out.




Here's a new service to unenroll you from other user's mailing list. All you do is install the application and enter your email address and the software searches online for any mailing list. You decide later if you want to unenroll yourself from that list. Simple and easy to do.



Win 8 things to know

Here are some few items you should know about Microsoft's new operation system and when compared to prior versions how things are just quite different than before.



Open Source Books

There has been always a long debate on making books free. Now students are taking a stand and trying to make all books free so that everyone can take education to the next level. But tycoons like Barnes & Noble will never give up their share of the profits from controlling school text books.




I always believe that in order for your business to grow you need to cater to your customers and clients and by doing this it's always helpful to create customer feedback via surveys so that you know what your customers want and how you can service them better.



Schedule Meetings International

In this day in age businessmen need to keep track of their appointments where ever they go. In the past if you had appointments you would use outlook or a similar portable appointment calendar. With this comes the international meeting calendar so now you can schedule your appointments where ever you go worldwide without trying to figure out the time schedules.



Track Personal Fitness

Looking for personal fitness software to track your progress while weight training or staying fit. This program is catered to show you your everyday habits with ultimate goals.




Tired of your computer installing unwanted programs. This software makes sure that you only install what you wanted to install on your computer and prevents other third party software from sneaking into your computer. A must have for users who don't know better.



Cloud Malware Scanner

Looking for a new malware scanner. Why not try Crystal Cloud based malware scanner. Now securing your computer from malware attacks will be done immediately.



Email Ip Leak Test

Want to make sure your email is secure that receivers can't figure out where the message came from. You need to test your email with this leak test verify what comes back.



Secure Instant Message

Ever since the NSA monitoring was uncovered a lot of new companies are profiting from new software to secure privacy. Here's an Android & iOS application to secure messages and block out means for monitoring.
In my eyes all that this is going to do is advance the NSA software monitoring techniques. You decide.

Link for Android
Link for iOS


Crack the Code

After 20 years a dying grandmother's code was cracked online in only 14 minutes. What this tells me about today's technology is that we have come a long way because of the internet. And now anyone can easily solve problems online. Code cracking is just another challenge on the net.



Where to store batteries

Here's the ongoing controversy where to store batteries. I don't know which method makes sense but in a technological world where all electronic devices needs power, there needs to be a better solution and method to store batteries.



Microsoft Calls

In recent months I've been hearing rumors of unknown individuals who are calling themselves Microsoft employees and are calling new potential customers regarding their computer viruses.
Well here is the scoop and why you should be concern.

In a brief summary all that you need to know is that they are not Microsoft employees and can be considered a scam. So be careful and only trust support from people that you contact.



Best Hard Drive

Looking for the best hard drive to store your data files. As per Blackblaze the famous data store provider you best bet is to buy an Hitachi drive and it sure to beat Segate and Western Digital any day.



File Examiner

Want to examine two files and note the differences between them. This software is plus and saves you time and money seeing which file you need the most. Great for cross examining files.




Tired of buying software to do your invoicing and manage your expenses. Try it now for free with Nutcache. The great thing about this software is that you can create your own invoices and then link them to your favorite payment websites for payment. Worth checking out.



Registry Editor

Looking for a registry editor to access the registry even from a guest computer. This software does wonders even if the computer is blocked.



Correct Grammar Mistakes

Here are some great Chrome extensions to fix your grammar mistakes once and for all. It's not always a good idea to send emails and text messages to co-workers, clients and customers with grammar errors. These extensions are here to help your resolve your misspellings.

Grammerly Lite
After the Deadline
Spell Checker
Grammar Base 


Cloud Convert

Here is a better way to convert files to other formats via cloud. Now as technology changes all you have to do is convert these files over to the new technology so that you can easily read them where ever you go. Give it a try and start converting now.



Sharable to do List

Looking for a different to do list that can easily be shared. Well All Things believes that items can be shared so that everyone remembers what to do.



Windows Experience Index

Looking for the Windows Experience Index and wonder if Windows 8 still has it. Well it's unfortunate that Microsoft removed this utility, I guess user's were not truly interested to see if their computer performance was at it's peak because the benchmark was not that accurate.
Regardless if your still interested in getting these stats from your computer, you now can download it for Windows 8 and benchmark your new computers performance.



Wi-Fi Detect

What is Wi-Fi Detect and why are so many new devices now using it? Let just say this is the new easier way to connect to other wireless devices that are already connected to the internet. It simple and an easier way to connect device online.